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Palm Beach, Florida

I am an avid clock collector and love restoring clock cases and antique furniture


  1. Wow, what an amazing find! The wood of the case appears to be in good condition and would be even more breathtaking with a little more work. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a pendulum rep...
  2. Beautiful clock! Am also looking for a deco style bezel similar to this with the wood showing through... but not much luck!
  3. Beautiful job as always!
  4. Paul, haven’t seen a posting from you in a while, Have you taken a break from clock restoration? You’re truly an artist!
  5. Paul, As always. You breathe life into every clock you touch! Beautiful work!
  6. Gregory, you also have A bachelor chest very similar to mine! Bachelor chests are of English origin from the Georgian period. These were generally smaller pieces of furniture for young men to use t...
  7. Beautiful work again Paul! You have such a gift for restoration!
  8. Have one just like it and love it!
  9. Gorgeous drop dial clock... the movement looks like a work horse!!
  10. What a gorgeous clock... you should really set it up and enjoy the ticking and chimes!
  11. Wow! Gorgeous!!!!
  12. Wow Paul, the wood is awesome on this piece....great job as always
  13. Just beautiful!
  14. Again, fine job!
  15. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!
  16. Never seen anything like this... interesting find!
  17. Looking forward to seeing the beauty you bring out in this one. What kind of chimes does this movement play?
  18. You finished with this clock yet? What are you going to do with all these clocks? Do you sell them after refurbishing them? I can't bear to part with mine... my kids will be inheriting the full lot!
  19. Beautiful Enfield clock!
  20. Another beautiful job Paul!
  21. Another fine job you've done! So glad you took me up on my suggestion to photograph your finished clock in natural light... the grain pops so much better! You do amazing work!
  22. What a stunning piece of furniture!!!
  23. Paul, were you able to save the original veneer or patch with similar grained veneer? The clock turned out very well!
  24. Beautiful work Paul!
  25. Beautiful clock! Is it working?
  26. Ha ha, Florida!
  27. Can't wait to see how this one turns out! Yes, veneer can sometimes be a nightmare when trying to find similar veneer woods to match. Sometimes I've faux painted wood grain to match, of course, you ha...
  28. There's some beautiful grain aching to come out of that piece... just needs some stripping, sending, staining and finishing
  29. What a stunning desk...looks to be from the arts and crafts movement period. The wood is definitely oak and the cut of the wood (quartersawn) results in the grain having flake patterns in it. Especial...
  30. What an amazing job you did with this piece!
  31. Do you have some after pics of your work on these pieces? The inlays and graining will be beautiful when stained no finished!
  32. Yup,can't wait to see what it will look like when your done!
  33. Well Paul, you did it again... you are a gifted artist and bring out the best of whatever you touch! Bryan
  34. It's upside down????
  35. Paul, the clock turned out beautifully. Try to use natural light when posting pics, it really helps to showcase the wood grain better. I love that you use the French polishing technique, I'll have to ...
  36. I have a bedroom set very similar and after some research, found that the style is reflective of manufacture in the 1920's-30's. your friend is lucky to have most of the bedroom set together, this inc...
  37. Looks to be a late 19th century high end table as the veneers are breath taking and the swan figuring gives it an eclectic look. It was probably used as a parlor table, but not as a dining table as th...
  38. This looks to be part of what was probably a full bedroom set...a nightstand in the waterfall deco style widely used in the 1920's-30's. the handle does not look original to the cabinet.
  39. French Art Nouveau chair, most likely made of walnut. Just beautiful!
  40. Please don't paint it. Shabby chic is a fad that will pass and would be a nightmare to strip if someone wanted to bring it back to it's wood grain.
  41. Absolutely gorgeous table!
  42. If you look closely the knob is there and the drawer actually opens so you can store spools of thread
  43. I have a bedroom set very similar that I restored, after some research, I found that it was produced in the 1920's.
  44. Wow, your find is truly amazing... please post pics upon completion!
  45. Your clock is just beautiful!
  46. Paul, I call this the killer clock because of it's wood grain....I have to tell you that it looks like Koa wood (which Has very similar grain characters and "moves when hit different ways by the light)
  47. No large and heavy pieces...
  48. Paul, just started following you on this site because I like the restoration work you do.. had to laugh though when you mentioned you went to clocks because they aren't as heavy as player pianos! My p...
  49. When I decide not to refinish a case, I usually use 0000 steel wool dipped in colored Briwax and buff the finish down, this product really brings out the patina in the wood.
  50. You do beautiful work!
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posted 3 years ago