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I am The Knickknackatorian. I collect ALL KINDS of things! Anything that interests me and catches my fancy. Let's chat! celiene.ohara@gmail dot com (remove spaceI am The Knickknackatorian. I collect ALL KINDS of things! Anything that interests me and catches my fancy. Let's chat! celiene.ohara@gmail dot com (remove spaces) (Read more)


  1. The maker JB is Jean Boyer. JB Limoges, founded by Jean Boyer in 1919, produced fine porcelain wares until it was taken over by Boyer’s son Georges in 1934. Limoges is the region in France where the...
  2. Decora makes fake books since the 1960s. Someone added the dog - maybe they did at one point? Look for marks on the dog. https://decbooks.co.uk/
  3. Thank you!
  4. He's pretty fantastic!
  5. Still looking for info! Chinese? Japanese? Indian? Other?
  6. How uplifting!
  7. LOL! "Mother-In-Law just left! Hamm it up!"
  8. The Planet Venus. Beautiful. Here's info on her: https://ifyouseekpeace.wordpress.com/2010/09/16/luis-ricardo-falero-the-planet-venus-of-1882/
  9. Aren't you tempted to try them?
  10. It's NOT mica! I can't be flaked off. The gold bits are very solid.
  11. Woodings Verona was a manufacturer. It's a railroad pickaxe head. 5 may indicate 5 pounds, I believe. (Weigh it.) 1930's. VERY collectible. Too bad you don't have the handle - it would most like...
  12. Verona is a city in Italy, for one.
  13. Russian. Receipt spike. It looks hand hammered on the top dome.
  14. Yeah - there is a name on the hand strap.
  15. Here's another: https://www.etsy.com/listing/624833177/reserved-vintage-italian-sarreid-ltd?show_sold_out_detail=1&ref=nla_listing_details
  16. He's a court jester. Made in Italy. Sold by Sarreid. Apparently 1980's. https://www.chairish.com/product/3452030/1980s-vintage-sarreid-ltd-wood-court-jester-sculpture
  17. BMG = Bridgeport Metal Goods.
  18. Here's another one. Yours looks like it was modified to do something else! That looks like a CO2 cartridge. It's a penlight. https://www.etsy.com/listing/467693348/vintage-1960-bmg-2aa-cell-penl...
  19. It was a liquor bottle...
  20. It looks like a D to me...
  21. Looks like the bowl wouldn't hold much punch!
  22. There are several for sale on line. It's mass produced. Definitely NOT 18th century.
  23. It looks like Kilim material.
  24. The strap on the back is to put your hand through to carry it.
  25. That's a work of art!
  26. Obit: "Mrs. Forrest G. Clark Catherine Patton Clark, 93, of Bridgeport, died Oct. 23, 2001 at home. Born Aug. 20, 1908 in Bridgeport, she was the daughter of of the late John and Goodie Johns...
  27. @Swanekj Do you know anything about it? Yours is pretty, too! I'm just seeing it now! I just posted mine on the bay.
  28. 'Francois' is probably the artist...
  29. Show the whole set. It needs a good cleaning!
  30. Adorable.
  31. I just found one yesterday! Mine is iridescent white glass with flowers! I just found the mark and was Googling, and found yours here! I'll post mine!
  32. Bosson's. See here: "Here are a few quotes from Fraser-Art Brochures printed circa. 1969 when the first Copper Collection was released: "A superb creative achievement combining the durable non-...
  33. It also could be a muscle massager! I have one that looks like it, but is plastic! Does the ball come out? My modern one does not.
  34. It actually sold, but I'm STILL curious if anyone knows what it is or is supposed to be.
  35. Just the construction of it. Each leaf is a link, each link is connected - but it 'snakes'. It's not rigid.
  36. A gem tester is not that expensive.
  37. Gorgeous.
  38. Very pretty!
  39. "Dimples". On a 1926 calendar, copyright FAS. FAS is F.A. Schneider, CEO of the Ketterlinus Company. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223566062277?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkcid=28 FAS info: https://www.google...
  40. Here is the exact one on EBAY. Same pics. https://www.ebay.com/itm/175166515438?nma=true&si=InU51xaozTzlCpn2YTaNC2fqZkY%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  41. Google: Ansonia Mahogany Swing clock. Here is a catalog photo & info. https://mb.nawcc.org/threads/ansonia-mahogany-swing-clock.133019/
  42. See here: https://www.schmitt-horan.com/auctions/1019/html/items/24436.htm
  43. It's a pearl. Looks like it cultured. take it to a jeweler to see what the center is. The nacre looks like it's covering a plastic bead. IMPOSSIBLE to tell here. Stick a hot pin in the bottom and...
  44. Google it.
  45. Size? Looks like it may be a dice cup, for playing dice.
  46. There is a mark. Perhaps you should invest in a loupe so you can read it.
  47. A simple reverse image search shows it's Sarah Coventry, so it should be marked as such.
  48. Any marks?
  49. Here's one like yours. Looks like yours is from the 1920's period https://www.ebay.com/itm/403132497007
  50. Just Google Fraunfelter China... Zanesville, OH pottery. Ingenious teapot design, there! https://www.zanesvilletimesrecorder.com/story/news/local/2018/08/11/history-local-fraunfelter-china-co/835...
  51. See more