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Neolithic Danish flint axe - Native Americanin Native American
1949 Hong Kong Five Cents - World Coinsin World Coins
1937 Germany 10 Pfennig - World Coinsin World Coins
1901 Queen Victoria large One Penny - World Coinsin World Coins
1920 British farthing - World Coinsin World Coins
1917 Australia half penny - World Coinsin World Coins
Boyd Sunkist Carnival slag glass shoe - Art Glassin Art Glass
Boyd Aruba Slag glass shoe - Art Glassin Art Glass
Three more Boyd Carnival glass shoes - Art Glassin Art Glass
Boyd carnival glass shoes - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Indian war hammer. Would have had a handle around the middle and used like a club.
  2. Sterling silver US Army expert marksman. Likely 1960's to 1970's.
  3. Yep the reverse is totally wrong... fake.
  4. Tooth from a hay mower?
  5. It appears to be a Model 1922 most likely a private purchase sword.
  6. Maybe a cannon Fuze tool. Sharpened point to clean out the hole for the Fuze and the blade to cut the fuze to length.
  7. It says West Point. The same style was used for many many years. Is there a name etched on the blade?
  8. They are fossil fern tree either roots or bark. They are found in Oklahoma around Grand Lake and other places around the Ozarks. The largest specimen I ever saw was embedded in a cliff overhang in Bar...
  9. They are oil lamps. They look to be Hebrew.
  10. Looks to be a KeenKutter logo on the handle.
  11. Looks like a modern copy
  12. Roadside souvenir. Nice wall hanger
  13. I finally found the color name, it is Old Ivory Slag, made Apr. 23, 1981.
  14. The kissing cranes are on the back of you scissors.
  15. Not Klass it is Klaas
  16. The name is Robert Klass and his name brand is Kissing Cranes. There is tons of info on the internet.
  17. It would be nice to be able to see the sword
  18. Looks like a piece of a broken large crock.
  19. I hope to find one as nice as yours one day
  20. Looks like a miners pick
  21. Beautiful piece military equipment.
  22. The design is sideways and is a CDE
  23. With the P.S.51 at the top and the owl and lamp I would guess is is for education and awarded in 1951.
  24. I forgot AEF is the American Expeditionary Forces
  25. It looks like it was for the AEF Combat Engineers from WW1. Beautiful helmet.
  26. Fenton bought the patent for the white frosted rim for their glass shoes so only Fenton glass shoes will have this white rim.
  27. Handle looks like ivory and the blade looks a piece of broken sword.
  28. US Army 47th Infantry DUI/crest
  29. The sword appears to be missing the sharkskin and twisted wire handle cover. Beautiful photo.
  30. Looks like an ashtray.
  31. Nice piece of Argentina made sterling silver
  32. Accepting that these are the real deal how do you load them? There are no ramrods. And after they are fired how do you you clean them? Where is the breech plug and how do you access it? I have never s...
  33. It would still be Espana not Spain even on items made for export except modern copies.
  34. Authentic old Spanish guns would be written in Spanish not English "SPAIN"
  35. Sorry but... The pistols appear to be modern reproductions made in Spain... Also the arrowheads were made by a modern flintknapper.
  36. Very similar to General Motors 1954 Motorama spinner token. The spinner token had the little spinner post stamped into it when the writing was unlike your token having the spinner post stamped through...
  37. Looks like a modern cast reproduction. Too shiny and has a casting seam around the edge.
  38. Nice cracked die penny. The longer the crack the more valuable the error.
  39. Sweetheart pin bought at the base PX. To be worn by a family member or sweetheart to show their support of a military person.
  40. Someone intentionally tried to remove the word COPY in an attempt to deceive. In original condition with the word COPY clearly readable the coin would have been worth $5. The way it is now it would be...
  41. The hob nail Fenton style shoe top shelf on the right is not too old.
  42. Looks African. Sickle bladed knife.
  43. Looks like a homemade clamp of some sort.
  44. NOX MEA AUXILIATRIX EST patch is for Night Fighter Squadron VC3
  45. FAWTULANT patch is a Fleet All Weather Training patch circa 1950's to 1960's.
  46. Maybe a variation of the US Army, 9th Coast Artillary Regiment DUI/Crest
  47. 21st Infantry Regiment
  48. Just looks like a rock to me.
  49. Need to see the backs to determine age. The fronts have looked the same for over 100 years.
  50. Resistance decade box
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