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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Late Qing Small Wooden Box with Jade Insert - Asianin Asian
A much smaller, but very good UMA-NO-ME-ZARA Japanese Plate - Asianin Asian
Chinese Person from West Germany - Potteryin Pottery
Very Old Dhokra Casket / Chest - Asianin Asian
A Shishi for the Panthenon! - Asianin Asian
Panduro Figures - Potteryin Pottery
Deruta Vase with Grotesques - Potteryin Pottery
Very Colorful Mexican Covered Jar - Potteryin Pottery
Studio Pottery Covered Jar - Potteryin Pottery
Large Bencharong Shallow Bowl  - Asianin Asian


  1. Philip Schurman from Berkeley made this in 1977. He confirmed with me.
  2. thanks fhrjr2!
  3. really gorgeous!
  4. I think the signature is Schurman 77. i found a recent sale of a pot signed Schurman 74 at a local auction house. it went for quite a large sum, but i can't find any info about the artist. i'm pret...
  5. thanks jscotto!
  6. thank you apostata - as usual, i think you are right on target.
  7. Thank you very much apostata! you really do know your Chinese ceramics! i should have put simply 18th c Pre-Bencharong, which is what i bought it as from Freek. Thanks kwqd for your comment. I lov...
  8. Thai doesn't have that many, but they have a lot more than we do!
  9. Patricia Garrett is a famous studio potter who only does vegetables. i really like her stuff - and yours!
  10. i have no idea. i know a few words in Japanese and less in Chinese, but i do speak Thai! no help here though. and i never learned to read Thai - which is much more difficult.
  11. i saw a very similar one recently which had American Petroleum Co. [or something like that - maybe Standard Petroleum Co.?].
  12. thanks apostata. i'm lazy too and don't feel like looking it up, but i think it's late edo or early meiji.
  13. apostata - what does fengai (poli bai) mean? i'm not familiar w/ those terms.
  14. you were exactly right on the money w/ this apostata! i had it mixed up with a different one.
  15. I agree with that aboout the color!! Thanks kwqd and Brunswick!
  16. thank you kwqd!
  17. i'll talk to Freek about it.
  18. Simon Willard is the father [i think] of a family of clockmakers in Connecticut. My family has a clock from his shop too.
  19. Wow! thanks everybody. this was a good find!
  20. that's a fantastic cane!
  21. fantastically gaudy!
  22. i want one of these!
  23. really nice glaze!
  24. back again!
  25. i think i have a couple of miniature pieces by him. thanks for another great post!
  26. Gorgeous covered jars Golgatha! The decoration is also called 'scholar's objects'. Really nice! can we see the bases?
  27. i think its a CAUCASIAN KARACHE SERAPI HERIZ . ??
  28. Thanks Malkey!
  29. I forgot to mention that each rim on this piece is wrapped in copper.
  30. Thank you Lauren. it's painted wood and papier mache.
  31. Hi Jade42. this looks like it could be raku pottery with a crackle glaze. i doubt that there is a design inscribed into it and cannot see that from your photos, although the ring marks are showing f...
  32. thank you! i love it!
  33. Thanks everybody! the painting IS interesting - i think it's a very large capriccio by Francesco Guardi. The blue lamassu - i'm pretty sure is by Theodore Deck. There's a real Ming bowl - m/p. Some...
  34. yes, you are right art.pottery! it is James Aarons' work. He's a california artist and makes some really nice stuff!
  35. I used to play one of these in a friend's garage - about 15 minutes from Sunapee on Mountain View Lake - where we had a cottage called 'Breezy Birches'.
  36. Hmmm.... not sure i follow all of that! This piece is definitely Ming - made under the Tianshan Emperor - Chenghua. It was one of a set of 5 and the other 4 did very well on Catawiki - right around...
  37. thank you Elisabethan!
  38. If it were signed R. Mutt on the side, it would be worth a fortune!!!
  39. it appears to be a factory piece, and they often just make up names to sign on them.
  40. Beautiful!! I've been going to different parts of California every weekend for the past month and it's been glorious!
  41. We can't tell you much about a painting without a good shot of the entire back of the painting.
  42. thanks Mrstyndall!
  43. What happened to Yop and Djisktra?
  44. Thank you Lauren. not sure why but the color in these photos is kind of off. doesn't really match what i see.
  45. thank you Lauren!
  46. Nice piece of glass! i saw quite a few like this at the high end gift shops in Big Sur back in the 80s. They were very expensive always!
  47. very nice Satsuma plate!
  48. i think that this is called Yoroko and mid 19th c. not a very good quality one though.
  49. thank you jade!
  50. yes, Japanese Hakata.
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