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Having grown up with family heirlooms surrounding us, I grew to appreciate art is all forms. Hand painted bone china, jewelry, works by Braque, furniture dating backHaving grown up with family heirlooms surrounding us, I grew to appreciate art is all forms. Hand painted bone china, jewelry, works by Braque, furniture dating back to my Great-Grandmother were what kept our winter play time in the basement. : ) Recently, my mother (my profile photo...beautiful, isn't she?) passed away, leaving me with the many, many pieces she had in her home as a child. Though I have limited knowledge of the details, I adore these pieces. Thanks for reading! Have a happy.... :) MamaT (Read more)


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Caltagirone Italy Ceramic Partial Dining Set - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Lefton? Salt & Pepper KIKJSUI Japan - Kitchenin Kitchen
Hunters in Hashtags Hand Drawn & Painted Ceramic Mug / Stein  - Potteryin Pottery
Robert Maxwell Critter - Potteryin Pottery
Emerald Green and Gold Aventurine Swirl Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rice Bowl or 4th Grade Art? - Potteryin Pottery
Enamel on Copper Melted Marble 6" Plate - Kitchenin Kitchen
Ewer, Weed Pot, Decanter...?  - Potteryin Pottery
Jean Paul Stevens ? Drink ware Set - Potteryin Pottery
Lefton? Coin Dot? Coin Spot? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Very pretty! Maybe search for "pulled glass"?
  2. Thanks ho2cultcha.. I'll check into that
  3. Beautiful ring! This link may help.... :)
  4. Can you see the letters M L inside? If you can see the letters, try searching potter's marks that way...
  5. Very interesting piece! I'm still learning about maker and potter marks. My first (and most valuable) lesson was to not take any mark, scuff, scratch etc for face value. The mark may be in plain sight...
  6. Beautiful swan! :) This might help a little...
  7. Efesgirl - Thankfully it's only crayon. I've walked away from so many treasures because they use marker or crayon on porous surfaces. And, don't get me started on tape! Ugh. :)
  8. Can you post more pics? Maybe one of the bottom?
  9. blunderbuss2 you got my blood moving this morning! Not thinking (coffee is still brewing) I looked up "boll weevil" in google images and almost jumped out of my seat with a screen full of pics of the ...
  10. Hi Gillian - I do love the research! :)
  11. Thank you Efesgirl :0)
  12. Hi jitterbug1126 - Funny you mention a piece with no signature or numbers. I recently found a beautiful bowl in a "junk shop" that does have "orrefors" etched, but that is all. I hope to find more i...
  13. Just a shot in the dark, but try searching Kosta Boda Atoll
  14. First.... WOW! What a beautiful buckle. So, over the years I've had to research 100's of Native American marks / pieces and the one things I've found is the stamp / mark isn't always as clear or obv...
  15. Thanks SO much TallCakes
  16. It looks Turkish. Check for a 555 stamp... if you see one it is a grade of silver.
  17. Pretty piece :) To enhance the marks, if you have Photoshop try changing the image to gray scale and sharpen. Or, go the old fashioned route..... place a piece of paper over it and color lightly wi...
  18. Good eye mrcolorz. I searched again with lapel pins in mind and found "scent pin", "perfume pin", "snuff pin" and "sewing needle case"....the search continues!
  19. My guess is a poison pendant. (Does it have a bale?)
  20. Thanks SO much Efesgirl! The 18 was driving me batty!
  21. It's been a year since I last looked at this piece... I had to take some time off from my obsession. :) So, I'm back to it, again!
  22. Thanks for popping by SEAN68 and swfinluv1 - have a fab night! :)
  23. The design is Hurricane Dot
  24. Sooo..... after another few hours of researching I found the mark! The Fenton F is for the USA mark, the F with a globe is for the international pieces / catalogs. Scroll about half way down the page ...
  25. swfinluv1 - Thanks for bringing the lines to my attention - I took more pics, edited with two different filters to (hopefully) show the "globe" image I mentioned. I've searched for a few days and have...
  26. The part that throws me is the F seems to be against a globe, or something of the sort.
  27. Oh, good-night!! I meant Fenton.... yes, it has been a llooonnnngg day! :) lol Thanks SEAN68
  28. Try the google translator app...worked for a few of my items, though it took a few times. (and laughed my *** off at a few "results") It's a beauty!
  29. Is there anything marked inside the shank? This site is usually a big help to me when identifying my mother's pieces. Enjoy that beauty!
  30. My daughter found it in Laos, she's kicking herself for not bringing home more treasures. She has a fabulous eye for amazing goodies.
  31. Windwalker...Thanks! I can't wait to go back this coming weekend :)
  32. Fabulous find! :) That looks like it could be Orrefors..... possibly a 1000 Windows? Designer Simon Gate, maybe? Check out the 5th picture in this listing, it shows the etched hall mark (which i...
  33. @Elisabethan - Thanks so much for the condolences. Special pieces bring special memories :)
  34. @SEAN68 - Agreed! Even more beautiful in morning light :) @Alan2310 - I just looked at your piece... SO fabulous! To use your words.... I love, love, love your post. I learned a thing or two from ...
  35. Thanks Elisabethan - I really appreciate the info! :)
  36. beautiful! I use this site a lot.....
  37. Sean68 - Thank you :) racer4four - I absolutely agree! :) vetraio50 - Thank you... she is / was a fabulous woman with exquisite taste. Thanks so much for the link! I've been working from PM & M fo...
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Side By Side Compare Of The Water Pitcher I Found To A Van Daalen Jug Painted(?) brass or bronze mouse figure


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