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I am an 16 year thrifter and have found everything from handbags, jewelry, scarves, vases...you name it, I've found it!


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Holly Tornheim Wood Tray (Work of Art) - Folk Artin Folk Art
Lucite "Blue Plate Special" - Fine Artin Fine Art
Antique Bracelet ? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Yuko Miyare Sculpture - Fine Artin Fine Art
Native American Belt - Native Americanin Native American
Amber Paperweight (two new pics) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Crystal Bowl  - Glasswarein Glassware
Rhinestone Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Baccarat and ? Bottles - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Rolling Stones LP's (4) - Recordsin Records


  1. Is it the astrological Pisces signs?
  2. Oh ok great, thank you again.
  3. This is gorgeous!
  4. Keramikos!!!! You rock!!!! Thank you so much, you did it!!!!
  5. So I added the signature, could anyone assist in identifying the language.
  6. Thank you Newfld and thanks for the love Scottvez.
  7. Thanks for the Malkey and Watchsearcher
  8. Thanks for the love Roycroft and Keramikos.
  9. Thanks for the love Newfld, fortapache, ho2cultcha, and thanks for the help Newfld.
  10. MeliGee, glass
  11. This is beautiful! I would wear it, it's getting close to fall. I would place it on my sweater or coat. Oh this would definitely be worn.....excellent purchase. (Sorry made a typo, I was concentratin...
  12. This is beautiful!
  13. One of my favorites, I love their music!
  14. Thank you Vetraio, Aura, Blunderbuss, and Watchsearcher for the love.
  15. Thank you for the love and additional information Keramikos, thanks for the love fortapache...
  16. Thank you Jscott, you should see his work on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/yuko.miyare/about?lst=100000287214142%3A100004750572420%3A1564959896
  17. I would wear this in a heartbeat. It's funny that you saw an S, I see two G's.
  18. I saw the little Koi Carps and it is sign, but in Japanese. It hard to get a good pic of the signature. Thank you for the info, if I can get a good pic of the signature, I will upload.
  19. I love the compact, I agree with Whiting and Davis. It is a great memory to have, seeing the Beatles with your grandmother....too cool.
  20. Love, love, love this!
  21. Beautiful!
  22. Thanks Vetraio, Newfld, and fortapache for the love.
  23. I was thinking it was a base as well. Thanks Bill.
  24. 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 1 1/2"
  25. Thank you Keramikos, I will wait for the name.
  26. Thanks for the love Adele C, Aura, Vetriao, Ms. Crystal, Fortapache and Blunderbluss
  27. Oh my, yes, yes, circumference! Oops....
  28. Thanks for the love Newfld and Watchsearcher.
  29. Yes, I will keep objects away from the bowl. Thanks for the love; Broochman and Kwqd.
  30. Thank you Broochman and Ms.Crystal for the information. I didn't even notice it was missing stones; it's so sparkly. I will replace them so that my "Juliana" will be complete.
  31. Oh okay, thank you; very good information. I truly appreciate it.
  32. Thank you Broochman and thank you for the love Adele.
  33. You always find the coolest items. I love it!
  34. So I had this vase appraised on ValueMyStuff and here are the results : Guarantee line: An overlay glass vase. Description: The vase is in a frosted crystal with black abstract foliate designs o...
  35. So much great information, you are awesome! Thanks for the information and I will most definitely share.
  36. Keramikos, thank you! The church is beautiful! I've got to tell my brother in law and niece about it. My brother in law is a fantastic jazz musician (Jason Moran) and my neice plays the guitar; this w...
  37. Thanks for the love Inky.
  38. Thanks for the love Getthatmonkey. By the way, love the name!
  39. Really? Banned? Yep, we've come a long way. They would completely shut radio down.
  40. Thank you Shareurpassion, I hope I find the tops as well. They have a tray of bottle stoppers, so I take a look when I visit.
  41. Thank you Mrstyndall and fortapache for the love.
  42. Thanks for the love Broochman.
  43. Thanks Aura for the love!
  44. Keramikos, yeah a limited edition. I thought the "OF" were initials...yeah, the word "of " makes much more sense. Well, I have number 93. Thank you again.
  45. I don't know how they sign their art, but that makes a lot of sense. Thanks!
  46. Thanks for the love Phonoboy and Kwqd.
  47. Thank you for the love Artfoot, Vetraio, Newfold, Fortapache, AnythingObscure!
  48. Thanks for the love Broochman!
  49. Two beautiful amethyst vases, I love them.
  50. It's beautiful!
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