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  1. love it!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. bb2 that is my shed harvester!Antlers get loosened and stick in the straw in the late winter! Fort,this is the first one I have sen on this farm in 20 years! Wandlessfairy,he's meaner than a junk ya...
  3. Thanks Mani and Scott!
  4. thanks for the love!
  5. not rare,wash with dawn
  6. empty and wash with dawn dish soap only!Just my 2 cents!Nice old can,worth hanging on too!
  7. something else to look out for!Very cool!
  8. Thanks workstead!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the love!SB,I already have to much hung up!lol
  10. Thanks for the love!
  11. Thanks for the love!
  12. Thanks for the love!
  13. Thanks for the love!
  14. Thanks for the love!
  15. Thanks for the love!
  16. Please post it TheDuchess! btw smart ass comments will get your comments deleted lzenglish ....
  17. thanks buckethead,I keep improving the old girl all the time,one day it will be street legal!
  18. Thanks jscott!
  19. fuzz,post it!I have 5 different,I think all are posted on here!
  20. Thanks for the info guys!
  21. Thanks for the love!
  22. Thanks for all the love!
  23. Thanks for the love!
  24. 1965! Thanks for the love!
  25. Thanks for the love!
  26. Thanks for the love!
  27. comment #2- no,pumps are double sided,but pump one at a time unlike today's pumps.
  28. Thanks for the love! Thanks ks!
  29. Thanks for the love!Thanks Mani,and fort!
  30. fort,someone stole my great-grandpa's JD plow so I bought this to replace it.
  31. Thanks for all the love!!!!!!!!!
  32. Thanks for all the love!!!!!!!!!Thanks fort!
  33. Thanks for all the love!!!!!!!!!
  34. Thanks for all the love!!!!!!!!!
  35. Any other markings on it?
  36. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GET'EM OFF ME!!!!!LOL
  37. yes they are wooden in the link I added BB2
  38. here you go BB2-
  39. Yep ,they saved the shape only in metal,so equipment wouldn't need to be changed to handle the new metal barrels.
  40. oh and that Whiz can is GREAT!
  41. I believe this is a 1911 Maxwell.
  42. YAY!another ol'chevy!love it!Meet Ol'Blue-
  43. Thank you Manikin!
  44. That was their motto,"A great place to take a leak!"lol BTW that is "Squeeky and Wally"
  45. Hi Manikin! Thanks for all the loves guys!
  46. Thanks for all the nice and a couple weird comments!fort,I never figured that out either.I've heard a 1/2 dozen different theories.
  47. Thanks for all the loves!
  48. Thanks Valentino!And yep, don't miss those temps!
  49. Thanks Bobby!I agree..........................I found a year old one in the field too,just haven't got a pic,it looks like it may have been ran over by the planter...
  50. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  51. See more


Sinclair oil can