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Jim Beam - Genie Bottle - Smoke Green - 1964 - Bottlesin Bottles
Viking Glass - Bulls Eye Votive Candle Holder - Bluenique - 3 1/2" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Chalet Cranberry Vase - Swirled - Ruffled - Petal Foot - 9" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Thorn Double Vase Pair - 7" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fostoria 20" Vases - Heirloom - Bittersweet - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass Lace Basket Mystery - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fenton White Opalescent Epergne - 3 Horn - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fostoria "Heirloom" - Green Opalescent Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hand Blown Raspberry Aventurine 4 Legged Bowl - Signed - Art Glassin Art Glass
Northwood Glass - Strawberry Bowl - Marigold Non-Opalescent - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks for the desktop suggestion Racer. I'm going to clear some papers, throw a candle in it, and enjoy.
  2. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Fortapache, Mikelv and Racer. I thank you all.
  3. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Bottle-bud and Vetraio. My thanks to the both of you.
  4. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Jenni, Blunderbuss, Fortapache and Mikelv85. I thank you all.
  5. Thank you Jenni. I picked it up from the table and said "mine!"
  6. Thanks Rose. I like your piece, has the same characteristics as mine. I'm thinking it's also part of the Ribber Heritage Line. Thanks again.
  7. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Nutsabotas6, Blunderbuss2, TrudiCakes and Manikin. I appreciate them and thank you all.
  8. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Newfld, Sklo42, Vetraio50 and Aura. Thank you all.
  9. Thank you Newfld, I appreciate your glowing compliment. Dean.
  10. Yes, it's marked. Lucky for me. Less than 20% of Chalet pieces are marked.
  11. These are great! I appreciate the different take on art glass animals.
  12. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from The Racer and Newfld. I appreciate them both.
  13. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Vetraio, Mikelv, Ivonne and AdeleC. Thank you all for taking the time to look at my Epergne.
  14. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Newfld, FleamarketTammy, Blunderbuss2 and Nutsabotas6. I thank you for them all.
  15. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from TrudiCakes, Nutsabotas6, FleamarketTammy and Blunderbuss2. Thanks to all.
  16. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Artfoot, Sklo42, Ivonne and Newfld. I thank you all, very much.
  17. Thank you Nutsabotas, Sklo and Newfld for the glowing praise. I definitely appreciate them.
  18. Feeling the Love it clicks from Aura, Moonhill, Vetraio50 and Nutsabotas6. I thank you all for the regards.
  19. Thank you Nuts! I appreciate the kind words. Have a great weekend.
  20. I can't thank you enough Nuts, much appreciated. It was a great Estate Sale, I was the 5th one in the door, waited outside (in the Florida chill) for 45 minutes. Had these targeted from the website....
  21. Thank you Nuts for the high praise. I'm coming strong with something tomorrow. Stay tuned to this Bat Channel!
  22. Thanks Nuts, I really appreciate the positive.
  23. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Aura, Vetraio50 and Mikelv85. Thanks for the clicks folks.
  24. It most certainly is. I have a couple.
  25. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Fortapache, TassieDevil, Thegatherer and Nutsabotas6. Thank ya'll, very much.
  26. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from, Blunderbuss2, Fortapache, Vetraio50 and TassieDevil. I appreciate them all.
  27. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Sklo42, Vetraio50, Fleamarkettammy and Newfld. My thanks to you all.
  28. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from AdeleC, Mikelv85, TassieDevil and Nutsabotas6. Thanks Ya'll.
  29. Thank you TallCakes for the info. Totally appreciated.
  30. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from TimeTraveller, Blunderbuss2, Fortapache and clockerman. Thanks to all.
  31. I'm liking the pinks and golds. The dolphin stems are great. Love it, glad you saved them.
  32. They are dessert cups. Could even be home decorated. Unknown to me maker.
  33. Nice Amberina Goblet. Hard to say who made it.
  34. Nice looking, unique. Probably very few of these around.
  35. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Sklo42, Mikelv85, TimeTraveller, Wandlessfairy and Manikin. I thank ya'll very much.
  36. Thank you Jancal20 for the compliment. I appreciate it.
  37. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Nutsabotas6, Wandlessfairy, Vetraio50, Aura and TrudiCakes. Thank you all.
  38. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Blunderbuss2, AnythingObscure, TassieDevil, fortapache and Mikelv85. My thanks to you all.
  39. Thank you Wandlessfairy and TrudiCakes for the great compliments, they are very appreciated.
  40. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Melaniej, Blunderbuss2, Buckethead, TassieDevil and Jancal20. I surely do appreciate them all.
  41. Avon, 1971/72
  42. If your pics are oriented correctly, they will post correctly. Use the file explorer (windows) and make the adjustments. Good luck.
  43. Great lamps, love the bases. I'd say they are from the 50's. Strong resemblance to Falkenstein lamps.
  44. Beautiful collection, great detail.
  45. Really like it. Great colors.
  46. I like it Karen. It would look better in my hutch. lolol
  47. Nice collection.
  48. Beautiful clown, great detail.
  49. Great price for such a uncommon piece.
  50. Now there's something you don't see every day! Totally cool. Surprised at it's size. Love it.
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