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  1. If it reads Sessions....then it's a Sessions! LOL..... Another way to check involves removing the hands and face plate....the manufacturer should be stamped on the movement. From the pics you posted.....
  2. I agree with ClockPop......but depending on the manufacturer, which was usually in Connecticut, the name and date could be stamped on the front of the movement in the clock....that involves removing t...
  3. some times the name and date are stamped on the movement........sometimes the front......which means removing the dial face and bezel and of course hands.....the lesser and easier way would be to open...
  4. Hello It does look like you have an Ingraham clock. Usually the name will be printed on the dial face. The other way to tell the maker and the year ( if you're comfortable) is to remove the hands an...
  5. Nice save
  6. DAAAAMMMMMM! What a nice piece! In the words of Tony Stark aka Iron man.....I want one
  7. Sorry I haven't been in here for a while. I hope it's not too late to take over your job toasting. Mine will have to be with hard liquor, I don't drink beer. Will gold schlauger do fine?
  8. I don't know why but I like irons as well. May be I'll dig the one I got at the antique shop for display. You reawakened something inside me. Thank you
  9. Thank you blunderbuss2. This mutant should really be taught a lesson..... Anyway I agree with all your friends Dr. Fluffy...don't let this Jack-A$$ have this power over you. He's probably laughing w...
  10. Please don't leave. Don't let this troglodyte of a person who probably lives down in his mothers basement slobbering cheetose while staining his big belly. A type of person who is happy making others ...
  11. I don't want to give this post a love because we hate to see you go.
  12. I don't quite know what happened except hints from other posts but I find people are much more brave when you don't have to look them in the eye when they put up rude comments. Lets see them do it to...
  13. had one when I was about six. didn't know to use model glue so I used elmers white glue. no wonder it never stayed together!!!
  14. That mask is so realistic! can't tell it's a mask especially with that seventies mustache. It has that Superman/Clark Kent thing going on. "snicker!" very cool!
  15. Brings back the days of real ole and those YABBA DABBA DUDES.
  16. beautiful
  17. And good health to ya!!
  18. very cool! a steampunk motorcycle! I think it to be awesome
  19. teal is my favorite color. the piece speaks for its self.
  20. very cool! My grand father had one. I would borrow it so I could use it like a communicator in star trek.
  21. hero's back in the
  22. very cool!! instead of you going to hooters, hooters came to you!
  23. still have my joe, never had the vehicles when I was a kid, no room good job on the hunt
  24. very cool, looks very detailed for it's size.
  25. If I recall! This is the Jiffy pop popcorn version or the baked potato. Sorry! had to! lol very cool!
  26. They are so life like!!!
  27. Very Cool! I still have mine!
  28. Mice indeed!
  29. I have one like it but!!!! I don't have any rolls of film to go with it..... You're ahead of me
  30. The War of The Worlds is my favorite sci-fi movie ever. Saw it for the first time when I was about eight years old. Scared the heck out of me.
  31. I have the exact same one except it has no dial face. Nice little .radio for it's time
  32. ounce again nice work.... too bad clowns get a bad wrap because of those old creepy one can really appreciate their true purpose of laughter.
  33. beautiful work!!! I believe any tube radio no matter how big or small or high end or low end should get another chance
  34. AWE-SOME !!!!!!!! and very cool it still works. might be an all American five tuber
  35. how in the heck did they attach a plow shear to bad John Deer joke
  36. this car is sick...WOW
  37. FANTASTIC!!!
  38. AWE!! too bad that was a nice piece. I know the feeling all too well
  39. love mantel clocks
  40. I had one way back was all TONKA YELLOW
  41. Keep collecting
  42. Very cool toy......and my oh my ...does your collection of vintage coolers have no bounds?....LOL excellent collection
  43. I'm not sure what their worth...I bought a pair od model A rims with tires at a flea market for five dollars. I'm told they are pretty easy to come by. I have no idea what their true value is. I only ...
  44. pretty darned nice cooler and the story is incredible. Thanks for sharing.
  45. This is pretty cool as well
  46. awesome! awesome! oh! and by the way AWSOME!
  47. you have a beauty there. kinda looks familiar ;)
  48. She's nice!....I saw one like it at an antique shop. nooooooo where near the condition of yours.
  49. These pics are mom had a bunch of old photos from when her father was in ww2. I scanned and photo shopped them all. she was surprised at what had faded after all these years. they're almost...
  50. sorry the internet is acting mom found a clock at a yard sale. she thought was an antique. i broke the news to her that it was made in korea in the early 70's. If it's a wind up?!!!!! then I...
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