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All sorts of art interests me. But when it comes to private collections, the best ones are the small, focused and exquisite ones. Never mind my looks. My weight loosAll sorts of art interests me. But when it comes to private collections, the best ones are the small, focused and exquisite ones. Never mind my looks. My weight loosing program went wrong. (Read more)


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Drawing by Avanzino Nucci (1551-1629) ... - Fine Artin Fine Art
Silver plate wine cooler ... - Silverin Silver
Paris' judgement ... - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Turkish Hereke ? - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Two Chinese porcelain 'Simiào guànzi de gàizi'. - Asianin Asian
Military rifle model from ca. 1860 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
My small collection of Asian art ... - Asianin Asian
'Trophies' Victorian faience plates ... - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Venus from Milo - Figurinesin Figurines
Imari porcelain plates - Asianin Asian


  1. Decoration, yes. Art, no. Probably made in a 'decorative paintings factory'. Possibly in The Far East, with a fictive signature.
  2. Thanks ho2cultcha. I've added photos of the bases. Incense burning in the temple has left its mark on the unglazed parts of the porcelain.
  3. In late 19th century the opening of the suez canal and of the starting of the orient express made the orient popular in Europe. This oriental looking lady would have been a popular subject for a paint...
  4. I thought a 'screwdriver' was something to pour down your throat on a merry evening !
  5. Who does the dusting, if any ?
  6. Why not show us the bottom ? The vases I mean, not yours.
  7. The Baroque painting looks interesting. The rest must rely on sentimental value.
  8. Those sleeves should be able to keep most men away and the front lady's jaw should scare the few remaining men away.
  9. Did a dinosaur leave its mark ?
  10. I agree with ho2cultcha. These kind of paintings are mass-produced and sold to naive tourists.
  11. Dust is not a must ...
  12. When you've visited countless museums and auction views you know the difference.
  13. Decoration, yes. Art, no.
  14. Stupid waste of valuable ressources. It must have been possible to get something useful out of them.
  15. "Earth to earth, dust to dust " ...
  16. Who does the dusting, if any ?
  17. Who does the dusting, if any ?
  18. Glass ball ! Never saw that before !
  19. In most cases the marks are emperor marks - which unfortunately rarely can be trusted - and you can find lists of them in numerous books as well as on the Internet. The vase looks like recent exportw...
  20. So the lantern has enlightend us, so to say. Thanks again !
  21. Thanks again apostata. Strange birdcage connected to a leash as well as to a stick !
  22. Thanks again apostata. Is the birdcage now a peacock ? You're right it's getting complicated.
  23. If not early Yongzheng, then what is it ?
  24. Thanks all ! Apostata, if you know something I didn't know, then please tell me !
  25. About Re-In-Vintages theory: If true, why don't I find glass, metal, plastic etc. ?
  26. AnythingObscure, ever heard of Dynamite ? ...
  27. Thanks Watchsearcher. No signs of mortar on my stone. People have been living in this part of the country for thousands of years. Before anyone knew anything about mortar.
  28. Decorative, but not art. Probably made in a 'decorative painting factory', with a fictive signature. There are many factories like that all over the World.
  29. I believe I see a coffin nail or two ...
  30. If you dig deeper, you might even find the skeletons of earlier residents ! Who knows ? Before you know it, you'll hear them howling at full moon !
  31. Looks like a boss I once had ...
  32. Hera, goddess of marriage.
  33. There's something interesing about the florets in sunflowers. They appear to form two systems of spirals and reveal a pattern of successive Fibonacci numbers. Why ? We'll never know ! One of natures m...
  34. Thanks truthordare. Yesterday I mailed the photo to an expert in Asian art. She answered that the tray is from China or Southeast Asia, made in the early 20th century for food or offerings. That sound...
  35. I thank you once again truthordare ! So the oshibori theory is out. My guess would be that the wickerwork (of bamboo ?) protects the wood from something moist, whatever that could be ?
  36. Now I've been told that it's most likely a japanese 'oshibori' tray for hot, moist towelettes in a japanese restaurant. So the only question that remains is: How old is it ?
  37. Thanks again truthordare ! My first thought was 'saké' ! LOL ! But your suggestion is, of course, much more reasonable !
  38. Thanks truthordare ! What would they put on this tray ?
  39. Thanks for the comments. Apparently some sort of consensus about Anglo-Indian.
  40. My guess is thin brass plates, but I'm not sure. Thanks for the comment.
  41. Thanks all for your knowledgable comments ! I'll have them in mind when I revise the boxes fact sheet.
  42. There's a long Russian tradition for making decorative boxes in the villages during the winter and selling them on the markets in summer. I once made a post about one in my collection.
  43. Mass-produced in Africa and sold to tourists.
  44. Decorative paintings like this one with fictive signatures are made in factories around the world, particularly in The Far East.
  45. I'm very pleased to hear that ! Thanks a lot !
  46. Does the guy on the 4th pic. really look like that ?
  47. You haven't reached the ceiling yet, so still room for much more !
  48. The flowers are nice.
  49. humph ?
  50. Dear Vynil33rpm, I love you too !
  51. See more