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Mr. Pepper - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sparkly Little Nemo Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Art Deco Trinket Box - Art Decoin Art Deco
Carved Lucite Bangle - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Macau Stretched Vase - Asianin Asian
Apology Carnival Glass & An Ancient Menu - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage Mats Johasson Signed & Numbered Crystal Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Czech Vanity Tray by Libochovice 1937 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Happy Belated Mothers Day - Love you - Photographsin Photographs
Sarah link bracelet, Blue enanmel and rhinestone brooch, Blue rhinestone brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  2. Welcome to CW! Please would you give us the dimensions of this piece. The photos are kind'a dark. Is it possible for you to post some brighter pictures? You can edit your original posting, deleting...
  3. Hi, Here's the CW mourning jewelry article, and examples of different pieces. I hope this helps.
  4. Had a brass crocodile nut cracker. The ridges were not as defined. Very heavy!
  5. Welcome ria1969! We need to see a clear photo(s) of the bottom please.
  6. Beautiful icy penguin Jenni. Some time ago I told someone that I collected penguins. So many penguins, in so many different forms, came my way. Eventually I had to announce 'No More Penguins'! I had e...
  7. please post a photo of the back. many thanks! welcome to CW!
  9. Banana leaf fibre.
  10. I've never seen a Loetz/Lotz label. 8.5" is a tall decanter. Love the floral decorations.
  11. The pics are very dark - can't make out the side of the first one.
  12. Hi, Neither of them have a lamp harp.
  13. Such an amazing colour! The heart is a classic shape. Happy Valentines Day!
  14. What a beautiful clock! Do I see a guilloche enamel dial? So....could someone confirm that please?
  15. Ooooops - forgot to say the picture is the fourth one down.
  16. Spent some time looking for a floor lamp with Diana the Huntress and her hound. But no luck - I should have looked longer! You have a beautiful sculpture - what metal do you think it is? And, is there...
  17. Different design:
  18. Hope this helps: This one too:
  19. Welcome to CW! My first thought was a double necked cruet, for vinegar and oil. Also there are double necked wine bottles.
  20. Welcome back - missed you. Thanks for the history - it's really very interesting. /:>
  21. Noticed this wonderful box again, at first I couldn't understand pic, 2. I thought she was holding the box! Brain said it's almost as big as she is - looked closer, and duh! Brain needs more tea.
  22. Hi, Welcome to CW! Leviton isn't an actual clock name. It's the name of the electrical fittings. You don't show the top of the lamp, where it says Leviton.
  23. An amazing clock. Is the movement on the outside?
  24. Brilliant, just brilliant (no pun intended) brooch and earrings. The topaz is such a warm colour, one of my favourites. Congratulations!
  25. Would you tell us what it is?
  26. It doesn't, but this one is okay
  27. Peter Paneak Hope the link works
  28. Please take new photos - your item is lost in these ones, and can't be seen properly.
  29. Don't think he's breathing fire?
  30. His jaunty bow tie gives him a not so fierce look. (Are there girl dragons?) A very handsome brooch.
  31. Did/do they look like this?
  32. So.....what if they're bases, and you're just missing the piece of glass that goes on top?
  33. Aren't they tables?
  34. The hand is just a bit disconcerting.
  35. You have fine, fine walls. You treat them well too.
  36. Wowza! That's one heck of a lot of great Coke memorabilia.
  37. This is a very splendid fur clip. The colours are really attractive. All I need is a fur (fake) coat!
  38. I'm so very sorry for thinking, and writing, that the beads in the necklace were 'wedding cake' beads. I did a lot of looking at wedding cake beads after my post - something I should of done before! I...
  39. The Love button wont work! I love these. Love them. Love them.
  40. Very interesting. The appliques look very much like German cut steel. Here's a cut steel beaded purse labelled 'Made in France', using micro beads. In your picture you have an almost finished spool of...
  41. How large is large? I imagine items like your things, live outdoors on some-thing. Secured well though, so as not to fall and hit some-thing else.
  42. Hi Bill, CC seems to be a distributor(?) of items made by artisans using many different kinds of materials. This is a very long register of designers they represent. I sent an email to them ask...
  43. Hello - Here's one that was a Salesman Sample which might match the size a bit closer:
  44. Always the prices then seem to be so strange. $3.50 for a dozen! I really like this pattern.
  45. A gorgeous brooch, the colours glorious. May I ask where you house all your treasures?
  46. White fan vase with red at the bottom. My eye traveled their first - love fan vases and this one is spectacular.
  47. Could we have dimensions please? An amazing piece of glass.
  48. Pretty brooch - very bright and vibrant for its' age. (same couldn't be said for me) I was thinking the perfume could have been the scent of the flowers.
  49. Have a look at this pair of Spaniels sitting on a cobalt base, with a gold surround. They're King Charles Spaniels', so not the breed in your piece. Also, there's a photo of the base showing a small h...
  50. I'm so very sorry not to have been here to say how much I appreciate such kind words. Thank you Newfld, Ms. CrystalShip & shareurpasion for leaving your kind, generous comments. And - to all those...
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moody Mid Century artwork......who is the artist who made it?? Latest Addition to My Bond Boyd Collection Art glass fish Vintage Italian Chain & Pendant, Sterling, 1960-79 Please help Bone Carved Pendant- or Plastic? Willett Furniture Of Louisville, Kentucky Late 1890's? Beautiful Nippon Oriental Dish Japanese Porcelain Ware - Decorated in Hong Kong 1950's Las Vegas Boomerang Ashtray on a Chrome Stand Gold-Tone & Enamel Starburst Brooch with Partly Hidden Letters Antique carved bone pendant; little child riding on snail Need information on this Green bottle