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Puyallup, Washington

I have a wide variety of interests. From my hot rod 1964 C-10 truck to high end guns and knives. I love wood carved masks and animals. Also love items that have a stI have a wide variety of interests. From my hot rod 1964 C-10 truck to high end guns and knives. I love wood carved masks and animals. Also love items that have a story or tell a story. Especially if theres history involved. After years of collecting my sister and I are opening an Etsy store called North West Vintage. Open now... NOWVI on Etsy. (Read more)


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Wood Carved Cheetah  - Folk Artin Folk Art
Wood Carved Panther - Folk Artin Folk Art
1948 Minnesota License Plates  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Japanese Decorative Plate - Asianin Asian
1923 Washington State License Plates  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Matchbox Monday - Model Carsin Model Cars
2015 United States Marshals 225th Anniversary Coin - US Coinsin US Coins
Wiss Metal Snips - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Olds Cutlass and 4-4-2: Rockets for The Road - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Philadelphia Derringer made by Jukkar - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Not sure what you guys are referring to..but I owned and moderated an international yahoo chat group for over a decade...its easy to read things into posts that aren't there. People do it all the time...
  2. Looks like a Renault tank? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renault_FT
  3. I don't believe those wheels are correct. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/36967-texaco-lubester-cart
  4. They were not supposed to send anything to the house. But they did and suckered her out of a bunch of money. Terrible company..they don't care, all about making a few dollars.
  5. Like I said, I normally just buy silver rounds. I don't understand why Eagles cost more, but sell back at same price. Silver is silver if it's for investment. I also have a bunch of mostly silver ...
  6. Looks like it would make a good fly swatter! Reminds me of being young, mom would chase a fly out of the house..
  7. If you remember my other post, I have a few. Interestingly now I have a bunch of Washington plates now. So maybe time to plan out the other wall.. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/287195-my...
  8. I think that's an Ethiopian hand cross?
  9. Is it the Korean set, like this...I'm on mybphone..you will have to examine the pieces closely. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/6158-vintage-korean-chess-set
  10. Oh OK..I'm on my phone, so didn't notice the hole. Now that I zoomed in, I can see it. The back should tell you age by the clasp style..
  11. Looks similar to WWII merchant marine cap badge, but your missing details...maybe a souvenir item? https://www.flyingtigerantiques.com/sterling-wwii-us-merchant-marine-officers-cap-badge-by-vanguar...
  12. An image search showed there was one like yours and another with a different colored dog. I'm on my phone, so I can't seem to find them..maybe you will have better luck.. http://www.zeppy.io/discov...
  13. Dang..thats super cool! I'm still waiting for 1 more piece to show up. My other piece arrived broken after almost 2 months waiting..
  14. illustrator Charles Van Sandwyk Google that and tiger.. https://beautifulbooks.info/illustratedbibliographies/illustrators-and-authors/collecting-charles-van-sandwyk-artist-books/charles-van-sa...
  15. Nice piece..not sure why the need for the label on the front, seems obvious?
  16. Wow, we must think alike..I just pulled 2 cars for Matchbox Monday..and 1 was a 59 caddy!
  17. Wow, wish I could find any of those cars today at those prices.
  18. Was he a cordwainer or cobbler?
  19. Wow, nice back yard! Nice rug too...
  20. What does the name say...something? smiley?
  21. Some just offered me a 1948 336A! It looks like a super early one.
  22. Looks a lot like a 40 Ford lens.. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/1940-Ford-Red-Glass-Tail-Light-Lens-Passenger-Car,8088.html?sku=91062179&utm_medium=CSEGoogle&utm_source=CSE&utm_campaign=CSEGOOGLE&...
  23. Not a cap gun or hubley expert, but they appear to be hubley.. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/toy-cap-guns-vintage-hubley-diamond-1755409699
  24. Here's some I posted recently.. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/290378-taxco-sterling-bangles-and-bracelets
  25. It has very bizarre images..ha ha
  26. My sister fostered one of these Akita dogs. That thing could probably tow you car out of a ditch! My niece was about 75 pounds and it was funny to watch her trying to walk it..more like dragging h...
  27. It's fantastic! A time shot into the past...
  28. Nice! And that buzzsaw was a scary, fierce weapon! The noise scared troops from all around..
  29. Drooling....now you're just teasing me! You know my 48 won't be here for a week or so....ugh. nice set up..encore encore
  30. We had the betamax too. I always thought it was superior to VHS. But just like HDDVD vs Bluray...someone has to win. In the case of Bluray, the better format win in my opinion.
  31. His gun has a P roll mark. Love to see any that you want to show..I mean before they all got lost in the boating accident. Ha ha
  32. Cool lock, thanks for sharing
  33. That is awesome..there's one for sale locally I've been watching. As a kid I couldn't afford one. So...being creative...used a coffee can. The old metal ones with plastic lid. You use it upside do...
  34. Glad you were inspired by my recent post to dust off some of your old marlins! Let's see more!
  35. Nice rifle! It will be a bit before you will see my collection. The money for the 1948(last I needed)won't get there till tomorrow and then the wait for shipping. Another week or so .. My Marlin fr...
  36. Notice the look and patina on this one compared to your... https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/antique-portuguese-brass-castle-key-1-490529412
  37. Note the single vent compared to other models
  38. Looks to be 79. I remember we had a huge top loader like this. https://www.pamono.eu/japanese-model-cr-6060rt-pal-secam-ntsc-from-jvc-victor-company-1979?hcb=1
  39. Nice..in the early 90s I worked in a mechanic shop. Boss had some toys..one was a 53 corvette..it had a tonneau type cover that went over the passenger side. Kind of a passenger delete.
  40. Ohh the suspense...hurry up! I hate cliff hangers...
  41. Thanks for the loves and comments..
  42. Aww yes..ol' Joe! I played a lot of pool when I was younger. I was captain for a bar league pool team(APA). In 1998 we went to Vegas to the National Team Championship, 1 of 466 teams from all over the...
  43. Did you attend this concert? Did you buy these?
  44. Did you look for a copyright and publisher? That may give some clues..
  45. Nice find..
  46. Looks a lot like this image.. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://t3.gstatic.com/images?q%3Dtbn:ANd9GcTMWvNBO9usP4wuQNX8iVh1XyCFBdmwsTSZqMJEC4xdBv7tMS_M&imgrefurl=https://m.facebook.com/pa...
  47. Early C4...probably the least desirable of all corvettes...worst dash for sure.
  48. Anything you see in the picture is dust or reflection. There's no turn line or any defects in the finish.
  49. Thanks FortA. Unfortunately because of the money these are bringing, I won't be firing this one. It's a collector. 1st guy fired 6 rounds, 2 guy fired 20 with his wife on their anniversary...ain't tha...
  50. Don't blame you! If you find the place, let me know..New California..I mean Washington State has really gone down hill. I mean...really my truck has to comply to CARB laws...this is not California!
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Japanese Wood Block Painting Micro Machines - Military My License Plate Collection & Garage Art i can't identify this ring but i love it.