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Having grown up with family heirlooms surrounding us, I grew to appreciate art is all forms. Hand painted bone china, jewelry, works by Braque, furniture dating backHaving grown up with family heirlooms surrounding us, I grew to appreciate art is all forms. Hand painted bone china, jewelry, works by Braque, furniture dating back to my Great-Grandmother were what kept our winter play time in the basement. : ) Recently, my mother (my profile photo...beautiful, isn't she?) passed away, leaving me with the many, many pieces she had in her home as a child. Though I have limited knowledge of the details, I adore these pieces. Thanks for reading! Have a happy.... :) MamaT (Read more)


  1. Very pretty! Maybe search for "pulled glass"?
  2. Thanks ho2cultcha.. I'll check into that
  3. Beautiful ring! This link may help.... :)
  4. Beautiful swan! :) This might help a little...
  5. Efesgirl - Thankfully it's only crayon. I've walked away from so many treasures because they use marker or crayon on porous surfaces. And, don't get me started on tape! Ugh. :)
  6. Can you post more pics? Maybe one of the bottom?
  7. blunderbuss2 you got my blood moving this morning! Not thinking (coffee is still brewing) I looked up "boll weevil" in google images and almost jumped out of my seat with a screen full of pics of the ...
  8. Hi Gillian - I do love the research! :)
  9. Thank you Efesgirl :0)
  10. Hi jitterbug1126 - Funny you mention a piece with no signature or numbers. I recently found a beautiful bowl in a "junk shop" that does have "orrefors" etched, but that is all. I hope to find more i...
  11. Just a shot in the dark, but try searching Kosta Boda Atoll
  12. First.... WOW! What a beautiful buckle. So, over the years I've had to research 100's of Native American marks / pieces and the one things I've found is the stamp / mark isn't always as clear or obv...
  13. Thanks SO much TallCakes
  14. It looks Turkish. Check for a 555 stamp... if you see one it is a grade of silver.
  15. Pretty piece :) To enhance the marks, if you have Photoshop try changing the image to gray scale and sharpen. Or, go the old fashioned route..... place a piece of paper over it and color lightly wi...
  16. Good eye mrcolorz. I searched again with lapel pins in mind and found "scent pin", "perfume pin", "snuff pin" and "sewing needle case"....the search continues!
  17. My guess is a poison pendant. (Does it have a bale?)
  18. Thanks SO much Efesgirl! The 18 was driving me batty!
  19. It's been a year since I last looked at this piece... I had to take some time off from my obsession. :) So, I'm back to it, again!
  20. Thanks for popping by SEAN68 and swfinluv1 - have a fab night! :)
  21. The design is Hurricane Dot
  22. Sooo..... after another few hours of researching I found the mark! The Fenton F is for the USA mark, the F with a globe is for the international pieces / catalogs. Scroll about half way down the page ...
  23. swfinluv1 - Thanks for bringing the lines to my attention - I took more pics, edited with two different filters to (hopefully) show the "globe" image I mentioned. I've searched for a few days and have...
  24. The part that throws me is the F seems to be against a globe, or something of the sort.
  25. Oh, good-night!! I meant Fenton.... yes, it has been a llooonnnngg day! :) lol Thanks SEAN68
  26. Try the google translator app...worked for a few of my items, though it took a few times. (and laughed my *** off at a few "results") It's a beauty!
  27. Is there anything marked inside the shank? This site is usually a big help to me when identifying my mother's pieces. Enjoy that beauty!
  28. My daughter found it in Laos, she's kicking herself for not bringing home more treasures. She has a fabulous eye for amazing goodies.
  29. Windwalker...Thanks! I can't wait to go back this coming weekend :)
  30. Fabulous find! :) That looks like it could be Orrefors..... possibly a 1000 Windows? Designer Simon Gate, maybe? Check out the 5th picture in this listing, it shows the etched hall mark (which i...
  31. @Elisabethan - Thanks so much for the condolences. Special pieces bring special memories :)
  32. @SEAN68 - Agreed! Even more beautiful in morning light :) @Alan2310 - I just looked at your piece... SO fabulous! To use your words.... I love, love, love your post. I learned a thing or two from ...
  33. Thanks Elisabethan - I really appreciate the info! :)
  34. beautiful! I use this site a lot.....
  35. Sean68 - Thank you :) racer4four - I absolutely agree! :) vetraio50 - Thank you... she is / was a fabulous woman with exquisite taste. Thanks so much for the link! I've been working from PM & M fo...
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