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  1. JSP2912.. we all hitch on others post .. otherwise you'll just fade away ...this way we keep you on top and have a little harmless fun... but I'll stop ...later
  2. oh ya ...I could make a bunch up and sell them in the NY parks ...no permit needed ..lol I could make a bundle ... cool find can i get some demotions ,,,smiling nice find....
  3. wow..................
  4. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee one dave...............
  5. Thanks Trey ...Say hi to the family for me ...'-)) dav2no1 .. Circle K... used to take the wife for 2 hot dogs for 99 cents ..but that didnt last long they went up $1.05 ... to much money to take the...
  6. the top lid makes me think of thistle plants.. sweet piece...
  7. I like the effect from the shades ...very cool I''ll have to spin my house to get this effect ..way to go ...later
  8. nice necklace and nice to have such good friends...later...
  9. fhrjr2 ...ya your right I feel guilty now that you mention it that way...thank you for making the sacrifice for all us Northerner's I'm fibbing I lived on the west cost for 12 years the air was so dr...
  10. lol my wife has tons of buttons ...shes been collecting for years .... nice collection you have going on here well done ...
  11. fhrjr2,,..that don't count you left us for halfdresssss women and sunshine every day...and shuffleboard ....lol....
  12. truth be told I be-leave this was part of a floor from a truck or car rear section do to the way the rails are in it like a wooden truck bed ..then someone repurpose it for a sign once in its life...i...
  13. gathered all my tools,heading out the door then n I saw this....I was lmao and it was great to see you come and play with us with out any hard feeling ..Maine's a lovely place I live next door ...neve...
  14. fhrjr2 fhrjr2, one sure way to tell is spay it with water give it the smell test then the tung test ...that's one sure way to see if it a shit spreader nothing taste like shit so I been told .......
  15. I never thought you were full of it fhrjr2,,,people just don't have faith anymore .....lol nice call ....being it from Maine.. https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk02lWaH4MUVG_0oDl9cW0Kn...
  16. I was thinking T Webb or mt Washington ..but what heck do I know ..smiling ...enjoy the day ..
  17. colors are cool green,.. and you do'nt have ton feed this guy ...kool '-))
  18. https://www.history.navy.mil/our-collections/artifacts/uniforms-and-personal-equipment/pins--badges--and-insignia/patches/amphibious-forces-patch.html
  19. your right Roy it is very cool ..
  20. just got off his page ...all they did was drop the u in his name Schyler isn't that odd .......hmmmm wont forget that soon ...lol stay cool
  21. woops should read ... skyler...
  22. that's my wife's uncles name but spelt skylur here in the states ... snip.... Schuyler was a surname of Dutch origin. It was introduced in North America by 17th century settlers arriving in New Y...
  23. it wont be long Trey before Sir prince will be asking for the key for the bronco to hang with the boys...smiling .nice pictures ... be safe, all ..later from the lodge of st Johns ,'-))
  24. i miss seeing this around here ...lol so cool ...
  25. I worked on boilers .. chinked them, cut out old tubes on them,and replaced them as well as heat exchanges .. maybe these are for copper pipes ...or lead ... ????.
  26. veterinarian's tool for opening the birth-canal on a cow or horse ....hmmmmmm ?
  27. what about for cleaning out ice holes for fishing hmmmmmmm
  28. hmmm I'll be out of town that week for a sheep convention so I cant make the party .. U must be going huh ?
  29. fhrjr2..".That makes sense just not common sense. A cast iron needle??????"...well it does have an eye for the thread ...ROFLOL
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