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I've moved from the restoration of player pianos, to the occasional restoration of clocks and small items of antique furniture. These things aren't as heavy to carryI've moved from the restoration of player pianos, to the occasional restoration of clocks and small items of antique furniture. These things aren't as heavy to carry. My player piano website is still on the go though: There is no buy or sell on my site, just player pianos, workings and histories. While I really appreciate the kind and generous comments regarding my clock restorations, my work is an homage to those tradesmen long ago who; with skill, imagination and expertise, chose the veneers; designed the movements and built these treasures. My work is a pale reflection of their art and if you like my work, then I'm sure these long gone artisans would thank you too. Thank you, Paul. (Read more)


  1. Thanks Alfie. They very carefully selected the veneers for maximum grain pattern impact, usually mirrored. Most are in this style and are Walnut, but you can still find examples in Burr Walnut, White ...
  2. Thanks Alfie. The last picture just up is the case finished with beeswax. Minor imperfections were repaired seamlessly. While it waits for the repair to its platform escapement, to all intents and pur...
  3. It's not easy to find matching hardware from the thousands of different styles out there and the condition in most cases is not worth it unless you're very lucky. An alternative is to buy new, all siz...
  4. Thanks for all your generous comments, much appreciated. There was a substantial amount of luck involved with this restoration, simply having the correct hardware in storage was a major factor. Thinki...
  5. Thanks, Bryan and Bruce.
  6. Thanks, this one turned out very nicely without losing any of its age, if that makes sense. Quite a few replacement parts in the movement, but at 90 years old, no surprise :)
  7. Thanks, Bryan, much appreciated
  8. Thank you, it's better than it was and most important, mechanically sound. I'm very pleased with it
  9. Thank you
  10. Thanks Bryan
  11. BTW I use them as lampstands, they look great with Tiffany lamps.
  12. Thank you all. These would be my favourite pieces. I'm always on the lookout for more, but sadly they are getting more difficult to find, in reasonable condition. I did paint the claws gold, I have a ...
  13. Once I start, I don't seem able to stop. 9 days in total. Thanks, I took a gamble on the deco base by not re veneering it, which works I think. Was a well made clock to begin with and that's half the ...
  14. Thank you very much
  15. Thank you, appreciated
  16. Thank you, always love compliments :) This one did come up nicely, I am happy to have such fine material to work with :)
  17. Thank you, be about 4 weeks I think
  18. Thanks Bryan and Trey. For a relatively cheap clock when made, the veneer really is amazing, great depth and a real glow when french polished. The cabinet, or case, did require a minute amount of re-v...
  19. Thanks Bryan.
  20. Thanks racer4, it was unstained originally so didn't seem right to alter it, other than to remove the old shellac and re-apply. Thank you for your comment.
  21. Thank you Bryan, I know a lot of collectors regard patina as some form of holy grail and that's fine, I just regard it as dirt and tarnish, that hides a much more attractive surface underneath. I'm pl...
  22. A wise move GeodeJem, I wonder where many hands have been when handling money, usually dirtier than public conveniences. Europa were big on novelty clocks, I have a few, whimsy I guess you'd call them...
  23. They are increasingly difficult to find at a reasonable price Bryan. I think it's interesting too, not my usual, but as they say, a change is as good as a holiday
  24. Very very, '50's.
  25. Yes, It's hard to find without severe crazing to the acrylic dome, but not impossible. Europa made cheap but reliable travellers clocks, not so cheap these days.
  26. It is cool. When the light hits the dial it radiates like a sunburst, hence the name I guess. Solid brass too, which is nice.
  27. One of the most impressive long case GF clocks i've ever seen. Just beautiful and though quite ornamental, in no way overdone.
  28. Hi Bryan, this is a triple chime, so it plays; Westminster; Whittington and St. Michaels. Case is veneered with Birdseye Maple, a wood I love, so striking in its gnarled grain. This one is faded so wi...
  29. Yes Bryan, the finished pictures are up. I sell some, keep others. From my personal collection there's enough for all the kids and grand kids.
  30. Thanks Bryan, this one is a large and reliable clock. Came up well in restoration.
  31. Yes, many were bought from a larger manufacturer and re-badged. Some jewelry stores added their own logos to many clocks they sold.
  32. Using traditional methods and materials, the integrity of the case has been restored. Hot hide glue applied to the support struts and veneer base internally, will restore the clarity of the chimes res...
  33. Thanks Bryan, your suggestion is excellent, it shows up so much more detail. Fortunately, the original makers were so skilled, that really I'm simply restoring what was there originally. The choice an...
  34. I believe that this brand was a re-badge manufactured by Jauch. It has some of the characteristics of Jauch, but the Trump brand really exists.
  35. It is a Trump. I can't think where you can look it up, but I've seen this brand and this is one of theirs.
  36. Hi Bryan, no matter what I did, the old veneer was like kindling and broke at the edge of each repair. So I stripped it off, using several different stains, I shellacked an artificial grain into the c...
  37. Yes, they picked some beautiful veneers for this one. The walnut is striking.
  38. Thanks for your generous comments, much appreciated. I have some links to it's quarter chiming on Youtube for those interested: https://you...
  39. Yes it does, I love old woods, veneers etc. They always give you something back for any effort.
  40. Beautiful work.
  41. Extraordinary, you cannot see any trace of the repair. Professional.
  42. Now that's skill :)
  43. It is a British Anvil movement, nicely made.
  44. Someone has attacked the long lever and lifting lever with pliers I guess, from the teeth marks. By re-engineering the long arm and it's two stops, I've managed to get the Westminster; warning and chi...
  45. Thanks jscotto, much appreciated
  46. Everything went well, the movement is repaired, the bezel re-gilded and it chimes on time, last picture will be when I've reassembled it. I'm waiting for a suspension spring, the current spring has a ...
  47. It's a Trump, very nice clock
  48. Thanks Bryan, I have toyed with the idea of painting in a grain. I use clear sanding seal over the stain, then stain the sanding seal, prior to the applications of shellac. I'll have a look at your fu...
  49. Case is done, now the dial and bezel then the movement.
  50. Well, the veneer was a nightmare, lifting and peeling back. Though, easily repaired with a steam iron to reactivate the hide glue that was failing. I have just started the french polishing process, bu...
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