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Rush Limbaugh No Boundries Neckties  - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
"Striped" 2005 D Lincoln penny - US Coinsin US Coins
Handmade trout landing net - Fishingin Fishing
What are these fossils? - Animalsin Animals
Indian spear point. - Native Americanin Native American
Antique tin cookie press - Kitchenin Kitchen
"Fishtail" Ball Mason - Bottlesin Bottles
Colorful Ball fruit jars - Bottlesin Bottles
Root Mason 1/2 gal. Green with amber swirls - Bottlesin Bottles
2019 West Point mint Quarter - US Coinsin US Coins


  1. Lòks like a planting spade
  2. Faternal coat. Post Civil War there were many faternal groups which wore military style uniforms.
  3. According to Red Book No. 10 tha is a RB274, size 1/2 gallon. Manufactured circa 1915-1923. The color is what's called Ball blue created by the sand Ball was using at the time.
  4. Low quality casting is indicative of decorative pieces.
  5. Not US military
  6. Looks like a ruby
  7. My understanding is that all the "thunderbird" effigy flint pieces were made for the collector market all the way back into the 1930's.
  8. Looks like a WW1 enlisted US Army jacket. The button is engineers.
  9. Correction... Frank Stanley Packlick
  10. Might be Fred A. Packlick. I know the was an artist last named Packlick
  11. Saccocoma is it. Thank you.
  12. Strictly decorative
  13. The knife is a Keen Kutter knife ( the upside brass logo)
  14. If you look at clouds long enough eventually you will see one that looks like a rabbit but it does not mean some Native American Indian made it.
  15. All I can see are random rocks with no planned shaping. But I could be wrong.
  16. Wooden handle was broken then someone talented at copper working repaired it.
  17. At least some appear to be old darts
  18. 48th Fighter Squadron. Currently used by the 48th Flying Training Squadron, Flying T-1 Jayhawks out of Columbus AFB.
  19. Looks to be less than quality workmanship. I would guess it was a decorative piece.
  20. My daughter has a complete set of harvest gold to include all the Corning, Pyrex, and Gemco pieces. The glasses are super hard to find.
  21. Yeah, someone tried to scratch out the copy marking on the obverse of the coin making it worth less than nothing
  22. Lookup CURDTS NACHF' (Curdts Nachfolger), Solingen Knives
  23. Camillus knife. They still make millions of knives.
  24. White sapphires are often used as a less expensive substitute for diamonds
  25. Jeweler certified emerald and diamonds are real.
  26. Looks like a Swedish Mauser bayonet
  27. Sparky's burgers is in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The best burgers anywhere. People come from all over to dine there.
  28. The tan patch has Minnesota on it so it is something to do with that state
  29. Creaters not creamers
  30. 1964 Jim Beam whiskey bottle. Later the creamers of I Dream of Jeannie painted several of these bottles to be Jeannie's bottle so they could have spares and the bottle color changed when the show went...
  31. Looks more like a fraternal organization sword
  32. Looks like a boyscout or girlscout patrol flag.
  33. They made them pretty much identical for 100 years.
  34. Garcia Mitchell 300 spare reel spool holder.
  35. The color of the dollar coins didn't last and they became muddy looking.
  36. Japanese Meiji period dating from 1880-1915.
  37. The logo is a modified Port logo and not the later Ball Perfect Mason logo
  38. Ball bought Port in 1904 and modified moulds to read Ball. Your jar would date to around 1915?
  39. Ball boughtout Port and modified the Port logo to read Ball
  40. I believe they are modern made. The knapping doesn't appear Native American
  41. Time clock keys
  42. I think they may be post Civil War. Maybe GAR or other veteran's group.
  43. Red A patch is 9th Army. You have Corporal stripes and a aviation training patch.
  44. I got several in change for quarters over the years.
  45. The mold used to make this jar was later bought by Ball. Then Ball was added above athe Mason.
  46. The engraver most likely was Robert Scot or one of his workers.
  47. After George Washington died in 1799 his nephew acquired the seal. Later the nephew gave the seal to Dorsett's ancestor. Finally it came into Dorsett's possession. Dorsett loaned the seal to the museu...
  48. Dorsett had the broze version of this seal which was donated to and now on display at the Washington Museum at Mount Vernon.
  49. The plane is a W. BUTCHER plane. The Hallaway name mostlikely was one of the plane's owners name.
  50. Need clearer photos especially of the bottom
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