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Vintage Mats Johasson Signed & Numbered Crystal Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Czech Vanity Tray by Libochovice 1937 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Happy Belated Mothers Day - Love you - Photographsin Photographs
Sarah link bracelet, Blue enanmel and rhinestone brooch, Blue rhinestone brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Costume Jewelry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
EAPG Bread Platter - Glasswarein Glassware
Rhinestone bracelet collection - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
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  1. Hi - you might want to look at Have a look through their menu - a lot of Hutchison 'know how'. All the best - Gillian
  2. Any marks on the bottom?
  3. After writing my post, and making a cup of cha - the 'Line Up' has changed. Please ignore my post.
  4. So, if I understand this - all the photos on the right are known to be those of Jesse James? And the only comparison we've been asked to look at are those and, the tin type likeness of the man on the ...
  5. I all ready wrote a response to this post, and the other one from earlier yesterday morning. I don't really think we have any experts, or amateur, geologists here. I said take your stones to somewher...
  6. Some how this really works.
  7. Didn't he have a profile shot originally? That was an excellent angle.
  8. And a very pretty one. Art Deco?
  9. Simply a beautiful piece of glass. Love it.
  10. Wonder why there's a member of the law there?
  11. Please, please, please do not mess with this fine painting. As you say 'exceptional' You can get oil paintings of all types at Thrift Stores, Good Will etc., why not start there and practice a little?...
  12. I had no idea there were so many types of barbed wire out there. The history is amazing. I've heard of razor wire and barbed wire, but who knew. A lot of y0ur posts (no pun intended) are accompanie...
  13. Very historically interesting GateKeeper, and well written too.
  14. I really do learn something every day. These are so appealing, and the history is interesting. I wish I had one of the metal 'holder-uppers', it would really help with the back pain. Might even manage...
  15. An earlier post here has gone for some reason. Anyway, you're very welcome tonyduvet. Thank you Efesgirl for the interesting article.
  16. It's a really nice piece of furniture, and the stool looks like an excellent match. It may not be the original, but it's great - and, the upholstery is very pretty. In my opinion it's the mirror th...
  17. "When we think of the ball and claw foot and cabriole leg, Thomas Chippendale may be our first thought. However, these design features were certainly in existence during the reign of Queen Anne (1702-...
  18. Irresistible! Hard to believe it's only 1.6 cm. Agree with Ken about the photos, very nicely done. It's difficult to wrap my head around how these artists can possibly do such amazing work. A sheer...
  19. Hi, When I used to play Jacks times had moved on, so it was a small rubber ball that was used. Throw the ball up in the air, swipe one of the 'jacks' into you hand before the ball bounced. Throw...
  20. Faith - You have a delete comment option - would you be so kind and delete my time and space wasting time posts. Thank you!
  22. Arrrrghhhh! There are bad things going on with Ctrl C Ctrl V First time that's happened. Woe is me.
  23. Well that's a big fat mess!
  24. Live link
  25. Me thinks a tie clip.
  26. To be clear, Franz Wittwer Glassworks is(was?) an American distributor of German porcelain in the 1950s. Herr Wittwer was not the manufacturer, although he does have his own mark as shown on Jancal20...
  27. "One of the most interesting and ingenious extra details was what is now referred to as “Dresden Lace”. This was a decorative element characteristic to the area of Dresden & Meissen and developed by l...
  28. If it is an 'etching' I advise you to go further, to understand what an etching is. This link will show you all the different types of etchings, prints, lithographs, coloured - watercolour, aquatint e...
  29. You really have to know your costume jewelry when calling a piece "Juliana". The article may help.
  30. Sometimes classic needs no explanation.
  31. I have some dirty laundry, but that doesn't mean it's old.
  32. If one of the shades break, they're very replaceable.
  33. Quite a religious cast of characters here in this very old print. Perhaps framed and hung in a childs bedroom.
  34. Photo of the girl up in the air is too well focused - very difficult to get a shot like that so perfectly positioned. They all got so warm, they went and had a few beers, took their clothes and corse...
  35. Me thinks those are his braces, not a watch and fob.
  36. Do you think the dress is actually a 'bustle'? There are a lot of clothes(?), under things, on the floor around here feet. No luck here reading the name - sorry.
  37. eBay can probably show you some comparable items. It's a salt glaze crock. Just do a google search. Or Etsy.
  38. Sorry - I really love the plate! Beautiful colours.
  39. Do a google search on his name.
  40. Just to say the only cabochon is the one in the middle. The stones that dangle, are teardrop dangles.
  41. Jean I thank you so much for the article. Every time CW'ers are talking about boulder, singlet, black - I had no idea what you meant until now. Thank you! Kyra you have such a gorgeous piece of jew...
  42. It's a beautiful thing, that's for sure.
  43. Hi lentilka11 - Sorry not to have been back before this. Yes. it's photo #4 that I was questioning. You've explained it for me - thank you.
  44. Really unique, and lovely too.
  45. The town is just a backdrop, and the guy blowing his horn is drawn, not real. No idea why the girls are there - or what they represent????
  46. Looks more like turquoise to me?
  47. Did you notice the copyright symbol bottom left? What's that about?
  48. Would you please take some pictures that are in natural light - these are too dark. Thank you.
  49. Would you please post a picture of the cord and plug - that would be helpful. I was just looking at a Tiffany 12 lamp lily pad light! There are 18 lamp ones out there. The base on yours seems to be a ...
  50. Lovely glass shown against a lovely backdrop. That was a good little journey.
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