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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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  1. thanks Lizzii!
  2. d'oh! 'Made in Japan'!
  3. thanks for the comments! i'm pretty certain it is Zanesville or the other roseville [from roseville the town, not the company].
  4. no. not Japanese. it's American, i'm almost certain. Japanese pottery is much less clunky / heavy / thick.
  5. i just added a photo of this planted out for the San Francisco Garden Show a couple years ago.
  6. My mom had one like the first photo. i wonder if she still has it? just like yours!
  7. thanks Lauren. these are very common designs, but usually on copper. this one is unusual because of the blue background and the very large size.
  8. thanks artfoot!
  9. yes, and it's not very impressive.
  10. thanks antiquerose!
  11. that sounds like a cool one Collector!
  12. thanks racer! i do too - sancai!
  13. 1920s, i believe.
  14. i think that this is a piece of Gosu-aka pottery. i was told on the Chinese pottery fb page that this is probably 18th century. i'm looking for some more feedback on it.
  15. it's like a lot of my copper luster pieces, only this odd shade of blue. it's very attractive and definitely old. i'm thinking 1850s or 60s. what do you think?
  16. i LOVE these! i've been searching for one for years with no luck yet. thanks for sharing!
  17. Awaji ware was only made on the island of Awaji. thanks racer!
  18. Wow!! thank you Simplertimes! i really like this painting alot. the composition and use of the space is A+. I included it in an old box wall i made at the nursery over the past few days. i'll take...
  19. thanks Sean!
  20. it sure looks like jade, but the jade experts know lots more!
  21. i think that this is a Japanese antimony box.
  22. cool colors and graphics!
  23. thank you Anik!
  24. these are nodders, by the way.
  25. thanks lizzy and racer! great insite racer!
  26. gorgeous!!
  27. thank you lizzy!
  28. thanks mikel, TallCakes and racer! from what i can find, the value - even as is - is well worth a restoration effortl. here's one that sold in 2010 at Christie's. it's about 1/3 smaller than mine...
  29. this is a wonderful base! but how do you match that w/ a great shade?
  30. thanks Phil!
  31. thanks so much kyra! very useful info! thank you Poire!
  32. thanks mikelv and mannikin. it's 95% there. should i get it professionally restored?
  33. it sure is!
  34. This grasshopper is 27 inches [69 cm] long by 15 inches [39 cm] tall!
  35. do you think that this is a lunchbox? any idea of the age?
  36. there's a similar saying in Spanish: Al mal tiempo, buena cara! [facing bad times, a good face!]
  37. i had a similar pair of Ray Bans a long time ago. they were really amazing. i bought them in a little junkstore in Guatemala City. i lost them at some point, unfortunately.
  38. wow! i've heard that it is incorrect to say a 'flock of flamingos' and that one of the correct terms is a 'flamboyance of flamingos'! you have quite the flamboyance of flamingos!
  39. Solved! i found this on a page of South American artists: ' Reinaldo Manzke was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil in 1906 and died in Brazil in 1980. He was a well known Brazilian artist. He received m...
  40. these are really cool Sean!
  41. i love the colors of this!
  42. i agree w/ artfoot! what a fabulous 'end-of-day' piece! end-of-day pieces were made in the different pottery factories by workers after their shifts - and using up the rest of the glazes for the day...
  43. can anyone read the signature? or recognize the artist?
  44. looks nice, but doesn't look old to me. i've learned to be pretty cautious about age of chinese porcelain. but if the piece is nice enough, it almost doesn't matter if it's brand new!
  45. interesting piece, for sure!
  46. wow! i'm always amazed by the things you post!
  47. i think that this is from India. cool piece!
  48. thank you Phil, monkey, and Kevin! you solved it monkey!
  49. i've never eaten there, but i'll have to keep my eyes peeled now.
  50. brutal!
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