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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Baby Carrier by the Miao of Guizho Province, China - Asianin Asian
Two-Drawer Box made from cigar boxes - Folk Artin Folk Art
Tiny Bonsai Pot from China - Asianin Asian
Little Brass Peacock Ornament - Asianin Asian
Another piece from the An-Hoi Hoard - Asianin Asian
Delft Tile by Karel Appel  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Pewter [?] Fairy sitting on some floral thing - Figurinesin Figurines
Pre-Ming Chinese Vase? - Asianin Asian
1990 Taschen Book on Philippe Starck - Booksin Books
Very nice piece of jade - carved. - Asianin Asian


  1. thank you rene.
  2. thank you rene.
  3. thank you.
  4. He's a ceramics scholar in Hong Kong somewhere - maybe Kowloon. why is that a problem?
  5. i found out that this is a Miao baby carrier from Guizhou Province in China. I found out through the Heritage Textiles website on FB.
  6. the slathered brown stain on the base is not a good sign. i've seen it alot on recent Chinese repros.
  7. renedijkstra - i don't know what you are talking about. Alot of early chinese white ware have very even glaze. what do you mean by 'firing points'?
  8. Simon Ng amongst others at Early Chinese Ceramics and Porcelain.
  9. also, there are old copper and silver beads in the second photo.
  10. thanks Newfld and Golgatha! they might be Persian. does anyone recognize the symbols in the green section of the second photo? I think that may be the clue to these panels.
  11. by cracky!
  12. check it out. from the Palace Museum: https://www.dpm.org.cn/collection/jade/230122.html?fbclid=IwAR1TZ13dSuVCDrQOEaWqhsubL5kVj-KJMqUA7Wt87eiIy8veTaKYR_wF1YA
  13. i've been getting very good feedback on this piece on the early Chinese ceramics fb page. there are some very knowledgeable participants on that page. so far, people think it may be a funerary objec...
  14. this piece has ended up being pretty interesting. it's extremely high quality jade, but the carving appears to be so crude. it just seems too incongruous. i don't think it's crude though. i think ...
  15. slight problem! but they might burn brighter!
  16. Thanks Watchsearcher! i just so happen to have a big bunch of them right in front of me, but even cut down, they would be way too big for this little guy. i saw a few just like this from oil lamps f...
  17. this is how the dictionary defines Native American: Na·tive A·mer·i·can /?n?div ??mer?k?n/ noun a member of any of the indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America. adjective relating ...
  18. thanks Mrstyndall, truthordare and rene!
  19. the top could be cut down, hence the silver.
  20. it reminds me alot of paintings by Ralph Albert Blakelock.
  21. now i think it's a Japanese sake bottle.
  22. the base mark was done with a stamp, so i doubt it's actually kangxi. it's what's known as an honorific mark - made in honor of the period, rather than of the period.
  23. i think this is part of a lamp.
  24. thank you mp.kunst! Jeremy Diller it is!
  25. thank you fhrjr2! i didn't even think of going that route!
  26. thanks artfoot!
  27. thanks Newfld and renedijkstra! great info!
  28. Thanks Kevin!
  29. I think she's a clam-digger. Probably Dutch.
  30. that's a very foxy fox!
  31. thanks Mrstyndall!
  32. thanks Newfld! always good to meet another jazz fan.
  33. thank you Lauren, Newfld, and artfoot! that would be my blue lamassu Lauren - a 19th c planter. i don't think i've posted that tile by Karel Appel artfoot, but will do!
  34. whatever it is, it's fabulous! love the graphic quality.
  35. yes! thank you mp.kunst!
  36. these are really cool!
  37. Where did your mother-in-law get them? Where is she from? where does she live? These might help in getting some info about these.
  38. thanks Watchsearcher!
  39. Gorgeous is the right word!
  40. Beautiful one!!
  41. cool! i've never seen these.
  42. this is really cool! from prohibition days, maybe?
  43. Thanks Bill! yes, this is a large Haeger piece from around 1910-14. I didn't even know they existed at that time! apparently, this one was made by someone who had just transferred to Haeger from Fu...
  44. quite a few years ago, my sister was scuba diving in Antigua and one morning she put on her scuba boots and one of these was inside and bit her foot repeatedly. she was rushed by helicopter to a hosp...
  45. thank you fhrjr2 - i think that being made in 2009, this is definitely Shaker Style. I grew up near Canterbury and my aunt was the director of the Shaker Museum there, so i'm very familiar with it. ...
  46. do the candles light automatically at a certain hour?! [haha]
  47. such a nice presentation! artwork!
  48. i think this is called a blue-rim Guangdong flower pot and i believe it's very old. Peranakan too!
  49. thanks art.pottery! but there is a 'fulper' vertical indentation on the base. also it's pretty huge and heavy for a Haeger, but i am not that familliar with early Haeger.
  50. thanks Newfld, Ms. Crystal and fhrjr2! i have those Tom Kat cubes and they do seem to be working. i just hate using poisons!
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