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I am starting to think I am a compulsive buyer. Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood laI am starting to think I am a compulsive buyer. Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood lamp shades to keep my mind off buying more! Email me at LMLAWDOG@YAHOO.COM (Read more)


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Unsigned Beckman & Weis, ca 1915, cameo lamp shade with Moonworts! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Functional Loetz in humble Candia Papillon - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz form and function! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early Loetz PN I-5116 ca 1894 red cut to clear with silver overlay - Art Glassin Art Glass
Opal banded vase to compare with Warren's - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Malachit vase with silver overlay, ca. 1885-95. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Amsterdam School Arts and Crafts style wood lamp revamp - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Loetz Cobalt Papillon decanter w/Cobalt iris tropfen - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz/Kralik discussion of spurious marks for Lichnowsky - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Loetz cachepot, unknown decor, PN II-787 ca. 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks renedijkstra. Let me know if you think of a possible maker!
  2. How unusual! I love it!
  3. Ooooo! Looook at THAT! Wow! The enamel is fantastic.
  4. Thanks sklo42!
  5. Does anyone else see a shading from red to orange to yellow in the external glass? Just wondering if I am seeing things....
  6. The rim is cut and it does not have a pontil.
  7. Yes, antiquerose I believe that is correct. The post is still available in Alan2310's profile. In trying to refurbish the lighter insert, I learned that they were very common to the 1950's althoug...
  8. Clematis flowers!
  9. This is adorable! It would be beautiful with hanging or drooping flower stems like wisteria or jasmine!
  10. Hi Warren, I have the 6" version of this plate. Have you ever seen a bowl that might fit it?
  11. I love this decor! I once saw a beautiful blue floor lamp in this pattern. If I ever see one again, I will beggar myself to buy it!
  12. Love the silberiris feet!
  13. The Ricke book has the dates up in the top left corner of the left facing page.
  14. OMG, I bet the Orbulin is stunning. The Kirschner PN's are: 1090/48, 50, 51 are most round ca 1901. PN 1090/129 and 130 come in 3 different sizes each ca 1903. The drawing of the 129 in the la...
  15. Any consensus on this vase/decor? I see that Marie Kirschner has 5 or 6 ball vase designs in the Ricke reference book. Could it be one of hers? The largest of her designs seems to bulge out a bit a...
  16. Awesome! Great form, beautiful rim treatment AND a signature!
  17. GIM Metal Products, Inc. A company which made metal parts for lamps/lighting. It is likely that the canopy was made by GIM for this MC Co lamp, design number 1217. Ca 1970?
  18. GIM Metal Products, Inc. Copyright entry in 1968: Acorn Base (scroll leaf motif; in relief) No. 1225. Metal casting @Gim a.a.d.o Gim Metal Products, Inc. ; 17Nov66;
  19. Thanks all, glad you enjoyed these pics.
  20. OMG! I wish I could love it multiple times!
  21. Always fun to see a new color combo! As this is a PN-III series, do you recommend a reference book for later Loetz patterns? Thanks
  22. OMG! That is awesome!
  23. It appears to be cobalt where the light shines through?
  24. Hi Laura. I am not a member but do check it every once in a while.
  25. Nope, no label on mine. Thanks.
  26. Hi Laura, I have one of these in a smaller size that I bought from Tony. I am suspicious that they are modern because of the conspicuous lack of any wear on the bottom. Have you tracked down the hi...
  27. Partition rod with fabric looped and draped across it, puddling on the floor. A drapery. Probably half of a set. Very well made.
  28. Utterly fantastic!
  29. Beautiful array of glass Ales. It seems to me that some are not exactly the same shape. Perhaps we should look for the same mount with glass inserts from totally different makers?
  30. Thanks all for the loves, thanks MALKEY, thanks Michelleb007!
  31. I love these Kralik's with the intensely saturated interior colors! Stunning!
  32. Hi Craig, what about this example, is this the same decor?
  33. Thank you Ales!
  34. Thanks Roycroftbooksfromme1!
  35. Thanks Mrstyndall! The pics do not do the vase justice!
  36. What a unique mount! Beautiful!
  37. Thank you Alan. The swan will be happy with all of my other silver overlay vases. I will take care of it and if you ever want it back let me know. I know it is hard to sell your collection.
  38. OK, so we still think it is a Pallme Konig decor?
  39. Hi Warren, If you get time, could you take a look at the other example of this decor I found? I am very curious to know who you think made it. Thanks!
  40. Just Stunning Marmopal! Hope you are well Alan.
  41. I am pretty certain these are old-fashioned Mock Orange flowers, the single type vs. the double flowers. They are a lovely fragrant shrub that has serrated leaves and four-petalled white flowers tha...
  42. But officer! I only had ONE beer! Lol!
  43. Thanks Elisabethan! I agree!
  44. The beautiful red reminds me of your Kralik "Tooled and Threaded" vases.
  45. There seems to be no wear on the bottom....?
  46. That is soooo awesome!!!!! Can't believe it wasn't broken all these years!
  47. Beautiful. I wonder how they married the two pieces of glass?
  48. Thanks Warren! Sorry, I had just one that is similar on MandMoir's website...listed as Loetz.
  49. Interesting later work! I think this is also a later schaumglas?...
  50. Loetz cameo wine on ebay right now...
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