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20 and counting! Getting more knowledgeable with each passing day! Fenton is currently my specialty but always Keen Kutter and McCoy. Message me on FB! @ Antonio Cri20 and counting! Getting more knowledgeable with each passing day! Fenton is currently my specialty but always Keen Kutter and McCoy. Message me on FB! @ Antonio Crisley (Read more)


  1. Okay figured out it is a butcher knife according to this auction result on this same item. Here is the link:
  2. It would likely have had KEEN KUTTER somewhere on the blade but in this condition it looks like it was worn off.
  3. Correct it is a keen kutter knife. Judging by the blade shape it looks to be some sort of slicing knife, maybe citrus?
  4. I had to assemble my daisy tea set from 3 different purchases. Also have the Ivy creamer as well as an extra daisy creamer
  5. Showing the bottoms of the pieces can help date them
  6. I don't know the size its not listed by the museum.
  7. Lovely color. I have two yellow/greens and a matte white one.
  8. This is not McCoy. They never made this piece.
  9. Yup. 70s piece.
  10. Thank you! I believe they call these "Lunch hour pieces" because employees would sometimes decorate one for themselves during their lunch break.
  11. Fortapache you are so right about trains being made up of so many random cars nowadays
  12. That's a big lady lol
  13. Fortapache stay tuned for the next Matchbox Monday. It will be a double feature with two models with something in common
  14. That is gorgeous! I wonder who made it?
  15. I have some matchbox cars I can show ya
  16. Hi fortapache do u have messenger? We can chat on it if u want
  17. Don't think this is Fenton but it is shaped like the Special rolled rim bowls they made.
  18. This was more likely a jug for storing different types of liquids instead of just whiskey. I imagine it held water at some point in it's life. This is from the teens era . According to the Warman's Bo...
  19. I haven't really seen many of these simple bowls but I believe since it has handles it is likely a soup or cereal bowl. The brown color was commonly used for dinnerware and kitchenware. Judging by the...
  20. Oh don't worry lol. I will still do the others. I just thought since there is so much more Fenton Glass than Frankoma pottery I figured I would do that. That's why ive mostly been gone so long. I will...
  21. I wonder if this could have been an early automobile emergency tool when you're traped inside. I know the ball end would be used to break out a window but I have no idea what purpose the end with nail...
  22. Frankoma Friday will instead be Fenton Friday
  23. Indeed it is older. From around 1915 to 1924
  24. Date seems correct, since that's a Type 1 mark
  25. purple vw is uncommon
  26. funny how it looks like a shoe
  27. If so, It's an even rarer version, calling it a super prototype
  28. is it a redline?
  29. correct
  30. Brush-McCoy. Most common in green and also has a variation where it has no feet, and is marked with the classic shield mark and 87
  31. looks like the strainer would be great for straining the juice from the beenie weenies.
  32. Keep an eye out for brown ones. They're harder to find
  33. According to onlineredlineguide, this is a rare paint sample. The creator of the site has a friend with a similar car.
  34. I am getting this verified by onlineredlineguide
  35. Indeed, it was originally lime green, someone has painted over it.
  36. i've been collecting for about 10 years now, so i know quite a bit about this stuff. The ringed pattern tells me it is part of the "Ringware" line of products from that period, as vases, casseroles an...
  37. no problem! there is a rare variant in light green with painted leaves
  38. made in 1948
  39. made about 1925
  40. post a pic of the marks
  41. the mark is type 2 and was used 1957-at least 1967
  42. Fortapache is gonna love this
  43. This is a prototype that has previously been undiscovered. There are other models that are in this same color that are also prototypes. This one is even more unusual in that it also has a white interi...
  44. also found a lovebirds wall pocket at a garage sale for 1.25 and obviously it was in perfect shape. can't beat that!
  45. i've picked up a textured planter and an orange fruit planter at my local antique store for less than $5 for BOTH! The orange planter itself was easily a 60 buck piece
  46. good find! this was probably made no later than 1948. the larger M is on the earlier versions of the mark, as well as a more rounded large C
  47. beautiful paint fp!
  48. there we go with the beanie weenies again XD
  49. same. made before ww2
  50. This is a nice $200 hot wheel!
  51. See more


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