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Petrified wood from outside Petrified Forest - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
M1912 Mills Type 2 web belt - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1917 Grether Fire Equipment Co. lantern - Firefightingin Firefighting
WW2 Submarine Patrol badge - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WW2 Army Airborne Command patch - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pennsylvania 13th Infantry Co. B hat pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mystery structure in Salt Lake City, Utah - Photographsin Photographs
Singer featherweight sewing machine - Sewingin Sewing
1863 Indianhead Civil War token - US Coinsin US Coins
Arkansas Indian tomahawks, hatchets and celts - Native Americanin Native American


  1. More likely a victim of a fire.
  2. I understand you loving this trunk, it is awesome.
  3. Reaumur scale was a French scale dating to around 1790. By mid 1800's it had fallen out of general use. Today it is still used in a few places for checking temperatures making cheese.
  4. Looks like a modern fantasy knife expensively made maybe in India, Pakastan, Japan, or China.
  5. It is the Spanish Cross awarded to family members of a German who died fighting in the Spanish Civil War in 1939. The Spanish government requested Air Force support from Germany and this was awarded t...
  6. On April 14, 1939, Germany instituted the Spanish Cross as a decoration for the German soldiers that fought in the Spanish Civil War. Unlike German medals and badges it was worn on the right side of t...
  7. WW2 German style medal. I say style because these were highly copied and faked. Originally the medal would have been for the Greman Air Force.
  8. Definitely WW2 US Marines in the photo and I would guess Pacific or Florida.
  9. Could they be hooks for rug making?
  10. Looks like a piece of Inca weaving but the color doesn't look right.
  11. My guess is $10-15 for undamaged ones maybe a little more or a little less.
  12. 102nd AAA Brigade and Coast Artillery. The differing color triangle at the top designate different 102nd units.
  13. I notice the letter J is missing from the alphabet.
  14. I believe this is an error coin from Mexico. The date should read 1967 instead of 1697.
  15. The gear reminds me of a honey wagon wheel & gear.
  16. USQMC - United States Quartermaster Corps
  17. United States Army Military Acadamy... West Point
  18. I believe these were and still are hand made for the tourist trade in Southern Asia. Could be 100 years old or 30 or 10 it is hard to say.
  19. United States Navy Underwater Ordnance Station Newport, Rhode Island
  20. It is a Crusader Cross Templar coin dating from 1100-1300. There is one currently selling on eBay.
  21. Many of the items marked Winchester were not manufactured BY Winchester they were manufactured FOR Winchester and made by other companies. Winchester was attempting to become a wide range hardware com...
  22. It is a full grove Indian axe head. The Indians made them in lots of sizes. Yours looks to be in extremely fine condition.
  23. Writing looks like MOSES PIEV--- PATENT
  24. Fantastic job
  25. The green insulator, the mold cutter was having a bad day when he cut the mold number into the mold. Or maybe he was new or hungover.
  26. Cub Scouts one year membership star pin.
  27. No anything U. S. military.
  28. I think it may be for swim tags. Top row of holes went they were out of the water and bottom row for when they were in the water.
  29. Looks like a Civil War belt buckle but that being said there are a lot of reproductions.
  30. I had this game when I was a teenager. The little paper markers were cheaply made. Played a couple of times and lost interest.
  31. There is a lot about them on the internet but sadly you need to read Portugeuz.
  32. Being turned sideways makes it a little difficult to look at.
  33. In the Phillipines the skin the frogs, tan the skins and make coin purses out of them.
  34. Pin with the screw back would date from between the wars 1920-1940
  35. Pinbacks were continued to be used through the Korean War. But most likely it would date around WW2
  36. Could be 29th infantry, artillery, or a number of other units. The would be a matching pin for the other lapel to indicate the Army branch of service.
  37. Need to see the back to help determine the age.
  38. Many of the US Army expert marksman badges are made of Sterling silver with newer ones only silver plated. Check the back for Sterling.
  39. These thin tin badges were Crackerjack prizes. The tin to make these badges was from scrap metal purchased from Ball Brothers jar company. When Ball made fruit jar lids the round disk stamped out of t...
  40. Beautiful jars, I love the amber swirls.
  41. Zebco not Zebeck
  42. Zebeck 33's are still being manufactured so it could be anywhere from the patent date to recent manufacture.
  43. There was a GAR Welker Post 266 in Arlington, Ohio
  44. I would say the name is Mr. Q. R. Long at that time an A wouldn't likely be written that way. Second line looks like Welker - North Baltimore, Ohio
  45. Is this the police or military version of the Luger?
  46. Great photo of Grant. I recognized who it was instantly. When Grant was running president the photo studio cranked out thousands of copies of this photo and most of them haven't survived the test of t...
  47. I was wrong Fenton is believed to have made these bells between 1910 and 1930
  48. I believe it was Boyd and not Fenton who made bells like that for the USA telephone companies. If it was made by Boyd it would date from after 1978.
  49. Looks like an 1800's shoe buckle
  50. 181st Infantry unit insignia Massachusetts Army National Guard
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