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Wisconsin, USA

I enjoy collecting Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood lamp shades to keep my mind off I enjoy collecting Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood lamp shades to keep my mind off buying more! I have Samoyed dogs from which I derive my ID name. I recently moved from Colorado to Wisconsin. Email me at LMLAWDOG@YAHOO.COM (Read more)


  1. Thanks kivatinitz! Good grief! That video makes me want to sell it!
  2. Wonderful! I love it when they used controlled bubble technique in their decors!
  3. A color designation I always find perplexing are the reds...apparently Lotz saw what I would call "orange" as red, and what I call "red" as orange. Imperial red being a color we see in common, lol!
  4. Holy Cow!
  5. Thank ho2cultcha! I have since learned that moonworts also grow in the mountains of central Europe and the inspiration for this decor. I used to be in horticulture so I chuckle every time I see your...
  6. Hello Alan! Glad to see you're back! Wonderful vase!
  7. So beautiful! I am glad to see the mount polished also!
  8. In 2021, I retired from the US Forest Service after 17+ years. I am still giving, throwing, filing Smokey memorabilia away. I recently sent a booklet to the thrift store, but I believe it was a more...
  9. Thank you Dav2no1! I would love to check out your shop but I am not familiar with it.
  10. Sorry for all the dust!!!!
  11. Happy New Year Ales!!!!!
  12. Would love to find this in the wild!
  13. Fantastic patterns!
  14. What a stunner!!!! Love it!
  15. Beautiful grouping! I have seen the honey brown on other decors. I wonder if this particular vase was the victim of a small number of pellets getting into the wrong container as it does not even app...
  16. Awesome! For cigars. Would look great with Gruff's cigar lighter!
  17. Welcome to the club! LA is always accepting new members! Love this decor with the innen silber. The interior contrasts nicely with the outside Papilon. I had one once and really enjoyed it.
  18. Beautiful! Papillon is a classic decor!
  19. Love the 1088 dish. It reminds me of my creta dish in Rusticana. The design is on the underside but the upper surface has a wonderful silberiris treatment.
  20. Fantastic!
  21. Not sure when it was made, but I actually think it is a cigar lighter lamp. It appears that a piece of wick could come out of the center that would be lit and extinguished by putting the silver cap o...
  22. Just amazing! I love the goldiris finish on the PG vase!
  23. The berry rosette on the handle suggests that it is Loetz. The color appears to be Loetz Diana green.
  24. Hi Warren, the color name is lemon yellow? metallic yellow? Thanks
  25. What an AMAZING piece!
  26. Wonderful find!
  27. Love the sleek form and crazy iridescence!
  28. OMG! WOW! What a find!!!!!!
  29. Love the papillon handles!
  30. Hello Inky! Just a thought, the repair is so well done that it is a shame to keep is shiny. I am not sure if it would work, but there is a product "MaxBlack" that is a chemical patina used to antiqu...
  31. Thank you for clarifying Warren!
  32. Gold topaz glass isn't seen often. Thanks for showing this unusual colorway!
  33. Love the delicate color and graceful shape!
  34. Idyllic scene! Nice find!
  35. One of my favorites! Oddly, I still don't own one....gotta work on that.
  36. Hi inky, I will see if I can find a PN for your vase. That will provide an earliest date.
  37. Beautiful inky! That certainly took some skill to produce, but...the base looks too clean for a 95 year old vase?
  38. Love Adolf Beckert's work! Thanks for showing.
  39. I love the serene grey color. Very peaceful and idyllic.
  40. I can't believe it survived this long with all of its handles intact! Beautiful!
  41. Sad news indeed. Thanks Michelle for tracking that down.
  42. I did not know Moonstonelover21. Perhaps another CW fan can provide info as to her whereabouts?
  43. Thanks Deb. Yes, the DEK is fantastic with even the tiny wisps of legs still visible. The only rubbing is on the bodies were I guess many people have touched the dragonflies. The haze appeared to b...
  44. Thanks Laura! Thanks kyratango! The dragonfly motif is what caught me! My puppy is now 11 mos old; her name is Lily. I too miss MALKEY's creative posts. I fear he might be gone as the day on th...
  45. Like kelp leaves swaying with the tides....
  46. The work is unmistakable! Beautiful Michelle!
  47. Beautiful rim treatment!
  48. Bold color and design!
  49. Has anyone seen an example of the cabbage bowl? There are many PN's for this style but I have not found one yet.
  50. Thanks Warren! Of course, the color is much more an intense ruby than the pinkish shown in the pic...
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An impressive Loetz 'Art Deco' Vase