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Franklin, TN

humble hook and line kind a guy with me partnah supporting me :)


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Gilded Gold Plate - Unknown Era/Origin - Fine Artin Fine Art
RECORD- Pasteover!! Jimmy Witherspoon - Custom "R&B Series" - Recordsin Records
Mystery Ballroom Music Figurine  - Figurinesin Figurines
A lovely and happy Siddartha aka Buddha - Asianin Asian
Altec Lansing "Voice of the theater" N8500-8a X 2 - Electronicsin Electronics
Pyrex cooking pot with residue from Goodwill hwy 96 - Kitchenin Kitchen
Loretta Lynn gem from goodwill - Your Squaw is on the Warpath LP stone mint vinyl - Recordsin Records
Aris Isotone Woolite 1960s Driving Gloves - Accessoriesin Accessories
Rad Mobile 1991 By Sega      Arcade Coin-Op - Gamesin Games
piggy bank funny looking - Animalsin Animals


  1. sorry for the pic qualit...have fallen on hard times andam using what is available here to photograph and digitize...
  2. Right??? Thanks Effesgirl.
  3. thanks anna...please post a picture so we can see the similarity :)
  4. Trying to find out who the artist is...
  5. Any info?
  6. Any information would be helpful!
  7. Thanks Rick55 and Efesgirl!
  8. It is very textured like blown glass...
  9. This blows my mind!
  10. thanks jscott0363, racer4four, and Efesgirl! she is a staple to our bedroom :p whenever something goes missing or spils etc....It was Britney Hogglespears! :p
  11. You are completely zombie apocalypse ready...and for 1.75! :)
  12. Thanks Efesgirl, Gillian, and racer4four! I love it too!
  13. Thanks racer4four!
  14. Thank you both Vetraio50 and Gillian! Wonderful!
  15. Thanks All For the replies and identification!!!! It is beeeeeautiful to me :)
  16. Thanks Efesgirl and Nicefice! it really sparkles :)
  18. thank ya nicefice!
  19. Thanks efesgirl!
  20. thanks all for the love. this is on my parents tree now :)
  21. thanks to Nicefice, aura, and nutsabotas6 for the love!
  22. Thanks Nicefice and vetario50 for the love!
  23. Thanks for showing some love Nicefice!
  24. Thanks Nicefice!
  25. Wowsers!
  26. Thanks antiquerose for the potential ID and efesgirl, i concur completely... goodwill sleeper find!
  27. Fortapache! Thank you so very much. :) Thanks Efesgirl! So excited!
  28. 3/3
  29. 2/3
  31. Thanks fortapache! I cannot wait to hear Iula Humps!
  32. Thanks for showing the love :) fortapache!
  33. Thanks! Aventurine? Yes. It is Green with blue sparkles...more like blue blocks.
  34. Perhaps Carnival? I do not know much about glass.
  35. this a real gem or am I crazy?
  36. Oh. Hoctor is somewhat hard to find says a good source.
  37. Yes. Franklin TN thrifting is a riot.
  38. AWESOME!!!!
  39. This s a significant find in my opinion...appraised records for 8 yrs.
  40. I cannot figure out the patterns and button scheme from research... any ideas?
  41. It is weird for sure.
  42. Do you have any images of the underside?
  43. I agree with SEAN68... wow!
  44. Thank you matisse!
  45. stunning colors
  46. looks creamy and hypnotic...almost pearl jade
  47. btw...the opalescence is unreal in person
  48. exactly .. i cannot find this mark ANYWHERE! been looking for hours
  49. that is the exact sticker. the painted mark is what i am interested in.... very cool though :)
  50. Thanks Efesgirl... :) What does the mark mean?
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Altec Lansing "Voice of the theater" N8500-8a X 2 Glass Cup that glows blue even though it is green New York Gallery Society 1950s/60s Gold Leaf Repro Painting (not print) of 17th century Japanese kano momoyama namban "Portuges


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