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Some of my recent finds - Petrolianain Petroliana
Just some old tin signs - Advertisingin Advertising
New Old Stock Chevrolet Soap box derby helmet - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Late 50s Early 60s mounts - Animalsin Animals
Woodette Tornado Race car - Model Carsin Model Cars
1930s Chevrolet circus poster - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Standard Oil of California 1932 - Advertisingin Advertising
Wayne 100 gas pump - Petrolianain Petroliana
Ready for winter - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Four lane concrete find!lmao - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. A photo of my sickle mower
  2. what jscott said and I'll add that the roughness of the casting is another dead give a way.
  3. Nice!
  4. Thank you all for the love as and comments!
  5. Thanks everyone!
  6. Thank you congcu!
  7. Hotairfan,I think it's from the late 40s early 50s
  8. Thanks for all the loves!
  9. Thanks for all the loves!
  10. Thanks for all the loves !
  11. Merry Christmas CW!
  12. thanks for all the loves!
  13. Merry Christmas Ted!
  14. Bb2 I like them original when possible, if they were mismatched or rusted out I would restore ,thanks for asking!
  15. here's a good photo of what a big truck in that era would have looked like-
  16. that's a good price for a nice yard ornament!Hang on to it!
  17. this is a solid rubber tire used in the teens and 20's heavy duty trucks.I have a few and they do get hard as a rock,I bet they rode that way too!Brand of truck would be hard to say.
  18. So school us on the facts yourneverright....what parts did I get wrong?Comment #8 is so far off its not funny....please pro,teach us
  19. Thanks for all the loves!
  20. Van camp hardware co. Indianoplis Indiana.Key might say slaymaker.Nice find!
  21. A true Mack piece has MACK on the dogs collar
  22. I would also venture to say Star was mergered with Altman Taylor at some point(A-T was the bigger company)
  23. Thesher not threw her!lol
  24. That comment #8 has so much incorrect it's not even funny......
  25. And if you look at my link to a STAR not an Altman Taylor
  26. Alfred not a threw her that's what these steam engines ran to thresh the wheat.and this is not gas powered!smh.....coal fired steam!
  27. And btw,these are awesome!
  28. I believe it is a Star steam tractor
  29. WillSol,sounds like a cool piece!got any pictures you could post?
  30. Thanks for all the loves!
  31. Thanks manikin!;) And Hoot60 thank you! Thanks fort,those are some old sideboard stashed away for years! And AnythingObscure,I have too much personal history with this ol girl to restore her to per...
  32. Dav2no1,yes it's a C-20 big back window long stepper with 1 ton suspension!It's went from 18 years in a field to stored in a barn to a nice garage this year!lol she's moving up in the world every time...
  33. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  34. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  35. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  36. I can only imagine what she'll have me building next!
  37. Got it dav2no1 thanks for the help!
  38. Ok so how do I turn these dang things?
  39. Thanks for all the loves!
  40. Thanks for the loves!
  41. Thanks for all the loves!
  42. I even forgot to post some gas pump S&P shakers I bought!
  43. Trey,my mom and sister watched the herd!lol I'm not sure,I did read it but can't remember!The guy had a vision when he started for sure!That thing was ROUGH!And only the main case!
  44. Thank you mani!Yep no chickens.....yet!Trust me,Mrs.Garoylecollector has big plans! AnythingObscure,Thank you for the nice comment!Glad you liked it!
  45. hotairfan we have been going for many years and have been exhibitors since about 2007.We take the entire week off and shop!It was always my dad and I and now it's grown into my wife,my father-in-law,...
  46. Thank you fort and hotair for the comments!And I agree with both!!
  47. there you go Waltons_Mountain!
  48. Thank you very much hotairfan!Thats a nice compliment!
  49. Thanks Newfld and hotairfan!
  50. before and after
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