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I am a fan of McCoy pottery, Keen Kutter, and Redline Hot Wheels. I will have many things posted, mostly Keen Kutter and some McCoys. I also enjoy coin errors. I am a fan of McCoy pottery, Keen Kutter, and Redline Hot Wheels. I will have many things posted, mostly Keen Kutter and some McCoys. I also enjoy coin errors. You may be surprised, but despite having a vast knowledge on antiques, I am only 18! (Read more)


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February 1977 "Playboy" Magazine - Paperin Paper
Milk Bottle from Crescent Milk - Bottlesin Bottles
Old Maxwell House Coffee Can - Kitchenin Kitchen
Crayola Crayons in box Circa 1903 - Advertisingin Advertising
Dogwood Planters by McCoy Pottery - Potteryin Pottery
1973 CIPSA Hot Wheels Superfine Turbine  - Model Carsin Model Cars
1973 Ferrari 312P - Model Carsin Model Cars
1968 Custom ElDorado  - Model Carsin Model Cars
It's Here! One of my personal items! - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
King Creole Vol. 2 Sleeve - Recordsin Records


  1. I'm curious to know why it was nicknamed a "brownie" lol
  2. Are there any marks on the bottom?
  3. I bet it's quite valuable
  4. u should get it appraised
  5. Lol would make a HUGE hood ornament
  6. Merry Christmas to you too officialfuel! This truck would look really neat decorated with christmas lights.
  7. Who remembers the oatmeal cups?
  8. Ahhh the classic glass insulators
  9. Ol' Elvis and the rest of the bunch wouldn't have been happy to hear that it was demolished!
  10. Those early cars are almost always the most beautiful!
  11. okay. i'll be ready for ya
  12. Ah the good ol' insulators. I recall having some of these. (Btw fortapache. I'm ready to create the group when you are)
  13. Does it still work?
  14. I'm in school, so in my time (central)is 8-3. I'm occasionally on after that time
  15. Yes fortapache it is. And pink is the most desirable for the rarity.
  16. That's a common but collectable color!
  17. I recall seeing this same car at numerous flea markets!
  18. Okay Fortapache. Whenever you are ready, message this email in hangouts and we will begin our chat:
  19. Okay. Fortapache, would you like to use hangouts?
  20. Okay fortapache. If that doesn't work, try hangouts
  21. Oh okay fortapache. Did you succeed?
  22. okay, everyone who wants to form a group download kik and comment on Fortapache's next post that you'd like to join the group, along with your kik username.
  23. i have an idea. why not us fellow collectors download kik and have a live collectables and antiques chat?
  24. I have some of these but they're dragsters.
  25. I was incorrect on pricing the item. Worth $160 without the key. Worth double with key and if from specific railroad
  26. I wonder if these fans had a bunch of "fans" back in the day as well?
  27. DE? I wonder if that's short for Diamond Edge?
  28. It is from the earlier era of the 1900s because it has the script on the side
  29. Correct! Thank you for sharing this fine item! These are worth between 50 and 125 each
  30. You're welcome GGC
  31. Yup. This was the good quality brand saw they made. They indeed made Keen Kutter saws, as I have one posted, and I think there was another brand they made that was average quality.
  32. On Gargoylecollector's post, did you say you had a Keen Kutter item? If so, I'd love to see it
  33. I did not include a photo of the script on this piece. You can also see the logo on the large "nut" on the handle.
  34. Flashlarue Keen Kutter saws have the keen kutter logo on the blade, usually in the center. Also, either on the back or front, there is a paragraph in script. Keen Kutter saws also have a different des...
  35. There were also some that said Santa Fe on the back, which were made exclusively for that railroad
  36. These I imagine are very hard to find, as even ones from the 30's are uncommon!
  37. If you look on the right side of the bottom point, you can see part of the patent date. It should say 1-2-06 (Jan. 2, 1906)
  38. This is actually a Railway lock, so I'd tag railroad collectibles as well. These are not very common. This is authentic as I can see the trademark lettering in the bottom right corner of it on the front
  39. This is a very old and cool piece! There are also railroad versions of this. Yours is in an exceptionally great condition! This would have a chain with keys on one end, which is missing on this exampl...
  40. Welcome back from your vacation Fortapache! Hope you found lots of goodies!
  41. Looks like you have a couple Benningtons there
  42. The real question they probably asked was: Why NOT?
  43. the 88 is not the Mfg. date. John Deere began in 1918, so that is one factor ruled out
  44. My mistake AnythingObscure. It does not come from that area.
  45. AnythingObscure yes that is Rock Island Gasoline. yes it is Illinois. I have found pictures of flyers that tell the location. They also made Gasoline engines.
  46. (If you find any)
  47. Have fun Fortapache! Oh, and don't forget to take plenty of photos of any antiques you find!
  48. This baby has gotta be worth hundreds of sodas now. I can't imagine how much it's worth for it being so early. I know it HAS to be at least 250, but I could be wrong.
  49. I saw a 1939 Pr Pepper bottle for $2 last Saturday
  50. Because the shade is definitely not Capodimonte, I can tell you that. Their shades on all their different lamps were almost always the same ones.
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