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WW2 USA officer & enlisted Armored collar brass - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1909-S VDB Lincoln penny - US Coinsin US Coins
My 1st Indian Arrowhead - Native Americanin Native American
3-75th FA BDE, 102nd ARCOM keepsakes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Backyard petrified  wood - Animalsin Animals
Wooden sole children's shoes - Shoesin Shoes
Blank 1978 copper penny - US Coinsin US Coins
Grooved Hammer Stone  - Native Americanin Native American
1935 combination jar and can opener - Kitchenin Kitchen
Mustache Cups - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Looks to be a faternal groups medal
  2. Looks like a modern reproduction.
  3. With no fuller I don't think it is military.
  4. Beautiful gem points
  5. Hard to tell some appear to have intentional percussion shaping.
  6. Most likely a fake but it looks like it has some honest age.
  7. WW1 time frame collar disc.
  8. Sorry, I still don't see it.
  9. 1970's terrarium. I had one just like it.
  10. I don't see the loon
  11. Destroyed by rust and over sharpening
  12. Not U.S Boy Scout uniforms.
  13. Rusty steel screws are a sure sign of saws WW2 or later.
  14. New pennies like this one are made of zinc with a copper coating. If one of these pennies gets dropped on the ground and left for a while the acid in the soil will eat through the copper and attack th...
  15. Patent # 1419034 is a 1922 patent for ornamental shoe button cover.
  16. I can't see it
  17. I can't see the lion
  18. Hitler Youth Knife. Being the blade is unetched and the handle does not have the inset it was made post WW2. After WW2 there were thousands of these knives made as Boy Scout knices
  19. I would say these are modern made blades. The style of some of the knapping is not consistent with authinic artifacts.
  20. Metal detecting I have found fake Civil War items buried in the ground where someone had been trying to age them. I agree these look to be reproductions.
  21. Looks good to me but someone with more expertise would need to have them in hand to be sure.
  22. Bead color and design makes me think 1940's to 1960's.
  23. To be fair we only live 60 miles from The Petrified Forest.
  24. Is it a wonen's pocket watch winding key?
  25. It is a DUI, distinctive unit crest, for an US Army unit. Given the design I would guess either Artillery or Coast Artillery
  26. Look up Cyma watches on line. They have been in business since mid 1800's. You should be able to find the model number and get more information on your watch.
  27. These were brought back from England in the 1920's.
  28. Don't see any double die
  29. Disston during the depression years produced the saws without their name as cheaper saws, while the metal was the same the wooden handles were of a less grade. It was a ploy to sell saws a a lower pri...
  30. Hand punched with number dies, could have been done any time 1957 to yesterday.
  31. Disston made saw. Lower grade version of their D7 saw.
  32. I believe these are some sort of foreign military decoration meant to be worn on a uniforn. I don't recognize the use of the diamond inside the wreath.
  33. The winged propeller pin is for enlisted personal in Army Airforce WW2. The second photo bottom ribbon has a bronze and a silver star signifying one campaign for the ribbon, one campaign for the bronz...
  34. JJS looks to be machine engraved and newer than the ring. Maybe owner's initials?
  35. Quartz was not a good choice to knap and all I have seen are crude luke this one.
  36. How long is it?
  37. Isn't it an 8N?
  38. Kerosene
  39. The image appears to be a llama on a mountain. If so the case would be from South America the Ecuador/Peru area.
  40. Looks like iron pyrite
  41. Nice old boots. I would say not military issue but could be private purchase.
  42. See Wikipedia British Campaign Medals. These are WW2 medals.
  43. Beautiful work of art.
  44. Spread wing eagle is Civil Air Patrol
  45. The 1943 date puts this right at the end of Cubs BSA before it transitioned to Cub Scouts
  46. Are you sure it says Made in France. It could be San Francisco.
  47. Authentic would be made of steel not soft brass
  48. Looks to me like a post-minting stamping. After the penny was made it went through a second stamping process outside the original die.
  49. I would guess the second one down on the left was a harpoon tip. Maybe they are Northwest Indian tools.
  50. They are still being made by several companies.
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