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  1. Bernadette, Thank you for the info. I have located the serial number, but I had no idea what to do with it. Unlike Singer, there are no data bases available.
  2. Have been in touch with Skinner, Inc an auction house. Will be meeting with a representative within the next two weeks. Looking to properly identify the violin and it's authenticity.
  3. Cormoran1925 Thank you for info.
  4. Are we talking a single "J" Because the site below and the Singer site both show single "J" listing. And the Singer site shows JA, JB, JC, JD and JE.
  5. Updated information. It's a 1924 model made in Cleveland, Ohio
  6. Have you gotten all the information you needed? The link below is directly to Singer and provides info. on all their model numbers.
  7. Thanks all for info. provided. Still unable to determine authenticity.
  8. Picked up one of these Featherweights model 221 date 1921 at a huge flea market back in April of 2014. My wife had always wanted one, so needless to say, she now has one. After a little refurbishing,...
  9. I've got one of these. It had been my fathers and will someday belong to one of my sons.
  10. Back in the 50's, mom used to call us home for lunch with one of these.
  11. You've got a nice looking machine. I started collecting and refurbishing Singer Treadles about 6 months ago. The first one I did was a 1910 model 66 Redeye. I've since picked up a 1909 model 66, a 1...
  12. Your machine is very nice, you are very lucky to have received it throught your family. I had no family who sewed, so I started collecting and refurbishing about 6 months ago.
  13. Beautiful piece. I've got a Singer 1909, 1910, 1919, 1949 and White Rotary (year unknow at this time).
  14. The manufature number front far right is all you need. Go to the following Singer Site to find alll the info. you need. There is no model number shown or printed on the machine. All you will find is ...
  15. I had one which had belonged to my father. Resently gave it to my oldest son, as he is an avid fisherman. The serated blade with the pronged end is for fishing. I remember my father usung it when I wa...
  16. Beautiful Time Piece.
  17. Great find! I believe I've still got several of these which were my son's from when they were growing up in the 80's.
  18. How do I know if it's made of Silver?
  19. You are a very lucky person. What a beautiful find.
  20. I also agree that an antiques value is in the fact that it is an intact antique. To intentionally destroy an antique is shameful. My first refurbish was a 1910 Singer Model 66 Redeye. I have since p...
  21. Very interesting information. I remember the ones without the card board caps being used in restaurants. I don't remember card board caps except on the milk bottles which were delivered to my house by...
  22. FanciGirl, Thanks in advance for anything you find.
  23. Thanks to all for helping to id this item. I do seem to recall seeing this at a restaurant my mom worked in back in the 50's and maybe 60's.
  24. Gotta remember, the best thing we've got is the good memories.
  25. I've got a lot of my Mom's, Dad's, Great Uncle's and a little of one Grandmother's stuff. The problem is, what's going to happen to it when I'm gone. I have two son's in their 30's but neither of them...
  26. That would be my Great Uncle. He was in the Army Air Corp during the Great War.
  27. Appreciate all input. I only have the one and I have fond memories of my dad playing it.
  28. Jacko66, Thanks for the info. I'll make an adjustment to my post.
  29. Aghcollect, Thanks for the info.
  30. Fhrjr2, that you mention it, it does.
  31. I've seen all four versions referred to on the net. I guess at this point, we can take our pick. Just wish I could play it.
  32. I really don't know where they came from. They were in the box and both my father and my Great Uncle are from the Northeast.
  33. AzTom, Ah, thank you so much. My Great Uncle was a Mason.
  34. As my father was in the Navy during the war, I suppose he could have used it then. Although he was a Radio Man not a navigator. He did however have a boat and did chart course on maps. Thank you all ...
  35. I'll post more pictures. Thanks for whatever you can add.
  36. The one I have measures 7" total length x 1 3/8" wide (Blade). It appears to be a novelty item rather than an actual tool.
  37. I've only touched the tip of the stuff I've got to look at and identify. I got a complete coin collection and many military items also.
  38. Thanks for all the info.
  39. The majority of the items I've recently posted were in a box of keepsakes which was my fathers. Inside the box I also found items with had belonged to my fathers Great Uncle. In some cases,...
  40. We are from the Northeast. I'd say either Massachusetts or Connecticut.
  41. Thank you for you input. Do you know how much of the provided info. I can use to change the info. Which I've provided?
  42. I've seen a bunch via Google. They seem to vary in etching designs but did see one pictured which did not have initials.
  43. My wife grew up in Italy. She told me that this was an immage in a painting which she has seen. I have not been able to find another one like this. My guess is, when my father was stationed in Italy ...
  44. Aghcollect, thanks for the info. i haven't tried cleaning any of the items I've found. To busy photographing, researching and posting here.
  45. delete commentMercer50 Mercer50, Just now Recently pickup two more Singer's. One is a 1909 Treadle and the other is a 1949 electric model. Both are in need of some tender loving care. With winter jus...
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