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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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This is where i grew up... - Photographsin Photographs
My Memere and Pepere - Photographsin Photographs
My Great Great Aunt George - Photographsin Photographs
My Great Grand Pepere and his twin on their bicycles and his rustic cabins... - Photographsin Photographs
Photo of my Great Uncle Vital in Ghana - 1930s - Photographsin Photographs
MCM Tropical Wood Artwork - Fine Artin Fine Art
Three Little Glass  Bunnies  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Scent Bottle - Blown, Cut and Gilded - Art Glassin Art Glass
General Store Cabinet? - Advertisingin Advertising
Teensy-tiny and Very Old Mirror - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Thanks so much Kevin, Newfld, keramikos, bill and iggy! yes, keramikos that's my little lucy with her winter gear on - before my mom hemmed it in for her! 'saddlebags' gave me a good laugh.
  2. thank you kevin!
  3. thanks Hel1. Thanks kwqd. i think it's a little earlier than that - 1880s-1910. i agree that it does look dutch. it's definitely gouache - possibly watercolor too.
  4. thanks mp.kunst. it could be English or American. they were made exactly the same in both countries.
  5. thank you mp.kunst. not familiar with him, but it looks like his signature and his work.
  6. i agree Golgatha. must have been for a dollhouse.
  7. Thank you Gillian - you solved it! thank you too Mrstyndall!
  8. yes, that's exactly right Lauren. there is so much mythology around rabbits throughout the americas and the rest of the world. these are definitely magical ones!
  9. i can tell by just a thumbnail when something is from Sean! this is definitely one! nice piece and i like your collection.
  10. just beautiful gunnar nyland pieces!! gorgeous!
  11. beautiful!!
  12. I don't know. they were in ogunquit where there are loads of second-hand and antique shops.
  13. thank you fortapache, Newfld and valentino! when it rains, it pours! i found another even better table today. i'll post it now.
  14. can you tell us more about it? where did you find it? who restored it? etc.?
  15. that's a new bauer for me! i really like it too.
  16. that's a very cute postcard!
  17. it looks like a wwII era trunk converted to a coffee table, no?
  18. this photo hurts my head.
  19. AGANO YAKI - Inotake gama.
  20. I think it's a Chinese snuff bottle missing the stopper. Nice 4 character mark!
  21. Thank you Williamhaney86!
  22. i got some interesting news about this piece. it is Aztec, from the post-classic period 1325-1521 - probably from the Valley of Mexico. The symbols on the base "4 ollin, 5 movement", the 5 cardinal ...
  23. Thank you keramikos! they are really lovely bowls.
  24. i think that this was in an old store in Chinatown. It appears to really have some age to it - maybe early 20th c?
  25. thanks Newfld and Lauren!
  26. can you take clear pics of the whole thing front and back with frame? also clear close-ups of the signature would help alot.
  27. very nice keets!
  28. i hope so too valentino!
  29. thank y ou inky, Watch, and kwqd!
  30. Chrysotile? my rock is nephrite.
  31. i can't find anything about 'cassiar'. what is it?
  32. love this one too!
  33. i'd wear this anyday!
  34. these are pretty handy to wear at a demo gone wrong.
  35. which one is your dad? what was the troop number? my dad was there at Valley Forge in 1950.
  36. my collection is growing... one pot at a time!
  37. i should get a better photo. up close, you can see that it is truly laquerware and layered. not sure the terminology.
  38. thanks keramikos. i found out that it is someone's name in Japanese.
  39. any info about this weird little piece?
  40. there is no official mayan/aztec revival - those are just a few of the words placed on this style of pottery. I have a lot of signed Ladislao pieces - and this looks like one despite the lack of his ...
  41. wow! wonderful!! from the 1920s or an earlier Egyptian Revival period?
  42. thanks artfoot!
  43. thanks Watch!
  44. thanks fhrjr2 and yougottahavestuff and truthordare! i've made buttermilk red paint before, but never whitewash.
  45. chestnut! thank you Newfld!
  46. thank you artfoot, Newfld and rene! i really like the marriage!
  47. thank you truthordare and rene! i'm not sure what i'll do with it yet. enjoy it, maybe?
  48. i'm pretty sure that this is a fake. that brown stuff on it is like a glaze or stain put on to age it.
  49. thanks anyways rene. i'm not familiar w/ that site.
  50. yup. just like the one at the Smithsonian. durn!
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