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i love antiques ! and i do genealogy research too [i look for dead people] so my family owned antiques are my favorite treasures


  1. Thanks Scott !
  2. Please please please don't take the rolltop to the sawmill !! Lol
  3. Anything Obscure I found a pencil autograph on a piece of wood ! Repaired by Will W Wharf . June 17 1913 So I researched him he sold pianos & organs in Olney Illinois! I'll keep searching
  4. Anything Obscure Thanks so much !! I'll look into the links ! Nannah
  5. I absolutely will !!!
  6. Hi anything !! I promise I'll do research on it !! Before I do anything Isn't it just fabulous ?? I did find a signed piece of wood inside where someone did a repair dated June 1913
  7. The inside is trashed & would need a full restoration to be used mice have lived in it for what looks like at least 50 years
  8. Thank you trunk man !!
  9. Thank you all very much !
  10. Thank you ! I love working on trunks!
  11. I actually just found the advertisement ! Now I feel like I need to find a forever home for with someone who can bring it back to it's original glory on the inside !!
  12. mcheconi I paid $40 I don't know if that was a good deal or not now I'll be on the lookout for the speaker grill
  13. mcheconi Thank you so much !! It was so beautiful ! I will if anything just seal the finish that's still there
  14. Match made in heaven !
  15. That's what I was thinking also ! I've been looking for something similar but they're all platform rockers
  16. i cant find any hay rakes with the wires connecting the dowels
  17. LoL ! Thank you ! & Not a city girl but never lived on a farm. But everyone I have asked does ! & No one knew what I was !!
  18. Lol ! Thank you very much !
  19. Ok thank you !
  20. Really ? I plucked chickens with my grandparents but it was a big open pot . The small stack on top has me stumped
  21. Thank you so much for your input !! Considering the danger factor, I found a piano tuner to that will remove it !!
  22. Loosening the strings was what I was wondering about that is if I could do it safely I'm using the piano ( or parts of ) to make other things it was in pieces when I got it
  23. Marvin at This Old Trunk has been my go to guru for years ! He's awesome !
  24. Thank you !
  25. I can tell you that your trunk was owned by Charles Emerson Strange Born Aug 26 1865 in Massachusetts Married to first Bertha second Mercy Owner of a machine shop No children
  26. Thank you !
  27. The underside is completely finished it will surely be a puzzle getting to it ! but I like the idea of using mending plates ! Thank you
  28. Don't be sad whoever did the reseatch on myra on ancestry didn't look very far Myra didn't die she & Charles were living in New York in 1870 1880 she's living with her father & son she was still l...
  29. Here they are sitting side by side . has anyone seen one of these ?
  30. if you can send mre your email ill look and see whayt else i can find mine is
  31. they came in 1895 they also had a son Amerigo that was born 1912 in California dont think im weird i do genealogy and sometimes i have to look for someone else besides my people in 1920 michae...
  32. i found this news paper article is this your great great grand parents New York Times June 20 1909 Two Burned in Delaware Fire. WILMINGTON, Del., June 20th!Flames overtaking them as they were en...
  33. do you know if they lived in Delaware ?
  34. oh my gosh does she have any idea how old it might be? i cant find anything to compare it to
  35. thanks ! i think your right i should stay close to home
  36. where? im near st louis
  37. thanks everyone for your comments i love this site im now in thew process of refinishing the piece so it can be used the caning has several holes in it ill post pics when its done
  38. well since my post and after 4 days of researching i found out this is a birthing table as labor progressed the midwife could raise the back to make delivery easier {haha} and the baby would just f...
  39. hi found your trunk looking for info on one im starting to refinish and found this on the air mattress hope it helps a little nannah
  41. can anyone tell me how much this collection might be worth?
  42. this is where i have purchased locks from marvin hes great and can tell you everything you need to know about your trunk happy restoring !!
  43. thank you all very much !! if you decide to make one and turn it vertical remember the lid is heavy and will pull on the hinges i added a leg to the bottom with a caster so the lid will freely slide b...
  44. you sure can ! so much fun working with my trunks
  45. thanks so much !
  46. i know i thought " well that will never happen " it said opening bid 750 buy now 850 but im sorta shocked i cant even find one any where ! nancy
  47. i only paid $25 for it ive been searching the web for 2 days and only found 1 on ebay for $850.00
  48. well ive been doing alot of looking for the artist and found her living in st louis mo in 1910 on the census her occupation is artist [an illistrator for the globe democrat news paper] she married a...
  49. priceless!!! i do genealogy and wish i could find family pics like this for every one i do a tree for
  50. yes but the hardware is painted with a silver paint
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