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  1. So, after posting this 3 solid years ago.... I finally have this mystery solved :) The necklace is actually Neiger Brothers Czech Glass!!! Who would have ever known??? Thank you all for your input :)
  2. Beautiful!
  3. Beautiful!
  4. OMG Olofz!! Thank you for deciphering that marks... I would have never seen "crossed keys"! Brilliant! Thank you!!
  5. Wow! That is a beautiful set!! Looks like ivory to me... but unless you hold something in your hands you really can't say. The coloring looks right though.
  6. Hi Valentino. Thanks again!! I was thinking the 1950's. Anyway, I was pretty sure the clear stones were glass, but it was the white ones that were putting me off. Thanks so much for always getting to ...
  7. Thanks again Valentino. What era do you think they are from? Do you think they are in the past 20 years?
  8. Thanks again Valentino.. just as I thought but I always like confirmation : )
  9. Ahhhh Valentino... could be lava : ) Thank you. I will research that now.... Thanks alot : ) for more research lol And I am not familiar with Pier One jewelry or Cost Plus. Pam
  10. Took me a while to get back on the site... Thanks for the Loves.... And Thank you davyd286 for the info!
  11. Does anyone know where I can start to figure out what era this necklace came from? Any research websites? I have tried but have been unsuccessful : (
  12. Thanks Valentino : ) I love the color too!
  13. Thank you Newtimes! Always good to know what'cha got : )
  14. I got it! Unbelievably... It's Talbots.... uhhhgggg
  15. Yes, it is the designers tag. I just would love to know who????
  16. I just saw your comment on my posting and had to come over and take a peek at yours! And yes, they are very similar! I was unable to read the mark on mine, but am now convinced it also is signed "Czec...
  17. Thanks Fluff for your input. I forgot to mention these are unsigned. They are really gorgeous and I think I may have them converted to pierce so I can wear them : ) The center stone is really what...
  18. Wow Toracat! It would scare me outta my wits LOL I tried to look at the pictures, but I can't see the images clear enough. Call a Priest : ) Anyway, I love Boat, ocean, ...paintings!
  19. This is a beautiful set! I have never seen seed pearls outline a piece of jewely in this fashion... Pretty unique : )
  20. It is beautiful! I agree, it does look to good to be Avon. I also have quite a few pieces marked NR, but are way to nice to be Avon : ) Also, like yours... mine are not signed by Avon, but just NR. So...
  21. Oh My Gosh... I thought it was a chair too!! LOL I am so glad to have been curious enough to click and find out it wasn't LOL
  22. Thank you Sean68. You are the sweetest : )
  23. Thank you davyd. I did think this, but was second guessing......
  24. I love old metal chairs. I have two that are probably from the early '20's-'30s. The are the more ornate kind. They have had many coats of paint, but are steady as a rock!
  25. Love them all!!
  26. WOW!! I would display it in a minute...Wish it were mine : ) LOVE LOVE !!
  27. Looks like a fire opal to me... Super beautiful!
  28. They are amazing! I Love them!!
  29. Thank you pops52, valentino97, and fluff. You set me on the right path. It is dyed coral. Not worth a whole lot, but will make a nice tie back for a curtain : )
  30. Thank you pops52 and valentino97. I will research those types of stones and repost what I find : )
  31. Yeah Fluff... I love them too! I have so many varieties : ) What's a girl to do???
  32. Thanks you guys... will do a bit further research : )
  33. Thanks Fluffy... I am researching to see if it just may be Lucite. I promise... I do know a bit about jewelry : }
  34. Sean68.. Love you already... But Darling one of us needs to go to jewelers school to figure out what I have LOL... Thanks for the Love : )
  35. Love Them!!
  36. Thank you Sean68! I really do like it : ) I just wish I knew what I owned (lol)
  37. I Love it!! Just brought back a few memories.... It was still sold here in the early '80's ( I haven't seen it since : ) and when we teenagers didn't have money... well this is what we drank LOL If y...
  38. Thanks you guys!! I do so, so Love them! *** AmberRose, those dated hearts have an Alumni Symbol on the back. How cool is that? Also, the little 10K lapel pin says; Burlington Route 37 Years. That i...
  39. You know Fluff........ I could be sitting on a gold mine and wouldn't even know it LOL My main roadblock is not know enough about beaded jewelry... There are so many types plastics and glass that ...
  40. Wow, what a light show : ). I must get some Vaseline Glass!
  41. WOW!!! Beautiful... I wouldn't wear it either : )
  42. Ahhh Fluff... I am sorry : ( I'll keep you in mind if I ever come across another piece. My gosh you would not believe what I have in my stash... pounds and pounds : ) of jewelry! AND by all means...
  43. Thanks Fluff..... I think '50's too. Just wasn't sure : )
  44. Thank you AmberRose. I just love these earrings no matter their age : ) However, curiosity always gets to me with each piece, so I must research, research, research EVERYTHING! Oh Gosh... I think it...
  45. I have NEVER come across this type of earring before!! LOve It!! Cannot wait to fins a pair for myself.... I will be looking feverishly now : ) Thank you for posting!
  46. Thank you Valentino..... Now my mind is at ease : ) I thought they were a bit special. I almost tossed them in my give away bag. My sister calls all these types of "gems" ... Sex Rocks LOL , What ...
  47. Thank You Sean68! I think so too! I just wish I knew what they were.... The one small stone to the very far right bottom looks gray in the picture, but in fact it is a beautiful amethyst color. I am r...
  48. All I thought was........... I am absolutely "Green" with envy!!!! Gorgeous!!!
  49. I really LOVE your collection. I have an true appreciation for Milk Glass made by anyone as long as it's unique : )
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