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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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  1. perfect for you fortapache! i was [and still am] fascinated by everything dinosaur-related!
  2. now i know what it is. no, this wood is much heavier and harder. it polishes like stone.
  3. thanks share! Okimono is not a type of wood, but a figurine. they can be made of anything. i'm not familiar with monkey pod wood, but will check it out now.
  4. i found one of these 'stakes', 'clubs' a few years ago and finally figured out what it was after someone told me here at cw!
  5. beautiful, very clever piece!!
  6. nice one!
  7. found it! Bodia Cambodian Apothecary
  8. thank you AdeleC!!
  9. the quality of these is very good, but they are made from pretty soft paste - making them very chippable.
  10. thanks rene, Share and Phil! the plot thickens! 'Nicho' means cubby or cabinet and retablo is a painted scenario - traditionally a narrative from a saint's life. they are used to pass on the storie...
  11. no, it just has a deep foot rim.
  12. thanks Manikin! lots of people tried to talk me into selling this, but i gave it to my niece.
  13. thank you kyra!
  14. thanks rene!
  15. thanks Kevin and Obscure!
  16. me too kwqd! i love bessie smith, charlie patton, son house, skip james, mississippi frank mcdowell, ledbelly, sonnie boy williamson, but i also love big mama thornton, J.b. lenoir, howling wolf, li...
  17. it is a pretty heavy wood Mrstyndall. kind of reminds me of a Cypress knee.
  18. i had this one authenticated as kangxi. and i don't drink beer rene!
  19. thanks Bill and Rene!
  20. thank you mp.kunst!
  21. thanks rene!
  22. thank you Obscure!
  23. This is a very early depiction of San Antonio de Padua - probably early 1600s - possibly from the San Antonio de Padua Mission near Jolon, CA - which is just ruins now.
  24. Hi valentino. it's actually made for clothes. i didn't post a shot of the inside, but it is definitely a suitcase for clothes. i didn't know that the stickers were new. the whole thing has been us...
  25. thank you share and Watch! not a dollhouse, but a little pottery house - like the ones in amsterdam.
  26. thanks fhrjr2. I've seen quite a few plain Japanese ones too.
  27. thankyou Mrstyndall!
  28. i forgot to mention how light weight it is.
  29. there's a large wedge on one end and a small wedge on the other. you adjust it by pushing in on the small wedge. you can either keep pushing and it moves incrementally or you can hold it in and move ...
  30. thank you TallCakes and fhrjr2! this one is the 8" one and it still works really well. i'm amazed at how good of an adjustable wrench it actually is.
  31. the faces are called 'taotie'.
  32. appears to be very good! i'd treasure it!
  33. most prints are decorative only today, but even that can be substantial if rare and very decorative or la moda. etchings are another kettle of fish and can have substantial value depending on artist,...
  34. cool. so a spanker is a busker?
  35. thank you slackjack! i knew i'd seen them before. we uncovered some in old fireplaces in Portsmouth, NH a long time ago. i couldn't remember where i'd seen them. trammels... hmmm!
  36. we used to make sawbucks for cutting up firewood - fast and furious!
  37. thank you fhrjr2, Iptools and fortapache!
  38. flashlarue: why is it a lower grade version of the D7? i can't find any difference between this and their other pre-1928 D7s.
  39. thank you flashlarue, fhrjr2, and Iptools!
  40. any idea how this was used?
  41. i've seen these before. there must be someone out there who recognizes what these tools were used for.
  42. Wow! talk about obscure. this is a trophy of the Oakland International Roller Canary Club. It's given to a canary who has the best song for 5 minutes or longer. it boggles my mind!
  43. yeah it's a bit over the top for me, but still interesting.
  44. how do you tell a man's blanket of this type from a female's blanket of this type? i thought the extra adornments like the diamonds signified a woman's blanket?
  45. wow! thanks rene! i was told by a couple people that they thought they were Japanese.
  46. that was my immediate guess as well. cool piece!
  47. any idea about this giant silver spoon?
  48. order is on the walls of the ordained!
  49. the base shows a standard 19th c base, but i have to agree that it is pretty sloppy and even the shape is rather clunky/dumpy. i assume you are looking for honest feedback. i don't mean to offend.
  50. i love the photos in wall no. 2, but all of them are really cool!
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