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Hello, my name is Nikolaus Kolhammer. As a son of two succesful art dealers, Alfred Kolhammer and Brigitte Kolhammer (D&S), the passion for art and art dealing waHello, my name is Nikolaus Kolhammer. As a son of two succesful art dealers, Alfred Kolhammer and Brigitte Kolhammer (D&S), the passion for art and art dealing was laid in my cradle. After finishing my high school diploma there was no sweeter thing than working in the fathers enterprise and carrying his knowledge to other levels. I am eager to take over my fathers buisiness together with my brother and I am excited what other treasures I will stuble upon. I love everything about Art Nouveau especially from the US and from Bohemia/Austria and France. My favourite art glass manufactuerers are "Johann Loetz-Witwe Klostermühle", "Gallé Nancy" and "Louis Comfort Tiffany" I have additional images uploaded to my website: www.kunsthammer.at. (Read more)


Huge Austrian Art Nouveau Pottery with two Maiden - Potteryin Pottery
"Cristallerie de Pantin" French Cameo Art Nouveau Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Very nice photos. Interesting label!
  2. You can find the design under the no. II-2824 in Loetz/Series II by Jitka Lnenickova on page 333. The year is 1905. There are many speculation about this item, the two most frequent are school of Kol...
  3. Lovely! I have a lampshade with an almost identical form like the saucer. It has a blueish Silberirs om the inside and the decor is on the other side. It is drawn on clear glass.
  4. Thank you for the love! The stand is Art Deco and made of what i believe is walnut or rosewood.
  5. So Dressler is the designer and it is manufactured by Amphora? Thanks for the input!
  6. I think you are absolutely right! Thank you very, very much! Best wishes, Nikolaus
  7. You are welccome!
  8. Beautiful! What size is it? I would also say a cousin of Chalcedon, you could have luck with the blueprints of that time. Have you checked the Adlerova book yet?
  9. Dear Rick, what a stunning piece of Loetz glass and a wonderfull decoration. I would really wish to add one of these to my collection one day. To shed some light on your vase: This vase, in a silve...
  10. I love Leonidas! I was after the exact same, congratulations!
  11. Stunning vase, Tony.
  12. Wonderfull!
  13. The Musterschnitt (Blueprint) is for the retailer E. Bakkalowits Söhne. What a lovely piece, and it seems like it is in perfect condition! Stunning!
  14. Hello, I will try my best to shed some light on this topic. There are some original photos of these shades out of old magazines namely The Studio or Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration, and they were produ...
  15. A very nice catch indeed! A rare combination of a very desired decoration with a beautiful form. Stunning! What size is this masterpiece?
  16. This is one of the finest examples of Loetz Glass here on CW. Congratulation, it's a stunning decoration on an extraordinary form.
  17. Wonderfull and definately 10s :)
  18. Is this a silver overlay or is it carved out and then silvercoloured? Depending on that it could be either french or bohemian.
  19. Beautiful images of a stunning piece of art!
  20. I agree with Owl, this is a Harrach piece.
  21. According to the Hatje Cantz book, pieces were only signed with "Loetz Austria" from 1899 to 1903. 1905 seems too late of a date for such an early decoration and shape as this is one of the earliest P...
  22. Wonderfull piece, perfect shape, wonderfull decoration and for the World Exhibition. It is known in some other colours bot this one is definately one of my favorite!
  23. I would suggest trying the german Amazon site for the Hatje Cantz book, these are in german but there is always one on sale.
  24. I agree "Maigrün mit Kaiserrot" (means may green with emperor red) is definately the correct color of the decoration but still I have not found the correct Titania Gre. I guess we both found out the e...
  25. Stunning decoration and a wonderfull shape!
  26. Very beautiful collection of Loetz glass!
  27. It is indeed a beautiful vase. I feel bad for beeing the one to tell you but the attribution to Loetz is not correct. It is bohemian art glass and I would stick near the glass manufactuerers "Rindskop...
  28. The decoration is indeed "Orange mit Blattgrün" I owned exact same vase one year ago. My guess for the the decoration is Titania Genres 4212. For the blueprint, you can find it in Ricke, Ploil; Loetz ...
  29. #2 and #4 look familiar too :) #1 is a shape designed by Josef Hoffmann, I got mine in a gray melusin.
  30. Dear Marty, I would love to and I will certainly do so in the next year. I wish you all the best and take care. Warm holiday greetings from Austria.
  31. Well I guess it happens to everyone once. At least it comes with a low price.
  32. This is a Prussian cap from Germany.
  33. It looks like a French Art Nouveau inkwell with a tablet for the quill. It could also possibly be late floral Art Nouveau from Austria which is more unusual. Are there any marks?
  34. What I coincidence! I am glad you enjoyed it and please be sure to drop by the next time you are in Vienna so I can say thank you with a cup of coffee!
  35. This really is a stunning piece and it is perfectly documented. I got offered a very simmilar piece, a little higher but not that wide, in Vienna but it was far off my price expectations.
  36. @ozmarty: I think I can get used to that! Time to share a little bit more of my collection I guess!
  37. I am stunned by all the excellent and well founded comments that I get on this beautiful piece. Thank you all very much for the support and a special thanks to ozmarty for discovering the origin of ...
  38. Dear AmberRose, thank you, I really love it too! Yes, I am sure we can figure it out together!
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