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Puyallup, Washington

I have a wide variety of interests. From my hot rod 1964 C-10 truck to high end guns and knives. I love wood carved masks and animals. Also love items that have a stI have a wide variety of interests. From my hot rod 1964 C-10 truck to high end guns and knives. I love wood carved masks and animals. Also love items that have a story or tell a story. Especially if theres history involved. After years of collecting my sister and I are opening an Etsy store called North West Vintage. Open now... NOWVI on Etsy. (Read more)


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1972 Aviva Snoopy Car #61 -  C 3 - Model Carsin Model Cars
Matchbox Monday - Model Carsin Model Cars
1930s Bottle and Jar Openers - Kitchenin Kitchen
Matchbox Monday - Model Carsin Model Cars
Matchbox Monday - Model Carsin Model Cars
Custom Gun Box - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Armstrong's Glass Insulators  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
German Shepherd Doorstop - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Silver Sheffield Cadelabra  - Lampsin Lamps
1950 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Photo by Harry R. Boersig - Photographsin Photographs


  1. I am not an expert...but if they were part of the paper, there should be a page on the back. Here's my piece that I thought was a reproduction until I held it up to the light and could see it was a ne...
  2. Scroll down and there's one that looks similar to yours...soaybe egg balance.. https://humaninside.ru/vokrug-nas/53715-vesyi_dlya_yaits.html
  3. These are cool..
  4. Love the blue
  5. You should look at values, because last time I saw some for sale I about fell out of my chair. Not sure where they are at today..
  6. I'll have to find my pool book and post it. Pretty sure the author was under the influence...actually if I remember correctly he talks about setting your joint down..ha ha
  7. Better break out the bluray and find it...
  8. Could be used for social distancing..just saying
  9. Got one in the coat closet. Will have to dig it out..
  10. Cute fawn..
  11. Saw this ad on a local offerup ad and thought of you..100 for $30 Brooches Check out this item on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/9mbrrvnR0gb
  12. Interesting piece...
  13. Maybe.. https://www.flyingtigerantiques.com/beautiful-wwii-us-army-mission-to-iran-bullion-shoulder-patch-locally-made.html Or https://army.togetherweserved.com/army/servlet/tws.webapp.WebApp...
  14. Looks like a pedal car.
  15. If you want us to help you, we need more information and better pictures. I can't even tell if it's 1 piece or several pieces attached...maybe a picture at night without all the glare. Where did you g...
  16. Wierd I thought I had shown my Canada Dry box..it was wood and very early. I gave it to my sister as a gift.
  17. Funny, I saw that same link..here's another for sale.. https://www.todocoleccion.net/arte-pintura-oleo/oleo-sobre-lienzo-calle-amsterdam-enmarcado-original-firmado-por-balero-63-x-94-cm~x105242927
  18. Nut Cracker.. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q%3Dtbn:ANd9GcTggcuRRhJULpMDWvCX7rqowc1vW6EkvGB82ngZc3PkB9CEJPci&imgrefurl=https://www.pigeontreecraftin...
  19. I like the I...
  20. I have his little brother in ceramic. It's an old Japan bank. Thought I showed it, but I guess not. Will have to clean it up and post it.
  21. Tommy gun...
  22. Ok..what is that? Is that a timmy gun shaped liquor bottle?
  23. Well we expect you to update it with a pic of the green skirt and a super cool back drop!
  24. Looks good! Nice and toasty...
  25. Beautiful..I don't think you'll find another one, never more! Couldn't resist..
  26. Did you say battery? It looked like a 100 day clock?
  27. Cool pics.. Bonanza was one of my favorites..
  28. Hard to tell by picture but I believe 1960s..like this... https://www.design-mkt.com/99879-crystal-diamond-cut-vintage-vase-by-str%C3%B6mbergshyttan-1960s.html
  29. Nice buy!
  30. That would be cool..
  31. Nice clock! And yeah we missed you & you missed a lot of cool stuff!
  32. Nice pictures! Unfortunately a lot of Cali people are now here in Washington State and it has become New California..
  33. K-Mik... thats only IF the person is on the list. If they were and you guessed correctly, then you won a hat. "Each matchbook in the series had a celebrity photo, and six names below the photo. If ...
  34. Great find and interesting piece..
  35. "Those blue mason jars were mass produced until 1937 using sand from around Lake Michigan. It was that sand that gave the glass its blue hue." Of course they have new reproductions today.m
  36. Found some info from the past..here's your answer from the comments section, check the facts .. "the Mason Fruit Jar Company between 1885-1907 - The "MASON" name was used on jars manufactured by th...
  37. You always have the coolest glass animals..
  38. Wow...thats a nice find!
  39. Lot of reproductions and similar..your best bet is to drop it down and look for markings.
  40. This listing claims 1930s Mexico, but a search shows several years into the 80s and prices are all over the place. But you have a starting point for more research. I think the skirt on the table may b...
  41. Should be a marking on it somewhere?
  42. That's a nice bank! And just to clarify...its dave to no one...so its o not zero. I took this name in the beginning of the internet era when there wasn't many people around. Actually my first comp...
  43. Dauschund https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hagen-Renaker-Dachshund-Dog-/390023920372 And lab is possibly sandicast.. https://store.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/products/black-labrador-retrie...
  44. Real or not, it's fantastic! If it's real...thats makes it even more cool..
  45. Looks like a briefcase
  46. Interesting..here's some history and the story behind the celebrity photos.. https://bernardhats.com/hat-companies/adams-hats/
  47. Here's an aluminum one.. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/antique-aluminum-early-1900s-walsh-419971242
  48. I believe these are 1950s made in Japan. I remember these when I was a kid growing up in the 70s. Lots of them around in way better shape for little money.. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...
  49. A quick search reveals several similar rings..some gold, some fake. More research needed for you. https://avascollection.com/products/male-punk-rock-jewelry-yellow-gold-filled-925-silver-ring-11...
  50. When I was in my early 20s I was managing a Circle K store. This was like 91..b&h were very popular then.
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