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Phoenix Lamps Inc - Opalescent - 3 Way - Lampsin Lamps
Venetian Pheasant 10 1/2" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Metropolitan Museum of Art / Imperial Glass - Koi Fish Candlesticks - 1970's - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sea Green Vase - 8" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Formia Vetri Di Murano - Blue Elephant - Bullicante  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano - Ferro Lazzarini - Aventurine Corkscrew Oval Paperweight - Signed - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tiara - Bicentennial Eagle & Star - Black - Hexagonal Covered Candy Dish - Kitchenin Kitchen
Dymo - Dymo-Mite Label Maker - Model 22 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
L.E. Smith - Simplicity Line - #5160 - Slung Floor Vase - 22 3/4" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Stuart Abelman Paperweight - Favrile Leaf Berry Motif - 1993 - Signed - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Super cool. Not sure what it is either. Good luck.
  2. No question, it's Murano.
  3. Thanks for the kind words Judy. It's a small vase, but big on "style".
  4. Special thanks to PhilDMorris for the wealth of information about this lamp. Thanks for the age determination, had I had to guess, I might have come close. The bottom bulb on this one is easier to c...
  5. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from TrudiCakes, Fortapache, Mikelv85 and PhilDMorris. They are greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi Alan, It's a beautiful piece. You may want to consider that this bird is an Ann Primrose work.
  7. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Mikelv85, Kyratango, TimeTraveller and VintageFran. I appreciate them all, thanks.
  8. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Swfinluv1, Racer, Fortapache and TassieDevil. Thank you to all.
  9. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Antiquerose, AdeleC, Vetraio and Blunderbuss. Thanks to all!
  10. I'd say Vintage Murano Millefiori Latticino. It's beautiful.
  11. The Colors!
  12. Thanks Brunswick for the compliment. They were also done in Clear, Slag Blue, Yellow, amongst others. Thanks again.
  13. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Ho2cultcha, Jim2003flee, Brunswick and Valentino97. Thanks to ya all.
  14. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Swfinluv1, AdeleC, Vetraio50 and TrudiCakes. I appreciate them all.
  15. Outstanding! So very beautiful!
  16. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Mikelv85, Karen, Karenoke and Aura. I appreciate them all.
  17. The Imperial Glass Company, Founded in 1901, began production in 1904. Factory located in Bellaire, Ohio. Worldwide sales. Imperial Glass fell upon hard times in the early 70's, when it was then sa...
  18. Sincere thanks to Blunderbuss2, Caperkid, Fortapache and Ivonne for the "Love it" clicks.
  19. Your Welcome Mysterious. I doubt there very many left, with it being a floor vase, I'll bet many were broken by children and their balls and toys. Glad you found out it's a L.E. Smith. I love the c...
  20. Spatter with a Squiggly Swirl. Very cool.
  21. The pictures are great. It looks like there is a crest at the top rim of both. If it's yellow then these may be a version of Amberina thumbprint compotes. All of the photos I found for Amberina Thu...
  22. Thank you Caperkid, Blunderbuss, Ben and Aura for the "Love it" clicks.
  23. Mama Mia! Elegantly Beautiful!
  24. Yes Efesgirl, you're right about not missing any sales. I couldn't stay in and did hit some sales. I find a great Sony boombox that I will be able to put to good use. Thanks for the kind words.
  25. Don't like all the Toikka birds, but I do love this one. Quite jealous. Great find.
  26. Very appreciative for the "Love it" clicks from Blunderbuss2, Melaniej and Tahiti1. Mighty grateful.
  27. For the "Love it" clicks, I thank Vetraio50, Brunswick, Shareurpassion and Mrstyndall. They are appreciated.
  28. Really appreciating the "Love it" clicks from TrudiCakes, Aura, Manikin and Vetraio50.
  29. Extremely grateful for the "Love it" clicks from Sklo42, Mikelv85 and Iggy.
  30. Like a glass feather. Oh yeah, I like that. Looks like studio glass. I think the base says that. Can you read the signature?
  31. Thanks Buckethead. That's about an ultimate compliment and I appreciate it.
  32. Thank you Tahiti1, Destiny.Jennifer.g and Trey for the Great "Love it" clicks.
  33. Thanks to BigE253, Buckethead, Nutsabotas6 and Swfinluv1 for the "Love it" clicks.
  34. Thanks BigE. Seems like the good stuff comes when I'm not trying hard. Thanks for the compliment. Happy Hunting!
  35. Have to say, this is my most favoritest Epergne. . . . .ever. Love it!
  36. Happy 4th of July to Fortapache, Mikelv85 and Karen, also thanks for the "Love it" clicks.
  37. Happy 4th of July, Independence Day, and thanks to TassieDevil, LouManal and Buckethead for the "Love it" clicks.
  38. Thanks Buckethead. Happy Independence Day!
  39. Thanks Pick4fun, there's just something about Dymo label makers.
  40. Love Robbie, although I've never seen that color scheme before. Where did you find it?
  41. Well... ok. Let me know if you change your mind. My offer to you stands.
  42. I saw your comment on my last post. I'd be happy to send it to you. I have changed computers since our last exchange. I would need to get your info from you again. lmk, also I've got new email add...
  43. Thanks Efesgirl. This machine is built to last, and has for about 55 years so far, still works like a charm.
  44. Thanks Shareurpassion. A friend of mine with L.E. Smith resources, has informed me that the official color designation is "Green". I told her I thought it might be called "Bright Green" or "Emerald ...
  45. For the "Love it" clicks, I thank Shareurpassion, TimeTraveller, Blunderbuss2, Fortapache, Vetraio50 and TassieDevil. Very much appreciated.
  46. Thanks Shareurpassion, I have to agree with you about the Viking confusion. Usually my first thought too. Thanks for the Coke cans compliment.
  47. Through some connections, I have learned the vase is from L.E. Smith's, Simplicity Line, #5160. Circa 1978. I'm still waiting for the correct color name.
  48. Hey Karen, thanks for the nice words, much appreciated.
  49. Thanks for the comment Eye4, I've seen that he has quite an imaginative line of glass. Makes me want more. Thanks.
  50. Glass Eye Studios has some great paperweights, and this is one of them. Really nice.
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