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I am starting to think I am a compulsive buyer. Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood laI am starting to think I am a compulsive buyer. Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood lamp shades to keep my mind off buying more! Email me at LMLAWDOG@YAHOO.COM (Read more)


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Loetz Creta Diaspora shade on a Leleu brass lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Red Loetz PG 1/104 shades on ornate brass lamp - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau forged iron lamp with Loetz Chine shade, Opium Poppy - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Chine shade in hellrosa  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Orphan Loetz 85/5047 epergne in its new holder - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz pine cameo vase and lidded jar - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cobalt Papillon innen silber bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Astraa decanter - Art Glassin Art Glass
G. Engrand torch lamp w/Loetz PN II-1/75 shade in PG 391 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PN 85/3690 Candia PG 6893 vase in bronze mount, for Bakalowits ca. 1899 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Forgive my ignorance, but what does "st" actually stand for?
  2. Wow! MALKEY, you don't see those very often! You must have so many wonderful antique shops nearby. Thanks for posting! Are those fig fruits and leaves?
  3. Thanks MALKEY!!! Glad you enjoyed it. Such a poet!
  4. Lol! @Alan-I already have too many!!!
  5. Hi Alan2310! Lol! Are you volunteering to adopt this lamp to save energy?! Thanks all is well here, hope you are well also!
  6. Thanks IronLace! Hope you are well.
  7. Thanks Crazyguy, thanks MALKEY! Nothing to do but surf around looking at pretty glass!
  8. Amazing! I envision finishing a fine dinner in a chandelier-lit room, taking a refreshing sorbet in a coupe like this!
  9. Beautiful Alain!
  10. As someone here on CW once remarked to a pic like this....this makes me want to throw all my Loetz in the garbage...
  11. Here is another one...
  12. Hi Ales, I have a blau version of this decor and a russich green. Both have that wispy oversprayed pattern that looks like strokes of a paintbrush. It would be very interesting to find a name.
  13. Hang in there MALKEY! Glad you have lots of beautiful things to gaze at! I am in the same boat. I guess I will have to post lots of great glass to CW for entertainment.
  14. Hi Alain, Yes this shade could be used on a Campanula lamp. I would love to find one! Alas, I am stuck with this poppy lamp for now, ;)
  15. Thanks jimtim! Your kind words mean much. As it is likely the original shade was broken and will never be found, there is no reason this beautiful lamp should be thrown out or left unfinished. I r...
  16. Thanks Mrstyndall! Glad you enjoyed it
  17. Thanks Thomas!
  18. Amazingly complex cameo!
  19. Great find MALKEY! Is this a trade or have you been digging again?
  20. What an interesting design! I wonder what it looked like when it was new?!
  21. Thanks IronLace, thanks MALKEY! I would love to see the epergne when you get time to post it!
  22. Thanks RichmondLori! The glass looked lonely by itself.
  23. Thanks sklo42! It's a great little holder with lots of details and nice craftsmanship. I think the two make a great pairing!
  24. Thanks Warren! Glad you liked it.
  25. Fantastic pink MALKEY!!!!
  26. Thank you so much, Wow22!
  27. Lol! Thanks Wow22. Yep, I made it. Since the jar already had a silver beaded rim, I figured it probably had a silver lid rather than a glass lid. Good thing...I don't know how to blow glass, lol!
  28. Thanks MALKEY! Sleep tight! Bright daylight here....
  29. Hi Wow22, yes this bowl fits Alfredo's underplate. Unfortunately, mine is much smaller and I have never seen a bowl for it yet. I would love to find one!
  30. Wonderful! Thanks MALKEY!
  31. Oh, you're right! That would be tragic!
  32. Hi Alfredo! This is beautiful. I have the same plate in 6". It has a small depression in the center making me believe it has bowl that goes with it. It also has the same oval mark. Can you imagin...
  33. Ooooo! One of my favorite decors! Uncommon shape!
  34. thanks MALKEY!
  35. I LOVE that last pic! Very artistic!
  36. Right on MALKEY! I wonder what would be best in it? Maybe a port? Or a Bourbon?
  37. Thanks josscee, glad you enjoyed seeing it
  38. Thanks MALKEY! I can't wait to see what you've found lately!
  39. Yay! MALKEY! So good to hear from you! I hope you are doing well! Glad you enjoy the lamp/shade.
  40. Stunning!
  41. Thanks Warren!
  42. Thanks Deb!
  43. Thanks Glassie, vetraio50, LauraH!
  44. Thanks bb2!
  45. What a fantastic boudoir set these make! Wonderful!
  46. Love the contrast!
  47. Subtle, beautiful!
  48. @jericho- I remind myself "no more lamps" all the time. I don't think it is working! Lol! If you are having more success, let me know how you do it. This collecting thing seems like some sort of i...
  49. There is another shade like this on ebay right now....
  50. Beautiful! I love the lamp!
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