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DEER FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 - Photographsin Photographs
late 50's Oldsmobile Trans-portable radio - Radiosin Radios
1938 Chevrolet soap-box derby award - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1960's Chevrolet neon sign - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
1977 Schiltz neon sign - Brewerianain Breweriana
Socony-Vacuum Mobil Window  sprayer - Petrolianain Petroliana
Chevrolet Christmas presents! - Model Carsin Model Cars
<-----Still gets toys for Christmas! - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
4 year project!lol - Advertisingin Advertising
Thimble-Drome Prop-rod - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Thanks for the love!
  2. Thanks for the love!
  3. Thanks for the love!
  4. Thanks for the love!
  5. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the loves!!!!!
  7. That is a great idea!Good job!
  8. Indiana
  9. Thanks Fort!Caper ,around valentines day.
  10. drinks???????????lol!!I would hate to think of the chemicals that have went through that!And you are very welcome!
  12. gravity embalming tool...have one!
  13. you don't have used white hoses laying around do you?Love the pump!
  14. love that 3rd pic!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Olecody,seems strange you can post and comment...Are you sure your clicking on the right spots?Just trying to help!
  16. Thanks for all the love!
  17. Cool,just had a bottle show near here a week ago!Look for some Montpelier Indiana bottles for me!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for posting!
  18. 1938 though?Probably find family members.
  19. Thanks PW!Love those old commercials!
  20. love,love,love!
  21. Thanks guys!That means a lot!
  22. where's the double-love button?So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for posting!
  23. lol Buckethead!No,I just have a lot of junk!
  24. Thanks for all the love!
  25. lol,no it was in the 50's yesterday,all the snow is gone!!!!Muddy though.I just needed to back my car out long enough to hang this and move some stuff around that was in the way of it.It's always put ...
  26. FINALLY!!!!!!!!The weather cooperated last night and I got it hung!I think I need more neon................................
  27. Thank you Newfld,Manikin,and jscott!
  28. new picture posted!!
  29. Thanks for all the love folks!
  30. Thank you Trey!I think the weather is turning in my favor to get it hung up!
  31. Thank Trey,Sure come on up!
  32. Thanks for the love!
  33. Thanks for the love!
  34. Happy New Year Brat!Glad to see you on here!
  35. Would like to see that 1965 Chevrolet poster
  36. thank you racer!
  37. AnythingObscure,yes the Chevrolet has the O repaired only.The Bow-tie is all new.Thank you racer and EJW(I knew you would like this!)
  38. yes a 1936 and 1940 Oldsmobile!He must have been an Olds-man.Like the father on The Christmas Story movie!
  39. Thank you Vetraio and hope you have the same!
  40. 1940 Olds
  41. Thanks for all the love!
  42. Thanks for all the love!
  43. Thanks for all the love!
  44. 1936 Olds at a Standard oil station with early visible and computing pumps!
  45. nice earings,but how about a little Sylvester and Tweety action!LOL jk
  46. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww,,,,,,,,,agrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what the heck!!!!!!!!!!that is SOOOOOOOOOO COOL!I have 2 neons up at the neon guy g...
  47. Collecting sometimes makes me wish I was born 40-50 years earlier!lol
  48. Yes I would say all of them,may need a new mantle in 1 or 2.The amber one has an electric converted burner(no modification to the lamp itself)
  49. I know ,Right?Nothing like a special tool,I mean why just have a plain ol' bottle of windex!
  50. yeah I got some noise from some weirdo the other day,hope we don't have another CW stalker again!
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