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US Army Vietnam 1965 issue pocket knife - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pair of beautiful antique chairs - Furniturein Furniture
1954 General Motors Spinner Token - US Coinsin US Coins
Fossil 7 inch lycopsid rhizome (root) - Animalsin Animals
Six antique Navajo silver rings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1863 Civil War token - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Unknown double 4 in C.L. Flaccus Glass lens - Glasswarein Glassware
Large Fenton opalescent red bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Orson Pratt Observatory 1897 - Photographsin Photographs
Boyd Art Glass Shoes - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. This is your same coin https://www.numisantica.com/index.php?action=article&aid=3193&group_id=&lang=en&devicew=1
  2. http://www.mernick.org.uk/bexley/article3.htm
  3. At the end of WW2 Germany had parts and dies left to continue making knives. They made the Boy Scout knife with the same handle and unetched blade as the Hitler Youth knife. This knife also uses the s...
  4. Copper alloy jeton of Hans Schultz I, master at Nuremberg in 1553 to 1584
  5. They appear in the 1920's on golf clubs and also some baseball items so I am guessing the were a sporting goods company.
  6. Inside the handle is M. Klein and Sons
  7. These are Klein reversing crimping pliers.
  8. V-21 indicates it was made by Vanguard. It appears to be some sort of Air Force bomber badge. Not sure what country, doesn't look like USA.
  9. These soldering irons were heated using a blow torch. The blow torches had a rest on top where the soldering iron sat while heating up. There are a wide array of sizes of these soldering irons dependi...
  10. The two glass items may be old neon light insulators??
  11. The two rusty items are; tooth shaped item is one of the teeth from an old farm harrow, used to smooth the ground after plowing. And the second rusty item is a broken blade off of a hay mower.
  12. 1975 Szeged, Hungery. I am guessing that is where it is from.
  13. Norflame has been making stoves for around 40 years. I haven't seen this particular model with the boat on it.
  14. Champion C-clamps were for women to use in the early 1900's. Their primary use was to hold the corners of quilting frames together.
  15. Someone used that knife to the point where there wasn't much blade left. Obviously someone's favorite knife for years.
  16. My understanding the Marines could by one at the exchange and maybe the Air Force and Navy. I know the Army was still issuing them in 1991 because I was issued one in Saudi during Desert Sheild which ...
  17. If you notice I listed it as a 1965 issue knife not a Vietnam issue knife.
  18. Indian wars period 1880's to 1910's
  19. Looks like a wrench to remove jar lids
  20. Maybe a foot pedal for a drum set
  21. Jackhammer bit
  22. Beautiful street paving brick.
  23. Being it is rimless I would say WW1
  24. I am so jealous
  25. The clasp on the back appears to be modern so i think is is a reproduction.
  26. My guess is both daggers are tourist souvenirs from someones trip to the middle east in the 1950 to 1970's
  27. Love the double bladed dagger
  28. Bronze is mostly copper so it does turn green
  29. I would guess the knife is bronze not copper.
  30. I would say Montgomery Ward or later just Wards department store. One year and three years employment lapel pins.
  31. Domed US disk is USArmy dating to the Korean War
  32. John Petty & Sons Ltd In the 1850's John Thomas Petty (1818-1887) appeared in directories as a grocer & a shopkeeper at 58 Garden Street. He was probably the pen blade forger who was enumerated in ...
  33. Looks like an African tribal knife.
  34. What?????
  35. Yes ornamental but that being said they can still be quite old and moderately valuable as decorative pieces.
  36. Pressed glass post 1920's
  37. Love the old yellow stop signs
  38. Black powder measure for a black powder gun.
  39. This appears to be a Quackenbush air rifle. They were made until sometime around 1940. Very collectable and worth several hundred dollars.
  40. Premier razors came from Solingen, Germany.
  41. Post WW2 Germany was decided into zones of control. British had a zone, USA had a zone and France had a zone these became West Germany. Russia had a zone also and it became East Germany. You razor was...
  42. 1960's or newer
  43. Soviet bayonet. Bayonet locks into the sheath to make a wire cutter.
  44. Looks like the old display toppers for the belt displays.
  45. I think the model was Marie Bard and the poster dates from 1930.
  46. The 1911 patent date remained on the pins at least up into the 1960's
  47. The second knife has MEXICO etched into the blade so I would say it was a souvenir brought back from a visit to Mexico. It's interesting but not of much value. The first knife however is a beautiful d...
  48. Too awesome for words
  49. The first pin is US Army unit insignia for the 1st Field Artillery Observation Battalion.
  50. Need a better focused photo to see what you have and both sides
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