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I am starting to think I am a compulsive buyer. Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood laI am starting to think I am a compulsive buyer. Pickard china, Ethiopian opals, Loetz art glass, anything with silver overlay....I make opal jewelry and burlwood lamp shades to keep my mind off buying more! (Read more)


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Child's porcelain Tea Set, unknown maker - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Loetz PN II-708 snake vase in Creta Rusticana w/Silberiris schlange ca. 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PN II-4473 shade on my new lamp project - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PN 85/3763 in Creta Papillon for Bakalowits ca. 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Diana Glatt PN II-146 vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz crete Papillon similar to PN I-447 ca. 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz lidded box commissioned by A. Rupp - Art Glassin Art Glass
Nippon master nut set in rose pattern - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Hand painted porcelain Bittersweet vines - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Loetz Rubin Matte Iris PN 8025 in DEK IV/714 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Beautiful vase MALKEY, but I love the orange Chesterfield chair/sofa even more! Very BOLD!
  2. Lol, adorable!
  3. YAY! MALKEY is back!!!!
  4. Fantastic detail in that collar! Love it!
  5. Hmmm, could be Kralik "Colored Spots". On opalescent glass, colored spots of varying colors on lower half of vase....? Very nice, whoever made it! Maybe an expert like Welzebub will weigh in on thi...
  6. Not sure if you ever found the make of this shade....but I believe it is a Loetz, pattern number II-6293 in its namesake decor PG 6293. The description found in the Lnenicova reference book pg 609 sa...
  7. Beautiful! Good find!
  8. Fabulous grouping! Love 'em!
  9. Awesome combination! Love new and unusual stuff! Keep it coming!
  10. Now THAT is cool!
  11. Nice! That's a shape I haven't seen before!
  12. Beautiful!
  13. I was just admiring the smaller vase yesterday....this is a wonderfully subtle color.
  14. Wow! Awesome! What an unusual color, almost a neurot. Or is my screen off?
  15. Can I click love several times? Wow!!!
  16. Holy Cow!!!!!! Amazing!
  17. Thanks all for your appreciation! It's a fun vase.
  18. Thanks Inky, thanks billretirecoll, thanks AdeleC!
  19. Liked these so much, bought 6 for my bathroom vanity. Stunning!
  20. Sorry, a little off the subject, but has anyone heard from MALKEY?
  21. Awesome good news!
  22. Hey Warren, I have a harebrained theory :) Deb has heard it... I think this decor could be 'Orbulin" a decor listed fairly commonly in references. Orbulina are sea-going micro organisms that were ...
  23. Lol, you're right we shouldn't rule Loetz out! I am just curious that the vase is so large, at 10+ inches tall. Heckert seemed rather enamored of substantial art glass pieces and the quality is simi...
  24. Thanks Deb! Google translate didn't have a clue of what Krosel meant. Yes this has 5 leaves and krosel. Regarding the shape of the leaves in the drawing, I wonder if the pattern wasn't rendered acc...
  25. Has anyone considered if this might be an unrecognized Heckert? Maybe glasfreund knows something of this?
  26. Thanks all for the loves!!
  27. Thanks! kyratango, fortapache, Manikin, SpiritBear, glassinspired, LovelyPat, IronLace, Newfld, sklo42, Ivonne, vetraio, Moonhill, blunderbuss2, and jimtim for the love!
  28. Thank you David! I just love them both. They set each other off wonderfully!
  29. @Alan2310, I am glad your computer is working well again. I appreciate your comment and know what mean when you say you are "freaking out". Loetz makes some amazing decors and shapes.
  30. WOW! You're right, that IS an awesome cookie jar! I love the iridescence and the ornate handle! Good find!
  31. You're welcome Moonhill! I still can't get over that mistletoe vase!
  32. Lol, thanks Alan! I can't wait to see the new one!
  33. OMG! I am freaking out right now! I love bronze mounted vases with a natural theme! The paint is in such good condition. This is commissioned Bakalowits if I have ever seen one. And the wonder...
  34. Have you looked at Tiffany?
  35. Stunning! What a great addition to your collection! Love the sinuous form!
  36. Thanks Rick! Is yours a PG 6893? I see one is available on ebay now, in my fave color creta!
  37. OMG! That is so beautiful!!
  38. Spectacular! A real stunner!
  39. Thanks SteveS! I have found it easy to locate lists of Loetz colors, but I haven't found one that describes each color! These are definitely more yellow than my Olympia green vase, but not nearly as...
  40. Thanks all for the loves!
  41. Thanks kyratango! It's a cutie!
  42. Adorable!
  43. Lovely! I am jealous! What a great little addition to the collection!
  44. Fantastic! If you ever get bored with silver overlay, I will give it a good home!
  45. Hi Alan! I too have a Crete Papillon collection and I love this simple decor! This vase looks like a PN I-7620 from 1898 (Ricke). Nice classic shape, great find!
  46. Lovely! And in beautiful condition!
  47. Beautiful vase! Sounds like a wonderful seller. Great service is always appreciated.
  48. Now that is cool! Gives me a greater appreciation for the later works...
  49. Thanks antiquerose!
  50. Fantastic!
  51. See more