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Odd wooden artifact. Domestic tool?? - Folk Artin Folk Art


  1. I'm taking a guess that it's a "twisted pair" telephone wire testing device to check the voltage coming across the wires.
  2. I believe this is part of a lathe tool rest assembly. Here's what a modern day one looks like:
  3. After some more research, I believe this is what's called a "Trencher bowl". They come in a wide range of sizes, some elongated as this one is. I've also discovered references to them being waxed. And...
  4. Karenoke: Thank you for asking. Alas, no progress. I'm still stumped. I keep hoping some eagle-eye collector will see it and ID it. Have a great holiday!
  5. Alas... the mystery is still afoot! I feel like I'm playing that old board game: "CLUE". The 'crime' was committed by the the green room...with the old wooden artifact. I was thinking ...
  6. Take a gander at these examples of babbitt scrapers:
  7. I suspect it's a steel drum bung removal tool. This one looks to be non-sparking aluminum for volatile liquids.
  8. I can say with reasonable confidence this is a Babbitt Bearing Scraper. Not all that long ago, before the present level of precision bearing manufacturing, most automotive and almost all large industr...
  9. Wow that's a very interesting possibility that has merit to it. I'll do some research along this line and see what comes up. Thank you for the great idea to explore.
  10. Honestly, no... I've been scratching my head and searching down various "rabbit holes" on the web but nothing definitive.
  11. ho2cultcha: In those now famous words of Bugs Bunny... "Mmmmmm, could be!"
  12. I'll take a turn on Japanese. I'm also exploring the possibility of sailing vessel artifacts. I learned that conservators often saturate any waterlogged wood artifacts they bring up from shipwrecks in...
  13. Gents: I'm starting to lean towards a Hawaiian "papa ku‘i ‘ai" (kalo or poi pounding board). Google images has multiple examples. This one is rather small compared to others, but it may have been for ...
  14. Roy: Thank you for pointing me towards this resource. Lots of great information here.
  15. Yes, please... a picture of the basket and belt maker's plane would be appreciated.
  16. Hello gents. And I genuinely appreciate your input. Alas, I'm 99% sure this isn't going to fit the incense burner category. Too many incongruities and no noticeable scorches or burns. The fireplough s...
  17. Jack: I'd be grateful for any other leads you can offer. In the meantime, I'll educate myself on fireplough's. Thank you!
  18. I suspect this would be an "eye" that would be hammered into a tree either for rigging cable or rope as part of a logging operation, or into log for repositioning or dragging (skidding) the log.
  19. This would have been attached to a Petty Officer's "Dress Blues." They were usually wool, but could be a Gabardine wool fabric if the uniform was custom made. We'd always have our dress blues dry-clea...
  20. Riply206 is definitely on the right track. I might add that the application of these might be for barbed wire fencing as it appears to have all the right elements necessary to lay in barbed wire on fe...
  21. Hi. If you lift off the ribbon cover near the carriage roller, and look on the frame itself towards the keyboard, I believe you'll find both the year/month of manufacture and the serial number. It may...
  22. Ahhh, understood. Thank you for the warm welcome. Lots to see and learn here.
  23. Hi. Forgive me, but I don't understand your comment. Please elaborate. Thanks.
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posted 3 months ago