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1917 Grether Fire Equipment Co. lantern - Firefightingin Firefighting
WW2 Submarine Patrol badge - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WW2 Army Airborne Command patch - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pennsylvania 13th Infantry Co. B hat pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mystery structure in Salt Lake City, Utah - Photographsin Photographs
Singer featherweight sewing machine - Sewingin Sewing
1863 Indianhead Civil War token - US Coinsin US Coins
Arkansas Indian tomahawks, hatchets and celts - Native Americanin Native American
1987 Case knife - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
The BIG Ball pressure cooker - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. They are very fragile. The slightest wrong tap and you have a bag of pieces. Rock saws are always the best solution for opening a geode.
  2. Made in England Henity
  3. Looks like a gate topper for a gate in a chain link fence. Most of the gate toppers I see are spaniel dogs but I am pretty sure I have seen this design also, if so then it is made out of aluminum.
  4. Ww2 Army Surplus Coleman stove. Originally most of these were painted green but the fuel caused the paint to peel off.on he side of the tank there would have been a yellow label with instructions for ...
  5. This was the chimney on the old heat plant which heated the buildings on Temple Square until a modern unit was put in.
  6. http://www.aviationandspacearts.com/Dan-Witkoff-Bio.html
  7. Quick check of Internet gives his name as Dan Witkoff. Look for Witkoff biplane to se other photos of airplanes by him
  8. The name on the back is Witkoff not Wilcof
  9. Nice old Canadian insulator. These make an awesome collection since they were made in a rainbow of different colors.
  10. It is all original. Serial# dates it to 1950 and it has all the extral and case. It also has all the service records 1951 to 1974. It looks like is sat in storage 99% of the time.
  11. Very nice watch fob.
  12. Wow!!! Totally beautiful and I don't usually like trunks.
  13. I am going on the assumption Ben Parker was working in the film industry in Hollywood prior to enlisting in the Army. This would account for the older age. Also like the Hollywood directors who entere...
  14. There were two Benjamin Parker enlisted in 1942 in Southern California born in 1917 and 1919. One of them was listed for the Air Corps. The requested branch of service on enlisted records is no promis...
  15. Quack electro-medicine device
  16. Or Rochdale Co.
  17. The umbrella says, Dry Goods and Groceries Rockdale Co.
  18. One like it sold on eBay a long time ago and now shows up on worthpoint.com. I don't subscribe to worthpoint so I don't know what it sold for and don't think they knew any more about it.
  19. All kinds of different products were sold in these jars with coffee being one of the most common. My mom used these kind of old product jars for canning along side her Ball, Kerr and Atlas jars.
  20. The movie camera is a Mitchell NC Standard.
  21. After WW2 Germany had a lot of unassembled youth daggers and still had the molds and machinery to make more. Since this knife was already used by Hitler youth it was easy to replace the "to remain nam...
  22. Love the old long scope
  23. Beautiful piece
  24. During Desert Storm in Iraq I picked up one of these Boy Scout knives in a Iraqi bunker we were clearing. I thought it was an odd battlefield find.
  25. Looks like a Stanley with rosewood handle
  26. Where in Missouri is this ledger from?
  27. Military lighters are a whole collecting notch of their own. Very nice lighter.
  28. Great family item but not much value other wise. Best you can do is stabilize the rust so they don't get worse and hang them on the side of a barn or a fence.
  29. two cent and three cent pieces quickly became obsolete.
  30. Odd, the bottle says one pint 10 fluid ounces. I was taught 1 pint = 8 fluid ounces
  31. I think it is the 156th Infantry Regiment Co. L. The 156th is from Louisiana and the style of the rifles on the insignia would place it between WW1 and WW2.
  32. I was looking at this auger and thought, man that would be a wicked weapon in a street fight.
  33. The back of the photo reads: To Mother- Nov. 14, 1917 This is the remains after the Henry Ford was through with me. Do you recognize it? Lots of love, Grace The Henry Ford may be referring ...
  34. It is a McKeen car. The McKeen Company made 152 of them between 1905 and 1917.
  35. love the old wool uniforms.
  36. The flat stone with the grooves was used in making arrowheads. The edges of flint had to be dulled while flaking to make the flakes longer until the final flaking pass. Go to YouTube and watch a knapp...
  37. It seem like every other building along the main drag in Holbrook is a rock shop. The prices on petrified wood in the shops have really gone up in the last few years
  38. It is an older Atkins No. 53. It's a little rough but still a nice saw.
  39. Only the straight back saws had the nib. The skew back saws can be quite old and yours appears the be a circa 1910 Disston D-8. The top horn is missing its tip and the blade has seen a lot of resharpe...
  40. I believe Harry Pelton was a motorcycle racer in the 1950's and also had a Harley Davidson shop in Hollywood, Ca.
  41. Stabila not Stabilator
  42. I just checked and Stabilator is still manufacturing folding rulers.
  43. It does appear to be German and I think these are still being manufactured but don't quote me on that.
  44. Right on. It is a clapboard gauge for putting siding on houses the gauge can be set for 3 to 4 1/2 in exposure. Normally carpenters would have two of these and place one at each end of the piece of si...
  45. Sadly the glass slides don't go for very much maybe a few dollars each. Perhaps a set in the original box might do a little better. It is possible individual slides could do better depending on the sp...
  46. Maybe an oyster knife?
  47. It does appear to be slip ring or c-ring pliers. There would have been a spring mounted on the posts on the handles.
  48. Russian hallmark, right facing profile early 1900's?
  49. http://www.pre-pro.com/midacore/view_vendor.php?vid=SDF11490
  50. I may be wrong but the sheath does not appear original to the knife as it is shaped incorrectly.
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