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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Stuffed Elephant - early 20th century?  or mid-century? - Animalsin Animals
Old Gold Cigarette Tin - Advertisingin Advertising
Canco Mother's Day Candy Box? - Advertisingin Advertising
Child's Chair - Quechua from Ecuador or Quichua from Peru? - Native Americanin Native American
California Gridiron - Montana vs. California - November, 15, 1947 - Footballin Football
Large Decorated Mexican Bowl - Potteryin Pottery
Little Brass Animal - Kirin, maybe? - Asianin Asian
Boxed Sake Set  - Asianin Asian
Pottery Bowl Signed 'American' - Potteryin Pottery
Tiny Pitufo / Smurf - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. i love this one!
  2. thank you Watchsearcher. I was down there working as assistant to Luis Macas who is now considered a saint in these villages. every Indian household has his picture on their wall. He was a good fri...
  3. Thank you jennyafrank! the things i learn here!...
  4. thank you Newfld! you always give such kind feedback. i appreciate that alot.
  5. thanks Newfld! many years ago, i had a job where my salary was paid by him or his trust, i guess. it was doing disaster relief in latin america.
  6. interesting piece!
  7. from India? wherever it's from, it's a beauty!
  8. very beautiful! Bulgarian, i think.
  9. thanks Toy and Newfld!
  10. thanks Anik!
  11. this is pretty fabulous in the obscure/banal category!
  12. i keep finding these lately. i have some enormous ones too - great for cleaning seeds at my nursery.
  13. not too obscure or banal here!
  14. very nice grouping! love those colors.
  15. bb2 just having fun?! what a surprise!
  16. all this fascinating new info for me - and i collect hammers too. Deadblow hammer? Lump hammer? great detective work. thanks for the education.
  17. Thank you AnythingObscure! i love your moniker too.
  18. the bird is really interesting too! i can't tell what kind though - maybe a snipe?
  19. thank you artfoot and valentino. i think the graphic is printed on, but not completely sure. it's kind of odd.
  20. Lion's mane mushroom - edible and very tasty!
  21. my guess would be German.
  22. Wow! this is a real beauty!
  23. I get the arachnophobia! i find all animals and insects fascinating and i never get creeped out by anything except SPIDERS! i've had them crawling on me one too many times. as Newfld says though - ...
  24. wow! great condition - and item too!
  25. Wow - thanks for all the details collieblack! Interesting. I have quite a few pulque cups, but this type is new for me. thanks for commenting art.pottery and Kevin!
  26. has anyone ever seen 'American' on any art pottery?
  27. that's right Vynil and Toy! thanks Jennifer!
  28. Thanks Phil and Toy!
  29. Thanks Newfld!
  30. Art nouveau rocker - made of very early plywood or some type of veneer, with carved armrests and paw feet.
  31. love it!
  32. thanks Vynil!
  33. thank you Hunter! i had no idea. the Merimekko we had when i was growing up were always brought from Finland.
  34. maybe junkcollector! thanks for commenting.
  35. what a great mouse!
  36. thank you keramikos! great info. it's definitely stone and it is on the soft side, so it might be a brown soapstone. it's not dyed though. you wouldn't get a color like this over the greenish blue...
  37. spelter or bronze?
  38. can anyone read what the tag says in the third pic?
  39. this is probably my favorite hallowe'en image ever! congrats!
  40. did you ever find out who AC is? this piece is more ashcan school than mcm, i think. garment district of nyc.
  41. what Canyonroads said is accurate.
  42. i guess a grand geyser deserves a grand piano! thanks Thomas.
  43. thank you valentine! the etching is very strange i think.
  44. thanks nuts and Newfld!
  45. coat hooks? hat hooks?
  46. Thank you Anik. i think so too.
  47. it does look like a very interesting painting. i wish we could see better photos of it.
  48. I think that this is a Japanese Imari plate. Imari was made in China too, but the mark on the bottom of this one looks like the marks on some of the better Imari pieces.
  49. My mom is a very prolific tailor - making all kinds of fine things with her sewing machines. I will always associate this box with her in the late 60s and 70s.
  50. Silent butler.
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