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2 Spout Decanter - Green - 9" - Bottlesin Bottles
Glass Basket - Pink - Ruffled - 7 3/4"  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano - Venetian Glass - White Footed Bowl - Aventurine - Swirl - 4" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Anchor Hocking - Glasses/Tumblers - Atomic Snowflake - Teal/White - Glasswarein Glassware
Cake Stand - Jeannette Glass - Harp - Ice Blue - 10" - Glasswarein Glassware
Northwood Glass - Pearl Flowers Bowl - 1903-1904 - Glasswarein Glassware
Handkerchief Compote - Viking Glass - Bluenique - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gorham - Footed Cake Stand - Emily's Attic - Pink - 13 1/2" - Glasswarein Glassware
Patricia Faye - Apple Paperweight - Gold - 1988 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wood Grained Nut Cracker - 17" - Dollsin Dolls


  1. I put it before a Blenko group. Not Blenko was the consensus. I haven't run out of options yet, going to check into some of the early 20th century bottle makers.
  2. I think you're correct, someone will like it. Sorry I didn't deliver better news.
  3. Thanks antiquecollector. Went to the site and checked into that. Here's what they said. "We’re sorry, but Blenko Glass Co. does not track or follow the resale of items we have made over the past 87...
  4. Very nice. Colors.
  5. Looks like an End of Days ashtray, but I'm not seeing the "stunning" usually associated with Dino Martens pieces. Hopefully we'll get some other opinions. Good luck.
  6. Aura, TrudiCakes, Blunderbuss, kwqd and Vetraio did me a solid and hit the Love it button. Mighty grateful.
  7. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Vetraio and Manikin.
  8. Thank you Hunterglee, Aura, Vetraio and fortapache for the Love it's.
  9. Thanks for the Love it's, Manikin, Vynil33rpm, Ben, AdeleC, Vetraio and Aura. Much obliged.
  10. I'd like to thank Hunterglee, Fortapache, ho2cultcha, and Manikin for the "Love it" clicks. I appreciate them all.
  11. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from AdeleC, Broochman, Aura, Brunswick and Antiquerose. My thanks to you all.
  12. Has the look of Scandinavian, maybe Aseda. Can't say for sure, but it could be a starting point for you to search it out.
  13. Brunswick-Thomas, yes I see it too. I like it! Thanks for the Love it.
  14. Thankyou Fortapache and Blunderbuss for the "Love it" clicks. Dilly-Dilly.
  15. Thank you AdeleC, Broochman and Aura for the "Love it" clicks. They are appreciated.
  16. I love that Beranek paperweight, Similar style as the one I have. The bowl is very nice, love the colors in both.
  17. My thanks to MrsTyndall, Fortapache, Hunterglee, AdeleC and Brunswick for the excellent "Love it" clicks. Wishing you all well.
  18. Hi KWQD, Went through my Viking reference material, and if the blue you are talking about, it's darker than Bluenique with a smoky quality. It's probably called "Charcoal Blue", that's the official V...
  19. Thanks for the "Love it" clicks from Mrstyndall, Fortapache, Sklo, Hunterglee, Adele, Aura, Blunderbuss, Vetraio and TrudiCakes.
  20. Thank you Mrstyndall, nice to hear you like it.
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  23. Thank you to AdeleC, Aura, Brunswick and Hunterglee for the "Love it" clicks.
  24. Thank you Thomas. You da man!
  25. Thank you Brunswick, I appreciate the kind words.
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  30. Thank you Tall Cakes, It's difficult to get info on Mosser. Appreciate it.
  31. Thanks Shareurpassion. I definitely learned a lot about Pauly & co after finding this piece. The platinum thing is part of what made Pauly such a high-end company. Have you posted your plates on C....
  32. Thanks for the "Love its" from Hunterglee, Fortapache, Brunswick, Mrstyndall, Manikin and Vetraio. Ya'll are the best.
  33. Great piece, love it!
  34. Grateful for the "Love it" clicks from Fortapache, Shareurpassion, Sklo, MrsTyndall and Artfoot. My thanks to all.
  35. Thanks Artfoot. I love that comment!
  36. Great vase. Total jealousy!
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  41. Wow Anik. I must admit, It's even better than I hoped. Thanks for the super detailed help with the I.D. I'm grateful.
  42. Thanks TallCakes, I'll check into it.
  43. Great thanks to AdeleC, Vetraio, Fortapache, TrudiCakes and TassieDevil for the "Love it" clicks. Season's Greetings to all.
  44. Beautiful Greens and sheen.
  45. Definitely a typo. Thanks TC.
  46. I agree that this is a Hookah base. I had one from Bohemia a couple hears ago, also in a blue glass.
  47. Grateful for the "Love it" clicks from Brunswick, TimeTraveller, Iggy, Manikin and Aura.
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  50. Very nice.
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