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Puyallup, Washington

I have a wide variety of interests. From my hot rod 1964 C-10 & 77 big block shortbox trucks to high end guns and knives. I love wood carved masks and animals. Also I have a wide variety of interests. From my hot rod 1964 C-10 & 77 big block shortbox trucks to high end guns and knives. I love wood carved masks and animals. Also love items that have a story or tell a story. Especially if there's history involved. After years of collecting my sister and I have opened an Etsy store called Northwest Vintage.... NOWVI on Etsy. nowvi.etsy.com (Read more)


  1. A quick search revealed a bunch of similar online. Most were cubic zirconia..you should buy yourself a diamond tester. They are pretty inexpensive nowadays and get you a decent reading.
  2. Not gonna retire with this one.. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1540726006/ladies-blue-topaz-stone-sterling-silver
  3. Have you tried to contact them and ask for information? https://texassports.com/sports/relays
  4. My guess is the 80s...Ronald Reagan era
  5. To me..it looks like a toy T-bone steak.
  6. Here..clicks 3 dots in upper right of Google to translate https://www.tegernsee-bahn.de/tegernsee-bahn/historie-2/
  7. Thank you all for the comments. It helps reassure me that it is a cool piece.
  8. Wow..you had your own skeet ball..
  9. Welcome to CW. Definitely not trash. Could be Kralik Czech glass? More research needed. Regardless it's a nice piece.
  10. Thanks for your service. I worked with a few guys that used to work on subs..they always spoke super quiet..
  11. Great color..
  12. Very cool piece. It was my sister's birthday today..so I spent two hours looking around a local antique store yesterday. Finally found a Kanawha blue glass squirrel and a Pilgrim Glass squirrel for her.
  13. I found another one with image search, but when translated the ad had no information..
  14. Happy Valentines Day..a perfect post!
  15. A messer ...German for "knife"
  16. I also thought it had a monkey shape
  17. Odd piece..wonder what the use was?
  18. Here's a similar one.. https://www.antiquesnavigator.com/d-2833689/reverse-glass-painted-picture-frame-home-front-patriotism-chevron-insignia-ww2.html
  19. Those are really cool..love the story. I need to fond some.
  20. Cool clock. The letters are very stylized. Does the back have any labels?
  21. Very cool piece..
  22. Great piece, kinda borderline anime..
  23. AOL was bought by Verizon in 2015 and is a subsidiary of them today.
  24. Welcome to CW. Nice find but sad story. He probably sat in his chair and reminisced with the items in the trunk..
  25. Thank you for your service. My username is actually Dave to no one. My first computer was a Commodore vic 20, then a 64. In those days it was before internet. We had bulletin boards(BBS), where you us...
  26. Another great piece! You need to quite hog-ging all the good stuff Scott!
  27. Wow..you have some cool stuff..a rare gem there.
  28. Nice little hot rod you hot there..
  29. Great find..
  30. Maybe.. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php/?id=100052048256136
  31. Have too many interests..don't we all? You're doing a great job, just keep doing it.
  32. Very cool..
  33. You have all the cool toys..
  34. Excellent find. You are allowed up to 4 images, would be nice to see more..
  35. Looks like more of a hog..lol. what a fantastic collection Scott.
  36. Blue birds are so popular..nice example
  37. Very nice find. Got your ducks in a row now..
  38. Great piece of history! Lucky to have it.
  39. Very nice set. Hope you get those pipes fixed soon..
  40. Welcome to CW. Very unique piece. Where did you find it?
  41. Welcome to CW. Excellent piece.
  42. Cute roadrunner..its funny that lots of people think these birds are large after seeing the cartoons. They are less than a foot tall in reality.
  43. Wow, cool find. Never saw one out in the wild.
  44. Nice job. Write history down and keep it with the piece.
  45. Looks great, nice collection and variety.
  46. Kwqd- I have collected a few now. These were part of a larger lot. I only kept these. There were several newer aluminum canes that we will sell. I gave one to my senior neighbor for a spare. I particu...
  47. Thanks to everyone for the comments and loves. I like when we can learn history from pieces. This is an interesting story.
  48. I have edited to add information.. Victory Glass Company. This is a condiment dish, probably mustard. Many people have misidentified these as candy dishes, but the small size points to a condime...
  49. Interesting sewing stuff..the bodkin set is cool.
  50. Here's some links to my other Cane/Walking Sticks ... https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/312497-old-wooden-canes-walking-sticks https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/318006-wood-carved...
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 I left my harp in Sam Frank’s disco ,,Think ! 1949 and See