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Bay Area, California

I like mostly California made Wood tube Radios especially Mini Cathedral and Tombstones also like Colored Plastic Radio's of the 1950's and Unusual and Rare Radio'sI like mostly California made Wood tube Radios especially Mini Cathedral and Tombstones also like Colored Plastic Radio's of the 1950's and Unusual and Rare Radio's (Read more)


  1. I have one I just got one at a estate sale although it does not have the wire coming out of the bottom but the neon is not cracked pretty cool item
  2. hi do you still have this radio?
  3. The Large Dial is made of Lucite, clean it with hot soapy water and a clean non abrasive cloth, so not use Windex or other household cleaners, I also suggest getting some Novus Plastic Cleaner/Polish
  4. Never found the Blue one, I had the opportunity back around 1999 to get one but lost in bidding, still searching.
  5. What color did you get?
  6. I have the same problem , the clock works but not the Calendar, interesting
  7. The radio in the picture is definitely made by Paramount Radio Co in Los Angeles around 1932, I can not tell you the exact model number, but Paramount were the only Radio Company that used that Grill ...
  8. Yes , kind of strange, but in the Early 1930's ( 1931-1933 ) there were many Radio Manufactures like over 50 in the Los Angeles area and competition was very tough, so I guess that was a good marketin...
  9. Ya Lowes most likely has it, I got mine at Home Depo. Good luck!! and thanks so much for your comments
  10. You can also by sheets of veneer on ebay, for a very good price.
  11. Thank you for your comments, the type of veneer I used was very thin with a peel and stick adhesive backing when placed into position you iron on to stick, it's a very hard and tedious process. I us...
  12. Thanks Russ, its a cool Clock, but doesn't come close to be as Awesome as your Green Elechron 700
  13. Hi Zowie, Its made of Bakelite plastic, Thanks for looking!
  14. Thanks Zowie !!
  15. I found a very similar looking radio in one of my radio books ,It could be made by a radio manufacture called Powell Mfg. Co.
  16. Hello, The speaker is a Magnavox, the radio was probably made by Gilfillan or Jackson Bell, ( there were about 50 small Radio Manufactures in the L.A area at that time) I have seen a similar radio mad...
  17. Ha! Thanks I wish the pics came out better a really beautiful radio, so hard to photo!! Thanks Everyone!!
  18. You did great this is a rare radio you dont see to often.
  19. What you have is a SkyKing Tricycle, it's a Repo made to look 1930's Deco. They sell them online. Very Cool.
  20. Hello, I think you are confusing this set with the smaller damaged front Remler model 21-3 I have it is 12 1/2" tall , this set the Remler Model 10-3 has been restored and is 14 1/2" tall.......its th...
  21. Thanks Celiene!
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  23. Thanks for the comment Signaholic!!
  24. Thanks Signaholic and WinterWolf !!!!
  25. Thanks so much Signaholic Yes I think it is Plaskon, you have a very good eye!! And Thank you packrat-place!!
  26. Thanks BELLIN68, I am running out of space, cant stop collecting!!
  27. Thanks!!!
  28. Thanks Bellin68, its gona take some work to get this one back from the dead...
  29. Thanks WinterWolf for the comment, keep on hunting!!!! Plenty of nuggets out there!!!
  30. Thank you miKKoChristmas11
  31. Thanks for the comment LOL!!
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  33. Thanks!! And Thanks to Lisa Also!!
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  35. Welcome Back!!!! And thank you so much!
  36. Thanks, for all your comments!!!!!!!!!
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  45. Aint that the truth!!!
  46. So cool I thought it was a art deco style 1940's art deco Bakelite Tube radio
  47. Aint that the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
  48. Yes a very rare radio Indeed! I love the Art Deco design!! It would be Awesome restored. The Herbert Horn Company made Tiffany Tone radios, and the chassis were made at the Gilfillan Radio Plant in ...
  49. Thanks BELLIN68
  50. Thanks! Look at my other 6 in my collection.
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