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Colorado, USA

I enjoy collecting Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood lamp shades to keep my mind off I enjoy collecting Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood lamp shades to keep my mind off buying more! I have Samoyed dogs from which I derive my ID name. I recently moved from Colorado to Wisconsin. Email me at LMLAWDOG@YAHOO.COM (Read more)


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Loetz PN II-1995 shade in spreading blue - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz oil lamp shade in Thea and dark blue/silver threads - Art Glassin Art Glass
H. Luppens lamp and Loetz shade - Art Glassin Art Glass
Assorted Loetz decanters - Art Glassin Art Glass
Well, it finally happened.... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PN I-7467 ca. 1898 in blau Capri - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz vase in Hyacinth with silver/blue leaves, ca 1902? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PN II-8235 shade in PG 6287 decor ca. 1912 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Vesuvian with silver overlay  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PN-II 5042 in Candia Wellenoptisch mit silberhenckel ca 1907 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Love the classical form!
  2. One of my favorites! Congratulations!
  3. Looks like you had a good 2021!
  4. Beautiful! Happy New Year Michelle!
  5. Thanks vetraio50! Thanks Laura! Yes, my new Samoyed puppy is quite the little cutie. Happy Holidays all!
  6. Thanks so much Glassfever!
  7. You are welcome! Glad you enjoy it!
  8. Stunning!
  9. Hi Michelle! This is adorable!
  10. Utterly Fantastic! Great find!
  11. Love it. Been watching the similar vase now on LiveAuctioneers.
  12. You know, all that stuff is great. I just like glass and the collection.
  13. Love the gorgeous DEK!
  14. do you know why the additional Lotz Series books have not been published? I bet if they crowd-sourced it, there would be enough contributions.
  15. Loetz
  16. Did you say you found this at a thrift store?!
  17. NOW we're talking! THAT's amazing! Let me know when it's ready for a new home!
  18. I bet they put crushed ice in it to keep a bowl of caviar cool!
  19. WHAT is that!? Wow, good to see a real example to compare to the drawing!
  20. Wonderful Art Deco lamp! The shade and the base set each other off nicely!
  21. OMG! Stunning decor!!!! Beautiful form!
  22. Wow Kai!!! What a show stopper!
  23. Fantastic Alan! Good to see your treasures! Happy 2021!
  24. Lovely blue! Contrasts nicely with the coppery aventurine.
  25. Very nice, Ales!
  26. Amazing the label survived so long!
  27. Very festive! Thanks for the holiday cheer!
  28. Stupendous!!!! OMG be careful when putting these up on the wall!
  29. Thanks for your input Deb! I see what you mean about the PN II-906. The more folks looking for this, the more likely we will turn up an answer regarding this maker.
  30. Hi Tony, I see that the two sets of spots are different. IMHO the spots on my shade are simply thicker. The spots on the vase have "broken" and show the threaded texture underneath to poke throu...
  31. Thanks racer4four. I have a small nook with shelves. That, and every light in my house has Loetz shades on it, lol!
  32. Well, that didn't take long....! I found a lamp shade (different shape) PN II-2/651 that shows a similar thread pull with all the threads being involved and none left straight at the top. It says......
  33. Hi philmac51! Thanks. Yes, I see what you mean about PG829. I will surf around this morning and see if I can find something more definitive.
  34. OMG! Stupendous! Love the colors, form and beautiful enameling! That's a keeper!
  35. Luuuuuuv all the Bakalowits decors! Such rich coloring!
  36. Amazing! For some reason I thought this vase was 6 or more inches tall! It projects larger than it is!
  37. Instant bouquet any time of the year!
  38. Good to know about Loetz shades...
  39. Thanks racer4four! I love how it shows how creative and versatile Loetz was in designing for different tastes.
  40. Thanks Laura!!!! Glad you like them!
  41. Durand?
  42. Beautiful! Wonderful find Ales!
  43. What a great find! Beautiful!
  44. Wow! I am surprised at how petite it is! Very nice.
  45. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much. I will post a pic of it in the antique epergne to see what folks think.
  46. Thanks for the consolation sklo42.
  47. Thanks Whatsearcher. Thanks all. Thanks also Deb, unfortunately there are lots of little pieces that can't be put together. Oddly enough the top part does fit wonderfully in the silver epergne b...
  48. Thanks all! What a bummer.
  49. OMG, why do we have the urge to keep the pieces?! Personally, I anthropomorphize too much.
  50. Yes, LOUMANAL, I could probably have it cut and ground smooth as a small table vase or toothpick holder. I figured a few of you folks would know how this feels...
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An impressive Loetz 'Art Deco' Vase