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All sorts of art interests me. But when it comes to private collections, the best ones are the small, focused and exquisite ones. Never mind my looks. My weight loosAll sorts of art interests me. But when it comes to private collections, the best ones are the small, focused and exquisite ones. Never mind my looks. My weight loosing program went wrong. (Read more)


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  1. That hat should be able to keep most men away ...
  2. Dear bobby725, I love you too ! I believe there are courses in anger management ...
  3. Where Trump started his real estate business ?
  4. I wouldn't exactly call it art. It's too calculated for that. But 'decoration' might pass. In a cellar or another lesser used dark room.
  5. Around the World decorative paintings are mass-produced in factories, in most cases with fictive signatures.
  6. Hey billretirecoll. Around the World decorative paintings are mass-produced in factories. In most cases with fictive signatures.
  7. Some amateur or even a 'decorative painting fabric' made this. Definitely not art. Sorry.
  8. To the left Rodgersia pinnata and the bush Sorbus Koehneana. Behind the bench Chameacyparis lawsonia 'Columnaris'. To the right different sorts of Hosta and in their front a glimpse of the climber Hum...
  9. True. The work produces an enormous amount of clippings. Thick gloves necessary to remove them.
  10. Thanks kwqd. My first thought was: Harry S. Truman.
  11. Who's the severe looking gentleman in the background ?
  12. Looks Bohemian, late 19th century. Even if you hadn't told that you're from Denmark, the background building style reveals it.
  13. Thanks renedijkstra for your comments. By googeling I found pieces like this one. Believed to be made for sale to 'grand tour' tourists in Egypt around 1900.
  14. Thanks Watchsearcher for your always nice and positive comments. I always read about the plants and the conditions they need before even considering to buy and plant them in my garden. I follow the in...
  15. Ming inspired, but much newer, as the 'traffic light' border indicates.
  16. Decorative and very new. Knowledgeable Chinese collectors want the very old.
  17. Looks very much like the ones in the streets of Copenhagen until sometime in the 1960s or 1970s.
  18. Baroque style, but looks more like late 19th ct to me.
  19. Thanks for the comment Radegunder. I believe you're right. Tell me when you've identified F. Norlander s. l. !
  20. You're the light of my life ...
  21. Looks outdated. Museumstuff ?
  22. Who does the dusting, if any ? ...
  23. Painted the minute before the beard caught fire ...
  24. Thanks again Keramikos. The building is from 1903.
  25. Thanks Keramikos for your comment. The photo is from the entrance of Store Kongensgade 14 in Copenhagen.
  26. Don't be too sure that Anderson exists. Looks like made in a 'decorative painting factory' somewhere. Possibly in The Far East.
  27. Thank you very much IVAN49. Now I'm wiser than before !
  28. A very American collection.
  29. Not great art. Looks more like a souvenir.
  30. I have one like that too. My father bought it for hobby works, when he was young and poor. I still use it occasionally for drilling where caution is needed.
  31. Abdul, archaeology isn't art history science. I'd choose a reputable art museum.
  32. I'd have a reputable museum have a look at it and if they can verify the authenticity, then you can call yourself a rich man.
  33. Looks like a Kazak pattern.
  34. Chippendale style.
  35. Where I live, we'd call it a storeroom, for things going on the next garagesale. Or bulky waste ...
  36. Nice garden you've got !
  37. The lavish carvings are typhical for the late 19th century and it continued in the beginning of the 20th century.
  38. Machinemade dovetail joints, so after 1860 and the design looks 1950s.
  39. Corrosion ?!
  40. I hope you also got a bottom for your new bed. I mean, sleeping on the floor ? ...
  41. Your local auction hous(es) probably sell antique clocks, needing repair, from time to time. They probably know who can be trusted to make a lasting repair.
  42. Inspired by temples in Antiquity. The heavy, dark expression points to late 19th century. In Europe you might find many more of this type. I recommend having it cleaned and restored. It might still ha...
  43. Still plenty of space on your ceiling.
  44. "Horror vacui ?"
  45. Remember the German dictum: "Ordnung muss sein !"
  46. Table decoration for next meeting in Dirty Old Men's Club (DOMC) ...
  47. Very new. Decorative, but worthless, I'm afraid.
  48. Looks more like decoration than art. Could have been made in one of the painting factories in The Far East. I wouldn't count on finding any MaTson.
  49. About the missing lid: How about having a wood turner make a fitting lid and paint it either light blue or white ? I once solved a missing-lid-problem in that way and nobody noticed the little trick !
  50. ... or later.
  51. See more