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All sorts of art interests me. But when it comes to private collections, the best ones are the small, focused and exquisite ones. Never mind my looks. My weight loosAll sorts of art interests me. But when it comes to private collections, the best ones are the small, focused and exquisite ones. Never mind my looks. My weight loosing program went wrong. (Read more)


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Tobiah and the angel ... - Fine Artin Fine Art
Husband day care centre ... - Signsin Signs
Prunus lauracerasus ... - Photographsin Photographs
Buddha from where and when ? - Asianin Asian
Rhododendron 'Baden Baden' ... - Photographsin Photographs
Chinese cabinet. Late 19th century. - Asianin Asian
Two crowns ... - Silverin Silver
Schuco micro racer 1043 ...  - Toysin Toys
Mysterious shadow ... - Fine Artin Fine Art
Screwdriver collection ... - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Thanks for the comments. No rattling.
  2. A pair of Staffordshire dogs would fit in nicely ...
  3. It was probably a device like this one Dr. Frankenstein used to get his monster working !
  4. Compliments with your late mothers yard and thanks for the generous offer ! Unfortunately I live on the other side of the Globe ...
  5. Thanks vetraio50 for the comment. I think it's a possibility.
  6. Without the beret it looks like me !? ...
  7. Marks: Bahco, Belzeryl, Hagrem, Volvo, Wiha or simply Made in Germany or Made in Sweden.
  8. Good for you ...
  9. Imagine them all ringing at the same time !
  10. What the coins in The Netherlands are made of, I dont know. I'm not Dutch.
  11. Some sort of shrine for alcohol worshippers ?
  12. Thanks dav2no1 for your comment. You mean Gerrit Dou (1613-1675) ? But according to the 1794, he's too old.
  13. Rembrandt Bugatti (1884-1916) Italian sculptor specializing in wild animals.
  14. Could be, apostata. Thanks again.
  15. You'l soon be needing more shelves or even better, a larger home and most certainly more dusting.
  16. Who got the best deal, the buyer or the seller ?
  17. The latest theory is that it's 18th century Dutch Delft ! But I suppose inspired by the Chinese ?
  18. Thanks apostata.
  19. Many thanks apostata. Now I'm wiser than before.
  20. From pic. 1 it looks like you're a victim of a pillow-takeover ?!
  21. Yes, late 19th century or even a bit younger. That the handles are made of wood makes it a provincial piece. In the cities they had put brass handles on it.
  22. Thanks IronLace for your intelligent interpretation. I have another one, given the year 1940: The Nazi attack on Europe.
  23. Paintings of this type are mass-produced in The Far East and given fictive signatures.
  24. So it's Charles V. I stand corrected. But I like it anyway. Hope you do too.
  25. Horror vacui ...
  26. Looks like a late 19th century reproduction of a Louis XVI frame.
  27. Kinky ...
  28. 1920's or 1930's would be my guess
  29. The style points to late 19th century.
  30. The style points to around 1800, but it can also be a much newer copy.
  31. It looks like smoke was supposed to come out of a tube between the lips. Maybe part of an early 20th century illusionist, spiritist, ventriloquist doll ?
  32. The late 19th century French impressionists didn't work in vain ...
  33. Thanks for the comment. I'l have it in mind !
  34. Decoration, yes. Art, no. Probably made in a 'decorative paintings factory'. Possibly in The Far East, with a fictive signature.
  35. Thanks ho2cultcha. I've added photos of the bases. Incense burning in the temple has left its mark on the unglazed parts of the porcelain.
  36. In late 19th century the opening of the suez canal and of the starting of the orient express made the orient popular in Europe. This oriental looking lady would have been a popular subject for a paint...
  37. I thought a 'screwdriver' was something to pour down your throat on a merry evening !
  38. Who does the dusting, if any ?
  39. The Baroque painting looks interesting. The rest must rely on sentimental value.
  40. Those sleeves should be able to keep most men away and the front lady's jaw should scare the few remaining men away.
  41. Did a dinosaur leave its mark ?
  42. I agree with ho2cultcha. These kind of paintings are mass-produced and sold to naive tourists.
  43. Dust is not a must ...
  44. When you've visited countless museums and auction views you know the difference.
  45. Decoration, yes. Art, no.
  46. Stupid waste of valuable ressources. It must have been possible to get something useful out of them.
  47. "Earth to earth, dust to dust " ...
  48. Who does the dusting, if any ?
  49. Who does the dusting, if any ?
  50. Glass ball ! Never saw that before !
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