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I am an 15 year thrifter and have found everything from handbags, jewelry, scarves, vases...you name it, I've found it!


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Steiner Studio Dish - Kitchenin Kitchen
Brooches and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Automaton Bird Cage - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
B &L  Vintage Eyeglasses - Accessoriesin Accessories
Vintage Tapestry Handbag - Bagsin Bags
Large Tile - Potteryin Pottery
Cameo Rescue - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
More of my Brooches..... - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Les Bernard Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Guy Perillat Ski Glasses 1960's - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Thank you Newfld!
  2. Thank you Crystal, love them as well. I wear the brooch often, it has a nice glow.
  3. This is beautiful!
  4. I love brooches and the first 3 are my favorites!
  5. I love artistically beautiful album covers. Sometimes I purchase them just because of the artwork.
  6. Oh, the pink is absolutely beautiful.
  7. Wow Lizzy, I guess I didn't pay too much!
  8. You are right Freiheit, I love it and it was worth every penny. :-)
  9. Thank you Fhrjr2 for the information. You grow when you know, thanks.
  10. Oh my, yours could talk! 10 to 12 years of love, I know it was a difficult loss. Thank you for the information.
  11. I agree with you blunderbuss, I could never own a real bird in a cage.
  12. Thank you Mrs. Tyndall!
  13. Thank you Valentino for the information. I have a beautiful vintage Oberon, I will post it one day.
  14. Thank you Newfld and Keramikos and yes, unibrow...lol
  15. Eye would appreciate having that eye in my brooch collection.
  16. Thank you Newfld!
  17. Thank you Toyrebel and Tassie for the love.
  18. Thank you Elisabeth, As Cameo said previously, I believe she is visiting a gravesite.
  19. Thank you Newfld. I would like to hang it on the wall, but it's too heavy. I've decided to prop it up.
  20. Thank you Ms. Crystal!
  21. Thanks for the info Cameosleuth. Thank you Phil, I do love it and thank you Newfld, you are all so kind.
  22. Thanks Tassie! It isn't the best-made cameo, don't know if the metal is gold. I don't know a lot about it, but I love it.
  23. I have a couple and wondered why they looked like matchboxes, but made of leather. Thank you for posting. I love your collection!
  24. Thank you Worthit.
  25. I'm in love!!!!
  26. I would love to have these, they are gorgeous.
  27. Oh my goodness, they are beautiful!
  28. Thank you PhilD and Valentino, thank you so much.
  29. HippieA you have some of the coolest finds! I love the artwork, the colors are wonderful! I love it!
  30. Thanks, Newfld! Believe it or not, I still have more. I've been collecting for a while. When I started collecting they were inexpensive, now it's difficult to find one that isn't priced too high. I...
  31. One signature could be the print of his name and the other is the original. I love Dali and you are so lucky!
  32. This is beautiful, love the blue!
  33. Thank you Ho2, I learn a lot from everyone here on CW.
  34. Thank you Ms. Crystal.
  35. I'm with you Manikin, looks like an angel; very pretty.
  36. I love his jewelry as well and own a couple of his pieces. Thank you Newfld.
  37. Thank you, everyone, for the loves!
  38. Thank you Newfld!
  39. Thank you Manikin!
  40. Hey Elisabethan I spelled it wrong, thanks I will correct it! :-) Thanks Lentil!
  41. I agree with you Ms.Crystal, fab jewelry and thank you Tassie.
  42. I am lovin' the jeans!
  43. Thanks Newfold and Manikin.
  44. No, no marks at all. Thank you for the information.
  45. Thank you Elisabethan!
  46. Oh and thank you, Phil! :-)
  47. No Phil, it sits on the base without any problems.
  48. Wow, what a collection! They are beautiful!
  49. I love Judith Lieber and I am in love with this purse!
  50. Thanks Newfld, it's thick, heavy and a nice addition to my Blenko family.
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