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I am starting to think I am a compulsive buyer. Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood laI am starting to think I am a compulsive buyer. Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood lamp shades to keep my mind off buying more! (Read more)


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Mystery shade?   - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PG 2409 on PN II-2409 shade - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PN II-4777 shade in Gre 4777 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PN II-5723 shade in PG 5723 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Creta Papillon small vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Nature's beauty: wood veneer lampshades - Lampsin Lamps
Loetz rubin collection - Art Glassin Art Glass
Get well flower for MALKEY! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Olympia jack-in-the-pulpit vase w/silver overlay - Art Glassin Art Glass
Child's porcelain Tea Set, unknown maker - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Beautiful detail in the vines and leaves! Amazing steadiness of hand to make something like this. Glad to see you're still out shakin' down the antique shops MALKEY!
  2. Yes, I cringed when I saw that listing. I had hoped that they were justified because it had been chipped, but apparently they didn't know what they had! Beautiful!
  3. Fantastic!
  4. Soooo Bakalowits! I would love to see the mount it was originally set in.
  5. Beautiful overlay! Love copper. Hang in there MALKEY!
  6. Subtle and demure, love it!
  7. Beautiful! I was wondering who this went to!
  8. Beautiful rim treatment! Love Astraa! Nice find Alan!
  9. Great pics MALKEY! Can't wait to see the treasures to come!
  10. Can you imagine a set of table service in a Loetz decor?!!! How amazing would that be?!
  11. Still amazing!
  12. Thanks Alan, that's an idea. I will look into it!
  13. Thanks MALKEY, glad you like it! BTW, can you tell me what 1412 means? I am just an ignorant American...:) Hope you are getting the help and support you need.
  14. Thanks nutsabotas6! Yes it is! It kind of has the "King Tut" look.
  15. Amazing piece! Love the sunset behind!
  16. Wow! Love the swirling color and delicate berries. Reminds me of Bittersweet vines and seeds/flowers.
  17. From the great outpouring of support I see in response to this posting and the first, you are blessed MALKEY! In just over a year on CW, your insightful exuberance has won over the love of so many! I...
  18. Thanks Warren! I love the beautiful interior and the pinkish droplets. They remind me of a stylized ivory flower, green sepals and pink stamens.
  19. Thanks Lisa-Lighting!
  20. Well played! And a great piece!
  21. Amazing! Beautiful! Good find Alan!
  22. Wonderful Heckert MALKEY! Great photo, looks like the fern is coming from the vase. Someday I hope to find a Changeant myself. Hope you are well!
  23. Oooo, loook at THAT! wow!
  24. Thanks Ms.CrystalShip! Yes, it is wonderful with its ruffled Parrot Tulips!
  25. Thanks for clarifying Deb!
  26. Thanks all for the loves!
  27. Thanks Windwalker!
  28. Hi Alan! Thanks! Sorry, I only have one but there are more out there!
  29. Thanks Alan!
  30. Johnsen & Jorgensen of London...
  31. The Lnenickova shows it made for Johnsen & Jorgensen. Kind of a Scandinavian sounding...swedish perhaps, with "sen"?
  32. Wow! Awesome! I have often seen the green threaded decor attributed to Kralik. It is good to know that Loetz also made such a decor. Beautiful.
  33. Very dainty and pretty vase! Keep your spirits up MALKEY!
  34. Looks Majorelle from here! But who cares? It is truly stunning!
  35. Just fantastic! Good eye!
  36. Thanks all, glad you like the shade!
  37. Thanks MALKEY! Can't wait to see your oil lamp!
  38. Fantastic! I am so glad to see an identified Loetz version of all those Tiffany/Quezal/Steuben pulled feather shades. It often seems that sellers just lump them all into one group and unless they a...
  39. Thanks antiquerose! Isn't it cute!!!
  40. Thanks Wow22! I'm glad you like it.
  41. Beautiful color! You take great photos!
  42. Fantastic grouping Alan!
  43. Beautiful iridescence! They look great together!
  44. Thanks Laura! Thanks all for the loves! Glad you like this great little vase.
  45. Oh, I believe! Stunning!
  46. Thanks Alan2310! Good to hear from you!
  47. Thanks Craig! Thanks also MALKEY, I did not know you were an arborist! Thanks EZa for the loves and positive thoughts! Yes, the birch is very beautiful and the fuzzy photo does not do them justice....
  48. Thanks SpiritBear and Caperkid! Your positive words are greatly appreciated!
  49. Such a handsome selfie! You are too hard on yourself MALKEY! You look like you are feeling a bit better, perhaps?
  50. Awesome post MALKEY! That sounds like a very fun outing! I am glad you enjoyed it and took pics to show us. Wish I had great stuff like that here....I would have to drive a couple hours to Denver t...
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