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  1. Hi, this is referred to as a "Davenport Desk" I know this because I own one and is posted in my list of furniture. There are before & after pics displayed of 106 hrs. Of restoration that I did. ...
  2. It'd be cool to see this just in water for a ghostly effect ! Like in.. "Hallow Man" !:.:!
  3. There so ! ( guess I can't use the only definitive description wording for this any more so now that I'm lost for words I guess i have to just say it's so)...I'm lost for words type thing ) ?! Than...
  4. Its a highly sought after and collectable hottie !! Hold on to that one for sure ! And it's in good condition ? That's a miracle !! Thanx :.: !
  5. Pertaining to the sugar base I now know why it has all those dings in it ! From the damn spoons ! Hitting it for eons ! Well now it exist w/ a lot if sweet characteristics and true History! It was ...
  6. * Just thought I'd add these .... Another of my favorite is "Serial Mom" w/ Kathleen Turner who was perfect for her role !! Very scary !! Maybe u saw "True Stories" film w/ John Goodman & David Bry...
  7. Yeh? I'll have to check it out ! I'm glad u saw Pecker ! Corny but funny ! .& every time I see any kind of plaster moldings of anything ! I say to myself! "Full Of Grace"!! Ventriloquist style !!
  8. Well since they've never been used. Are u gunna break the tradition ?
  9. Thanx ! Yeh that's the same pattern Cool ! No wonder it was so beat up ! That stuff is ...O L D . . . «!
  10. Yes it would ! But even if u don't get any info. This handsome guy speaks for it's self !! Very nice Find ! And the sewing machine looks groovy too ! •!.~,
  11. Love that white !
  12. Me too ! Thank you I mean ! I like the two faces ! Being a gemini ! I want one ( no ! I we want 2!) one fir each of us ! rr.. Reminds of the song .. 2 faces have I yiyi..etc…! Janus aeh ?! I certa...
  13. Full of Grace ! Full of Grace ! This reminds of "Pecker" a John Waters movie. Very funny ! Very very entertaining ! FULL OF GRACE !!!!!!!
  14. Thanx for preserving Glo-Glass ! Nice set of depression glass ! Looks like Fenton design .(?) Are they worn from use ?
  15. It's not compare ! But to identify !
  16. It's just not to compare..But just to identify ! * As all jewelry is intended for ! It too is JUST BEAUTIFUL ! Just because......
  17. Very attractive ! It's nice to look at ! But i wish it would hold still !! Jk:.:! First pic. Is the nicest ! Keep it there ! I'd not be surprised if u told me ur a gemini !like me !! But it's good ...
  18. AWSOME !
  19. Nice ! Put it under uv It won't be hard to capture the color then ! And then post it so I can love it to my collection. :..:
  20. Yeh ! I can give u my address and u can send them to me !! Lol ! Jk:..: They look like frosted uranium glass. Do u have a uv blacklite ? Not a bulb. They ? Don't ? Work ?? Is the white plynth a pa...
  21. Cool blue !
  22. Inerstin story. Looks deco / garnet perhaps / I get the feeling it was stolen (?) Pretty ! Duz it fit ? Do u wear it ? Don't sell it for just the gold. Start w/ it's antiquity ! It'll be saved...
  23. I'm lying again ! I LOVE mine more ! :....:
  24. That's a nice shape ! Looks really old ! But the Jar one in the background looks Primitive ! Lol! I like the orange lamp too. ! I have a green one.
  25. Thank you ! As you can see ... I'd have that looking as good as new ! Give me a couple of weeks and .... There is no carving cuz that's where gram displayed her hand made doilies ! I'll bet ya ! I...
  26. Firstly, thanx for preserving pink depression glass ! Especially the gilding which goes nice w/ the pink and green ! I pass it up all the time in the thrift stores and I see a lot of nice pieces. ...
  27. They'd love this on the Roadshow. ! Celery ! No clue but am curious. Hopefully one of us will help ! Right ? Schoolers !!?
  28. No no ! It's more like the Extream-inator JK ! :..: I luv ur Buggy Stuff !! Keep up the tradition !
  29. Please don't thank me ! I'm not giving approval ! Merely graciously admiring it's splendid beauty !
  30. Trey Keen !
  31. You better call an EXTERMINATOR !! :..: !
  32. Nice ol' thing !! Love what u did w/ it !!
  33. I have one. * N A Y * ! !
  34. I'm lying ! I really love it !! •!.~,
  35. It doesn't even look real ! EPOUSTIFLANT !
  36. And I love ur Dog pic. He or she is full of happiness !
  37. Thanx ! LL I feel green and glowing all over !! Lol!
  38. Maybe an artist case for carrying jars , paints, brushes, rags etc... ?
  39. Not fer nuttin ! Obvusly. !? But the first thing that popped into my head was, (and I wish I had one for mine ! Cuz it makes a lot of sense)! I also agree it's for a well made stain glass shade and ...
  40. Curious to know what u have that in? Looks like an oven !? Are u showing it under UV lite. ? Can't tell ? Do tell ! T hee ! Please !
  41. Ya gota get a Loup ! I'd say 14k anyways ! I love the concept of the construction ! I want an amusing ring ! So I and all my friends family neighbors and pets can take part in seeing me being am...
  42. What is the metal ?
  43. It could be uranium glow glass if it's old. Try testing it under a black lite
  44. Nice! Very nice ! I remember these from back in the fifties / sixties and you can look these up in museums of just how amazingly articulate they can escalate to intricate detailing of like life like...
  45. Not giving approval.. Just love the color. Please ! No thanks are necessary ! Glad you shared is all ! Keep up the good work ! •!.~,
  46. I can't see what the design is on the chair . Is there any ? Kindly ! Please if you can. Gives us a better view of this skirted wonder !! Thank You ! •!.~,
  47. A real live fake inca hatchet Ya know ! The kind of thing they get tourist to buy & tell em it's from the Inca tribe & junk like that ! I'm sure I'm wrong ! But then again ! That was my 1st. Imp...
  48. That would have been beautiful if it was refinished ! :( I love ed the rose wood panels along w/ the chestnut ! So beautiful !! I wish I found that ! What u did is a nightmare to me ! That's all I d...
  49. Neeto ! Keen ! Brings back a lot ! I'm all emotional now ! Lol!! At first glance I thought it was rush hour at the bay bridge toll plaza when the metering lights are on. ! Ugh..$@%#*~....... Thanx ...
  50. Looks like a pipe lighter I saw once. Designed to hold upside down and to block the wind. Or explode it ! Depending on if your sharing genius talent on JackAss. Lol!!
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