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My latest finds! - Petrolianain Petroliana
Early 60s Chevrolet dealer lamp - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Rescued...the way I like it! - Animalsin Animals
NOS Phillips 66 30 inch double sided porcelain sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
Sunoco oil bottle Island rack - Petrolianain Petroliana
Happy to announce MR. and Mrs. Gargoylecollector! - Photographsin Photographs
1935 Penn-rad motor oil 2 gallon can - Petrolianain Petroliana
1970's Chevrolet Ice bucket - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
More new stuff - Petrolianain Petroliana
Skelly Bottles - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. Thanks for the loves!
  2. I have one!!Has painted wheels not caps though
  3. Thanks kingshawn,rattletrap,and Ho2cultcha!
  4. Thanks rocker!
  5. Thanks Newfld,watchsearcher,and fort!
  8. The pulleys and smoke stack look exactly like the ones on my older Wilesco steam engine I have...never seen this version though...
  9. Thanks iggy,recordmantime,and SEAN!
  10. Thanks kwqd,and MadamMisty!
  11. Thanks Vynil,Trey,and mcgyver!
  12. Thanks Rattletrap,and hunterqlee!
  13. Thanks keramikoskeramikos,Vynil, and ttom!
  14. Thanks chevelleman,burt,and ted!
  15. Thanks trey,Sean,and king Shawn!
  16. Thanks jscott,ejw,and Purvis!
  17. Thanks sanhardin,blunderbuss,vetraio!
  18. Thanks Burt,Ted ,and vynil!
  19. Thanks kyra and fhrjr !
  20. Thanks ejw,salles,and shughs
  21. Thanks vetraio,chevelleman,and longings!
  22. Thanks recordmantime,vetraio,and brunswick!
  23. Thanks newfld,officialfuel,and fort!
  24. Thanks aura,shughs,and blunderbuss!
  25. Lol thanks Brunswick! exactly jscott! adopt don't shop! purvis,he knows right where the treats are kept! lol Trey! Thanks,keramikos,Vynil33rpm,nd akrodog!
  26. Thanks Brunswick,jscott,and Purvis!
  27. Thanks aura,fort,and ejw!
  28. gas station island display case to sell accessories/etc. to the customer still in their car!
  29. Good piece,quiet valuable!Hang on to it!
  30. Highly collectible brand!
  31. this is a lubster paddle sign.Lubsters are retangualr metal tanks with hand pumps on the top ,used to fill oil bottles.
  32. Thanks cancollect,anythingobscure,and anik!
  33. Thanks jscott,purvis,and officialfuel!
  34. Thanks for the loves!purvis,it has a weird plug in but I'll get it changed over!I just hope I have enough bottles!
  35. Thanks for the loves!
  36. Love that Opal Kadett!
  37. Thanks for all the nice comments!
  38. Thanks Trey, Newfld,and vetraio!
  39. have a Merry Christmas mankin!
  40. you better believe it Mani!
  41. Chinese reproduction...may still be 30-40 years old.Rough texture and screws are the dead give-a-ways
  42. here is mine!
  43. Thanks for all the loves!
  44. Thanks for all the loves!
  45. Thanks for all the loves!
  46. Thanks for all the loves!
  47. Thanks for all the loves! you gotta watch people!lol
  48. Thanks for all the loves! AND THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS!
  49. Thanks for all the loves! You're correct EJW!
  50. Thanks for all the loves!
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Sinclair oil can


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