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I love vintage/antiques: Pottery (I have a collection of Roseville, Yellow ware bowls) Jewelry (art deco) favorite Fine Jewelry ( I have a number of pieces) FurnI love vintage/antiques: Pottery (I have a collection of Roseville, Yellow ware bowls) Jewelry (art deco) favorite Fine Jewelry ( I have a number of pieces) Furniture ( I have several pieces) Art Perfume bottles ( I have a large collection) China (I have several different vintage patterns) Vintage Handbags (I have numerous) (Read more)


  1. Wow ! Love it!
  2. Hedgewalker, thank you for your comment !
  3. WOW !!!!!!!!!
  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment !
  5. Beautiful !
  6. Hedgewalker, I love all your items ! I will have to come hang around you !
  7. Thank you for sharing, Im a collector as well ! Your right, finding a authentic hatpin isnt easy ! Ive experience that !
  8. someone has emailed me stating this maybe a binacular bag ! any comments ?
  9. Thanks so much for posting your green stamp sign ! I remember back in the day when mom and I would collect stamps, paste the stamps in our stamp book, then when you have so many books you could then...
  10. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I do have a history of all seven, actually three more children were born after 1920, when I believe this picture was taken. I grew up around my great-grandmother and...
  11. Thank you so much for your comment ! You are correct, It is priceless, Im glad I have this picture. I should post a picture of my great-grandmother and her children, my grandmother is sitting on her ...
  12. Oh, really, how so ? what are your thoughts ?
  13. Ok, I will keep looking :(
  14. I still havent been able to locate any information for G. Bison, and any similar handbags etc., I only see Bison maker of handbags/purses, nothing similar to the one I posted earlier. Any other leads,...
  15. AR8Jason: OMG ! Thank you so much ! I will look !
  16. Under the flap, two small compartments, then one large compartment, then a zipper compartment in the back of the bag. The inside is leather, looks like new leather. The outside of this bag look worn a...
  17. thriftfan, do you know what kind/type of handbag this is ?
  18. Pretty, I love it !
  19. WOW ! love it !
  20. Thank you for this site information. Its a wonderful web article. I have several DeVilbiss, I should post them ! DeVilbiss are beautiful pieces.
  21. I have two similar tables ( I call them end tables) I dont know the maker, style etc. If someone can help us identify these tables, we would appreciate it ?
  22. I cannot help you sorry ! But it is really a beautiful cabinet ! I love it !
  23. I love It !!!!!!
  24. Wow ! I love it !
  25. Yes, she was fabulous !
  26. Thank you so much for the information/instructions.
  27. Wow ! wonderful !
  28. I found one of these postcards on Ebay !
  29. Im with you on that one !
  30. I hope these hat were not discarded ? They are beautiful !
  31. I dont know the origin and date but I can tell you, I love it !
  32. what is the best way to store vintage jewelry ? I see you have some type of trays ? Thank you.
  33. Does not look like many handbag collectors are posting here on show & tell ? where is everyone ??????
  34. Wow, very pretty ! Let us know if it is real gold ?
  35. Awesome, great, never knew a person could collect this much !
  36. Very nice !
  37. Wow ! I hope you got some type of information on your research ?
  38. I love it ! Can I borrow this coming winter ?
  39. Wonderful, awesome, historical, amazingly beautiful ! I love it !
  40. Today Ive been carring my vtg soure bag ! Getting alot of compliments ! I love my vtg handbags !
  41. very, very pretty ! Thanks for sharing !
  42. Wow ! Thank you so very much for your research !
  43. This weekend I went out of town, and got alot of compliments on my vtg lewis bag ! WOW ! It is pretty and durable ! holds alot of stuff !
  44. Thanks so much for sharing with us !
  45. what is the value of this piece ? Thank you !
  46. This piece does not open, it seems to be stuck on ? can it be opened ? or will it break ? What is it worth ?
  47. I have one of these, I purchased for my daughter in 1996 or 97 ! Not sure I still have the box, but the doll is in good condition, I never let my daughter play with her ! How much is she worth ?
  48. I love Enid Collins as well ! Really a great find ! Congrats !
  49. Thanks everyone for all the love !
  50. A lovely find ! I have one yellow brooch made of this material ! Thanks for sharing !
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