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Photographer. Jewelry Designer. Antique and vintage jewelry restorer / collector.


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  1. It looks like Unakite, but the stones are speckled. Anyone know about Unakite? Thanks.
  2. is it an "opera" watch, kimmer??
  3. You are right. I just would really like to get rid of these things. I was hoping I could date them. I dont know what to do with them now. Maybe give them out as presents.
  4. The other that i found with this one was an Elgin 1904 I listed it on Ebay recently, I am glad I didn't list this one!!! :)
  5. So we can safely say that these were pre 1950 repurposed art?
  6. The Illinois Watch Case Co. started in Chicago in 1886 and, within a few years, moved to Elgin, IL. It continued making cases until the 1940s. The second case is marked Philadelphia Watch Case Co wi...
  7. Cute story. But this isn't a modern "steampunk" piece. I am trying to date the era in which it was made by the dolls clothing and attire. I would say in the 30s or so. . . could be similar to or ...
  8. Yes, the box is what makes it. It must be the original box because it fits the pocket watch perfectly. It also has a little built in display stand so you can sit the watch upright in its protective ...
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Tausendzunder Vintage Lighter Bremen My Red Comet Fire Grenade Salesman's Kit 1950's Crosley Tube Radio "Bullseye" from 1951 all Models Funky asian lady face bracelet Vintage TRIFARI Alfred Philippe Blue Enameled Turtle Brooch Pin


 Art Deco Bakelite Skyscraper Stanford Clock 1930's Sweaters & Cardigans. Kimmergrands Waltham 1899 pocket watch Blow torch  (If you have the guts !) My $2 summer score old clock


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