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3 WW2 Navy boatswain whistle lanyards - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Featherwate folding chair - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Gold BPOE elk tooth watch fob  - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Unknown Sterling chain and dove? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Unknown Native American jewelry set - Native Americanin Native American
US Army Vietnam 1965 issue pocket knife - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pair of beautiful antique chairs - Furniturein Furniture
1954 General Motors Spinner Token - US Coinsin US Coins
Fossil 7 inch lycopsid rhizome (root) - Animalsin Animals
Six antique Navajo silver rings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Need some photos of the whole reel
  2. Not military
  3. Center part of a two part buckle. The outer part would be a round wreath.
  4. Chas A. Goldsberry disk is a WW1 US Army dog tag.
  5. USNA collar disk stands for United States National Army
  6. W. R. ------------- PHILADELPHIA
  7. 1953 British 5 shilling Queen Elizabeth coronation coin.
  8. Common one franc value about $1.20. Beautiful coin.
  9. Common French coin now obsolete with the advent of the Euro.
  10. Rifle style places this 1920's to 1930's 3rd Infantry.
  11. Button hook for shoes, late 1800's to early 1900's. Many fancy ones had ivory handles.
  12. It is a timed fuze for a Japanese artillery round.
  13. English brass half guinea coin weight, 1772 Diameter 18mm The obverse features the inscription 'GEO III/ SD/ 10:5' and the reverse features the inscription 'Dwt.Gr/ 2.16/ 1772'. The value of coi...
  14. The artist is Patrick Trujillo.
  15. English coat of arms of House of Doria with double headed eagle
  16. It is not uncommon to see one side of these old silver coins ground smooth and engraved. Nice curio but without any great value unless they are your initials.
  17. Looks WW2 Japanese
  18. Love these old two hole Disston D8 rip saws. I have one I'm restoring at the present time.
  19. Reas the Morse code on the red.
  20. Love the old Disston saws. I have over 50 of them myself.
  21. There must have been millions of these beautiful handmade works of art produced. Every cameo is unique and made of fragile shell. So many were removed from their original gold settings, the gold sold ...
  22. Too many people forget about the Coast Guard and the Merchant Marines when they think about WW2. Those men were heros too.
  23. Wonder Woman lost her jewelry
  24. Looks like an auger of some sort and the center piece on the screw threads is a depth gauge.
  25. However 950 silver is primarily French
  26. The inscription on the front Infimo is Spanish so I would suspect Spain or Mexico
  27. Renice Maroney Inc.
  28. Looks like Renice Marone Inc. No idea what it is.
  29. I agree a Disston saw. Made for a secondary line. Check out Disstonian site.
  30. You can get some major torque with a handle that long.
  31. There was an uproar over the Elks using elk teeth for jewelry. In the early 1900's there was a fear of the once great elk herds being decimated. The use of real teeth upset the people. This nearly cau...
  32. The prayer table looks to me like one of a pair of coffin stands for moving a coffin around.
  33. Looks like antelope or buffalo horn. The style and design I would guess it came from somewhere in Africa
  34. Tobacco cutter?
  35. I take back my observation that the hammer is missing closer observation shows the hammer is there but the spur is missing. On a single action blackpower gun this would have.made it impossible to cock.
  36. The medallion on the grip looks like a Cooper pistol. The hammer is missing from a pistol which should have a hammer.
  37. Not a Remington and also the pistol is hammerless.
  38. I believe the spare tire went between the bumper and the trunk. The spare would have had its own case which would have matched the cars paint job.
  39. Vintage Czech Military VZ 58 Knife
  40. Look like homemade clay marbles
  41. Of course the descending dove the sign of Christ's baptism. I don't know why I didn't think of that. Being that it could date back to when Sterling was starting to be used to mark 0.925 silver.
  42. Another thought I had was this could be a psychedelic mushroom/dove combining the two into one. Peace, love, drugs, antiwar 1960's
  43. Looking at the workmanship I would say early 1900's Russian. Most likely a WW1 souvenir brought home by a soldier in the Army AEF.
  44. I believe this is Zuni as the figures on the necklace and earrings depict Rainbow Man or Rainbow Dancer.
  45. This is your same coin https://www.numisantica.com/index.php?action=article&aid=3193&group_id=&lang=en&devicew=1
  46. http://www.mernick.org.uk/bexley/article3.htm
  47. At the end of WW2 Germany had parts and dies left to continue making knives. They made the Boy Scout knife with the same handle and unetched blade as the Hitler Youth knife. This knife also uses the s...
  48. Copper alloy jeton of Hans Schultz I, master at Nuremberg in 1553 to 1584
  49. They appear in the 1920's on golf clubs and also some baseball items so I am guessing the were a sporting goods company.
  50. Inside the handle is M. Klein and Sons
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Some type of clamp Help! what is this? Found in dirt field. a tool? Unknown Native American jewelry set