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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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  1. thanks Newfld!
  2. Thanks Newfld and Thomas!
  3. thanks truth! i didn't know that scroll weights could be like that. it makes sense.
  4. $500 in compensation for a few horses is an enormous amount of money in those days.
  5. thanks Newfld! any ideas on where it's from?
  6. or La Condessa?
  7. Looks like Chapultepec in Mexico City.
  8. I heard from several people on FB who told me that this is an 18th century piece from China.
  9. a good, clear shot of the whole piece would help a whole lot.
  10. i think that the materials - oak, in particular - were used in the late 19th century or early 20th century. if it were older than that, i'd expect it to be made of mahogany or cherry or maple.
  11. would that be Grace, Splendor, and Virtue tommy_z? thanks fhrjr2, Golgatha, and Kevin!
  12. thank you Bill!
  13. on the bottom is written 'Made in England'.
  14. is that like an affinity group for protesters?
  15. i remember singing tiny tim songs with my memere and pepere while riding in their cadillac with wings on the back.
  16. don't put this in a dryer! [haha]
  17. i just found out that these are Edo from 1800-1850.
  18. as far as identifying people in anonymous photos with no written clues - you are fishing in a very big pond! but it's fun guessing!
  19. it's a great image of Napoleon.
  20. the three loops - odd fellows, maybe?
  21. i think it is made from Lignum vitae! it's a really cool piece. i've really enjoyed looking over your treasures. thank you for the vicarious pleasure!
  22. lovely trompe l'oeil!
  23. really nice homes often had artesian wells in those days and sometimes, they had natural pressure in them - allowing for natural fountains. maybe that's what it is? i bet someone who knows fashion ...
  24. fascinating! i love looking at old photos!
  25. sorry, but i think this clock is from much later than the 1850s. more like the 1930s-50s. just my opinion.
  26. my kind of treasure!
  27. it looks like Belize, but blunder is the expert...
  28. i like the frame!
  29. these are cool! what kind of gun is he holding?
  30. that red car is outstanding!
  31. i LOVE this! i really like busts, especially old marble or alabaster. very cool. i wonder who it represents? probably a french or english philosopher?
  32. the penmanship in the second card is really interesting. i like these people - Kent, Bill and Alberto too!
  33. this is cool! i wonder who santa gertrudis was?
  34. this may have been a project for a wood-turning class or something similar. it's cool!
  35. Latin is a good base to have for a botanist, taxonomist, linguist, or a student of any of the romance languages. Penmanship? i have always been the bottom of my class in that. good thing i can chur...
  36. 'Come down and see me sometime.' [a very young Mae West?]
  37. it sounds like these things fell into good hands. i just wrote my will yesterday, thinking i don't want everything just tossed.
  38. it's Mayan [not yours!]! there's a priest with an offering standing on a slave. it does appear to be good quality limestone if it's not a fine sandstone. cool piece! well-executed!
  39. i'll put some oil in it and use it! thanks everyone!
  40. Crackled glass glazed?
  41. i see that now fhrjr2. this one does have the $4 pricetag, but not the review by Rhineheart. what would this one be called then?
  42. thanks fleafinder! i don't remember konageo. it's somewhere in my warehouse. i think it's just a regular dinnerplate size.
  43. thanks everyone! i think s/he's great!
  44. I think it's called a 'Kirin' - and Korean.
  45. correction, it's her son Brion Hattie.
  46. I figured out the signature. it belongs to Bernadette Lateyice Hattie, Zuni Pueblo.
  47. also look for an inscribed mark somewhere just above the base. it might have one. is the piece very heavy for it's size?
  48. yes Watchsearcher - they really do go together. i think that the lining could even keep the contents warm or hot. thanks Watch, Newfld, and Rustypearl!! it's Chinese.
  49. it looks like a Dr. Seuss riding toy!
  50. my memere and pepere used to have furniture like this at their cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee. we called it 'old hickory furniture'.
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