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I am The Knickknackatorian. I collect ALL KINDS of things! Anything that interests me and catches my fancy. Let's chat! celiene.ohara@gmail dot com


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Strange Glass Marble - Art Glassin Art Glass
Any Ideas?  Thai?  Cambodia? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Hand painted framed ceramic tiles Original frame Signed Huber - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Original 1970s ECOLOGY NOW! Logo Stoneware Pottery Plaque - Folk Artin Folk Art
Very Finely Woven Bamboo (?) Over Porcelain Vase - Asianin Asian
Broken Glass & Glass 'Brick' Folk Art Rooster Wall Art - Folk Artin Folk Art
Arts & Crafts Period Hammered Copper Beveled Edge Mirror - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
1970's Boy with Sailboat Stoneware Figurine Mystery Maker! - Figurinesin Figurines
"Eat Rosebud Mush."  1890's Harker Pottery Advertising Cereal Bowl  Feat.: The Rosebud Girl - Advertisingin Advertising
"Mrs. Stern"  18??  Portrait of a woman by Itinerant Artist? - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. "Prune juice sets you free"! LMAO!! I love it!
  2. Set it all up! Then decorate it for Christmas... ; )
  3. Anyone have any new thoughts?
  4. Google search says Meerschaum cheroot pipe (Cherry root). Some say holding an egg, some say a cup, some say a bowl. Some hands are men, some are women's hands. All are very cool!
  5. There are striations (lines) in the coral material. Some corals do have striations, especially from the Mediterranean.
  6. Chinese. Modern. They would use cat or dog fur, not always rabbit. Do NOT look up on the web unless you have a strong stomach. Sorry to be Debbie Downer here...
  7. Probably From 'Siam', now Thaliand. Yep - two people rowing a boat.
  8. Possibly Barbara Mink early works? https://www.saatchiart.com/mink
  9. It's Beatrice WINS... (Something) No 'D', like in Windsor.
  10. LOVE it.
  11. I always wanted to buy a pen from those! I don't think I ever did. So cool!
  12. Russian. mark as solved.
  13. It's coming off the stick, not his head. Magician? Conjurer?
  14. It's coming off the stick, not his head. Magician?
  15. They are calling cards. People left them at houses they would visit. Victorian.
  16. Oh - I see now it's a speckled or confetti marble. Thanks all!
  17. I should say like milk glass. The white is like milk glass.
  18. This one has no clear glass coat over it. NOW that I look at it under a loupe (duh!) I can see that the blue is little bits of blues glass, not fully melted, but embedded in the white glass. Like t...
  19. Marks are important.
  20. Auction hammer prices: https://www.skinnerinc.com/search?s=William%20Henry%20Chandler
  21. "America's Foremost Pastel Artist." Pretty much the definitive biography on him: https://williamchandler.wordpress.com/
  22. AKA Henry Chandler. (1854-1928) He worked in pastel, not chaulk. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Henry_Chandler_(painter)
  23. William Henry Chandler. https://www.invaluable.com/artist/chandler-william-henry-ke6a1eh2ze/sold-at-auction-prices/
  24. You can also contact Lane directly. https://www.lanefurniture.com/contacts
  25. This place can help identify. The date of production on yours is 5/3/1975. (You read the date backwards). http://www.causeafrockus.com/2013/10/mid-century-modern-furniture-lane/
  26. OMG! He just got killed on General Hospital! He played an EVIL, child molesting, murder attempting Jim Harvey!! His last scenes were really HORRIFIC - whoever wrote the script really wanted him ...
  27. Mark it solved!
  28. WOW! I've never seen stones cut like that. Is there a name for that cut?
  29. Sweet! I love multi colored stones.
  30. They always remind me of Bill Sikes dog 'Bulls-Eye' in the movie musical "Oliver"! He's very realistic!
  31. He's very realistic! This is my in-law's house! He rescues giant tortoises. (And Koi carp & turtles!) And the tortoise breed, too. https://patch.com/california/campbell/campbell-tortoise-makes-...
  32. Amazing work! I'm a HUGE Bat fan, too!
  33. It's a Midwife Toad! The male carries the eggs on his back like that. How weird ashe made one of those! I wonder if it was for a Natural museum gift shop or something? The real life eggs (Emb...
  34. You can contact the British postal museum. There is a contact link at the bottom of the page. They may have been used in a Commonwealth country. https://www.postalmuseum.org/
  35. There are VR post boxes in England and the VR means Victoria Regina.
  36. You have so many gorgeous pieces, Phil - do they ever get worn by anyone?
  37. Is there a picture missing? The signature is on a flat surface, but the other picture shows no flat surface. How does is stand up? Is that a stopper? I don't get it! Where do you put the flowers?
  38. WOW! Here's a good video showing technique. Unbelievable. From Qing Dynasty to today. (Video is from 2006) "These elegant porcelain items are covered with patterns and carefully woven with bamb...
  39. WOW! Here's a good video showing technique. Unbelievable. From Qing Dynasty to today. (Video is from 2006) "These elegant porcelain items are covered with patterns and carefully woven with bamb...
  40. Here's a video that show a BIT of a man weaving the bamboo on the porcelain cup. http://www.lanecrawford.com/discover/the-joy-of-the-tea-ceremony-67800012-20170125/shop/
  41. Oh wow. Hermes is branding tea sets now (2010, anyway!) - they call it 'bamboo thread' - and there's even a pic of someone doing it. "Today in Shanghai, Jing Daily had the privilege of attendin...
  42. Skinner says Japanese. Others say Chinese. Did find a pair with paper labels "Made in people's republic of China". (mid '70s -78) https://www.skinnerinc.com/auctions/2307/lots/327
  43. I've seen some others now that say they are from from China. Is it ONE piece of bamboo that goes in concentric rings?? How are rie ribs woven in? The decoration is painted on EACH horizontal fibre ...
  44. Thanks, Phil! I'm still waiting for someone to chime in. I have no idea how this is made, what it's called or where it's from still!
  45. WOWZA!! God - I'd kill for that set! I'd wear it to Safeway to pick up my jug wine. I don't care!
  46. Are the coral parts cold or warm to the touch? Do they feel like glass or stone or plastic? IS that a mark at the bottom opposite the jump ring where you would add a chain?
  47. I'd say carved coral and natural pearls. The mounting looks gold, as does the wires. BEAUTIFUL! I don't think it was a clasp. But it looks like it could alo hang as a pendant. Do you see any mark...
  48. So sweet!
  49. Totally cool. We had one of those cans! (Yes, only ONE - the Magic Cold on the bottom shelf, if I remember right!) Are they still full? Interesting collection & amazing you found the 'conditionize...
  50. I'd love to see the earrings, too!
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