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Completed display case - Furniturein Furniture
Round Oak stove for Spiritbear! - Kitchenin Kitchen
Valvoline WWII ration oil bottle - Petrolianain Petroliana
odd glass counter-top display case - Advertisingin Advertising
Some new items to the collection! - Petrolianain Petroliana
One of my first signs - Petrolianain Petroliana
1929 Chevrolet radiator screen guard - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Hand made shifter knob - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Keen-Kutter padlock - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1915 Indiana Motorcycle license plate - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. Thanks for the love!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks for the love!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks for the love!!!!!!!!!!
  4. wow!!!!
  5. Thanks fort!it's all the stuff I love!!!!!!
  6. I haven't researched it yet,not sure if that had something to do with the company or what... Molasses rust removal more than likely,it's cheap and easy!
  7. 6"x6"(wide and tall)x9" deep See,my first thought was ties,so we are on the same track!lol
  8. Round Oak stove for Spiritbear! | Collectors Weekly
  9. Thanks Fort!
  10. Thanks Manikin!
  11. cool,I need to post my Round oak cast iron parlor stove!
  12. long time ,no see!!!!
  13. Thanks for all the love!
  14. Thanks for all the love!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Wow officialfuel,I guess I'll never understand you!You block me on Facebook ,but you still come here and like my junk!Thanks...I think...
  16. Thanks for the love!!!!!!
  17. Thanks Manikin!
  18. Yep, a real SS!The '63 is my 2nd favorite Impala!Mine had buckets (black interior) and the console also,it was definitely rare and restorable,but I have too many!
  19. oh, those chrome reverses........................................................dang just shorted out my keyboard regretting getting rid of mine now...........H...
  20. Thanks for the love!!!!!!!!
  21. Thanks for the love!!!!!!!!
  22. Thanks for the info McCoyNelson!And thanks for the love guys!
  23. reproductions never had MACK on the collar.
  24. Thanks for all the love!
  25. Thanks for the love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. love it!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. bb2 that is my shed harvester!Antlers get loosened and stick in the straw in the late winter! Fort,this is the first one I have sen on this farm in 20 years! Wandlessfairy,he's meaner than a junk ya...
  28. Thanks Mani and Scott!
  29. thanks for the love!
  30. not rare,wash with dawn
  31. empty and wash with dawn dish soap only!Just my 2 cents!Nice old can,worth hanging on too!
  32. something else to look out for!Very cool!
  33. Thanks workstead!!!!!!
  34. Thanks for the love!SB,I already have to much hung up!lol
  35. Thanks for the love!
  36. Thanks for the love!
  37. Thanks for the love!
  38. Thanks for the love!
  39. Thanks for the love!
  40. Thanks for the love!
  41. Please post it TheDuchess! btw smart ass comments will get your comments deleted lzenglish ....
  42. thanks buckethead,I keep improving the old girl all the time,one day it will be street legal!
  43. Thanks jscott!
  44. fuzz,post it!I have 5 different,I think all are posted on here!
  45. Thanks for the info guys!
  46. Thanks for the love!
  47. Thanks for all the love!
  48. Thanks for the love!
  49. 1965! Thanks for the love!
  50. Thanks for the love!
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