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  1. apostata one sold in auction recently for £1350
  2. kivatinitz graal is a technique that is produced in several stages. First a 'blank' is created with the coloured layers needed for the design. This is then cooled down and the artist then engraves the...
  3. It is indeed racer and the nice thing is that Olle isn't just a designer he is a master glassblower too.
  4. It's modern Chinese production - the giveaway is the pontil mark.
  5. ironhead501 It's Chinese - was a statement of fact, these are relatively poor quality. What is my source - I have handled them with their original made in China label.
  6. Thanks apostata. Yes Toikka pieces have seen a steep rise, a 1987 37cm Lollipop hammered recently for in excess of €6000. I don't have any recent data for one of these though.
  7. Thanks for the love. Yes it is very special, I never imagined I would ever find one let alone own one.
  8. Designer is Lars Edström
  9. I have since discovered the design is called tattoo.
  10. Yep Poppop that number with the A appears in the first catalogue, later production just had the PL monogram with the year eg 19 PL 61
  11. These were in production for decades but I think this is an earlier one.
  12. It would be helpful to see the full item too
  13. From Bertil Vallien's 1970's Zoo range for Boda
  14. Not long ago I came across one of the bowls with a fake Vicke Lindstrand signature on and not the first time I have seen this on Strömbergshyttan pieces.
  15. Mona Morales Schildt late 60's I'm not aware of it having a name.
  16. Found references - Shoei glass from Japan.
  17. Just come across this. These vases are neither Gaspari or as they are more often described Kosta Boda. They are Chinese.
  18. I can assure you they are Chinese.
  19. This is not Kosta Boda it is Chinese.
  20. It's H 83 - H being the design code for ashtrays.
  21. Raven it is wonderfully tactile. There are versions with different coloured spots too!
  22. Thanks vetraio50 this my second piece by Sundberg they are so hard to come by!
  23. Strömbergshyttan Diamant by Asta Strömberg available in different sizes and also elongated in plain aqua or with coloured centrelike this one I have a 15cm on with an aubergine interior.
  24. Even sellers in Sweden get it wrong because often they are basing their listings on other misdescribed listings. I could point you to 100's of items that have been sold that are not what the seller sa...
  25. I would be very wary of relying on Google. I have never found a reliable attribution of these being Sea glasbruk so would be interested in seeing your reference.
  26. Thank you for sharing the insight into how Ravenna is created Ivan!
  27. Vetraio I will be collecting a unique piece by another designer in the next few weeks....
  28. Jaako Niemi vase 126
  29. Wilke Adolfsson the glass blower who made it.
  30. The same Wilke as the graal piece I posted!
  31. Made in Sweden by whom?
  32. Classic Motzfeldt!
  33. If since found this is by Leif Torre Brenna and the range is called 'Romance'
  34. I think you'll find this is 1970's Monica Backdtröm.
  35. Dimensions in the description Gillian.
  36. It's Björkshult. Lars Bergsten design.
  37. It's not Ernest Gordon. I would look further afield than Scandinavia.
  38. LOL @ renedijkstra
  39. Pink variant of model 736c from the late 70's early 80's
  40. The Birds were retailed by TKMaxx amongst others made in China.
  41. Renedijkstra I have a unique Olle Brozén graal vase I will be posting shortly.
  42. I have seen 2 others in different colour ways and shape since finding this one.
  43. Range is called Avena
  44. This is not a Vicke Lindstrand design he was never associated with Sea Glasbruk.
  45. One of these has just gone up for sale in Ebay in Australia if you are still looking for a replacement - not cheap though.
  46. Are you sure you are not misreading as it should be marked Berndt opposite the Flygsfors mark.
  47. Where did you find the reference to the model name?
  48. Camera wouldn't focus on signature very well.
  49. This is not Oiva it is by his wife Inkeri. Design known as 'Ella' from 1988
  50. I have emailed you too.
  51. See more


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