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I am 45 years old. I like to visit my local flea market in search of unusual glass and Fenton glass. I am not a seller, i just like to collect odd glass and see whatI am 45 years old. I like to visit my local flea market in search of unusual glass and Fenton glass. I am not a seller, i just like to collect odd glass and see what it's worth compared to what I paid. (Read more)


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Vintage Picture...can anyone help me identify? 
FORMIA vetri DI MURANO GLASS swan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue Glass Elephant - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art glass "cactus" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lorraine, Canada Art Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
vaseline glass sugar bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
is this Vaseline glass? - Glasswarein Glassware
Murano hand painted vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Clear blue floral plate - Glasswarein Glassware
Floral decal plate - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thanks again! :-)
  2. A guy was setting up, and I asked how much did he want. He said it wasn't his that he was just setting up for some lady. He said she would be there soon, so i walked around and came back...and no lady...
  3. I paid $10 for it...and the lady had to give me a canvas bag to carry it!
  4. This has a odd green hue to it. It's clear, but has a greenish tint to it. There are no markings.
  5. Is it like a ball? Completely round?
  6. I have seen an Aqua one here at the flea market, only in frosted glass...whatever you call that, not clear
  7. Solved my own mystery! Mikasa Germany glass
  8. This to me, is a wonderful personal keepsake. Because it's something my grandmother did, and it took years for us to discover she had put two pieces together!
  9. Thank you again Paul!
  10. Thank you Paul!
  11. Thank you! based on your information i did find it on Ebay and several other sites. it is part of a "button" line. I even found pieces in a lime green color! My piece is worth about $20, but I'm keepi...
  12. Thanks again Tallcakes! You are right again!
  13. I did see the Viking Epic line, and the difference is that line was plain, mine has a circular pattern to it at the bottom
  14. Thank you again!
  15. What should i use or should i remove the decal?
  16. This piece is absolutely beautiful! makes me think of a sun! thanks for sharing!
  17. This one is plain Thank you again Paul!
  18. I will climb up and get it and post it this week. There is a large air duct that goes around my apartment. I put white Christmas lights up there against the wall and I have the glass around my place o...
  19. Thanks to your Tiffin lead, I was able to solve another piece I own that i didn't post yet. It's a clear trophy vase and here is a link to a blue one i found on Ebay just like mine except for the colo...
  20. what is the name of this peice
  21. Help? lol
  22. It's a heavy one! And big!
  23. We wouldn't know what we own if it weren't fror Paul, Tallcakes, and Hedgewalker
  24. Thank you again!
  25. One never knows at a flea market because some vendors will say anything to sell you something. Thank you for your information!
  26. Thank you again!
  27. Thank you both Tallcakes and Paul71! :-)
  28. This discussion is amusing. Can you imagine! What if there were beefcake salt and pepper shakers? I'd be so flustered I know what would come out of my mouth by accident :"Could you please pass the s...
  29. I can't remember what I paid for this. It wasn't more than $5. The pink one I saw was $15. Thank you again for your homework!
  30. This is really, really beautiful!
  31. I placed this under the black light light bulb, and it glows. Does that mean anything besides it glows? lol
  32. I accidentally dropped this this weekend! You probably heard me yell all over the USA...but, low and behold, it didn't break!
  33. I inspected my piece and there is not a logo or any kind of stamp on it. It is a dark teal green. Thank you all for looking and trying to solve it
  34. Ok...I am getting confused by what is Vaseline and Uranium. Would I be correct in thinking it's Vaseline if the color looks like Vaseline the product? I have seen some that looks like green Vaseline. ...
  35. Yes, you are right! It's very hard to see, but it does say NuCut
  36. Thank you for your information! I do know that it's one of my favorite pieces i own...i just had no idea anything about it!
  37. Thank you both for your information!
  38. Thank you for your information and advice!
  39. Haha! Gotcha! lol
  40. It's a YES! lol
  41. too me a day to realize how much you meant lol...I'll trade my orange one for your Vaseline one lol
  42. I had no idea that this type of glass existed until this past week. I had heard of Vaseline glass, but i didn't know what it was. Now, seeing your post, I am aware of other possible names. Your collec...
  43. $6? lol
  44. This is beautiful! I find it amazing how our ancestors made such beautiful, amazing furniture and glass and how it stood the test of time. Now days you're lucky if you buy something new, it looks just...
  45. yes, if you have time to post a picture! That would be so cool! I see you post alot and reply to alot of people and their questions. I think that is a very nice thing for you to do to help people u...
  46. Thank you! I like it because it's different! I think I got a real deal at $3! Thank you for your research!
  47. Thank you very much!
  48. haha who would have thought! someone posted a video of the clock on YouTube!
  49. Plus...i just found a printed advertisement paper for it on ebay
  50. This is a quote from Worthopedia "This is a wonderful retro vintage 1950s fish electric clock. Back is marked Sessions Patented in the USA 242 The Sessions Clock Company Cat 8 - T No. M - 6 LL - 111...
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