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Largo, Florida, U.S.A.

I am a true Florida boy. I live where I grew up. I love Florida, the animals, the oranges, the whole thing!


  1. A very nice and colorful fish. Is the bottom flat and polished. I haven't seen a base like that. It's big and seems like it should be signed.
  2. You're welcome. It's nice to be able to help out.
  3. Greetings. This is an impressive "lizard." Having quite a bit of herpetology under my belt, I can say that this is a casting, a very well done one, of a type of Skink. Usually they are a smaller, b...
  4. Updated as a French Legras Corneille vase from late 1800's. Thanks to all for the help.
  5. Would have bothered me quite a bit, if this showed up damaged. Some folks should not ship!
  6. Now thought to be Murano. Still welcoming opinions.
  7. My compliments on the period correct restoration. The tires are over the top, and as "true as blue." Great color and pinners.
  8. Score!
  9. We had one like this. It should retract to the ceiling or pull down. The mechanism is in the oblong globe above the main light. Late 60's.
  10. Thanks Newfld. Thanks for the Love it's.
  11. Oohh, I remember this. This is what 14yo kids dream of. Destroyer was my favorite KISS album until Alive II came out. Awesome piece of vinyl!
  12. Slag Glass Dogs and the Dragon are way cool.
  13. I have to agree. Great mug.
  14. When I saw it, I thought it was folk art. Cool that it has a title. Love. it.
  15. A listing on ebay today. " Uranium Glass Salt N Pepper Shakers Hazel Atlas vaseline glass early 1900’s " Dont have the name but does show them w the tops. This doesn't seem to be a common pattern.
  16. Utterly fantastic! The colors!
  17. Yes, I agree that is it vintage, looks like a hi line lamp based on the base especially. the dual swivel sockets were premium hardware in the 50's and 60's. I'd hold it up to the sun or a super brig...
  18. No question about it, Gator skin. I've caught enough gators to know exactly what it looks like. They were using skins copiously back then. Gator heads were for sale everywhere you went in Florida. ...
  19. I remember these, they were the option, back in the day. I also remember that the vessel evolved into a container with a handle you pulled back to open the spout. Hated that, they were responsible f...
  20. I want one. Thanks.
  21. I keep coming back to this one! Love it. Asian features, any ideas?
  22. Ikea Teardrop Vase, came in 2 sizes, i think, 7" and 9".
  23. Great thread. Thanks.
  24. Love that uranium!
  25. Thanks DejaVu2, kwqd, dav2no1 and fortapache.
  26. Thanks DejaVu
  27. Started w Mad, went to Rolling Stone, then Stereo Review. lol. Loved them all. Alfred E. Neuman for President!
  28. Good point. lol.
  29. It is beautiful!
  30. thanks for posting this, I think it's great!
  31. I think it's PMD. I used to count thousands of dollars in coins at a time. I've seen that damage before. The coin may have gotten caught somewhere in a mechanism.
  32. I loved the old stereo gear, the stuff that was coming out when the Watts were going up. My favorites were the Pioneer SX - 1050 & SX - 1250. There was a lot of good gear out there. 75 watts back the...
  33. I like this one. cool green.
  34. Mighty nice!
  35. That's pretty cool. Nice job on sleuthing this one. I can relate.
  36. this never happens..... I saw the patent # on the skis, did a patent # lookup. Bingo. January 23rd, 1951. Patented by Carl Lund.
  37. Great skis. Because I grew up w wood skis, I'd say these are from the 60's, maybe 70's.
  38. First of all, someone liked green marbles. lol. Marbles used to be real toys that kids played with. These days, marbles are also bought and sold by collectors. Use the "Search" box here for "Marb...
  39. Zappa was the Man! Also a paint artist. Most of his stuff has value.
  40. Thought you might like to know, this is a genuine Murano Lamp w/ Gold Aventurine. I'd call this a Bedside Lamp. Very nice!
  41. I live in Florida. I remember these. However, this plate is rather unusual because it was never issued. It is a DMV plate, used so the registering driver could see exactly what the plates looked li...
  42. I have one also. I like it.
  43. Beautiful!
  44. very cool. nice color
  45. Great pattern! beautiful
  46. Just one more thing. Mouse traps are ok, no problem. Just never use poisons and baits. They often are designed to have a delayed effect, which can cause them to be eaten by unsuspecting snake. bot...
  47. Captive breeding programs are run all across this country by concerned breeders. Captive breeding has saved a number of breeds like the Scarlet Macaw and Scarlet Kingsnake. The Florida Corn Snake ha...
  48. By the looks of that shed, I would agree that it is an Indigo. Keep in mind that the shed will be longer than the snake that shed it. During the shedding process, the old skin is stretched out. Ind...
  49. These 2 are off the chart!
  50. very nice!
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