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Fort Worth, TX

This was part of a dog figurine collection from my grandmother. My Mom had kept them in a box for the past 20 years. All pieces were wrapped in newspaper from MiamThis was part of a dog figurine collection from my grandmother. My Mom had kept them in a box for the past 20 years. All pieces were wrapped in newspaper from Miami dated 1963. The only thing I know is that she collected most of her pieces in the 40's and 50's. (Read more)


  1. This is one of my personal favorites for a floral brooch. Very nice!
  2. Jean, they are lovely and in excellent condition! Thanks for sharing them.
  3. Simply lovely pin! I've always wondered why we don't see more 'hair' items. This one is particularly nice!
  4. Very nice! How big is that camera?
  5. LOL..yeah, I should have caught the FOCUS on the trucks/cars. Once the rail is 'in', must have transportation to get the goods to where they need to go!
  6. That is just GORGEOUS!!! You give such wonderfully detailed descriptions too!
  7. Beautiful! Nice amount of gold there!!
  8. Pic 4 shows he's ready for action! I had wondered what was in that box (name, rank, serial no.) when I saw it in the background of one of your First Aid Kit pics..lol
  9. Too funny! Maybe buy Clem some beers and ask again?
  10. It's lovely!
  11. Really pretty! It's intriguing how much the colors seem to change with different lighting. What a beautiful view outside that window! Like a jigsaw puzzle setting. Sounds like a very rewarding a...
  12. Thanks Ms.CrystalShip - the back should have given it away to me as not D & E. I don't think D & E would have attached the necklace to the pendant in the way this one is which to me shouts 'inexpensi...
  13. Very nice! Looks like a monkey..and thought there was a rabbit too until I saw all 3 tails! So a monkey and 3 rats?....poor monkey! I had not previously seen anything like this so thank you for...
  14. LOL...I understand that resolve that I'm not going to be getting any more of "x, y, or z"..and then something too cool comes by that I can't pass up! Very pretty!
  15. LOL...took a peek again as it has been driving me crazy that something you said kept resounding in me...at first I almost said "Klingon"..but it's not...it's from "The Day The Earth Stood Still"! I ...
  16. Utterly fascinated with this kit! Thanks for posting the items separately too.
  17. Didn't have to wait long as I see you posted it! That's what I get for going out of order
  18. Oh, how fascinating! I remember a decade ago when I bought a car, I got a free first aid kit (the only time I did). I had no idea that this is something that has gone on for such a LONG TIME! The ...
  19. Nice!! I know some train collectors that would be over the moon to have this.
  20. I figured you were on an alliteration kick as soon as I saw the title (either that or you wanted us to say it 5 times fastly..lol). Seems like they would have some 'heft' to them. What a happy ...
  21. Wow, simply stunning!! I would have loved to have the chance to dine in one of his restaurants. From the pic you attached, I probably would do more staring than eating!
  22. I know that feeling of just missing out on something when I've been trying to think it through! Much empathy here!
  23. lol..the song "How much is that doggie in the window"....just started in my head and I can't get it to stop..lol. Too cute! Old brooch, too! What a great example too of what I read the other ...
  24. Kyra, Thanks for more pics with the leaves and berries! I think we are all in love with this piece. I had no idea an opal could come in such gorgeous colors (and I learned that 'black opals' are ...
  25. Thanks for the link to the article, Jean. I was in the same boat as Jillian when it came to trying to figure out what a doublet, triplet, etc. meant. It was very enlightening!
  26. Simply magnificent, Kyra!! I could stare at the opal for days! Love the leaves and berries..and well, actually everything about it! Awesome score!!
  27. Thanks Karen and Ken!! It certainly doesn't 'skimp' on the embellishments. OK, ladies and gents, outside of a glamorous gold or teal gown, what could get away in pairing the necklace with something ...
  28. Such divine colors! Gorgeous!!
  29. Thanks, PhilDMorris! You are most kind, sir!
  30. Thanks for leaving some love: aura, TassieDevil, Efesgirl, Caperkid, Mrstyndall, racer4four and Manikin. Gillian - I'm always delighted to hear from you. Peasejean55 - Thanks again!
  31. Thanks so much, Manikin!
  32. Peasejean55 - thanks for posting and for sharing info with me. I have messaged that seller who has one listed on Etsy asking if I could see a picture of the back of the brooch as now I won't be able ...
  33. Thanks Gillian and TassieDevil! I thought y'all might like it.
  34. Thanks to my core group of favorite people for stopping by and taking a look..and leavin' some love: aura, TassieDevil, Efesgirl, Caperkid, nutabotas6 and brunswick. LOL...I just realized I "loved"...
  35. Thank you, Ken! Now we know a little bit more about you too. My fave color since i was a teenager remains the same to this day...Fuschia!
  36. I wish the seller on Etsy would post the pic of the back
  37. Interesting, they went to the same site I went to for the background on Luckenbooth but just didn't credit their source. It was not offered to me as being Victorian...let me look at my paperwork th...
  38. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/203361-winard-brooch-pendant - link to the other Winard piece (not mine)
  39. LOL, I found another post actually from here where a woman was trying to figure out why there was a '7' before Winard. I'll have to leave this up to the more educated.
  40. Forgot! Thanks for stopping by Gillian!!!
  41. Hey there, Gillian! To more, most turquoise I've seen has been 'blue'....is there green turquoise? I have a piece from my grandmother, I need to go look up, that this is almost identical in color to...
  42. It's really pretty! I really like the markings on the back as well.
  43. I thought finial as well but came late to the party...lol. Wow, Ivan49...impressive! There is so much knowledge and sleuthing ability always present here. Now as, fhrjr2, said....the glass hunt ...
  44. So nice, Judy!! I understand that dilemma not knowing what category to post under! It truly is super cute!
  45. There are ALL so gorgeous, I cannot pick a favorite! What an incredible weekend you had! Simply mind blowing!
  46. LOL...I love the stories. LOL @ Wandlessfairy regarding badgers. They are actually pretty fierce. I remember being shocked to find out that the cute little possums I always adored when I was little...
  47. You have such lovely rings. I have gone back and forth on the color just looking at the picture! Sorry, not any help here tonight :(
  48. I'm in love with this brooch! What a reward for your time spent (especially since you had to wait on hubby)!
  49. They are both gorgeous..echoing what Ken said...but same word came to mind..lol. Wonderful find!!
  50. Both are so lovely!
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