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My finds at the Indy ad show - Petrolianain Petroliana
Local Civil war reunion ribbon & book - Booksin Books
Marx wind-up #11 - Toysin Toys
more odds and ends! - Petrolianain Petroliana
rare pint cans - Petrolianain Petroliana
A few new cans added to the museum - Advertisingin Advertising
odds and ends 
Cast Iron bus - Model Carsin Model Cars
Tin toy wrecker - Toysin Toys
my latest find - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thanks Newfld,fort,and EJW!There are a lot of great people to meet in this hobby!
  2. Thanks for all the loves! and this is why CW is awesome!
  3. Thanks for all the loves!Thanks jscott!
  4. Thanks for all the loves!
  5. Thanks for all the loves!
  6. Thanks for all the loves!
  7. Thanks for all the loves!
  8. Thanks for all the loves!Vynil,They are in great shape for their age!,Bobby,post some better pics!Could be,what does the hitch look like ,or is it ground off?
  9. Thanks for all the loves!Thanks toyrebel!
  10. Thanks for all the loves!
  11. Thanks Scott!I appreciate you taking the time to do this!I will add this to the paper work I received with the book and ribbon for the next owner down the line.(It's not going anywhere anytime soon!lol
  12. Bobby,Are those rubber (it's kind of hard to tell from the pics.)
  13. John and James Jellison That would be so cool Scott!
  14. You have to be a good friend to see this twice!lol
  15. love it!Nice find!
  16. That is a sharp one!
  17. If you ever run across any Buster bottles from Montpelier In. Please let me know!I have 3 now ,all with caps!
  19. Thanks everyone!
  20. Thanks everyone!
  21. Thanks everyone!
  22. Thanks everyone!
  23. Started by J.H. Williams and Matthew Diamond(get it?)
  24. J.H. Williams tool co.
  25. I have a set of stick-on plastic shoe's and a set of gold lapel pin shoe's from this promotion.
  26. WOW Manikin!What a challenge!lol
  27. $100 total
  28. good post,this is a real problem in our hobby!Thanks for posting!
  29. Your Welcome,I don't like seeing things like that go on!
  30. CALLED HIM OUT AND HE DELETED IT.I f you wish to see a screen shot just ask
  31. He says he is your son in law and you passed down your collection to him!
  32. Michael,I know you blocked me on facebook,but some guy by the name of Sean Warnke has posted a photo from your collection and is stating it's his.I wouldn't put up with that!It is in "THE GREAT AMERIC...
  33. miss that store!
  34. read the title
  35. Thanks for the love!
  36. Thanks for the love!
  37. Thanks for the love!
  38. Thanks for the love!
  39. Thanks for the love!
  40. Thanks for the love!
  41. Thanks for the love!
  42. Thanks for the love!
  43. Thanks for the love!
  44. Thanks for the love!
  45. Thanks for the love!
  46. Thanks for the love!I loved that too Newfld!
  47. Thanks for the love!lol yep a deal breaker!lol
  48. Thanks for the love!Join the club Trey!!!!lol
  49. Thanks for the love!lol Racer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. not sure.
  51. See more


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