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Chinese Figurine w/ Wood Base - Asianin Asian


  1. Beautiful Marigold Carnival Glass.
  2. What great pics! Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! The colors and depth are absolutely beautiful.
  4. The separating ropes are so elegant! Thanks, Deano.
  5. Wow! One of the early ones then for Fenton. Excellent find, Deano!
  6. Lovely, different!
  7. Love the colors!
  8. Gorgeous! Beautiful photos too.
  9. How delicate and beautiful!
  10. Stunning!
  11. Beautiful, wonderful colors.
  12. How awesome they set up shop in Corning, N.Y., home of Steuben art glass! Great research and photos. Thank you, Deano.
  13. Oh, I'd love to have that! Beautiful.
  14. Wow, what great info! It's really beautiful - I love the pink undertones. You didn't mention it, but is it another great find? Thanks!
  15. What a beautiful bowl!
  16. Awesome! Fantastic. Wow.
  17. What colors!
  18. Beautiful!!
  19. What exquisite photos!! That's museum quality photography. The glass is awesome, too. Great find, Deano.
  20. Thanks for the info TallCakes!
  21. No knowledge at all about this piece. Merely asking - could it also double as a cake stand??
  22. Beautiful! Those colors, shapes and textures.
  23. Love the depth of the colors. Your photos really show them off! They sure look like trumpet flowers to me. There's a trumpet tree down the street from me. I wouldn't have made the connection without a...
  24. Your photos are beautiful. They really show off that light tinting.
  25. What great photos! Thanks.
  26. Very beautiful. You captured the pattern perfectly.
  27. How stunning! Looks heavy like lead crystal. Lucky you!
  28. I love this Russian glass! They're all so colorful and delicate. Thanks for finding them and sharing with us!!
  29. What a beautiful blue bird of happiness!
  30. They are both perfect in their own way! Excellent!!
  31. Beautiful presentation!!
  32. Nice. Can't wait to see some comments about it.
  33. Absolutely love this!
  34. Lovely!
  35. Very beautiful!!
  36. SOO glad you're back so soon! Lovely birds! Hope you feel better fast.
  37. Come back soon! We're all waiting!!
  38. What beautiful photos!!
  39. Very beautiful.
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  41. Wonderful for flower arranging! Marble collectors love them too. Nice color!!
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Poschinger - Hand Painted - White Cut to Green - 5" Vase - Label


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