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  1. Great Scale--and room!!!
  2. Great Room!!!!
  3. Question: would you say the 2nd edition late 1933/early '34 World's Fair Mickey Mouse watch came with a "low dome" crystal or a standard dome crystal?
  4. Kerry, question for you: would you say the 2nd edition Mickey Mouse Ingersoll World's Fair watch originally came with a "low dome" crystal or a standard dome crystal? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Trey!!
  6. Kerry - I found out why my watch is loosing time. It intermittently stops ticking. If the watch is lying flat, it ticks and keeps pretty good time. If I wear it and hold it at an angle, like I am t...
  7. Thanks a lot Kerry!!! I think I will hold off servicing it for now, see how it runs, and go from there. I don't have as many watches as you. I tend to wear one for a while, put it away, and wear an...
  8. Kerry-Question: I was thinking about servicing my 1933 Worlds Fair Watch. As mentioned before, I just purchased it and it is running a bit slow. I spoke to the seller and he told me he lubed the pivot...
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