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Product and Marketing at I am into vintage fashion and furniture....and all this other stuff I discover every day!


  1. love the first one!
  2. Sorry for the bad link... eeeeek! Here it is:
  3. Thanks to Todd at Neato Coolville for solving this mystery! He tweeted to us "That's the head from a Happy Hotpoint doll made by Cameo. He was the mascot for Hotpoint appliances. http://www.antiquesim...
  4. @mediamarketeer, we posted your scissors on facebook, and have gotten quite a few responses. check out the thread here:
  5. Thanks Bellin :)
  6. very nice!
  7. Nothing beats Lake Michigan...especially in the summer! I miss it!
  8. Very similar to one of Judith Miller's fave pieces that was picked out for her by her son! See pic in our interview here:
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