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Grooved Hammer Stone  - Native Americanin Native American
1935 combination jar and can opener - Kitchenin Kitchen
Mustache Cups - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Singer Feather Weight model 221-1 - Sewingin Sewing
WW2 1943 patriotic music - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
WW2 US Army Tank Destroyer shoulder patch - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Two Blondes necktie - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
1920 Canadian silver 5 cent coin - World Coinsin World Coins
The Life and Works of Flavius Josephus - Booksin Books
1920 Canadian large and small cent - World Coinsin World Coins


  1. Ditto, removable handle
  2. Me step-grandmorher's murder made it into on of these magazines in the 1960's. After grandpa died she was living with another man and he chopped up with an axe and through her body down a well in Miss...
  3. Frisbee, yo-yo and hullahoop the big 3 of simple round toys which made a fortune for toy manufacturers.
  4. You have it sideways. It is T O, Tough Ombres, 90th Infantry Division
  5. Not a cameo as cameo would be shell. More likely carved ivory
  6. https://artpriceindex.ca/artwork/Ron-Baird-Treescape-I-00464-2013-T819-240040167261.html
  7. Try Ron Baird
  8. The writing looks like Greek
  9. The HANA pin is not US military it is most likely a college or university
  10. I believe it is a type 45 but maybe a type 33 from Thailand (Siam).
  11. The writing is from Thailand.
  12. One set is 1970 and the other us 1972
  13. Interestingly I just found an unlisted version of this jar opener. It has a can opener on the end. It is still the same patent pending number.
  14. Maybe mailed from Belgium to Luxenberg
  15. Bayonet not a sword.
  16. Could be what is called a gaming stone used by the tribe shaman for spells and visions.
  17. Pre-WW1 US Army great seal button. The age can better be determined by looking at the back
  18. My guess is this is a Japanese wartime factory production award. Very similar to the US factory E Awards.
  19. Looks like it was buried in the ground for a long time after being fired. The pitting appears to have erased any identifying markings. Several countries used 37mm rounds during WW1.
  20. No from oriental country. May be Russian.
  21. Looks to be a lost wax casting in my opinion.
  22. Your photo shows 24 men and a B-24 only flew with a crew of 10. Less than half of the men in your photo could have been on the plane for any one mission. You uncle got lucky.
  23. The photo of the aircraft with your uncle is the same aircraft in the photo identified as the one which crashed.
  24. The crews for the individual aircraft could and did vary from day to day. The eight or so individuals on any given day could have included you uncle just not that fateful day.
  25. As the blade says made in Germany vertically and not dated the sword is post WW2. It is a fraternal organization sword.
  26. Also from the internet: SEARCH IN THE CURRENT AND SHOW ME If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click...
  27. Checkout this page: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15235-kia-b-24-pilot-grouping/ There is more info on this plane, another photo of it, and when it was shot down.
  28. Back then a penny was worth a lot more than today.
  29. Atkins and Disston made almost all the old miterbox saws in the USA even though not all have those companies name on them
  30. Looks like a factory award pin, it would have differing numbers of stars for differing levels of award.
  31. The most accepted reason for misshapen out of balance antlers is a leg injury. Broken front leg affects the opposite antler and broken hind leg affects antler on the same side.
  32. What acid will eat away the copper and leave the zinc? All acids I know of work the opposite and eat away the zinc and leaves the copper.
  33. Thank you for your comments. I have never seen another military spoon marked this way.
  34. The frame really makes a statement.
  35. Could be an unofficial 25th mission WW2 USA AAF wing badge. The mission requirement was set to 25 missions for bomber aircrews before they no longer would be required to fly further combat missions. T...
  36. Flooring saw. Either a Disston or Atkins my guess.
  37. Could be a saw to cut boards from a log the person would stand above or on the log while sawing downward. They would continue to saw until the board would be finished then start the process over for t...
  38. H2H = heart 2 heart
  39. Actually the first car looks like a 1920's Ballot race car.
  40. The first car looks like chitty chitty bang bang before it was wrecked in the big race.
  41. Not military
  42. Center part of a two part buckle. The outer part would be a round wreath.
  43. Chas A. Goldsberry disk is a WW1 US Army dog tag.
  44. USNA collar disk stands for United States National Army
  45. W. R. ------------- PHILADELPHIA
  46. 1953 British 5 shilling Queen Elizabeth coronation coin.
  47. Common one franc value about $1.20. Beautiful coin.
  48. Common French coin now obsolete with the advent of the Euro.
  49. Rifle style places this 1920's to 1930's 3rd Infantry.
  50. Button hook for shoes, late 1800's to early 1900's. Many fancy ones had ivory handles.
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Short sword info please Some type of clamp Help! what is this? Found in dirt field. a tool? Unknown Native American jewelry set