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All sorts of art interests me. But when it comes to private collections, the best ones are the small, focused and exquisite ones. Never mind my looks. My weight loosAll sorts of art interests me. But when it comes to private collections, the best ones are the small, focused and exquisite ones. Never mind my looks. My weight loosing program went wrong. (Read more)


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Faun. Early 19th century bronze figurine. Who's the sculptor ? - Figurinesin Figurines
Who's the artist ? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Japanese centerpiece - Asianin Asian
Budai - Asianin Asian
German ammunition manufactorer promotional gift 1887 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Victorian garden vase - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Effulgence - Photographsin Photographs
Bugle - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Greenlandish 'tupilak' - Folk Artin Folk Art
Happy Halloween ! - Photographsin Photographs


  1. The shape of an 18th ct torchere. A candle was put on top in those days. Could be newer.
  2. Looks new. Emperor marks are rarely to be trusted. Longer texts, as on your, are in most cases poetry.
  3. Looks classisistic. Early 19th ct.
  4. I wouldn't count on it being Wedgwood. What can be said with certainty is that it's Louis Seize inspired, but probably much younger.
  5. Looks like a Chinese copper can for storage of whatever things you'd like to use it for. The sign on the lid could be an abstractation of the sign for good luck, happiness etc.
  6. That's the way ladies were dressed in the beginning of the 19th ct. The Empire period.
  7. Thanks for the answers. Now I'm confused at a higher level.
  8. Thanks kwqd for your answers. Feel free to suggest possible candidates based on the subject, style, technique, colours etc. The only thing I'm relatively sure about is the age, based on the girl's dre...
  9. Thanks kwqd for your answer. One signature on a drawing is, as you say, a meager background for identifying a painter. The clover in the carpet seems to me to be without any connection to the carpet d...
  10. The simple, bulky, straight lines. In Europe known as 'Third Reich Style". Hitler would have loved to sit in it.
  11. Not Falkenstein, but Frankenstein.
  12. Not antique.
  13. 1930s ?
  14. Countless hours of fun (and hard labour) awaites you in the restoration.
  15. French Aubusson rug ?
  16. Thanks Watchsearcher for your flattering words. No it's an Agave in the garden vase.
  17. Yes, could be a card table. Could also be a Pembroke table. Tables of that sort were pulled out and had their leaves folded out when people had their breakfasts served in the salons.
  18. Late 19th ct or early 20th ct.
  19. Looks like a hall chair. They were meant for people waiting in the hall for a short while, keeping their dirty coats on. That's why these chairs weren't upholstered.
  20. Chippendale style, but probably not older than ca. 1920-1930. The upholstery looks new.
  21. Could also be much younger.
  22. Looks late 19th ct or early 20th ct.
  23. Decorative paintings like this one are mass-produced in The Far East and sold to naive Westerners.
  24. Some sort of forgery. The letters are much more precise than it was possible to cut in antiquity. And what does they translate to ? Neither Greek nor Latin. Possibly a Grand Tour souvenir, as suggeste...
  25. Value depends on rarity, condition and demand. But they're decorative on any bookshelf.
  26. The style points to late 18th century, but - as stated above - drawer joints can tell more. Narrow and handmade: Old. Wide and machinemade: New.
  27. Looks like cast glass to me. Probably for sugar. Late 19th century, but could be younger.
  28. Don't let it inspire you to start drinking. You look far too young for that !
  29. Sorry lcfi !
  30. thefederalistonline.com/products/fabric-shade-crown-style-chandelier-Icfi-90 shows a chandelier with a crown like yours.
  31. Part of a lost chandelier ? While you consider this possibility, you can wear it yourself.
  32. The style is 'Renaissance revival'. Popular in the late 19th century. Not sought after today. Modest value, in spite of the elaborate carvings.
  33. 'Loveseat'. Sec. half of 19th century or even beg. of 20th century. Modest value.
  34. A slide for a projector.
  35. So how is your eye sight ?
  36. Looks Persian, in fact all of it. 20th century. The big container could be an urn. Maybe even the small one too. Modest value. On a flea market you can find out what people are willing to pay for the ...
  37. Keep digging, then you'll possibly find the rest of the dinosaur ...
  38. I wouldn't call it 'great art', but charming in a naive way. Try the signature lists on the Internet.
  39. They make replicas of old Flemish tapestries in Belgium. Confusing that most of the persons are in Rococo dresses, whereas the guy to the right seems to come straight out of Renaissance.
  40. I recommend asianart.com
  41. By frieze I mean the repeated sign at the bottom.
  42. Very new. Hardly more than 50 years old exportware. The frieze at the bottom is called 'traffic light'.
  43. Yes, the style is ca. 1900, but the crude carving points to a much later manufacturing date.
  44. The tongue stuck out points to Maori, New Zealand. I agree with renedijkstra: Mediocre. Perhaps a souvenir made to finance alcohol consumption ?
  45. Persian ?
  46. Venetian style.
  47. At least you can read D. F... and the frame looks late 19th century. I'd look at the signature lists on the Internet. Yes, could be Dutch.
  48. I thought a dollhouse was a place where professional ladies had their business ?
  49. Remember Talleyrand-Perigord's words to Napoleon: "You can do anything with bayonets, except sit on them !"
  50. Thanks for the comment Gillian. The shape of the chair is definitely regency and it has the patina that makes it most likely that it's from that time.
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