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  1. I haven't looked into the value of this coin. I don't believe it would have any value since it is plastic (at least mine is). It is most definitely a conversation piece. Nice choice.
  2. Thanks lonewolf! I must say this love for vintage things is pretty new to me. I got into all this stuff this summer. I got really excited though when I was talking to my dad and he whipped out these c...
  3. Thanks for commenting on this ring. My mom had all this jewelry but I occasionally wear the necklaces. I don't think I will ever give this jewelry up. It would be awesome to keep passing it down. Good...
  4. Thanks for all that information! I don't normally know the differences between the buffalo and the bison but now I can be correct when I talk about. Is the modeled head a mix of all three chiefs o...
  5. This stone is beautiful, I don't think I have every seen any diamond like that before. Of course I love to see engagement rings! :)
  6. This is an amazing piece! Thanks for showing this to everyone.
  7. Thanks for appreciating this ring I posted! It is amazing how so many styles come back to life. I am very fortunate to already own an original instead of having to go out and by something fake!
  8. I have no idea how much this is worth. You should check the US Coins pages here on collectors weekly. It will give you the ebay listings for this stuff too. Good Luck!!
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