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Vintage Mats Johasson Signed & Numbered Crystal Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Czech Vanity Tray by Libochovice 1937 - Art Decoin Art Deco
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Sarah link bracelet, Blue enanmel and rhinestone brooch, Blue rhinestone brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Costume Jewelry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
EAPG Bread Platter - Glasswarein Glassware
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  1. It has Italy on the bottom so I would think that's where it came from. If you post more pics, the item flat on a surface with the lid (if there is one) off. And any more of a description that would be...
  2. This is way too lovely to be a tooth pick holder!
  3. Love the deer hide on the coffee table. Think I might get myself one of those.
  4. Just type Salem House into your search engine, and you will get lots of sites to look at.
  5. Many Happy Returns to you. I hope you had a very special birthday. All the best, Gillian
  6. Really beautiful bracelet.
  7. The locket itself is just beautiful. It looks quite heavy? There is much to envy here.
  8. What are the dimensions of the box. Is it heavy?
  9. Your piece has a maker's mark, no hallmark.
  10. An earlier post contained a link to silver hallmarks etc., I saved it, so I hope it can help you. It was only 19 days ago. (OlofZ, 19 days ago)
  11. Would need to see the whole piece of jewelry, especially the back and the type of closure. These details help to tell the age, and if they are 14k gold, a hallmark could tell where they're from. Y...
  12. It's an Asian signature - perhaps Chinese or Japanese.
  13. I think if the signature, or the person to whom the money is to be paid, was very, very, very, important person I wouldn't think it has rarity. The signature part is torn off, along with any other per...
  14. It says 221,000 - or am I reading it incorrectly?
  15. Unfortunately, CW members are not permitted to give appraisals on any item.
  16. This link should work:
  17. The necklace you found looks like a perfect match Kyra. The comb is very special indeed. Love the pink. Nutsaboutas6 needs some deleting of double posts. It's so easy to do.
  18. Can you tell me what the mark on the bottom says please. The picture is very reminiscent of Kate Greenaway's work. But research didn't turn up this particular illustration. I think her work is a lot m...
  19. Superbly beautiful.
  20. Watching Home & Garden TV the other day. The renovators were off to buy tiles for a bathroom shower. As they were going through different ones, they came across ones that had the distinct colours that...
  21. That's a great story! Thanks for telling us. Would love to see some of the old movie signs, or parts thereof if it they are too large. Welcome to CW!
  22. The lady in the left hand chair is wearing a rather nice pair of cowboy boots - maybe they're pinching her toes.
  23. We're a really nice group of people - we enjoy doing research if we have to, and helping other people with answers to their questions. I pointed out something earlier with I thought needed to be ch...
  24. You don't say what the dimensions are, and agree with nutsabotas6 need to have more photos please, especially the bottom. I too think it's a sugar bowl.
  25. Only see one horn? Horses don't have horns.
  26. Stunning, along with being gorgeous!
  27. You have my vote for a natural ruby. I have one and the colour couldn't be any closer.
  28. It's entirely possible that I have egg covering my face. This is a quote from the link I sent you. " If you find a brooch containing dozens of rivets when the back is examined, it's likely that is not...
  29. The back would suggest it's a D & E set, (see link), and if it is, congrats they're extremely collectible, fairly scarce and therefore $$$.
  30. Yes, a carving set.
  31. I think this is a beautiful, drool-worthy, envy-making, loveliest ring I've seen in a long time. Couldn't ask for anything more.
  32. I think it's a jar missing its' lid. It's kind of multi-use though. You could put a smallish plant in it I suppose - but no drainage. It's a beautiful jar, and perhaps using it as a planter would d...
  33. My first thought for the green/pink was watermelon tourmaline. But I'm really not sure. The blue one, is a mystery which I'll try and look for.
  34. Good job that Robert didn't have a passion to be a Milliner! A splendid piece of all that is luxurious and lavish, that someone (or more than one) had laboured over for a long time. Amazing.
  35. What are the dimensions please.
  36. Hi rose, I was just looking at your amber coloured vase. It's glowing on Page 1. Thanks for leaving a kind message.
  37. What a treasure to find - congratulations. I doubt though it was used for preserves, the top and neck of the bottle are just too narrow. Actually, the bottle itself is just not wide enough. Can yo...
  38. This is ridiculously gorgeous!
  39. The ultimate cure for constipation.
  41. Tulips I think. It's a lovely flower pot.
  42. Some of his prints - originals not copies.
  43. Well what'd you know! Thank you very much mp.kunst for putting us straight. No wonder there wasn't much to find for Gleson! Reson has so many to look at. Thanks again. Gillian
  44. Wish I could help with the marks. I'll do some sleuthing. These are incredible little works or art. Are these actual size? May I ask where you got them from? Best Wishes from, The Question Lady
  45. Sometimes I look at a watercolour, amazed at the colours, shapes - almost the sheer impossibility that I'm looking at a painting. These objects remind me of that feeling. Surely they're not real.
  46. What a kewl piece of furniture.
  47. Here's a lovely Bride's Basket.
  48. CW is not a site that offers appraisals.
  49. What a great ID Kyra! Congratulations.
  50. Is this the post card by Gleson that you found? I didn't find anything else...
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