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i love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiqi love a good mystery, but i love solving them even more. garden antiques are what i collect, but i like all kinds of things from mid-century design to ancient antiquities. i am a native plant gardener and own a native plant nursery. (Read more)


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Large Signed Acoma Bowl - with incised, two-color design - Potteryin Pottery
Yixing [?] Pottery Wine Cup? - Potteryin Pottery
Art Pottery Flower Frog - Potteryin Pottery
Porcelain Muffineer from Austria - Art Nouveau - Potteryin Pottery
Rockwell Kent Painting - Starry Night - Fine Artin Fine Art
German Porcelain Seagull Dish - Potteryin Pottery
Garden Angel Sculpture - Fine Artin Fine Art
Old Dog Bowl - Animalsin Animals
Small Garden City Jardinere? - Potteryin Pottery
Very large Tinted Photograph of the Crystal Lake Reservoir - Photographsin Photographs


  1. thank you very much IVAN49 for the very valuable information!
  2. i was about to foolishly announce: 'Yes! it's the same guy!' when i decided to read through all the comments first. thankfully i did! thank you JohannB for posting this interesting photo and startin...
  3. i just did an image search on 'Jae! acoma' and came up w/ a lot of similar pieces, w/ no info. i think CanyonRoad is right and that it is a mold piece.
  4. i just uploaded a couple of photos taken with another camera. hopefully they are clear enough.
  5. thank you CanyonRoad. the pot might be made from a mold, but the decoration is definitely hand-done. i'll try to get some better pics so you can see it up-close. the price on it looks like an origin...
  6. thanks Tassie!
  7. thanks valentino! you might be right. no idea really!
  8. thank you artfoot and TubeAmp! i think you got it artfoot!
  9. o ganga!!??
  10. very cool! and i'm not a jewelry fan!
  11. where is CanyonRd these days?
  12. 50% isn't bad at all - particularly here in the bay area where i live. 30% is more common these days - a reflection of the hugely inflated real estate market, i suppose. that said, i wouldn't have s...
  13. gorgeous little basket! i agree that it looks like Pima. You might find similar ones which have sold on ebay by searching for Pima basketry.
  14. very nice little clock!
  15. yes, boysfarm! it really is.
  16. exactly mikelv. i should have noticed that before purchasing it, but the painting quality is good enough that it stands on it's own without being old.
  17. me too!
  18. me too! here's mine: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/72045-could-this-be-a-piece-by-francesco-guard
  19. thanks alot vintagelamp!!
  20. true mikelv! i wish the photo was better. i can't see it all that well, but it does look like it might be tonalist.
  21. thankyou billretirecoll! nice job! i appreciate it.
  22. i like trying to figure out what animals they represent. it helps that i've lived in central america for a couple years. the first one looks like a king vulture with some iguanas, etc. the second on...
  23. thanks Phil. someone will figure it out.
  24. thank you Phil. do you recognize the mark?
  25. these are called 'molas' and made by the Kuna Indians of Panama. i have good friends who are Kuna.
  26. thank you jscotto and fhrjr2! this is what a well-made workbench should look like after 80 yrs or so.
  27. if you can't find the same print, you can use similar prints of the same size for valuation.
  28. looks more like a painting by Charles Foster - younger brother of the more well-known Ben Foster.
  29. if not marked, it's probably Czech.
  30. i never get tired of these!
  31. does it say who did the artwork? could be Branwyn or one of those well-known illustrators of the time.
  32. wow! really nice one!
  33. i think it's an Ainu bear from Japan. there are some real nice ones out there!
  34. the original dashing gentleman!
  35. wow! nice sawyer photo! not sure what other info you are looking for, but he's a well-known landscape photographer from Maine. you can read about him on his wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/...
  36. is that a tenmoku glaze on the interior of the bowl? they look like oil spots.
  37. Herb Cohen in particular! his work is amazing and he's had a very long life to produce lots of great pieces.
  38. i agree artfoot.
  39. i agree!
  40. i want to close his eyes so i can go to sleep.
  41. mine too!
  42. this little guy would keep me up at night!
  43. those are definitely Native American and very nice too! others on here - like CanyonRd can tell you a lot more than i can. nice find though!
  44. thank you fortapache, Phil and jscotto!
  45. thanks Efes and Manikin! i've got so many unusual owls now, that i may need to put them together for an owl collection.
  46. thank you Jean. that makes sense!
  47. i think it's to put in a store for donations to a particular cause. it just feels that way to me - and even looks a little familiar.
  48. very beautiful! when was this design developed?
  49. thanks jscotto! i think you are right.
  50. any ideas on what this is for?
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