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Mickey Mouse saying how I feel !! - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Saint Blaise Twenty Dollar Watch.  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Bayard animated Donald Duck and Snow white clock - Clocksin Clocks
Bradley Mickey Mouse Pendant Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Brewery bottle from E Logsdon 1800's ? - Bottlesin Bottles
My first American Mickey Pocket Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Devils Head Nurses Buckle - Silverin Silver
Ingersoll display cabinet and Mickey's - Advertisingin Advertising
Sputnik brooch ? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Two glass necklaces.  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. So cool. How many are there in this set ? We don’t see many of these in the uk. Fabulous.
  2. This is beyond stunning. I can’t believe the amount of work you have put into this piece. Truly awesome.
  3. This is amazing information and wow what a pair of hand cuffs
  4. Wow stunning
  5. Love the colour, fab piece
  6. This is truly amazing art wonderful
  7. Thank you SpiritBear for the info, that's great. I have absolutely no idea of age so 70's it is. Brill.
  8. Thank you ttomtucker and fortapache for stopping by. Great to see you.
  9. Thank you Jancal20, nutsabotas6, pw-collector, Caperkid, TassieDevil and buckethead for all the loves. Really appreciate you stopping by.
  10. Thank you MM, am glad you got to view it and like my 13 hr watch ha ha.
  11. These are lovely patterns.
  12. Hello buckethead, and ThriftStoreAddict. Lovely to see you.
  13. Thank you Caperkid, Mickeysmagic,TassieDevil, bucket head, racer4four, pw-collector and shawnicus for all the loves. Much appreciated.
  14. Thank you Manikin. Yep never enough hours as I'm sure you know well. BW.
  15. This Buckle is amazing. Love EAP, his stories and poems are great. Psychiatric nurses are special people with the most amazing patience and understanding. Lovely to hear your stories.
  16. Ha ha weird Valentine.
  17. This is great. Love it.
  18. Wish I had kept some of my dolls. These are great memories.
  19. This box is great. I have really learnt that the box makes all the difference.
  20. I love this. So unusual.
  21. I love these colours
  22. Fabulous
  23. Stunning
  24. Oops the ???? Should have been a smiley face sorry
  25. Love the bears ????
  26. Beautifully detailed.
  27. Gorgeous colour
  28. Love this brooch
  29. What a fab colour
  30. Love the tango.
  31. This is a stunning collection.
  32. Oops beautiful
  33. Beaufiful
  34. The second one is my favourite. Lovely
  35. Beautiful
  36. Wot a funny little teapot. I love it.
  37. Stunnng
  38. Thank you so much for stopping by TassieDevil, shawnicus, SEAN68, ttomtucker, funtocollectglass, Brunswick, bratjdd, Manikin and Tanni. My little mum is soo delighted with your love x
  39. Thank you kyratango and mcheconi. Trust mums Snow White to be everyone's favourite ha ha.
  40. Goodness I have never seen the box anywhere. Love it, love it, love it.
  41. Love the bike
  42. Woohoo Christmas time xx
  43. Such a lovey piece to commemorate PeeJay
  44. Truly lovely
  45. Stunning.
  46. Am delighted you weren't arrested on the spot. Lovely clock.
  47. This is fabulous and stunning condition. Thank you Dave I love it x
  48. I love the colour of Wedgwood blue. Very English. Stunning.
  49. I am not sure about this but great post.
  50. Noooooooooo I want them all. Stunning but wait till I show mum ha ha. Xx
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