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Venetian Glass - Egg Paperweight - 4" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Paperweight - 4 Sides Glass Windows - 6 1/2" - Art Glassin Art Glass
For my Beloved Wife. - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Viking Glass - Epic Leaf - Ruffled Dessert Compotes - Epic Line - Glasswarein Glassware
Clowning Around - Murano Glass Clowns - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano - Clown - Bowl/Ashtray - Belino & Reuss Golden Crown - With Label - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bowl - Frantisek Zemek for Mstisov - Rhapsody Line - Czech Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano - Ashtray/Bowl - End of Days - Art Glassin Art Glass
LE Smith - Simplicity Swung Vase - Peacock Blue - 23" - Art Glassin Art Glass
2 Spout Decanter - Green - 9" - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Thank you to Blunderbuss.
  2. Thanks to Adele Vetraio Gaga keramikos kwqd Watchsearcher apache aura Brunswick Ivonne Pickaboo for the "Love it" clicks.
  3. Thanks for the comments (KWQD) and "Love It" clicks from Watchsearcher, SEAN68, Blunderbuss, KWQD, Vetraio, Iggy, Broochman, Sklo, Vynil, Aura and fortapache.
  4. Thank you Vetraio.
  5. Thank you Watchsearcher.
  6. Thank you Brunswick.
  7. Thank you Thomas.
  8. Thank you Kevin.
  9. Hey Iggy. By the looks of it, I would call this Venetian Glass/Murano. The Crest atop the head is classic Venetian, the Base, also Venetian. The patterning is beautiful. It's a color thing.
  10. I'd like to thank Fortapache, Sklo, Vetraio and Brochman for the Rockin' "Love It" clicks.
  11. Great piece, love the irregularity.
  12. Hey Shareurpassion. The handle isn't Amberina. It kinda looks that way because there is a disconnected Latticino inside the handle glass, so that throws the clarity of the glass off. Thanks for ch...
  13. I found the Label at a Label I.D. site, so I'm sure of the I.D. Not sure of the year of the makers name for it. Thanks to all.
  14. Hey Shareurpassion. Thanks for the enthusiasm. I really don't know what the official name is. I think it was made as an ashtray as it has one big bay at the front. I would like to know what it was...
  15. Great Shape and design. So nice.
  16. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Vetraio, Brunswick, Blunderbuss, Shareurpassion, Fortapache, Hunterglee and Purvis. My thanks to you all.
  17. Thank you TrudiCakes for the "Love it" clicks. Happy Easter.
  18. Happy Easter to you. Just to let you know what you have. Vintage Indiana Glass Rabbit on Nest. Candlewick Style w/ Beaded Edge Rim and Striated Base.
  19. Thank you TrudiCakes for the "Love It" clicks.
  20. I remember going to the Flea market in the 80's, there were vendors there with tables full of lighter cases, whatever your heart desired, they had it. I had one with turquoise inlay. Those were the ...
  21. Thank you TrudiCakes for the "Love it" click. Happy Easter.
  22. For the "Love it" clicks, I'd like to thank Vetraio, Mikelv, Fortapache, Blunderbuss, Weandocin, Vintagefran and Aura.
  23. More Murano in Yellow. Love it!
  24. Nice find Bill. Nice looking, love the yellow glass.
  25. Thanking Adele, Broochman, Sklo, Welzebub, and Shareurpassion for the "Love it" clicks.
  26. Thank you Mikelv for the "Love it" click. You da man.
  27. Look Scandinavian to me.
  28. Thanks for the "Love it" clicks from TimeTraveller, Manikin, Weandocin, Valentio, Aura, Kwqd and Watchsearcher.
  29. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Alan, Hunterglee, Vetraio, Blunderbuss, Fortapache, Mikelv, Sklo and Adele. My thanks to all.
  30. Back in the 50's and 60's, nearly everyone was smoking. It was the cool thing. Murano was cranking out ashtrays. Yours is definitely an ashtray, but now they are also considered bowls or candy dish...
  31. Thanks Alan. I appreciate the compliment. One thing that I like, is it's size, which is bigger than I expected.
  32. Thanks to Valentino and Mikelv for the much appreciated "Love it" clicks.
  33. Adele, Fortapache, Aura, TrudiCakes, Hunterglee and Trey all click on the "Love it" button. My thanks to all.
  34. Hunterglee and Trey clicked the "Love it" button and I am mighty grateful.
  35. Thanks Trey for the "Love it" click on this one. Nice.
  36. Thank you Catteann and Trey for the great "Love it" clicks.
  37. Thanks to Hunterglee, Antiquerose, Aura, Vetraio, Dlpeterson, Fortapache, TrudiCakes and Trey for the kind "Love it" clicks.
  38. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Fortapache, Blunderbuss, Vetraio, Watchsearcher, Justanovice, Mrstyndall, Hunterglee, Brunswick, TrudiCakes, Aura and Trey. My thanks to you all. Thanks for looking...
  39. Thanks to Blunderbuss, Fortapache, Vetraio, Watchsearcher, Iggy, Mikelv and Trey for the "Love it" clicks. They are appreciated.
  40. Trey and Brunswick hooked me up with the "Love it" clicks. Thank you both.
  41. I'd like to thank TimeTraveller, Fortapache, Trey and Vetraio for the "Love it" clicks.
  42. Those would be great with some Black light bulbs in them. The wouldn't throw a lot of light, but they would be great with the glow.
  43. I put it before a Blenko group. Not Blenko was the consensus. I haven't run out of options yet, going to check into some of the early 20th century bottle makers.
  44. Thanks antiquecollector. Went to the site and checked into that. Here's what they said. "We’re sorry, but Blenko Glass Co. does not track or follow the resale of items we have made over the past 87...
  45. Very nice. Colors.
  46. Aura, TrudiCakes, Blunderbuss, kwqd and Vetraio did me a solid and hit the Love it button. Mighty grateful.
  47. Feeling the "Love it" clicks from Vetraio and Manikin.
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  49. Thanks for the Love it's, Manikin, Vynil33rpm, Ben, AdeleC, Vetraio and Aura. Much obliged.
  50. I'd like to thank Hunterglee, Fortapache, ho2cultcha, and Manikin for the "Love it" clicks. I appreciate them all.
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