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  1. Thank you JImam
  2. Thanks for your comment scottvez
  3. Bch4205, my apologies for not responding sooner, but I was in a car accident 3 years ago and it paralyzed me waist down. I'm on so many meds for my back pain and nerve pain and jolts from my waist dow...
  4. Bernadette & mercer50, my apologies for not responding sooner and not thanking you sooner. But I was in a car accident in 2014, and it paralyzed me waist down (& I'm on so much medication for the nerv...
  5. Sexymermaid58, I don't know anything other than what I put on here. If you have found out anymore than I put, please let me know. I truly appreciate it. Thx
  6. I'd never shoot u :) but u need to tell me where we will be so I can head that way. Thx
  7. I'm sure that'd be fun, am I invited George? Thx. Ginger
  8. Thx for the comment Antiquerose, that's cute: one ringie a dingie. Haha. Im so glad it does work. Haha
  9. I just posted a photo without the flowers on the scales and one photo of the top piece on backside. I believe that's where the markings are on urs Antiquerose. If I'm at the wrong place, plz let me k...
  10. It was introduced in 1933 then several changes until 1953. So I'm going to need to have a look-see at the badge on front etc etc to find out which one it may be. 221K or 222K :)
  11. If I remember correctly the dating is in the 30s or 40s. I need to check it out again haha. I slept after checking the site so I forgot alittle. Haha
  12. Haha. Y'all are funny :) I don't doubt the government took all I looked at the top of my scales and there wasn't any markings there. I took some pictures, so I'll post one on my CW site of scal...
  13. alot of Loves to say thanks for. So, I want to Thank All... :)
  14. wow, alot to thanks for all the loves. So I'll just say Thank You to all :)
  15. thx for the love, Val & Vet
  16. thx for the love Geo
  17. thanks Roy & Vet for the loves
  18. with an egyptian type plate on the front/side
  19. racer, from what i can tell from the bottom site, it is a 222K
  20. thx for the loves Blunder, Geo & Racer & Racer, thanks for your comment, I'll look at it asap
  21. Blunder. Nope. No markings on mine. Not identical just similar. I either post the pics on here and remove some of others or if u send email, I can send to u
  22. Thx Agh, Nuts, Geo & Blunder for the loves and Blunder for the comment. Blunder, the flowers aren't part of the scale. I had to take them off to clean dust off the flowers and I cleaned the crysta...
  23. Thx Valentino, Phil & Racer for the loves. Racer, the Health-o-meter didn't make me any healthier haha. I have a ton of back problems with the back implant (Spinal Cord Stimulator) that quit wor...
  24. Very very nice. I will look at top of mine once I go into the living room and I'll let u know of mine has similar markings. Thank you :)
  25. Thx Blunder & Kerry for the love. Agh, u are so funny :) but ur definitely not a fossil ;)
  26. Thx for the love Nuts
  27. Can anyone give me some info on this radio?
  28. thanks for loving this radio Geo, Nuts & Packrat :)
  29. Thank you for loving this sewing machine Agh & Vetraio. y'all wouldn't happen to know anything about it, would u?
  30. thx. She must have just thought it was old :) Thx for the love Agh and the like Ttom
  31. It is Beautiful... No question about it :) I love antique/vintage items, but wouldn't be able to tell you how to identify it. I'm sure Aghcollect may know, he has helped me with alot of my items......
  32. I hope and pray y'all get some info. My father in law was in WWII, but he past a few years ago. I can remember bits of him telling me of his times while there. My son completed a report for school ...
  33. Very nice
  34. Beautiful post card
  35. thx for the comment and the love Kerry and thx for the loves Verraio, Agh, Geo & Roy
  36. I've researched it and believe it to be Model# C1348 philco 1955 , but first introduced in 1954. Under the radio it has a tag that says Part#10949 & Cab Insp 190-302 Thank you for loving our r...
  37. I'll sure come through with that promise, haha.. But then after I finish this gumball machine, by cleaning and filling it up, then I'll have to get back on the Antique Cultivator in my front yard. I...
  38. I sure will Sean. But I've been busy lately with other things, so I'll try to get the containers cleaned up this weekend :) and I will post a picture as soon as I get enough candy to fill them. hahaa
  39. thank you Manikin & Nuts for the love, and for the sweet comment Nuts
  40. Thx for the love AGH
  41. Thank you Sean for the comment and love for this item. And also thx Geo for the love. Sean, that's right. Now I need to put some candy in it haha. First I'd need to do a real good job of cleaning ...
  42. very nice antique phone :)
  43. such wonderful detail you have done to this phone :)
  44. very nice restoration work :)
  45. the coffee pot is Beautiful :)
  46. Thanks for the comment and the love ROCKER. I figure the scale is from 36-40's. close enough estimate for me. y'all are great :) As Agh mentioned in his email to me earlier, for me to just measur...
  47. Thanks so much AGH. U r great!!
  48. Thank u FORTAPACHE & VALENTINO for checking out and loving this scale. I wonder if y'all would know the approx year this type scale was made??? Thx. Ginger
  49. I have changed the first picture bc i sanded some of the rust down, i still have a lot more to do to it. Do y'all know the approx year this type Health-o-meter was brought out?
  50. Thanks TTOM for loving the scale
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1960s Southern Pacific Cab Forward Locomotive Drawing


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