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Sapulpa, Oklahoma

I am a huge fan of Keen Kutter and McCoy Pottery. Most of the items you see that I have posted are one of these two things. You may be surprised, but despite havingI am a huge fan of Keen Kutter and McCoy Pottery. Most of the items you see that I have posted are one of these two things. You may be surprised, but despite having a vast knowledge on antiques, I am only 18! (Read more)


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Beautiful Keen Kutter Knife Sign Circa 1930s - Advertisingin Advertising
Hot Wheels Wednesday: Gold Custom Cougar w/ Black Top - Model Carsin Model Cars
1863 Indian Head Cent - US Coinsin US Coins
1889 Liberty "V" Nickel - US Coinsin US Coins
E.C.Simmons Keen Kutter Handheld Paper Fan (RARE) - Advertisingin Advertising
Hot Wheels Wednesday: Heavyweights - Model Carsin Model Cars
EARLY  Coca-Cola Bottle circa 1894-99 - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
McCoy Rocking Horse Planters - Potteryin Pottery
McCoy Dog With Stroller (What About Me?) Planter - Potteryin Pottery
Nelson McCoy Ba-Ba Black Sheep Planter - Potteryin Pottery


  1. the color you have is very close to ice blue, and may be considered that color
  2. This is known as "Ice Blue" and is the rarest color of the model. check out this link to learn more about this car:
  4. Do any of these items say Keen Kutter or any other names?
  5. Oh, and one more thing, this was made no later than 1940, as it has a simmons logo instead of shapleigh's. probably in the 1910-1929 era
  6. The vinegar shall be used alone by the way, as you obviously can't make a paste out of it and water lol
  7. Okay now I see it. My mistake if I didn't see it before. The mark and etching I believe was incised, but I could be wrong. It should be alright with a light cleaning, but I would be extra careful in c...
  8. oooooo sweet let's have the newbies "meet" lol
  9. Leosaws I would also tag Keen Kutter in the categories
  10. Nice saw! I'm still looking for one of these! These are worth around 50 dollars in that condition.
  11. Yours is the common Mighty Maverick. Still a wonderful model and one of the better looking models like you said!
  12. fortapache this was originally called the Mad Maverick, but due to licensing restrictions with Johnny Lightning (who already registered the name as a trademark) it was immediately changed. These are e...
  13. well well well. i made a little tongue twister there. "Wheels Wednesday Would Work" XD
  14. hot Wheels Wednesday would work lol
  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! Wish i could trade my barracuda for one of those blue cudas lol
  16. yeah i usually do that but I love anything old so I share it anyway. Some of these items that i post from the web I actually have in my collection
  17. I would take this to antiques roadshow they might know more about it and value it
  18. This is gorgeous
  19. what a funny name for an oil brand
  20. if you don't have them all posted, we would be delighted to see the rest!
  21. fortapache do you have the redlines?
  22. I'll include a picture of an example of the one i bought
  23. I didn't purchase this color. the one I purchased was blue. This was the first picture I could find so i went ahead and posted it. This is the rare green version
  24. If there is still some in it, I don't think they would taste either delicious or like chocolate XD
  25. Boy you have a bunch of these fans don't you fp?
  26. Found 3 of these at the Dewey Street Market for about 70-90 each. They are indeed Kerosene heaters, as the one I own is
  27. Thanks. I will post another find later. I have been thinking about trying to get the trademark registered.
  28. Fortapache my last two posts are gone. Do you know what may have happened to them?
  29. Ahhhhh I remember seeing many of these saws at flea markets and antique stores. Brings back memories. I noticed the Keen Kutter saws are quite hard to find. I would think they would be common but appa...
  30. I do believe that D is doubled
  31. yup! definitely a mattock!
  32. dbmitten how big are they?
  33. Weird quarter
  34. Where did you find them?
  35. BEACH BOMBS!!!!!!! My aqua one is missing the yellow surfboard
  36. Either there or downtown Jenks. Jenks has at least 7 antique shops and a flea market, amazing for its' small size
  37. Have you been to the All American Flea Market in Tulsa? It's huge
  38. lol wrong rose bowl i was thinking of
  39. I have a 1910 lincoln penny. My oldest coin is a draped bust dime from around 1800
  40. You were at the rose bowl fortapache??????
  41. I love pieces that stand out like this
  42. I will post a piece that is a different color to supplement this post
  43. This is a piece of McCoy pottery from the 1940s. This came in other colors
  44. I must admit some of these have weird shapes
  45. That has multiple bins? I never heard of a vacuum/sweeper with multiple bins
  46. Nice find! I don't think reel to reel media is very common nowadays.
  47. Purvis I will post more Veep Soda items to supplement the sign. It was made in the 60's, and All of the signs I'm seeing don't say Luncheonette on them.
  48. Was there any objects besides dust in it before you cleaned it out?
  49. Yeah. clean it first before using it as a dispenser. That's one way to slowly enjoy a margarita or martini!
  50. I believe a saw similar case and bottles on Antiques Roadshow but i'm not sure if they were these or not
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