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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Inlaid Wooden Box - Furniturein Furniture
Two tiles i picked up today - cheap! - Potteryin Pottery
1970 Painting by Bjorn Wiinblad - Fine Artin Fine Art
Large Acrylic Cube - The New Yorker - Fine Artin Fine Art
Little Blue Buddha - Asianin Asian
Silver Overlay on a Small Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Swirled Cocktail Glass / Tumbler - Art Glassin Art Glass
Midcentury Bowl with an odd mark - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Tiny Mexican Silver Perfume Funnel - Silverin Silver
Pottery Barn Tile - made in Italy - Potteryin Pottery


  1. thanks Trent. there is some gold color in it, but not an undercoat. this is definitely a Buddha figure, and he is showing a mudra which is similar, but not the same as a common Shiva mudra.
  2. i love this photo too! but i can't help but suspect she may have turned into a crazy cat lady. i hope that i'm not being disrespectful, but i get that feeling each time i see her!
  3. there are a lot of posters by Bjorn Wiinblad, but this is not a poster, but a signed silkscreen painting. possibly a one-of a kind?
  4. i've seen one like this before. i can't remember where, but a chair like this was featured on a show or something. can't put my finger on it though...
  5. my mom still uses these.
  6. thanks Newfld and artfoot! i think that they are both D&M tiles. i think the 8 inch one is really great.
  7. thanks Newfld!
  8. thanks kevin. i have it up on the wall in front of me. it's really huge!
  9. love it!
  10. very sweet girl!
  11. i love the simplicity! i think it looks like an Austin Healy - an amazing car i got to drive around in last time i was visiting my family back east.
  12. very pretty colors and amazing condition!
  13. please do post! i really love collecting Buddha and Bodhisatva figures! no fancy ones yet, but i love them just the same.
  14. thanks bill! my thoughts exactly!
  15. Hi Thomas. that's what i presumed, although i couldn't find anything about it online.
  16. I think it is the Puppe Homestead. i found some reference to the family.
  17. Thanks Gillian. does that mean anything?
  18. thank you chewer!
  19. thank you flhrjr2! i had assumed that it had been turned, but i appreciate your point.
  20. thank you Mrstyndall and dlpetersen!
  21. this has a glossy, high-fired interior.
  22. thank you Newfld. i agree - although it's fairly large. a very pretty piece.
  23. Thank you Newfld. i thought so.
  24. thank you GeodeJem. i've never heard of a wine strainer. this is so small that it would take a long time to strain a glass of wine.
  25. thanks Windwalker and nuts!
  26. wow! thank you windwalker! i'll try it as soon as i find a needle around here....
  27. what would concern me is the way the canvas looks and the back of the frame - it looks like it's been stained to make it look old. the signature also looks pretty fake. your chances of finding a lar...
  28. thanks Windwalker and you too blunderbuss2 - but i don't think so.
  29. thanks nuts!
  30. thanks Newfld and Mrstyndall!
  31. the little coat of arms w/ the 20 in it should tell you something about who made it. Tlaxco silver. really nice!
  32. i love clowns, but i do find almost all of them a little bit creepy.
  33. Thanks Newfld! i don't think it would hold up as a planter. plus it's REALLY small - like 3.5 " x 3".
  34. hi SpiritBear. this is an iron oxide glazed ginger jar - first half of the 20th century. i picked up three small pieces which are even more similar at the flea mkt yesterday. i'll post them now.
  35. Japanese Imari vase with an apocryphal Chinese mark on the bottom.
  36. the three garrobos in the third picture definitely look like the kings of the colony!
  37. this is definitely Japanese Satsuma. nice piece!
  38. reminds me of Georges Rouault a whole lot.
  39. thank you SpiritBear and fortapache!
  40. thank you Anik! Mrstyndall too!
  41. never say never Ms.Crystal! thanks shareurpassion - no idea what you are talking about though!
  42. thanks jscotto, shareurpassion and clockerman!
  43. i've been to Perce several times - when i was a kid. my folks invited me to go back with them in a few wks, but i'm still trying to figure out whether i can get away from my work long enough to go wi...
  44. thanks Newfld and art.pottery. i'll take a closer look when i'm next at the nursery.
  45. i thought so too Mrstyndall and antiquerose! this platter is really beautiful.
  46. thank you AdeleC and Newfld!
  47. thank you Malkey!! i hope it goes well. no nurse ratchets for you please!!
  48. i yearn for returning to a non-disposable era! thank you for a beautiful post.
  49. i have one of these in my warehouse and had forgotten about it. need to dig it out and use it!
  50. love the turquoise color!
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