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Macau Stretched Vase - Asianin Asian
Apology Carnival Glass & An Ancient Menu - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage Mats Johasson Signed & Numbered Crystal Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Czech Vanity Tray by Libochovice 1937 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Happy Belated Mothers Day - Love you - Photographsin Photographs
Sarah link bracelet, Blue enanmel and rhinestone brooch, Blue rhinestone brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Costume Jewelry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
EAPG Bread Platter - Glasswarein Glassware
Rhinestone bracelet collection - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Serendipity...... - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. There's nothing here that bans links. A lot of people use them to convey pertinent information.
  2. Utterly beautiful. Breathtaking.
  3. Looks like "Stuck in the Mud".
  4. You did a great job. Now it's a super coffee table. Well done.
  5. That's a wowzer from me.
  6. The two peaches are incredibly lifelike. The bowl is beautiful.
  7. I believe, as you do, that this a marriage. Of convenience of course.
  8. Absolutely gorgeous
  9. On the wing(?) of bird opposite the one with "909" mark, there are letters scratched(?) that to me, look like m/n. Enlarge the image. Difficult to tell if second part is a complete word.
  10. At least it's not rude. My apologies - using tablet. and it does strange things.
  11. Thank you! That is huge. And very, very lovely. Egg 1
  12. Around 7:00 ?
  13. Would you please post the dimensions of this amazing piece.. Many thanks.
  14. Sorry - Hi Bill
  15. HH Bill - These are gorgeous! I believe blue & green ones are called "handkerchief" bowls. Suggest a search of Fenton handkerchief bowls? Hope TallCakes is in the area.
  16. Both of the brooches have quite different colours in the first and second photos.
  17. Welcome to CW Rain88. These are very beautiful pieces - particularly the one on the right that has the a plant based decoration. Walzebub and AlanZ2310, have you concluded that Loetz did not sign his ...
  18. I've been carefully looking at the middle photo. I can't find a floor lamp that would lead me to believe it has a bright blue part? Would you enlighten (pardon the pun) me please? Welcome to CW!
  19. Kewl! Looks a little sharp at some places.
  20. Very lovely glass.
  21. Forgot to say - I think the creatures on top of the box are Chihuahuas.
  22. I couldn't find a lot of the objects. The photo is very dark, and I think (booo!) there were many things under the table. My eyes were crossed and I was dizzy, (another booo!) so I had to stop staring...
  23. Would love to see the bottom of the vase. It could be Czechoslovakian - certainly has the same last few letters. It doesn't particularly look Czechoslovakian but you never know!
  24. You have a Cut Steel change purse (coin purse) - top middle of all three photos. circa 1800 - 1850. Extremely nice.
  25. I agree with TallCakes on this one. It doesn't have any screw threads around the top. I've also found bubbles and straw marks on/in glass other than depression.
  26. Lovely crown. The large stones are very nice indeed.
  27. I'm very, very grateful for your knowledge, and willingness to share it. /; >
  29. So late in posting this. Sean, you have some lovely articles, but with this one it's difficult to tell what exactly each photo is - or, are they parts of the first photo?
  30. The lamps in the last two pictures look very much like mid-century-modern lamps. The orange one is very spacey. Very nice indeed. The ship on top of the floor lamp doesn't look as if it belongs there....
  31. Very difficult to see with it being covered, and surrounded, by things that shouldn't be in the photo.
  32. Sorry, we're not able t0 discuss prices. Check on eBay, or take it to a good antique dealer. Hope that helps!
  33. Light shades?
  34. This is awesome. Love the one on the right - you can turn it so there are two eyes, with blue eyebrows - then you look again and it becomes something totally different. (That's original isn't it)
  35. Please post a pic of the bottom. Thanks!
  37. May be a broken stamp - not a postage one.
  38. I didn't realise my first post went through! Ooooooops
  39. Hi there, Unfortunately, the pics are out of focus, and I can only see a small portion of the Trifari brooch - and just a little more of the Clairborne. What I can see of them, , I can tell they ar...
  40. Some different colours on eBay.
  41. There are other colours on eBay
  42. In the style of a Windsor chair. Looks like a leather head piece - can you confirm please? Does it have a seat for three - for bedtime stories?
  43. "it looks like a basket for crochel or wool work"??
  44. Could we have a photo of the bottom please?
  45. I seem to write before I look to see how old the post is. I always wonder if it's worth replying to it? You have a chainmaille little coin purse that would hang on a ladies chatelaine belt. Design...
  46. The first print of the grouping on the right, is the fourth of seventy-one prints. I think you should remove the mat so you can see if there are dates at the bottom. Winnie rules!
  47. Kudos TallCakes!
  48. Meant to include the link with the above post /;>0)
  49. " The point blanket's name was inspired by the series of short dashes called "points" woven into the selvedge to indicate finished overall dimensions even when folded. The point system was used by ...
  50. Very, very nice deco box. Personally I'd rather there wasn't a large bug on the top, but the colours are just beautiful.
  51. See more


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