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I am an 16 year thrifter and have found everything from handbags, jewelry, scarves, vases...you name it, I've found it!


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Murano Venini Fish Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Elvis Presley 45's  - Recordsin Records
Miguel Pineda Silver plated Cup - Silverin Silver
Interesting Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Beatles Albums - Recordsin Records
Julianna Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Julianna Set (Cats Eyes) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Stamp Collection - Stampsin Stamps
Bronze Urn - Asianin Asian
Sterling Pendants - Silverin Silver


  1. I am in love!
  2. Gorgeous!
  3. I love this item! I have one and use it. It's the coolest juicing work of art.
  4. I'm in love, this is gorgeous!
  5. Hi, I believe that is 800.
  6. Thank you Phil!
  7. I consider it an honor Keramikos, please be my guest.
  8. Just saw this! So it is a re-release? Got it, thank you for the info.
  9. Thank you Newfld for the comment and love. Thanks for the love Manikin, Watchsearcher, Brunswick, Aura, Vetraio, Fortapache, and Adele.
  10. Thank you so much for all of the great information!
  11. You are so knowledgeable keramikos and Brunswick, thank you for the information as well. I didn't know that he recorded in Germany....live and learn everyday!
  12. Thanks for the love Phil. I was researching and they are rare?
  13. Yes, I read that about silver plated. Thanks, I have changed the title.
  14. Thanks for the love guys, but fhrjr2 I found the artist. It is Miguel Pineda.
  15. Thank you Elisabethan!
  16. Ms. CrystalShip and Antiquerose, just saw this! Thank you for the information and Happy New Year to you both! It's going to be a great year! 2020....
  17. This is beautiful!
  18. Thank you everyone for the love. Trey, it was a very sad situation. Thank you for add the link.
  19. Thanks for the love Brunswick.
  20. Happy holidays Newfld!
  21. Thanks guys, I will look at the website.
  22. When I say thrift store, I guess it's more about the action than anything. I just go to Goodwill's, Salvations, small second hand stores, and a few churches. Their prices are un "beatle" ble. Merry B...
  23. Merry Christmas to you as well!
  24. Thanks for the love Brunswick, and kwqd.
  25. Thank you Newfld! Thanks for the love kwqd, aura, and vetraio50 .
  26. Thank you foseatme, officialfuel, valentino97, glassiegirl, Winlewis, Watchsearcher, Manikin, aura, vetraio50, and kwqd!
  27. Thank you Broochman and Ms. CrystalShip, I didn't know! I just didn't know! Thank you!
  28. Thanks for the love Newfld and for the information Plein-air-painter. Never heard of Mr. Stones.com, how cool!
  29. So true Bill, may be something I will do during the holidays with a cup of hot chocolate or something a little more spicy.
  30. Thanks for the love Fortapache, Purvis, Newfld and Vetraio.
  31. Thanks for the love kwqd.
  32. Yes I did! Thank you Melnyiam, information greatly useful and appreciated.
  33. Hi Melnyiam, I don't quite know the rules, but I appreciate the help. Maybe someone on here can answer the question. I love to post, so ...I don't know rules.
  34. Look on Ebay
  35. Thank you Nathaniel!
  36. The pic looks like liquid gold, it is beautiful.
  37. Thanks for the love Newfld , foseatme, and SEAN88
  38. Thank you Mrstyndall, I tried using my Google translate and evidently I don't know what I'm doing. I will try Facebook, great idea!
  39. Thanks for the love fortapache and Vniyl.
  40. Thanks Phil, but you see, I don't know. It's a guess! :-) I love the relief and the fact that I can't break it. I will go with your idea and research French.
  41. Thanks for the love Sean68, Watchsearcher, Valentino97 and Aura.
  42. That cover alone means everything! Love it!
  43. You are right, could be catfish? Thanks Collectables!
  44. This is beautiful!
  45. Question: Collectibles, are those Koi fish on two of the pendants? I looked up the Yazzi family, but was wondering. What do you think?
  46. Thanks for the info Collectibles, I will look them up. Thanks for the you Newfold, I was wondering if they are too large for a charm bracelet? Thanks for the love, Aura, Watchsearcher, Officialfuel,...
  47. Oops, I've been so busy I thought I posted this. I found one two weeks ago. Wow! I desperately need a vacation and to slow down.
  48. Hey guys, thanks for the information. I've been working and so busy that I didn't check the comments.
  49. Hey guys, thank for the love...Valentino, Collectables, Watchsearcher, AdeleC, Vetraio, Newfld, Fortapache, MALKEY, and Nutsabotas. Newfld, I love the one with the birds as well. Watchsearcher, they ...
  50. Thanks for the love Vynil33rpm.
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PASTEL colored rhinestone HOLLYCRAFT brooch


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