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I've always been a jewelry collector, since my grandma had the best jewelry box! I've been an optician. Now I call myself a treasure hunter. I love vintage clotheI've always been a jewelry collector, since my grandma had the best jewelry box! I've been an optician. Now I call myself a treasure hunter. I love vintage clothes. Having fun always on the hunt, and keeping my favorites. (Read more)


  1. Hi MorenoMiami, the last couple of posts were to look into the RISD, Rhode island school of design, Kensington and Edward Bannister. But my research didn’t come up with any certainty on the origins o...
  2. Thanks JOEinSTLOUIS, I checked out your show and tell and it is up, it is a great frame. If you like the painting enough there are a lot of artists that could fix the paint loss. Regards,
  3. Thanks for the lead johncobb! I googled Kensington art school in that time frame and there were a few artist doing portraits like mine. A few years ago I was in the park across from the school. But...
  4. Hi Dizzydave, I have not taken the frame apart. If I get super brave I might though. I will check and see on contacting RISD as you suggest. When I searched the label I haven't found any artists t...
  5. Thanks Matisse, I will try that!
  6. Thanks, DrFluffy. :-)
  7. Thank you for all your comments. The center stone when you use a loupe, has some cracks in the coat and it appears to be white clay or pottery beneath. So I don't think it is, but I can have my fri...
  8. Thanks, gardinerth!
  9. Thanks tom61375! :-)
  10. Love the marcasite enamel pin in last photo! It is awesome!
  11. Wow, how did you know? You are right!
  12. Thanks for your thoughts fhrjr2, just found this on the internet, the red ones by Burt are not first editions either......"A. L. Burt. Primarily a reprint publisher, but published the first U.S. edi...
  13. Wow! You are right! Thanks, sarahoff and dasullywon you all know your pottery!
  14. Thanks Mary H. I will check that out. I live near Colorado Springs so You might be right.. I thought they always marked there wares. Maybe they didn't.
  15. Thanks NJL, I will have to check that out!
  16. Thanks Paul! I was hoping you would see this post. :-)
  17. I don't know if the man was trying to rip me off. But it did seem he was not very knowledgeable about the value of Fahrner's. I only sold him two pieces of jewelry and he paid full scrap value for t...
  18. Hi lr44, sorry I missed your message to me 5 months ago, I don't think I ever actually got it. Today I was checking out images on fahrners and saw your bracelet. So. The "original Fahrner" mark th...
  19. Cool! Thanks Paul for all the info! I wonder if they still have the bowl? When they have their next sale I will have to ask. :-)
  20. Thanks TallCakes! Love your glass show and tells!
  21. Thanks AmberRose! And thanks for the love its too!
  22. Thanks miKKo!
  23. Awesome necklace! Crazy jealous! There was one on eBay a few months ago similar to yours, just didnt bid high enough. I' ll find one eventually!
  24. Thanks for the advice!
  25. Hi ar8jason! The winder won't budge to wind it up. When I got it the man said his mom had put it in the basement to have it eventually fixed. And it sat there forever since.
  26. Thanks! Thisoldwatch for trying to find something about it. The only other thing I know about the clock is the owner was an aviator in WW2. I will check out petite 1 & 2.
  27. Thanks Agram.m! You have the best jewelry!!! I am only trying to keep up with you! ;-)
  28. I have an eBay store. This necklace wasn't mine, my friend said she needed the money (House was in default) and she never wore the necklace. I tried to talk her out of selling it because she would ...
  29. I agree!
  30. Sorry, It was Tulsa, not Tampa.
  31. Good Morning! A similar crock was on the Antiques Road Show last night in Tampa, as an end of the day crock. I like yours better! ;-)
  32. Since Maltamary gave me the correct identification of what this ring is called I was able to find more info. These rings became popular in the west in the 1940's when US Servicemen were in Thailand, ...
  33. What a great surprise!
  34. Thanks maltamary! Do you have any idea on age?
  35. Hi Patty, there was one similar to this posted on show and tell one year ago,little red riding hood lunch box and many collectors have made posts on that one. You can find it easily by looking at t...
  36. Hi! I definitely think this is a flower frog. Are you sure she is a mermaid? Not a nymph.
  37. I would give this one a vote ... awesome!
  38. Very nice lamp! Can you see any marking on it? I would suggest checking around the top and bottom of the swirled brass, and also the back of the base. Let me know what you find! If you see somethi...
  39. Hi vintage! You found some nice items. A lot more than I did last week! Good luck on the job hunt!
  40. Hi! I would put it on a lamp that is called a torchiere. The smaller tube shape would fit into the socket. The larger part of the shade would be up. You didn't mention the size though, so depend...
  41. Hi Stonesfan1, I asked my dad what the engine was, he sad it was a manual transmission with a high performance 302 ( "it was fast as well as loud"). He replaced that engine with a 289 and took out ...
  42. Hi Lucy, Do you know who made her? Are there any kind of marks? A lot of them are unmarked so its ok if it isn't. Can you put her on Show & Tell? If you can figure these things out you can get ...
  43. Awesome Matisse copper bracelet!
  44. Hi, I have a bunny that may be similar, the eyes feel like leather buttons and has a similar stitched face, on mine the clothe tag is in the ear (check to see if there is something on yours that may...
  45. I want one! Really pretty, great color in the stone.
  46. She is Beautiful!
  47. Very Nice! This is a great pin cushion doll, especially because she is complete with her cushion. I have one similar and she is from Germany and has a number written on her lower back.
  48. Hi James, I have a pair of chairs similar to this one, pressed back with spindles, but a cane seat. The wood has been refinished and the seats are new cane. Do you have any idea what the value is f...
  49. I went ahead and added my dad's mustangs. They have been put to bed for the winter. The red one on top is the original one! The blue one below is the convertible.
  50. The last time I was trying to figure out if something was real ivory I googled, Scrimshaw. Real antique Scrimshaw pieces are made of Ivory, but can be made of different items, bone, plastic/resin. P...
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