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Orillia, Ontario. Canada

Collector of vintage toys. Mostly focused on Canadian toy history. 27 years of collecting, still learning everyday. Thank you for checking out my posts. Richard


  1. Year is as Dave states around 1973. Rover in pic is a V8 3500s. Owned a 1970 model for 12 years. Always a good runner, unfortunately rust claimed another victim.
  2. Thanks for the loves.
  3. Thank you for the comment fortapache. I have only a few Tonkas, mostly only because they were made in Canada. I never see any of the 1950's Tonkas on my local toy route. Stopped buying online years ag...
  4. @ AzTom. I know you have the cool green one. I spotted it way back when I uploaded my orange one. Still haven't found a green one in my travels. Definitely the rare one.
  5. Thanks jpzank. Prices are down a bit now on many of these big pressed steel toys. Still expensive, but deals are out there. Nice to hear you finally have one in your collection.
  6. Thank you for the kind comments nutsabotas6 and justachick. Much appreciated.
  7. Great that the drum is still rockin. Had a few supras over the years. try something new, then back to a supra. Running a 'B' stock later issue Black Beauty as my go to. Have had many snares over th...
  8. @racer4four. It does have a moo feature, unfortunately it is the vintage 'moo in a can' style that works if you turn the cow upside down.
  9. Thanks for the kind comments and having an interest in my ever expanding collection.
  10. Thanks nutsabotas6 and racer4four. These little plastics add much colour to the showcase display.
  11. Thanks nutsabotas6. It has aged much better than I have. :)
  12. Thanks for the kind comment nutsabotas6. Problem with this truck is when I look at it in the display I get hungry for snacks.
  13. That was my thoughts on it fortapache. :) Hopefully I find another five dollar set with the controllers so I can try it out.
  14. Thank you courtenayantiques for the kind comment. It is a fun piece. Had fun cleaning it and more fun to be had finding space on a shelf for it. :)
  15. Thanks Nicefice. Wasn't looking for a set, but @ 5 dollars, how do say no? :)
  16. Thank you for the kind comments Nicefice, Alan2310, and nutsabotas6.
  17. Thanks for the loves .
  18. Thanks nutsabotas6. Roof of truck came out smooth and probably the best I have painted on a model in 40 years. the sides orange-peeled somewhat. "Looks good from afar" as they say.
  19. Thank you nutsabotas6 for the kind comment.
  20. Eldon was done production in 1970 according to a slot car forum. Probably quite a few sets were still being retailed in the early seventies but were quickly being replaced in the market by the much be...
  21. Great set. I keep finding these posts by accident. A set this cool should always be near the recent love list.
  22. Thank you for the loves Trey, officialfuel,pickrknows,racer4four,Windwalker,Nicefice,vetraio50,brunswick,blunderbuss2,fortapache and nutsabotas6. Much appreciated.
  23. Thanks nutsabotas6 for the kind comment. Gave the jeep a bit of a cleanup and looks good on the shelf.
  24. Thanks for the comment and loves fortapache. The colour was the selling feature, well that and no one else bid on it. lol.
  25. Not sure of the production run on this train. I put up another pic but detail in pic isn't great. Researching Minnitoys is challenging, and even living less than 5 minutes from the long since closed o...
  26. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/193870-1940s-canadian-flyer-ride-on-train?in=user
  27. Above link to Ride on train from Minnitoys Catalogue.
  28. http://cf.collectorsweekly.com/stories/g9nLoIiEMLd-hsasGdGKew.jpg
  29. Thank you artislove.
  30. Thank you everyone for the love on this item. :) It wasn't getting much love when I found it.
  31. Thank you fortapache and AmatoorPikr for the kind comments.
  32. Thanks for the loves on this quirky Soldier.
  33. Thank you glassiegirl, vetraio50,aura,Efesgirl, Caperkid,PhilDMorris,nutsabotas6, and brunswick for the loves. Much appreciated.
  34. Thank you Manikin for the kind comment and the love.
  35. Thanks antiquerose. Tom does collect very similar cool toys. Probably why I can't find any good diecast anymore, he is most likely younger and finding all the treasures before I can drag my old bon...
  36. Nice. Never see these around. Good score with a box and all.
  37. Thank you for the loves and kind comments. These trucks sure make my other Londontoy trucks look small.
  38. Thank you everyone for the many Loves on this little beauty.
  39. Thanks for the comment racer4four. Hard to imagine these modern kids getting nostalgic over the I-phone they had 20 years earlier.lol But, always seems to be a previous generation doubting the next. I...
  40. Thanks all for the many Loves on this little gem.
  41. Thank you Celiene and Signaholic for the kind comments. Thanks everyone for the loves on this happy, colourful blob of plastic past.
  42. Thank you for the loves and comments.
  43. Thanks Windwalker for the enthusiastic comment. Thanks everyone for the loves.
  44. Thanks for the comments Celiene , Trey, and Tom. No markings. they are 2 1/4 . I had no clue, and thought Tootsietoy at first. Searched the web and seen the artist drawing on a Londontoy box on eb...
  45. Sweet old gal. I would get her running, put on some new rubber, a bit of brake adjusting, as they sound a bit tight based on description. :) , then just putt around enjoying the low tech lifestyle in...
  46. Thanks Thomas. Nice rainy Saturday, so getting caught up on toy related stuff. Enjoy your day also.
  47. Yessiree Tom. Been organizing my collection, adding more plastic goodies, and working my regular job. Add to that, getting my classic out and blowing the cobwebs off it and got a new to me old camper...
  48. Thank you Brunswick and Hoipolloi for the nice comments. I have seen Tootsie roll versions of these online. Maybe I will happen upon one someday.
  49. Thanks for the comments nutsabotas6 and fortapache. The matchbox cars seem to find me, I end up buying box lots of stuff and they seem to be hiding at the bottom. On a plastic toy mission this month, ...
  50. Thank you for the comments and loves. I don't usually collect space and robot stuff, but the more of the vibrant colours and cool effects, I can see travelling down that expensive route. People probab...
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