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  1. Nice ! Brings back memories of the Hancock Gas Station i worked at in San Diego, 1960's. LZ
  2. I agree with You "Spreader for Lifting a Load", any Load. Blacksmith Made IMO. LZ
  3. PS: When You get the rust off, and wood sanded, consider spraying with Clear Lacquer, "Matte, or Gloss", to Protect Your Work. LZ
  4. Very Nice ! Take Your time. All Parts Still Available on eBay. Including the Lock Set. LZ
  5. Nice ! Kelsey Hayse was/is also known for their High Performance Brake Components.
  6. "LOVE IT"..Takes Me Back to the 60's, and Good Times! American Mags I Presume? Not many Built 348s in my time, 283's Mostly. LZ
  7. Hello CW: Does Anyone have a Confirmed Answer for this one Yet? Many People Would Love to Know.! Thanks, LZ
  8. Love it ! I owned the 1969, 305 Scrambler Version, which looks like a Match, except for the tank. 1300 mile road trip from San Diego to Sacramento and Back, with Snow on the Grapevine Mountains, at 17...
  9. Nice History Write up and Links, Thanks ! LZ
  10. Hated the Taste of it, Love the Photos. LZ
  11. "LOVE THEM" ! LZ
  12. "BEAUTIFUL Set", and More than i have ever seen at one time. So tell Me, is there a Story behind Your Collection? I have been Collecting Old Tools for 30Years and have Never seen such a Great Looking ...
  13. "Love It" !! "AIRBORNE", "All The Way" I was a Paratrooper, and Parachute Test Dummy in the 60s, and we were issued "Nothing" !! I like the looks of this one, along with the German Paratrooper Gravity...
  14. I do not have your answer on the material that the scales are made from, but there is a wealth of informaton on this "Great Old Company" on the web. Blades Forums: https://www.bladeforums.com/thre...
  15. My first WAG would be a Possible, Heavy Duty Incense Burner?
  16. Yery Nice !! I have what looks like its Twin, without the Sport King Tag, Thanks for Sharing! PS: Is yours made from Aluminum? LZ
  17. "Yeah Baby", I LOVED the Smell of BLENDZALL in the Morning, Back in the Day! LZ
  18. Very Nice Write Up, with Great Links ! LZ
  19. It Could Be a Rope Splicing FID, but does Not look like any I own, or any I have ever seen, so i do not think so. You got me thinking about it again, so i will Dig Deeper now!lol LZ
  20. I Love it when Makers Marks are found on these Old Treasures, as its all about the History for me! Thanks for Sharing! LZ
  21. "LOVE IT" I owned a 74 for many years! Does Yours have Power Steering ?Best Modification i ever did for it. LZ
  22. "Bitchen" I also Love the Color! "Great Memories"!!
  23. "Love It" We had a kerosene heater in our trailer as a kid, and between black flag bug spray, and kerosene drip heater smell, I had my fill of both for many years. LZ
  24. Beautiful ! I also love to collect vintage/antique hand tools, for the past few decades. I have always wanted to visit the Winchester Mystery House, which i have driven by several times but life got i...
  25. Very Nice Knife, and History Write Up LZ
  26. I'm thinking you have an Old Saddle and or Harness Makers Stitching Clamp. YOUR THOUGHTS? LZ
  27. Very Interesting H/F, as Usual ! 2 questions, Is it sitting on a floor stand, and can you show it in a closed, or clamping position? LZ
  28. Very Interesting A/O, as Uusual ! 2 questions, Is it sitting on a floor stand, and can you show it in a closed, or clamping position? LZ
  29. "LOVE IT", and the History Write-Up.! Thanks for Sharing ! Wayne
  30. "LOVE IT"!! Thanks For Sharing. Wayne
  31. "LOVE IT" !! A little History of "Skilsaw".and "SKILSAW"in link Below. https://www.protoolreviews.com/who-invented-circular-saw-skilsaw-history/ Thanks for Sharing, Wayne
  32. I agree with everything Motoolz says in post#3. TO ME, This "LOOKS LIKE" the kind of specialty measuring tool used in production lines by Machinist and Inspectors, or others. PS: Now that i have s...
  33. LOVE THEM !! Thanks for sharing! Consider sharing photos of them on one of the old tool collector sites like Garage Journal, of which im a long time member. https://www.garagejournal.com/forum/foru...
  34. I have its twin, and love it more now..lol Nice History write up dav2no1. Wayne
  35. LOVE IT ! A Baby Boomers Home Turf, K-Thru 6 Grade, for 8 Hours a Day.! Wayne
  36. Have You looked at This Site ? https://www.yesteryearstools.com/Yesteryears%20Tools/Home.html Wayne
  37. Very Nice Looking Design, and if you got stuck with, it it would not be a fantasy anymore, now would it ?LOL//// My first guess is always "INDIA Made" when i see unmarked steel, and all the brass. ...
  38. https://www.allaboutpocketknives.com/catalog/16896-a-w-wadsworth-and-son-barlow try this one
  39. Your first knife dates to the 1910-1930 era it appears. Very interesting Company History.. https://www.allaboutpocketknives.com/catalog/16896-a-w-wadsworth-and-son-barlow............... Wayne
  40. Yeah Baby! One of the Key Tools, That Built the Railroads, that Built Out Country! Wayne
  41. LOVE IT ! As a Baby Boomer, I was Lucky enough to work at one of these Truck Stops in the 60's myself/ The "Truckadero Truck Stop", and "Flying A Cafe", all in one. A Dollar an Hour, and GREAT MEMORIE...
  42. Love It, Welcome to CW/ Wayne
  43. What are the dimensions, including thickness? Do they have pin holes on the undersides? LZ
  44. What is the bottle made out of ? Wayne
  45. SEXY, SEXY, SEXY PHOTO !! Wayne
  46. PS: If the needle does go with it, it appears it may be a fine tuning device for some sort of pressure bleed flow control. Ok I'm Done Guessing Now..LOL......I look forward to the correct answer, and...
  47. I do not think the needle and valve go together as a unit. To me it looks like a small "Cock Valve" used in laboratory setting.? Just My Guess Tho! Good Luck in Your Searches. Wayne
  48. Very Nice Find! When I see these, i think of "BULK OIL", (refined used Motor oil) that we sold in the Old Hancock Gas Station I worked at Many Years ago.! Wayne
  49. Very Sorry to Hear of Your Loss Bill. I Hope You Have a Great Day of Cellibrating Her Life Today~ Take Care, Wayne
  50. Great Old Knife Company.... https://www.smithfieldgetgrilling.com/how-to-tell-how-old-a-barlow-knife-is/ Wayne
  51. See more