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Bedfordshire, UK

Total Scandianvian Art Glass addict with a collection hitting 400 pieces.


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Extremely rare Kosta cameo early 1900's by Karl Lindeberg - Art Glassin Art Glass
1940's Finnish classic - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lars Hellsten for Orrefors - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cascade - Art Glassin Art Glass
1955 Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Thalatta No 1 'fjäril' vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Colora by Lindstrand - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lindstrand for Kosta - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lindstrand Zebra bowl 1955 Kosta - Art Glassin Art Glass
Moonlanding - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. 1970's design and available in a huge variety of colours and sizes/shapes this one Brown Cep has a big brother that was a lamp too :)
  2. Amazing and lucky finds aurinkopullo that size in Uranium glass don't come cheap
  3. This design was put into production in different shapes was put into production.
  4. You've just caused great offence to Germans and Scandinavians LOL
  5. The motif looks like a representation of wind to me.
  6. There's a problem with the signature on this one I'm afraid. Can you get a better photo at a shallow angle? It can't be LC as that is the designation for a Colora range item and it wouldn't be precede...
  7. These things bug me as they are always appearing on Ebay as being Scandinavian (particularly Kosta Boda Göran Wärff) and unfortunately it only takes a couple of listings of incorrect attribution for p...
  8. Design year of 1979 which is 7 years after they separated and the year after she left Kosta.
  9. OMG! A Willy Johansson Bullet vase thats NZ$800 easy
  10. Just to correct you Sea Glasbruk is a separate glassworks to Kosta just based in the same town. Also this is mis-labeled as designed by Renate Stock it is actually a Björn Ramel design.
  11. My Red/Green one arrived today :)
  12. Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't think this is Vallien something is gnawing at me that this is Norwegian.
  13. Thanks for the love Vetraio!
  14. This is actually model 1356 as shown in the 1959 catalogue and the stopper would have been a globe shape with internal bubble.
  15. Studioglas Strömbergshyttan Gun Lindblad & Paul Hoff design Studioglas Strömbergshyttan
  16. Thanks Sean!
  17. There is a little boat to match too :)
  18. 'Wish to the Moon' was one of Orrefors biggest ever sellers and was produced up until the 1990's.
  19. Thx Sean!
  20. Josef Schott for Smålandshyttan is a strong possibility.
  21. Strömberghyttan uses letter codes on it's item to indicate what they are for example B = a vase H = Ashtray N = Jug
  22. Celiene, Sorry but they cannot be dated 1994 as Strömberghyttan closed in 1979.
  23. H is the designation for an ashtray.
  24. Thanks Sean!
  25. The design is actually 'October' - 1982 and there is a 'May'- 1986 and 'November' - 1984 (Often confused with 'Nordic' - 1980) - Ref-Kosta Boda Book of Glass
  26. This is a Hulvase which literally translates as Hole Vase and were produced in clear and green glass in the 1970's. The catalogue shows 4 sizes ranging from 7cm to 18cms tall. Cascade is a totally di...
  27. Thank you all!
  28. Saara Hopea is the designer model SH105 also available in clear and Olive green
  29. The design is called Jäkälä (Lichen in English) designed in 1951 and produced up until 1964 and is much sought after.
  30. I think you'll find this is a perfume bottle missing it's stopper hence the 'etching in the neck.
  31. Rolf Sinnemark who worked at Kosta 1967-1985 could the 6 actually be an 8? as this would give year of design as 1984 (2nd and 3rd digits in Kosta 5 number codes indicate year of design)
  32. The range is called Ventana and are the most desirable of Morales Schildt designs!
  33. H937 is listed by Great Glass as being 1960's so I'd say this is prob early 1960's
  34. Ikea Salong vase :)
  35. It's def Vas Vitreum I have no qualms about the signature it's just there is a lack of info about their designers.
  36. I'm wondering if it is a commemorative or corporate piece?
  37. Found it in an an antiques centre :)
  38. Me too! And since then I have seen one with a beatiful pale Blue interior :)
  39. signed Flygsfors Coquille
  40. I've seen the listing & this is not Fuga as by the very nature of the process would make this design impossible to produce. Fuga was developed as a method of mass production of glass using a spinning ...
  41. I have one of these with a Smålandsbrukglas sticker on which also says made in Sweden.
  42. Josef Schott for Smålandshyttan is also an avenue to look into.
  43. I've just seen a Transjö vase for sale at just short of $3000 & IMO it's no where near as beautiful as mine :)
  44. These are indeed from Bertil Vallien's 'Days' Series this shape has also been used for Corporate gifts & commemorative items (with an engraved design in the centre rather than moulded) Nice find!
  45. Different variations on this Vallien design have been produced for a long time the last 'update' being in 2007 known as 'Body Bubbles' see:
  46. Thank you for the lovely comments! This is my first piece from Transjö Hytta as they are quite hard to come by :)
  47. I have the green version - Love it!
  48. According to Design Lasi these were made in at least 17 colours! I have heard an Italian company made copies of them too.
  49. WOW super collection!
  50. Super jealous!!!!! Stunning piece :)
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