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  1. Please have a look again at my latest discovery as I have updated the listing as a result of new information that I’m sure you will find of interest
  2. So few that only two in any condition have survived as far as we know. Also, I don’t think they would have bothered making a box for a prototype but who knows? I made a guess at an email address to R...
  3. I have been unable to find an email or any contact information for Mr. Farber to ask for his opinion unfortunately.
  4. Geo26. If you go to wandlessfairys site you will see the second large version along with the black label box sans insert. It has the leather band instead of the ribbon
  5. @Geo26, thanks for that information, I have repeatedly emailed Robert Heide to ask him to expand on that assertion about larger ones turning up but he has not replied. I have begun to consider that th...
  6. Did you know about the existence of the larger version Mickey already? And if so, was it as a result of the mention in the Heide-Gilman book or from some other source, you’ve never told me what starte...
  7. Geo26 after reading your post I have edited my description column and hope you will have a look
  8. Kerry, please have a look at my reply to Geo26. Had to consider it a possible fantasy piece but am not convinced as there is another one with the original box. The story is this was found in an ab...
  9. Thanks Geo26 for your thoughts, it does have Foreign below the six o’clock spot as it should, am sending it to a watchsmith I use , who has worked on the English pieces for me in the past to have it...
  10. Thank you vinyl33rpm and MickeysMagic for taking a moment to stop by. It was found in an abandoned German Cinema the seller, an old friend tells me. I know of only one other example.
  11. George , have just posted a watch that I would ask you to have a look at and tell me what you think. It’s a slightly larger version of the English balloon trouser Mickey.
  12. Thank you’s go out to FortApache and vertraio50 for stopping by and sharing the Loves!
  13. @ MickeysMagic, I felt the same way about the Lapel Watch and box, finally was able to find one and with the Mickey button fob, so am pleased and hope your search ends soon too.
  14. By the by, the watch is on the store standee in the second picture!
  15. My thanks to: Vynil33rpm, Toyrebel, EJW-54, Tigra, Newfld, and of course Manikin for your comments, interest, and all that stuff!
  16. My thanks for your interest to Hippiearcheologist, MickeysMagic, MountainGirl, OfficialFuel, Kingpin61, EJW-54, and a quick shout out to Brandon Routh who starred in Superman Returns for his kindne...
  17. Thank you very much TassieDevil, for stopping by, and leaving a love!
  18. @ MickeysMagic, thanks so much for the love, hope you are well, I finally found a Lapel Watch box and will be posting it when it arrives.
  19. Welcome Vynil33rpm, TTomTucker, PW-Collector, Toyrebel, and Newfld, pleased to have pleased,
  20. My thanks for the look and the loves to Vynil33rpm, Newfld, and Toyrebel!
  21. Thank you fortapache for the love and stopping by!
  22. Thanks for the loves Manikin and Fortapache!
  23. I was actually thinking of a trade for one of your many Lapel watches.
  24. No problem. Good luck!
  25. Was wondering which English Mickey wristwatch you were looking for as I have spares of both
  26. Thanks MickeysMagic for stopping by, will keep an eye out for you and ask you to keep one out for a Lapel watch box for me.
  27. There are indeed very few of these standees out there, original or otherwise, the Originals are in major collections for the most part as far as I can determine. I’m Speaking of the 1930’s ones, mor...
  28. Great to hear from you George, and you are right about the movements but Ingersoll used a number of suppliers for movements and I’m not sure how to locate a specific Ruhla/UMF piece for parts? Woul...
  29. George, was wondering if you could tell me what movement is used in the English Mickeys? I need a winding stem and crown for an English #1 wrist watch and thought I might find a non Mickey with the ...
  30. Ask your mum if she would consider adopting me.
  31. My mother collected blue cobalt glass, poison bottles etc., great to see them here along side a ton of other beautiful pieces!
  32. Be careful, bears and eagles have been sighted in the Vancouver area. And whales in Alaska of course. The question begs however, are there whales in Wales? This latest addition to the mini hoard wi...
  33. I miss you George! Are you still collecting at all?
  34. Just had to stop by again and admire your impeccable taste, and style! So much to see and admire in everything you've shared.
  35. I will certainly look forward to seeing the newest additions to an already Incredible collection. I sent Kerry a message but have heard nothing back from him, indeed CW will be poorer without his pa...
  36. I would add that you don't need three Lapel watches but I know somebody that needs one haha! I have to periodically come and envy your collection!
  37. Kerry, I hope "Wolfgang" hasn't been causing trouble again and that you are well, I am haunted by your pin set wristwatch, the difference between the smaller and larger versions is actually quite ...
  38. Fantastic clock and box!
  39. I think you know what I think only too well, haha!
  40. Outstanding. Pleased to be a part of this, to share my passion for these things with someone who feels as I do. Wotcha mate!
  41. And just above the W. looks like a copyright symbol.
  42. I would suggest the reading is W.D. Ent. (Enterprises)
  43. Only one arrived saying 4th Time trying only
  44. My thanks to ho2cultcha and surfdub66 for stopping in and leaving loves!
  45. How did I miss this?
  46. This posting has a special place in my heart.
  47. A tip of the hat to: Kyratango Shawnicus Brunswick and last but certainly not least to Kerry 10456!!
  48. Had to come and see what you've been up to, love the early Harley, love vintage photography in general.
  49. In its own very small way it is the culmination of years of thought, discovery, joy, disappointment, experimentation, and now offers a place to find solace, and a measure of serenity and reflect...
  50. @PhilDMorris Many thanks for your generous show of appreciation for what I have attempted to show and tell here.
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