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Farm scene - Photographsin Photographs
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early racetrack photo - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Officials pith helmet - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
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1974 Chevrolet Truck dealer dest lamp - Lampsin Lamps
1963 Chevrolet dealer lamp - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thanks for all the loves!
  2. Thanks for the loves!
  3. Thanks for all the loves!
  4. I even forgot to post some gas pump S&P shakers I bought!
  5. Trey,my mom and sister watched the herd!lol I'm not sure,I did read it but can't remember!The guy had a vision when he started for sure!That thing was ROUGH!And only the main case!
  6. Thank you mani!Yep no chickens.....yet!Trust me,Mrs.Garoylecollector has big plans! AnythingObscure,Thank you for the nice comment!Glad you liked it!
  7. hotairfan we have been going for many years and have been exhibitors since about 2007.We take the entire week off and shop!It was always my dad and I and now it's grown into my wife,my father-in-law,...
  8. Thank you fort and hotair for the comments!And I agree with both!!
  9. there you go Waltons_Mountain!
  10. Thank you very much hotairfan!Thats a nice compliment!
  11. Thanks Newfld and hotairfan!
  12. before and after
  13. before and after!
  14. oh my gosh yes! and when I told him it was this ladies opinion and there isn't anything you can do about ones opinion,he started ranting about how long he's been on tv blah,blah,blah! then he blocked ...
  15. Ahh ,finally had a run in with you!You got your panties in a bunch over someones opinion...You did not disappoint as I figured you would be a petty HI-class TV star who has to get his way!You continue...
  16. Thanks for all the love!
  17. Thanks for all the love!
  18. Thanks for all the love!
  19. Thanks for all the love!
  20. Thanks for all the love!
  21. Thanks for all the love!
  22. Thanks for all the love!
  23. Thanks for all the love! Trey, so did I!!!!!!!!!!lololololol
  24. Thanks for all the love!
  25. Thanks for all the love!
  26. Thanks Trey!Thanks for all the love!
  27. Thanks for all the love!
  28. Thanks for all the love!
  29. Thanks for all the love!
  30. Love it!So cool!
  31. nope,no markings
  32. Sorry Thomas,not one of those states...
  33. Manikin,it's a perfect wrench for conversation!
  34. love it!
  35. Thanks for the loves,guys!
  36. Thanks for the loves!
  37. Thanks everyone!
  38. Thanks everyone!
  39. Holy cow Tallcakes thanks for that info!
  41. Member Kerry Lewis has one!Should be able to search that.
  42. Thanks for the loves!
  43. and thank you jscott,and racer!
  44. Thanks for the loves!
  45. Thanks for the loves!
  46. Thanks for the loves!
  47. Thanks for the loves!
  48. Thanks for the loves!
  49. Thanks for the loves!
  50. Thanks for the loves!
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Sinclair oil can


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