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I like to collect comic character watches and diecast model cars.


  1. Congrats on this rare piece! I need one too but will be extremely difficult to find another :-(
  2. Super cute piece!
  3. Thanks very much Kerry for your input! As you have the full collection, do you know how many different versions were produce by US Time between 1950 - 1968 that were signed Ingersoll.
  4. Hi dhhirsch, you are absolute correct. The watches you referred to were reissued in 1952 with a stand-up paper Mickey & in 1958 packaged in a porcelain or plastic statue respectively. I suspect they w...
  5. Hi dhhirsch, Ingersoll did became US Times, which became Timex. I could be wrong but my understanding is that Ingersoll stopped signing their name on the dial from the year 1950 onwards. Any watches p...
  6. Hi dhhirsch, the watch referred to in the Complete Price Guide to Watches is an Ingersoll and I am not aware that the watch company have made any lapel Mickey Mouse watches since the 30s. Hence most l...
  7. Japanese.airguns - Please by all means share the photos on other platforms.
  8. Thank you Louis for visiting and you kind comments. The pistol still shoots pretty well despite it's age. The green box is the original case for the Titan silencer which is placed next to the box in t...
  9. Thank you for the update. I am wondering if wandlessfairys‘ watch is also a fantasy piece!
  10. @ vonsboy - wandlessfairys has a very impressive collection. The 35 mm watch posted is identical to yours so most likely it was a production piece rather than a prototype but very few sold.
  11. Perhaps you can try contact R.H. Farber who wrote the book 'Time to Rewind - A Guild To Collecting Disneyana Ingersoll Wrist Watch 1933 - 1939'. This book is the best one I have come across albeit ...
  12. The car is a pre 1983 US Spec (protruding front bumper) 308 GTB (non QV as the QV model will have louvers on the front bonnet).
  13. @ vonsboy - I never knew a 35 mm English wristwatch existed ... until I saw your recent post! I do have Heide & Gilman's book but I find it rather general as it tries to cover 70+ years therefore did...
  14. Hi vonsboy, your observation regarding the Black Label box being exclusively for the wristwatch only and not for the corresponding pocket watch is indeed very interesting. Hopefully a collector somewh...
  15. Hi vonsboy, congratulations on locating an extremely rare large size 34 English Mickey WW and thank you very much for sharing (1st time I have seen one)! I have a couple of queries :- 1. Has the ...
  16. Thank you Kingpin61 for stopping by. The leather band for the 33 Mickey watch is actually rather difficult to find, perhaps even harder than the watch itself. It took me over 2 years searching on eBay...
  17. Hi vonsboy, I have just contacted Kerry and he will email you directly as he knows a great deal more about movements than I do. He should be able to identify the correct donor timepiece to get for you...
  18. Hello vonsboy, thanks for visiting! The English Mickey watches have UMF/Ruhla movements. I guess you can probable find a donor watch from eBay of the same ligne and period for the parts or just simpl...
  19. Thank you vonsboy! Kerry introduced me to vintage character clocks and I now have collected 5 clocks.
  20. Thank you mainspring!
  21. Thank you mainspring for your nice comment! Much appreciated!
  22. Awesome ! :-)
  23. Welcome to the club! :-)))
  24. Hello vonsboy, sorry for the late reply as I have limited wifi at some remote holiday place in Spain. I actually have 2 black label boxes (the second one not as good condition which I bought it togeth...
  25. Thank you Dashiell for the information! I know this is a pocket watch conversation due to the size of the watch at 50mm. I bought it because I like the graphics on the dial. :-)
  26. Hello vonsboy, have you tried (not There are good ones available occasionally from USA. Also, try
  27. Kerry, get me one please! lol
  28. Hello snowdrop68, the band on my watch is a aftermarket replacement. Your band is probably the original since is new in a box!
  29. Thanks very much FanciGirl! Much appreciated for your stopping over and comments!
  30. Thank you Sean, VV & ttomtucker!
  31. Thank you DisneyCollector2 for visiting! I believe Kerry has answered your queries and welcome to CW!
  32. Very nice piece and welcome to CW! Look forward to seeing more watches in your collection in the future. George
  33. Thank you Macquid for hitting the love and your kind comments. Will you be able to post your watch CW?
  34. A very happy and prosperous 2015 for you too Virginia!
  35. Thank you Roy! Best wishes to you in the year 2015!
  36. Thank you VV! :-)
  37. Thank you Jewels! :-)
  38. Thank you Jewels! :-)
  39. Thank you Roy & moowoo12! Much appreciated!
  40. Thank you moowoo12! :-)
  41. Thank you moowoo12! :-)
  42. Thank you FanciGirl & moowoo12! Very much appreciated!
  43. Thank you jewels!:-)
  44. Thank you Vintagefran, windwalker & ttomtucker! Very much appreciated! :-) Thanks for the link Vintagefran, its the same car!
  45. Thank you Vintagefran & ttomtucker! Very much appreciated! :-)
  46. Thank you Vintagefran & ttomtucker! Very much appreciated! :-)
  47. Thanks very much Jewels! :-)
  48. Thank you riverruntsspookyguy! Much appreciated! :-)
  49. Thanks very much Fancigirl! :-)
  50. Thanks very much Jewels & Anil! :-)
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1947  Mickey Mouse Watch


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