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Studebaker history plaque - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Very early Pflueger monarch 5 hook minnow - Fishingin Fishing
Very early tiny JVH fly reel - Fishingin Fishing
Spanish painting on wood - Fine Artin Fine Art
Studebaker award - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1914 model T Antique lock - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Bust heads - Fine Artin Fine Art
Early Roseville Pottery - Potteryin Pottery
Vintage Beaver State Pendleton blanket - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Early Roseville Pottery - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Manikin, blunderbuss2, Brunswick, vetraio50, Newfld.. Tks 4The luv
  2. dav2no1, fortapache, MrMaglue.. Tks 4The luv
  3. fortapache, clockerman, dav2no1, officialfuel, vetraio50.. Tks 4The luv Vynil33rpmVynil33rpm loves this.
  4. fortapache, clockerman, dav2no1,, officialfuel, vetraio50, Vynil33rpm.. Tks. 4The luv
  5. Salt water EVH reel very cool to say the least I will follow it w/ one of the smallest JVH Fly Reel
  6. fortapache, Watchsearcher, dav2no1.. Tks 4The luv
  7. rhineisfine, fortapache, dav2no1.. Tks 4The luv.. rhineisfine Tks 4info
  8. kwqd, vetraio50.. Tks 4The luv
  9. kwqd, vetraio50.. Tks 4The luv
  10. kwqd.. Tks 4The luv
  11. dav2no1, racer4four, Newfld, fortapache, vetraio50, jscott0363, Vynil33rpm, kwqd, aura.. Tks 4The luv
  12. Blammoammo, Ben, vetraio50, aura.. Tks 4The luv
  13. Sandygal, LovelyPat, aura, dav2no1, blunderbuss2, fortapache.. Tks 4The luv
  14. clockerman, MarmorealMaiden, aura, dav2no1, Manikin.. Tks 4The luv
  15. AnythingObscure, Tks 4The luv
  16. aura.. Tks 4The luv
  17. kwqd.. Tks 4The luv
  18. raven3766.. Tks 4The luv
  19. dav2no1, fortapache, aura, Watchsearcher, vetraio50.. Tks 4The luv
  20. blunderbuss2, kwqd, dav2no1, aura, Rodinist, vetraio50.. Tks 4The luv & info
  21. AnythingObscure, RichmondLori.. Tks 4The luv
  22. AnythingObscured.. I just realized I had the
  23. RichmondLori, Tks 4The luv
  24. Nursekent, MarmorealMaiden, vetraio50, auraaura, valentino97, AnythingObscure, fortapache, Manikin, Watchsearcher, dav2no1, Vynil33rpm.. TkS 4The luv
  25. RichmondLori.. Tks 4The luv
  26. fortapache, Vynil33rpm.. Tks 4The luv
  27. fortapache.. Tks 4The luv
  28. clockerman, Tks 4The luv
  29. vetraio50, Tks 4The luv
  30. Thank you art.Pottery
  31. ehunt, vetraio50.. Tks 4The luv
  32. dav2no1, racer4four, fortapache, vetraio50.. Tks 4The luv
  33. Vynil33rpm, Tks 4The luv
  34. Vynil33rpm..Tks 4The luv
  35. vetraio50, aura.. Tks 4The luv
  36. You’re right art.Pottery The caps are vertical now middle Looks like a R
  37. dav2no1.. Tks 4The luv
  38. dav2no1.. Tks 4The luv
  39. fortapache.. Tks 4The luv
  40. Vynil33rpm, fortapache.. Tks 4The luv
  41. officialfuel, Tks 4The luv
  42. blunderbuss2, Tks 4The Luv
  43. Brunswick, fortapache, LazyBoy, dav2no1, Newfld.. Tks 4The luv
  44. vetraio50, Tks 4The. Luv
  45. AntigueToys snowman3 Vynil33rpm chrissylovescats Chevelleman69 MooreAntique Beachbum58 farmlady egreeley1976 sanhardin sugargirl BHIFOS SEAN68 Sunmoon2679 Longings vintagegirl66 blunde...
  46. Uhloddin.. Tks 4The luv
  47. blunderbuss2, vetraio50, fortapache, dav2no1.. Tks 4The luv
  48. dav2no1, Wow I should’ve known that.. big USC football fan it seems W. always beats my thanks for the info..
  49. Vynil33rpm.. Tks 4The luv
  50. officialfuel, dav2no1, Newfld.. Tks 4The luv.. Manikin, Tks 4info
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