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Pacific Northwest, USA

Great things here. I'm not a collector or a seller. I have some 60s stuff. I like the craftsmanship of older items, which is rare in products these days. Y'all are Great things here. I'm not a collector or a seller. I have some 60s stuff. I like the craftsmanship of older items, which is rare in products these days. Y'all are so nice. I like the "Unsolved Mysteries" Section here...I like detective work. (Read more)


1960 Era Glass Ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
1960s Green Glass Ashtray. Is this Murano? - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
1960s Red & Clear Glass Ashtray from Italy, Germany or Chicago - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Floraine A.E. Lewis & Co., Sheffield, England Pie & Cake Serving Ware - Kitchenin Kitchen
"Gloria" Grandmother Clock from Germany early 1960s - Clocksin Clocks
Antique SCHUMANN Bavaria LITTLE BO PEEP Alphabet Nursery Rhyme Child's Porringer - Kitchenin Kitchen
German Grandmother Wall Clock 1960s - Clocksin Clocks
Painting 1960s of Odensplatz, Munich Germany - Fine Artin Fine Art
Grandfather Clock 1961 Germany - Clocksin Clocks


  1. A wonderful bowl. Is it an ashtray? Can I Love this twice...?
  2. I don't think there are toys like this today...
  3. Lovely! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Yes, very cool. I'm wondering, did these come with stick-on decals?
  5. Yes, people names are nice for pets. Our latest cat, RIP, was Alfie; hence my username. Your cat sculpture is so nice. I like the way his nose rests on it's leg.
  6. Beautiful cat. So shiny, your reflection is there:) Great story! My brother brought 3 feral kittens home when in high school. Mom kept them, giving them names: Simon, Samson and Delilah.
  7. Great detail, especially the fur pattern.
  8. So Cool !
  9. That's super!
  10. Thanks!
  11. Good #3 ! Where is that at?
  12. Thank you FreshAir, Newfld, jscott, Kwqd, Watchsearcher and AnythingObscure for the Loves & comments!
  13. A wonderful blue! The top: could be birds in flight (or flowers) in the night above the wispy gold-topped blue grass on the base.
  14. The Ocean Star is my favorite!
  15. At casual glance, I thought: 'Yeah, those are ok'. Then, I zoomed-in and, wow...the "tie-dye" is beautiful, like water colors. The greens are rich. I like variety of the layers.
  16. Nice work horse. The Zebra Stripe GP9, I've not seen before. Thanks for the facts! Looks like these two GP9's can tackle any grade.
  17. Appreciate the help :) apostata.
  18. Thanks apostata for the info. I looked up the Seguso brand, which this could be. The bottom has no marks as seen in the second pic above. Ashtrays can be used to hold rings while working in the kitche...
  19. When there is love for something, the defects are not seen. Nice soft colors on this very nice vase.
  20. Thank you Newfld.
  21. I have one of these ashtrays but it is green & smooth. I will post soon.
  22. The hares could be protecting their young from hunters! Great that you found a match. They have lovely glaring expressions. Thanks for posting again.
  23. Wonderful colors in the bowl. The penguin is darling. Is she waiting for you to fill the bowl with bird seed??:)
  24. Can I press the 'Love' button a few more times?
  25. Marvelous! Fantastic color!
  26. What a great piece!
  27. The GP9 does resemble the Union Pacific articulated Big Boy steam locomotive.
  28. Remove the 3 metal arms inside & line it with an inexpensive bowl to turn it into a planter or bird bath! What a great roadside find !
  29. Fantastic!
  30. Clever design for a door stop! As a "doorman", his expression appears to say: "are you friend or foe?" Or, "should I let you in or make you go?" Very nice!
  31. Nice locomotive! Thanks for the historical info. Thanks for pointing out, which I don't know, that: "Engineers were used to steam locomotives and felt more secure driving it backwards." That is intere...
  32. Great craftsmanship! A well thought out design and it's good condition.
  33. Thank you Bruce99 and PhilDMorris for the comments & compliments.
  34. Wouldn't it be tragic.
  35. What a neat find! I love the seat. My bicycle needs a seat like this ! Come to think of it, I haven't seen a child ride a tricycle on sidewalks for about a decade. This is a great reminder how chlidre...
  36. ????HaHa Thanks !
  37. Great bracelet. If it were for sale, I would call dibs.
  38. Great to wear at Easter Service!
  39. Marvelous!
  40. A nice bunny vase to use year around in the kitchen for flowers or long handle kitchen utensils. A few more bunny rabbit themed items in the kitchen (hand towel, salt & pepper holders) would round it ...
  41. He's a character! Cheers!! Looks like he's supposed to be leaning on a glass tumbler or a square bottle of Jack Daniels.
  42. The little wheels underside is genius - perfect for playing on the ground.
  43. Looks like they are equipped with the famous Kadee Magne-matic Couplers.
  44. This is one wise rabbit. You'll never get past without this rabbit's approval. Looks very content in it's surroundings. What a great find.
  45. Maybe a native american fire starter? See:
  46. Lucy, the Irish Wolfhound, is a huge dog! & the vase is even hugerer, which looks to be in really good condition. Cut, tall Sunflowers might look good in there ?
  47. A nice blue color to compliment the colors of cheese & crackers. Chip-free makes it all the better. Summer is coming & you are ready for guests!
  48. Nice find. It looks well built. I like the lining.
  49. Thanks keramikos!! The pitcher has exactly the same artwork! Check this out: Same plate but diff maker mark: Post by fhrjr2 said...
  50. The bowl is a Antique SCHUMANN Bavaria LITTLE BO PEEP Alphabet Nursery Rhyme Child's Porringer as it matches the bowl on the right seen at:
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