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Pauly & Co - Gondola Dish - Green Glass - Platinum - Art Glassin Art Glass
Robert Eickholt - Paperweight - 5.5" - Signed - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano - Lady Figurine - Aventurine - 14 1/2" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ashtray - Smoke Blue - Rudolf Jurnikl for Rudolfova Hut - #13154 - 5 1/4" - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton Glass - Basketweave Bowl - 6" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Arthur Percy for Gullaskruf of Sweden - Green Glass Lamp - 39" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rainbow Glass - Crackle Glass Decanter w/ Stopper - 8" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blenko Glass Apple - Antique Green - 5" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rainbow Glass Amber Mushroom - 3 1/2" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Floriform Bowl - 12"  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks Shareurpassion. I definitely learned a lot about Pauly & co after finding this piece. The platinum thing is part of what made Pauly such a high-end company. Have you posted your plates on C....
  2. Thanks for the "Love its" from Hunterglee, Fortapache, Brunswick, Mrstyndall, Manikin and Vetraio. Ya'll are the best.
  3. Great piece, love it!
  4. Grateful for the "Love it" clicks from Fortapache, Shareurpassion, Sklo, MrsTyndall and Artfoot. My thanks to all.
  5. Thanks Artfoot. I love that comment!
  6. Great vase. Total jealousy!
  7. Great Thanks for the "Love it" clicks go out to, Yougottahavestuff, welzebub, AdeleC, Hunterglee and Blunderbuss.
  8. Thanking Manikin, Vynil33rpm, IronLace, Rickzog4 and Hunterglee for the "Love it" clicks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  9. Thanks to Antiquerose, Vetraio, Lisa, Fortapache and AdeleC for the "Love it" clicks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  10. I'd like to thank Antiquerose for the great comment and "Love it". Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings.
  11. Wow Anik. I must admit, It's even better than I hoped. Thanks for the super detailed help with the I.D. I'm grateful.
  12. Thanks TallCakes, I'll check into it.
  13. Great thanks to AdeleC, Vetraio, Fortapache, TrudiCakes and TassieDevil for the "Love it" clicks. Season's Greetings to all.
  14. Beautiful Greens and sheen.
  15. Definitely a typo. Thanks TC.
  16. I agree that this is a Hookah base. I had one from Bohemia a couple hears ago, also in a blue glass.
  17. Grateful for the "Love it" clicks from Brunswick, TimeTraveller, Iggy, Manikin and Aura.
  18. Great Thanks to Anik, Bottle-bud, Fortapache, Vetraio, TimeTraveller and Iggy for the "Love it" clicks.
  19. Genuine Thanks to Fortapache, Vetraio, Artfoot, AdeleC, Ben and Aura for the "Love it" clicks.
  20. Very nice.
  21. Thanks to MALKEY, Anik, TrudiCakes, Vynil33, Ho2cultcha and Ben for the "Love it" clicks.
  22. My thanks to all for the "Love it" clicks. Hunterglee, Vetraio, Blunderbuss, Fortapache, Ivonne and Pickaboo.
  24. The never ending quest for knowledge continues. In trying to ID my similar patterned bowl, I found this one, intact, and with quite the healhy price tag. In the listing it is referred to as a, "Starr...
  25. Zowie!
  26. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Aura, kwqd, Fortapache, AdeleC and Vetraio. I really appreciate them, thanks to ya'll.
  27. Hello Vanillagirl, welcome to C.W. You have a nice piece there, I love this Red version. It is often confused with another Glass maker due to the similarities of their names. Yours is made by "Börn...
  28. I appreciate the "Love it" from TrudiCakes and Aura. Thanks, ya'll.
  29. It'a a Teleflora, most likely made in China. Here's mine.
  30. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Vetraio, Caperkid, Sklo, Vynil33rpm and Re-In-Vintage. Shucks....I thank you all!
  31. Thank so much for the compliment Re-In-Vintage. It's a beauty, that's for sure. Appreciate you stopping by.
  32. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from AdeleC, kwqd, Fortapache, Mrstyndall and TassieDevil. Thanks to you all.
  33. Beautiful and Stunning!
  34. Thanks kwqd. I looked at yours. Mine's Fenton.
  35. Thanks TallCakes, that's a good point. I'll be looking at that.
  36. I'd like to thank everyone who commented or "Loved" this piece. I really appreciate your stopping by. I appreciate it and thank you all.
  37. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Fortapache Vetraio Racer4four Mrstyndall AdeleC Windwalker Mighty grateful for the attention, I thank you all.
  38. I have one also. Not Murano. Teleflora Murano Style Green Purple Spatter Vase. May be from the 80's.
  39. Thank you Anik, it is brilliant for a clear paperweight.
  40. Thank you Mrstyndall, I appreciate the positive. It looks good in the display case with the Murano Trumpet Flower Paperweights.
  41. Thank you Blunderbuss, you are right. It is dizzying in it's intricacy. Thanks for stopping by.
  42. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Johnsmith, Blunderbuss, Kwqd and FortApache. My sincere thanks to you all!
  43. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from TimeTraveller, Johnsmith, FortApache and Anik. My sincere thanks to you all!
  44. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Ivonne, IronLace, Sklo and Racer. My sincere thanks to you all!
  45. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Mrstyndall, Antiquerose, dlpetersen and TimeTraveller. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Paperweight. I'm delighted that so many of you liked it.
  46. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Blunderbuss, Antiquerose, Mrstyndall and dlpeterson. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my paperweight.
  47. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Blunderbuss, Mrstyndall, Fortapache and Ivonne. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Pitcher.
  48. Beautiful.
  49. Thank you Jenny.
  50. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Blunderbuss, Anik, Wow22, TimeTraveller and FortApache. My thanks to you all.
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