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  1. Just like dav2no1's example.
  2. Yup more likely tea glass holders.
  3. And it is still upside down. (AlbeIT beautiful and rare.) Yikes - why don't people actually check what they posted?
  4. Pinder's email address is listed on their web site.
  5. It is upside down.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Please post photo right-way-up. My neck gave out a long time ago.
  8. I think it's an arts and craft time frame piece. It's an older 'c' clasp. You don't mention the size? Absolutely beautiful.
  9. Brilliant summation from IronLace. Thank you for posting this Michelle!
  10. This is the same set as TallCakes has linked. It shows the stamp that was on the figurines.
  11. TallCakes is good.
  12. Well sleuthed dav2no1!
  13. 'Alka (Alboth & Kaiser)' mid century modern Bavarian porcelain is easily found on line, with examples similar to yours.
  14. Just for anyone interested in having a look, a walk down Regent Street from a different perspective.
  15. Please could you take a pic of the hallmark? Holland by way of New Zealand, or the other way round? Such a finely made piece of silver - the large Kiwi birds must have some significance.
  16. Magnificent - just magnificent.
  17. It has a very old clasp.
  19. You have a Teasle brooch. A very nice brooch indeed. Welcome to CW!
  20. Beautiful Australian made glass. Quite a large presence on line.
  21. Look at all those lovely prong set stones - so pretty.
  22. Did you look through these for comparisons?
  23. @Triton007 If you read all the messages from 'Glass Messages' helps understand maker vs. registrant. I think that's the correct way to say it.
  24. Please may we have the dimensions? I see it's marked Made in Japan. It has a luster glaze, very dense overall, indicative perhaps of a Noritake piece. It's lovely.
  25. @drchrisstuttle Your blog is brilliant, just brilliant. Thank you so very much.
  27. Possibly St. Paul's Cathedral.
  28. @dav2no1 Sooooper Doooooper pics - thank you!
  29. If you would please, please post pic right-way-up with a shot of the back also. You're allowed four pics. Welcome to CW!
  30. Come back for more help if needed.
  31. Here's a link to the CW 'Help & FAQs' (down at the very bottom of page, highlighted in blue) It has a section on 'Show & Tell' - which, I hope, will ...
  32. Another superb Rabbit and a doorstop! So cool.
  33. My apologies Anything - meant no offence.
  34. You have some beautiful glass! Would love to see more of your collection.
  35. The smaller spoon is a jam spoon.
  36. I think you should give this a bit of a brush up just like you did with the bakelite buckle! Could leave it out of the box for a while, all prettied up like.
  37. what are the dimensions? is there some sort of residue inside? interesting shape indeed.
  38. Thanks so much.
  39. What does 'GMB' stand for?
  40. Michigan Ave. & West Grand Blvd. area type above into google map search - pretty sure it's detroit
  41. 1st link is to possibility of a Chalet Glass swan 2nd is to possibility of a Sooner Glass swan 3rd is info on id'ing a Murano Glass swan There are numerous online resources to help with Murano qu...
  42. Could we see the back please, and what are the dimensions?
  43. A tiny, tiny plow!
  44. You don't give any sizes, but the first one looks like it could be used to make furrows, like a tiny plow.
  45. Heathkit My dad was an amateur radio nut bar. Built his own equipment. He was very active in the late 40's through the 70's. G8WS - George Eight Whiskey Soda.
  48. I need a drink.
  49. Or maybe an old piece of old pottery left behind somehow. /; >)
  50. Looks like a rock that's been well smoothed by the ocean.
  51. See more


moody Mid Century artwork......who is the artist who made it?? Latest Addition to My Bond Boyd Collection Art glass fish Vintage Italian Chain & Pendant, Sterling, 1960-79 Please help Bone Carved Pendant- or Plastic? Willett Furniture Of Louisville, Kentucky Late 1890's? Beautiful Nippon Oriental Dish Japanese Porcelain Ware - Decorated in Hong Kong 1950's Las Vegas Boomerang Ashtray on a Chrome Stand Gold-Tone & Enamel Starburst Brooch with Partly Hidden Letters Antique carved bone pendant; little child riding on snail Need information on this Green bottle