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Neat glass Crystal fireman award - Firefightingin Firefighting
Calling all cars game - Gamesin Games
MLB signed - Baseballin Baseball
Peters high velocity 22s - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage metal dust pan with advertisementî - Advertisingin Advertising
Unusual artist advertising - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Shell zone gas station can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Scratched Spiderman - Fine Artin Fine Art
WW2 trench art  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Bronze sculpture - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. blunderbuss2, Tks. Riverside, Ca
  2. dav2no1, officialfuel, fortapache, Brunswick, vetraio50.. Tks 4The luv
  3. sugargirl, RichmondLori, egreeley1976.. Tks 4The luv
  4. vetraio50.. Tks
  5. vetraio50.. Tks
  6. oldpeep, officialfuel.. Tks 4The luv
  7. Vynil33rpm..Tks
  8. bobby725.. Tks
  9. kwqd, bobby725.. Tks 4The luv
  10. AnythingObscure, fortapache Cokeman1959, ho2cultcha.. Tks 4The luv
  11. dav2no1, Tks 4The luv
  12. Newfld, Thanks for the info
  13. kwqd.. Tks 4The luv
  14. fortapache..Tks 4The luv
  15. Rooster123, sugargirl, vintagegirl66.. Tks 4The luv
  16. Bobby725, egreeley1976, oldpeep, AntigueToys bobby725, ho2cultcha.. Tks 4The luv
  17. Vynil33rpm, Brunswick, AntigueToys, leighannrn, Longings, officialfuel.. Tks 4The luv
  18. Brunswick, kwqd, Vynil33rpm.. Tks 4the luv
  19. blunderbuss2, fortapache, dav2no1, jscott0363, RichmondLori, Newfld, vetraio50.. Tks 4The luv
  20. dav2no1..Tks 4The luv
  21. fortapache, dav2no1, oldpeep..Tks 4The luv
  22. rustyboltz.. Tks 4The luv
  23. bobby725.. Tks 4The luv
  24. blunderbuss2, Cokeman1959.. Tks 4The luv
  25. blunderbuss2blunderbuss2 loves this. WatchsearcherWatchsearcher loves this. hotairfan, egreeley1976, ho2cultcha, vetraio50, kwqd.. Tks 4The luv
  26. Watchsearcher, vetraio50.. Tks 4The luv
  27. ho2cultcha, Tks 4The luv
  28. AnythingObscure.. Tks
  29. fortapache, Theonlyone, ho2cultcha.. Tks 4The luv
  30. fortapache, Tks 4The luv
  31. officialfuel, Tks
  32. Vynil33rpm, Tks
  33. Watchsearcher, AnythingObscure.. Tks Watchsearcher, what circa do you think it is I’m thinking 1930s love the shell of graphics
  34. kwqd, vetraio50..Tks 4The luv
  35. dav2no1, RichmondLori, vintagegirl66, Chevelleman69.... Tks 4The luv
  36. AnythingObscure, apostata.. Tks 4The luv
  37. Brunswick, kwqd, dav2no1.. Tks4the luv
  38. Beachbum58, blunderbuss2, Bruce99.. Tks 4The luv
  39. Cokeman1959, officialfuel, vetraio50, dav2no1, Manikin.. Tks 4the luv
  40. Scottvez - Great collection there tks 4info.. Watchsearcher, fortapache.. Tks 4The luv
  41. vetraio50, dav2no1, blunderbuss2, fortapache, aura.. Tks4 the luv
  42. RichmondLori, kwqdkwqd.. Tks4The luv
  43. Alfred1o1, Tks 4rhe luv
  44. fortapache.. tks 4for the luv
  45. dav2no1, Tks 4The luv
  46. kwqd.. Tks 4The luv
  47. officialfuel, blunderbuss2, fortapache, ttomtucker, AnythingObscure, Jnd332p, aura..TkS 4The luv
  48. Jade42, ho2cultcha, vetraio50, blunderbuss2, fortapache, dav2no1, aura, kwqd..Tks4the luv
  49. kwqd Tks 4The luv, & dav2no1 tks 4 info
  50. scottvez.. Tks I agree with you later military mitts..
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Another trench art P-38 on shell base WW2 Beautiful Fan shaped vase, Peach with applied blue border lines, 9" inches high My harmonica collection 1920's Shell sign Happy New Year !!! Coca-Cola Bottle Rack and Carriers Standard Oil 1920’s NOS...Polarine ISO=VIS Motor Oil porcelain thermometer Mobile oil 500th post...Drink Coca-Cola Double-Sided Tin Arrow...Out Only Antique marble White Rose Rye Whiskey Advertising Stoneware Jug, c.1904