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Rockville, Maryland


  1. Very Cool!!!!
  2. I would love to come to your house!!!
  3. Beautiful Truck!!!
  4. Beautiful Neon Clock!!!
  5. Great Scale--and room!!!
  6. Great Room!!!!
  7. Question: would you say the 2nd edition late 1933/early '34 World's Fair Mickey Mouse watch came with a "low dome" crystal or a standard dome crystal?
  8. Kerry, question for you: would you say the 2nd edition Mickey Mouse Ingersoll World's Fair watch originally came with a "low dome" crystal or a standard dome crystal? Thanks!
  9. Thanks Trey!!
  10. Kerry - I found out why my watch is loosing time. It intermittently stops ticking. If the watch is lying flat, it ticks and keeps pretty good time. If I wear it and hold it at an angle, like I am t...
  11. Thanks a lot Kerry!!! I think I will hold off servicing it for now, see how it runs, and go from there. I don't have as many watches as you. I tend to wear one for a while, put it away, and wear an...
  12. Kerry-Question: I was thinking about servicing my 1933 Worlds Fair Watch. As mentioned before, I just purchased it and it is running a bit slow. I spoke to the seller and he told me he lubed the pivot...
  13. No problem...I thought it would be difficult. You have an incredible collection and your posts are very informative!!!!
  14. I am sure you are correct!!! Thanks a lot! And again, that is a wonderful collection!!!!
  15. Kerry - Question: Where would you recommend I go to find the leather strap with metal clip band for this watch?
  16. I just received my new vintage-looking Ingersoll Mickey in the mail today. I got it before deciding to go all the way with the 1933 World's Fair one. Mine has the leather strap, although I also just...
  17. This is an awesome collection!!! Question: The first two watches in this picture have the leather band with the metal fastening clips. I just picked up a 1933 World's Fair Mickey Mouse Watch (second ...
  18. Ok, Thanks a lot!!!
  19. Thanks for providing this clarification!!! I just purchased a World's Fair Edition Mickey Mouse Watch. Mine has the deco case, wire lugs, and smaller 7 and 5. I was growing concerned that maybe the...
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