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  1. hotairfan, Vynil33rpm, lzenglish..Tks 4the luv
  2. vetraio50, kwqd, dav2no1..Tks the luv & info
  3. Newfld, fortapache..Tks 4The luv
  4. Vetraio50, fortapache, BHIFOS, kev123, yougottahavestuff, Cisum, kwqd, DejaVu2, dav2no1..Tks 4The luv..& keramikos, Tks 4 info
  5. Newfld, vcal..Tks 4The luv
  6. mp.kunst..tks 4the luv
  7. Faith.k..Tks 4The luv
  8. vcal..Tks 4The luv
  9. dav2no1, kev123, Vynil33rpm, vetraio50, Newfld, fortapache, BHIFOS..Tks 4Th
  10. kwqd, ho2cultcha, leesa3242..Tks 4The luv
  11. Faith.k,Tks 4The luv
  12. vetraio50, Vynil33rpm, ho2cultcha, Newfld, dav2no1, vcal fortapache….Tks 4The luv
  13. ehunt, Watchsearcher, kwqd….Tks 4The luv
  14. Newfld, racer4four, vetraio50, dav2no1d, fortapache, DejaVu2, kev123, Vynil33rpm….Tks 4The luv & comments
  15. Leelani tks. 4The luv
  16. yougottahavestuff..Tks 4The comment & dav2no1, Tks
  17. Newfld,.Tks 4The luv
  18. Cisum, vetraio50, Vynil33rpm, dav2no1..Tks 4The luv
  19. dav2no1, Watchsearcher, kev123, WhenIsraelbelieves, kwqd, Drake47..Tks 4The luv
  20. yougottahavestuff, I agree, got to come to the ladies sale again, in her garage she has more less a collection of stuff. I assumed it was from her family, but it was probably from her picks.
  21. racer4four.. Tks 4The luv
  22. dav2no1, Tks 4The info
  23. Manikin Tks 4The luv
  24. yougottahavestuff, found some antiques from this lady who is moving she’s had this folk art vintage bottle was from her family
  25. official, Manikin, lzenglish..Tks 4The luv
  26. vetraio50, Tks 4The luv
  27. Reise, ttomtucker.. Tks
  28. ttomtucker, vetraio50, kwqd, Vynil33rpm, DejaVu2, collectorpaul..Tks
  29. Newfld, Tks
  30. AmuzedMess, tks
  31. vcal, fortapache, dav2no1….Tks 4The luv
  32. yougottahavestuff, some antiques from this lady who is moving she’s Caucasian and the folk art vintage bottle was from her family
  33. vetraio50, kev123, DejaVu2, Vynil33rpm….Tks 4The luv…. Mike, from American pickers found some bottles folk art like this got me into it
  34. dav2no1, fortapache, kwqd, Tks 4The luv
  35. Thank you, yougottahavestuff
  36. vcal, fortapache, Tks
  37. Vynil33rpm, Tks
  38. MMNJ, thank you for the info
  39. Hi Scott, could you help ID some of the signatures thank you
  40. Newfld, yougottahavestuff..Tks 4The luv
  41. dav2no1, kwqd, vcal, fortapache.. Tks 4The luv
  42. chrissylovescats Lady_Picker sugargirl Cisum AntigueToys Beachbum58 sanhardinsan Longings officialfuel Reise Drake47 vcal vetraio50 ho2cultcha dav2no1 fortapache collectorpaul yougott...
  43. yougottahavestuff surfdub66 ttomtucker Cisum vcal vetraio50 dav2no1 shawnashultz364 fortapache Newfld..Tks 4 The luv
  44. Newfld, vetraio50, dav2no1, Tks
  45. elanski, Newfld, vetraio50, Tks
  46. dav2no1, vcal, Reise, fortapache, Deano, Tks
  47. dav2no1, vcal, Reise, fortapache, collectorpaul, Tks & dav2no1 thanks for showing a replica. Mine is sterling real deal.;)
  48. collectorpaul, yougottahavestuff, Tks
  49. yougottahavestuff, Vynil33rpm, Tks
  50. BoBo22, Tks 4the luv
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