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All sorts of art interests me. But when it comes to private collections, the best ones are the small, focused and exquisite ones. Never mind my looks. My weight loosAll sorts of art interests me. But when it comes to private collections, the best ones are the small, focused and exquisite ones. Never mind my looks. My weight loosing program went wrong. (Read more)


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  1. I thought his name was Julius Caesar (100 BC - 44 BC) ?
  2. Thanks for the comment. I googled TZ, but didn't find a maiolica design like this one. Yes, I still have the drawing.
  3. Horror vacui ...
  4. Who does the dusting ? ...
  5. Horror vacui ...
  6. Join you at the Neth. Antilles ?
  7. A real hands-on collection. Bought in second hand shops, I suppose ...
  8. This type of paintings are mass-produced, given a fictive artists signature and sold to tourists.
  9. Are dogs a collectors item ?
  10. The frame looks 1870-1880ish. Could have been made many places.
  11. Now better position, I hope. I can recommend the enlargement function.
  12. The Scottish National Gallery might also know something about the mark and the item.
  13. The painting looks interesting and Scottish. I suggest you take contact with their National Gallery. They have one, I'm sure.
  14. Thanks apostata. Yes, the borders point to Moslem world, although the icon is Christian. Could it be from somewhere in Caucasus ?
  15. Two horizontal. To the left you get a glimpse of the lower one.
  16. Nr. 1 and 3 are of the type that are produced in 'decorative-paintings-factories' many places. The far East f.ex. Nr. 2 seems to be a portrait of a specifik house. Some painters make their money in of...
  17. No markings.
  18. I'm not an expert. Maybe we have some more on Collectors and can hope for their opinions ?
  19. Dear Daddy, thanks for the geographical information. I'd never guessed. Your last line cheers me up !
  20. Interesting to see in the background how the Americans still have their electrical cables high up on wobly masts. In my country we dig them down. Much prettier to have them out of sight and much safer...
  21. Drivers passing by will probably mistake you for a gas station ?!
  22. If one could find a photo of a similar grey castor, with known origin, that might solve the mystery ...
  23. Most kind of you keramikos. I would think that ivory would be too soft. Think of the many ivory carvings made by clever Chinese artisans.
  24. Many thanks again my friend keramikos. The castors feel very hard and 'cold', so although I can't be sure, I'm tempted to say some sort of stone ?
  25. Thanks. I've added a photo of one of the two castors. Ceramic ? Stone ? Maybe you can tell ? Thanks.
  26. Now I know everything about castors. Thanks again.
  27. Thanks keramikos. The chair is European so US patented castors are irrelevant in this case. They look very worn and original on the chair.
  28. Don't hope for a photo of me in crinoline. I'm not a transvestite ...
  29. Many thanks matisse - I thought Matisse died many years ago, but never mind - for the comment ! CWED was an imitator, so that leaves us with the question: Is this a copy painted by CWED or is this th...
  30. Thanks again apostata. What would we do without you ...
  31. Thanks apostata. I googled but found only one.
  32. Thanks again apostata. Let me know when you have the definitive solution.
  33. Thanks for the comments. No rattling.
  34. A pair of Staffordshire dogs would fit in nicely ...
  35. It was probably a device like this one Dr. Frankenstein used to get his monster working !
  36. Compliments with your late mothers yard and thanks for the generous offer ! Unfortunately I live on the other side of the Globe ...
  37. Thanks vetraio50 for the comment. I think it's a possibility.
  38. Without the beret it looks like me !? ...
  39. Marks: Bahco, Belzeryl, Hagrem, Volvo, Wiha or simply Made in Germany or Made in Sweden.
  40. Good for you ...
  41. Imagine them all ringing at the same time !
  42. What the coins in The Netherlands are made of, I dont know. I'm not Dutch.
  43. Some sort of shrine for alcohol worshippers ?
  44. Thanks dav2no1 for your comment. You mean Gerrit Dou (1613-1675) ? But according to the 1794, he's too old.
  45. Rembrandt Bugatti (1884-1916) Italian sculptor specializing in wild animals.
  46. Could be, apostata. Thanks again.
  47. You'l soon be needing more shelves or even better, a larger home and most certainly more dusting.
  48. Who got the best deal, the buyer or the seller ?
  49. The latest theory is that it's 18th century Dutch Delft ! But I suppose inspired by the Chinese ?
  50. Thanks apostata.
  51. See more