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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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J. Rogers Small Silver Ladle - Silverin Silver
Silver Napkin Ring - Engraved from Egypt - Silverin Silver
Silver Server of Some kind? - Silverin Silver
Silver Baby Spoon - Silverin Silver
Scalloped Sugar Spoon? - Silverin Silver
Sterling Silver Sugar Tongs - Silverin Silver
Silverplate Salad Tongs  - Silverin Silver
MAGIC by Manly P. Hall - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Letter Dog - Officein Office
Cup by Charles and Alice Smith - signed 'Chalice' - Potteryin Pottery


  1. the monogram is on the backside which is odd, i think.
  2. Thank you billretirecoll! and thanks jscotto and Watch!
  3. This is a cake topper made in the 1950s, Hong Kong.
  4. he pitched too and was known for this form of pitching, and he always wore blue or white knickers. not sure about the red shirt though...
  5. i take it back. Ty Cobb was a famous leftie hitter. this is a leftie pitcher.
  6. okay. i lied. This is Ty Cobb. a very famous leftie and he always wore a uniform like this. i wonder when it was made?
  7. Very observant fhrjr2! i hadn't noticed but you are absolutely correct. I bet he is a well-known leftie. i don't know much about baseball, so i'll leave it to the pros to say who the famous lefties...
  8. thanks vintagelamp!
  9. Thank you Golgatha and Cisum. Apparently, Augustus is the grand nephew and heir to Julius Caesar. according to wikipedia: 'Augustus (63 BCE–14 CE), a fascinating and controversial man, may have been...
  10. thank you artfoot and art.pottery! i knew that i had seen that signature before. thank you for remembering for me.
  11. thanks newfld and art.pottery!
  12. I think 'Piejra' is actually Piedra [rock] and might have something to do w/ the little rocks inlaid in this nice piece. I love Mono Lake, Lundy's Cyn, and roadtrips around California.
  13. so cute and SO LOUD! but i love dachshunds!
  14. I think monkies might IMPROVE my neighborhood. Love Jane Goodall!
  15. One Fish and a Christmas cactus too! nice!
  16. thank you Newfld and Lauren!
  17. i think that the leaves are soapstone, the petals are agate and turquoise.
  18. i think they are Lakshmi from India.
  19. turquoise animal carvings from NM are usually associated w/ the Zuni people. That might be a place to start.
  20. i would love that apostata! i sometimes take a long time to decipher your meaning, but it usually comes to me eventually.
  21. apostata - the men w/ the halos - wouldn't they be considered Bodhissatvas?
  22. thanks apostata. it was identified as Kinkozan on another site. woopeee!!
  23. Cantagalli. it's a cockerel.
  24. That was a very interesting read for me. My father's family is from Beauceville and i didn't know they had their own pottery there. i've been there a few times when i was young. thanks for the post ...
  25. thanks apostata! now i need to find someone to translate your reply!
  26. thanks vintagelamp. i noticed that you like to collect religious stuff too. not sure where it comes from for me, but probably early memories from a very catholic family.
  27. i found out that this boy is one of a pair of the Bourbon children and it was made by many different European kilns including Staffordshire, Meissen, Dresden, Sitzendorf, etc... This one looks most l...
  28. you have a lot of real treasures vintagelamp!
  29. thank you jscotto! it's really well-made and has some age to it.
  30. thanks apostata. i can see the stamping now. i appreciate your schooling.
  31. i guess it was someone on fb who id'd it as Cantagallo.
  32. Wowza! What a beauty!
  33. thank you AmphoraPottery!
  34. i'm friends w/ 'Curtis Jere's' son. That's a made-up name and the sculptures were mostly made by my friend's dad, but there was another artist who made some too. so there are two Curtis Jeres.
  35. really beautiful!
  36. It's interesting. It is a Guanyin, but it's done in the style of a Buddha from the Ming Dynasty.
  37. for making delicious Mexican cocoa and ponche.
  38. This is known as a 'sin-eater' in Indonesia where it was made. Sin-eaters would suffer for the sins of the community so that others may not suffer.
  39. i think that this is actually from the Phillipines. The halo is definitely the way they are made there, and the face is similar to some i've seen too. beautiful!
  40. thank you jscotto!
  41. it was done in 1873 - and he is thought to be the earliest of the 'White Mountains Artists'. this would be a very early painting for that group.
  42. They look like Chinese pith paintings - just reframed and matted in a western shop.
  43. that's really cool! i love taotie!
  44. thank you art.pottery! and i agree w/ you Watchsearcher!
  45. Chacha hounds! i love it!!
  46. bizarre! i love the pockets. just wish i could dump the badge stuff...
  47. thanks fhrjr2 and Daisy!
  48. thanks vintagelamp!
  49. thank you jscotto!
  50. i know what you mean Lori!
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