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  1. my dust will be part of the crust}....as long as a solar wind does not come along and blow you away ..lol nice toys...
  2. nice.......
  3. I like Windsor Chairs I remember the guys at the fire house when I was a kid sitting outside in these chairs.. I always call them fire house chairs ...lol cool find...
  4. very cool seals...
  5. that's pretty...
  6. Nice looking bacon on the hoof...smiling..nice color..
  7. Sweet little thing...smiling..love the color.
  8. Its lovely..
  9. can you still shoot that like that Dave ...'-P Nice write up ...
  10. LOL that sounds like a winner lock them up...
  11. Cool I just matted up 13 silver B & W from the late 1800's normally i cut my own matting no time this winter so I ordered some 11 x 14 with 7 x 9 cut outs ,cause the normal ones are 8 x 10 cut out to...
  12. I guess this must be you ... '-P http://www.city-data.com/forum/collecting-antiques/2271380-my-collection-new-york-city-street.html
  13. Nice collection of the bridge being built ...I did the same with a local Bridge they took down while building the new one next to it ..took 2 years I got a lot of shots...lol later..
  14. Are all your photos 8 x 10..?
  15. lol....
  16. lol ...Simple Simon met a pieman, Going to the fair; Says Simple Simon to the pieman, “Let me taste your ware.” Says the pieman to Simple Simon, “Show me first your penny,” Says Simple Simon to ...
  17. So I had A necklaces with same bells ..it was from India from street venders....later
  18. I like the meter you can set it when you have peeps over you can tell them times up you have to go ...lol cool lamp
  19. is that the tin man and a friend....'-D cool
  20. the War of Northern Aggression....well it was a slow year that year .... then in just keep rolling on ...lol sad thing on both sides....but it looks like we are headed that way on a different front.....
  21. very nice love birds the heart shape was a nice thought of the maker of this piece... very nice.....
  22. https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=APq-WBuqVVaCW5BKaUEr9GpkD1cGdX2Xnw:1644879647094&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=flea+market+at+ved+stranden+copenhagen+2021&fir=4fbcVL6EjVUPcM%252CmU2dwLZ7919EqM%252C_%253B...
  23. ya ,,so many lost to wars and fires .... always nice to see . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaaT_HRb4GU
  24. have they open up yet.. I want to shop there...
  25. https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=APq-WBtDNDoclFdbJFmtDHApnpOoGwgK_Q:1644861171080&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=vintage+usmc+buttons&fir=vO_1Cz-YHLprxM%252CjdzR3ePw3edjFM%252C_%253B_AiVR3eUtHWrrM%252CrlVq...
  26. lovely clock..
  27. my cherry tree is still berried in 3 ft of snow.... nice picture
  28. I remember buying a RC and Hoagies on base in north Caroline,.. where I come from we call it a Tonic and a Sub , they told not down here boy Tonic is for your hair and the navy has subs,,,,lol ohhh...
  29. wow that pretty cool....... ribit ribit ;-P stay warm...
  30. so they don't have ups ..... ? or fed X......
  31. I remember filling one of these food warmer dishes..... they did work...smiling cool save...
  32. Hey pretty colors nice find girl.....
  33. Sweet....
  34. I think its a cat safe to hide things under it ...smiling .cute one ...
  35. cool factor of 10...
  36. just a lovely piece..
  37. A copy of the 1730 print from Germany.....?
  38. I have a Lulu buts that just part of the name the whole name is "bed bug lulu" I made a thing out of a bed frame and a shovel with eye's and adatoooo ...and welded it up and shows me love.. nice dog...
  39. But whats in the egg...? '- (
  40. hobby lobby sells them too and some other glass look alikes..pretty cat tho..'-D
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