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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Giant Padlock and Keys - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Odd little cups from China... - Asianin Asian
Large Soapstone Carving on Stand - Asianin Asian
Tissue Cover?  Not sure what it's called... with embroidered butterflies. - Asianin Asian
A landscape i'm working on... 
Life-sized Wooden Head on a string? - Folk Artin Folk Art
Very Old Buddha Statue - Asianin Asian
Old Wrought Iron Chair - Furniturein Furniture
Cut and Polished Geodes - Bookends? - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Woodland Flowers by T. H. Everett - Booksin Books


  1. these are called piano babies - to sit on top of the piano.
  2. can you show the bottom of the piece? it looks like export - with the fox-hunters. unusual piece.
  3. this is very good Imari - i'd say late Edo by the flower mark.
  4. the design is Green Imari - coincidental to Kangxi [Chinese], but these are later. have you investigated the mark? use Gotheberg's.
  5. that porch!!! i love it! in the northeast, it was traditional to paint the ceilings of these porches sky blue. apparently, it discourages flies from hanging out there.
  6. thanks rockbat!
  7. where do you live and in what part of the world did you find this? cool piece. [creepy moniker].
  8. beautiful!
  9. thanks Tlynnie!
  10. thank you Manikin and Manic! nice work Manic!
  11. thank you artfoot! you are right. it is rainbow by meyers.
  12. thanks maryh!
  13. thanks melaniej and maryh1956! i removed the rubber cement by rolling it awhile with my fingers. it came off fairly easily that way. my workers at the nursery also found it pretty easy to break thi...
  14. thanks Jenni!
  15. thanks scott! i agree!
  16. thanks Caper and shrine!
  17. that's cool bucket! i'm with you bobby - i miss those days too.
  18. thanks kyra!
  19. thanks Jenni, Newfld, shrine, and Maniac!
  20. thank you rocker! you rock!
  21. this is one of my favorite kitsch pieces!
  22. thanks Lamplover!
  23. thanks inky and Caper. this is NOT Awaji. it does get confused as Awaji by a lot of folks though.
  24. thank you PostCard! i agree. it's one of my favorite crucifixes now.
  25. that's the real glass color racer. i'll get some more photos soon as it is part of my new box wall at the nursery.
  26. these are probably very good early 20th century Daishoji copies.
  27. wow! i really love this piece Laurie, and i had figured out who you are and have looked at many other pieces of yours. these photos also made a splash on the Studio Pottery ID FB page. you can emai...
  28. Thanks Kevin. i really love it.
  29. i figured out why the quality varies. this one really was made by Maxwell himself. had confused this name with Design West for some reason. those ones are production and not made by Maxwell.
  30. ha! true artfoot!
  31. thanks Mrstyndall!
  32. thank you inky, billretirecoll, shareurpassion, and racer! i think it's fantastic. you have to see the very fine detail to really get what a beautiful, special piece this is - regardless of when it ...
  33. This is an Edo period piece of Daishoji - i'm certain.
  34. i never tire of looking at this amazing bowl!
  35. thank you Zilla! that is so cool! as soon as i started listening to your link, i ran out and got my udu - and then i figured out it's actually a water udu! the sound is amazing when there's water i...
  36. thank you Efes and slackjack! slack - you got it! thank you. they are about 1.5 inches long and heavy - like a weight. after i saw your answer, i ran back and got the rest of them.
  37. thanks bucket, betweenthelens, oktreedude, fortapache, jscotto, and rocker! there are a few plants now, but these shots were taken soon after i moved in.
  38. thank you so much racer! very interesting. i had heard something like that, but couldn't remember.
  39. thanks Manikin, Poire, and valentino! you ALL ROCK!! valentino - i shared some of them in the post about the landscape we just finished. i'll post some more of my rock works soon.
  40. so true bucket! thank you!
  41. thank you artfoot, iggy, jscotto, and inky! yes iggy, it has drip irrigation which is not visible. i just added another photo of a fountain we made there too.
  42. i agree with you racer! thank you for commenting!
  43. interesting info artfoot. thank you.
  44. thanks Manikin. i think it's wonderful, but it's barely been noticed anywhere. oh well - i trust my own intuition w/ things like this. it's a beautiful piece of embroidery.
  45. thanks Caper!
  46. thank you Zilla! that solved part of the mystery!
  47. thanks pw and jscotto!
  48. thank you Manikin. you are probably right. the inside is hot pink and there are what appear to be some chop marks in there.
  49. this looks like very thick glaze - like Robert Maxwell's work.
  50. i would have guessed bauhaus, so it seems like you may have uncovered one of the roots of bauhaus! interesting.
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