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Stanley No. 71 Router Plane  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Beautiful crystal highball drinking glasses - Glasswarein Glassware
AR1 new unnamed mushroom - Photographsin Photographs
Sterling cowboy hat clip on earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
WW2 photo of an US Army dog  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Two 1863 Civil War trade tokens - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Libbey harvest gold glasses - Glasswarein Glassware
1943 Royal, Iowa girls HS basketball team - Photographsin Photographs
1952 BYU fraternity paddle - US Coinsin US Coins
Antique baby shoes - Shoesin Shoes


  1. Modern Reproduction/ Copy of a Civil War sword.
  2. 5 axes on the floor and 1 axe on the table. Only group I know to use an axe as a symbol is Woodsmen Of the World, WOW. But I have never seen them in robes.
  3. Look more like lifeguards
  4. GAR, Grand Army of the Republic. It was a Civil War Union Army veterans group.
  5. Looks like a small boat running light
  6. I use Army_Mottos.pdf
  7. Objective Victory... 135th engineer combat battalion
  8. Dicta et Facta... 1401st combat engineer battalion
  9. Army_mottos.pdf
  10. Motto translates to Now or Never. Motto is for 497th Field Artillery BN.
  11. Ball fruit jar company made hundreds of different style jars besides their famous canning jars.
  12. By the workmanship and quality of materials used I would guess North African tourist item
  13. Looks like it at one time had a small piece of tape on the back. It appears the dark coloring oozed under the tape between lines of print.
  14. One of the Nativity Magi.
  15. I would guess they are out of Africa early 1900's
  16. Maybe old 52nd Ordnance Battalion ?
  17. These are worm tracks made in mud which later turned into rock. They don't contain actual worms just their trails.
  18. Common fifteen cent Bahamas coin.
  19. RayO made kerosene lamps before they started making flashlights and batteries.
  20. This is Korean War or later.
  21. I doubt the guns and knives are the property of the man. Many photographers had a stock of props and weapons to beef up the photos. The bare blade butcher knife stuck in the front his belt wouldn't ha...
  22. Would have been a supply sergeant
  23. Bullet in the buckle is a common staged fake Civil War relic. A reproduced buckle is shot with a real musket then the buckle is buried for several years to age it. I have never seen an authentic Civil...
  24. Being it is made of silver it is of WW2 manufacture.
  25. Japan WW2 Red Cross Society Medal
  26. Kinfolks knife
  27. I think the axe is a Blue Grass
  28. The name on the blade says MEXICO
  29. Handmade souvenir knife from Mexico.
  30. Wisconsin state seal button
  31. Reproduction. Back is modern style
  32. Looks like a civil war reunion badge
  33. They made headlamps for autos and cycles.
  34. Looks like Company G US 29th Infantry
  35. US Army horse bridal rosette.
  36. Looks like an art class project. Very nice.
  37. Awesome jacket. Love to have one like it
  38. 1) US Army Good Conduct Medal. 2) US Army Aircraft Mechanics Badge. 3) WW2 German Luftwaffe Eagle & Swastika.
  39. 34th AAA Bn
  40. The K-1 is the name of the submarine. WW1 sub.
  41. Motto on DUi is for the 34 ANTIAIRCRAFT ARTILLERY GUN BN
  42. Not vast, cast
  43. I think this may be vast instead of carved. The manufacturer mark on the bottom doesn't look carved.
  44. 1852 large cent
  45. Brooklyn Daily Eagle, January 21, 1892 is the paper. Sadly I can't pull it up.
  46. There is a 1892 newspaper write up which includes Captain Nathan A. Briggs from Providence, R.I.
  47. A lot of jeweler made gold pieces are unmarked. I would guess early 1900's. Presented to a ship captain. The broach and hanger is missing but a very impressive piece.
  48. Found it. US Army, 66th Armor Regiment
  49. It is WW2 period US Army. The three color background and design would make me think it is an artillery unit.
  50. Need a picture of the back
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