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I am an 16 year thrifter and have found everything from handbags, jewelry, scarves, vases...you name it, I've found it!


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Shaman Mask by David Dakan Allison - Fine Artin Fine Art
Beaded Mask - Fine Artin Fine Art
Bakelite Buttons - Sewingin Sewing
Continental Insurance Company 1886 - Paperin Paper
....More Brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Is it a Coffee/Tea Container? - Kitchenin Kitchen
John Sloan painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique Wood box - Furniturein Furniture
Bandai Toys - Toysin Toys


  1. Love love love your brooches!
  2. Thank you Aura for the love.
  3. Thanks for the love dlpetersen.
  4. Thank you Newfld, bmasonparks, purvis, vertraio50, and fortapache for the love.
  5. Matisse, I have been quite busy and just saw this! You are perfection! Thank you!
  6. It does have a lid and it is 6 1/4" tall; 7" round. It seems to have a copper interior. Thanks for the assistance Gillian.
  7. Thank you Lauren and Dollface.
  8. Thank you Newfld, I thought that was the name as well. It is so well made, I was hoping I could find the artist.
  9. Thanks for the love Hunterglee.
  10. Thank you Broochman, I appreciate it. Yes, it's nice. I've been going to this thrift for 9/10 years and always chat with them. It's nice to be nice.
  11. Thanks Newfld, Valentino, Time Traveller, Hel1, Fortapache, and Vetraio for the love. Valentino they measure about 1" x 1".
  12. Thanks for the love Crystal, Newfld, Valentino, and Alan. I do appreciate that she did this for me. When I do go I always look for brooches, most of the time there is nothing special so we just chat a...
  13. Thanks for the love Fortapache and Rockit.
  14. This is so cool, I love folk art painting.
  15. Thanks for the love Vetraio and Gaga.
  16. It did make my day Adele and Mrstyndall. It was my first Saturday off in a month and I was exhausted. I made myself go to at least one store and I guess the chose well.
  17. Thank you Matisse! I wasn't sure, but after seeing your information...wow! I'm excited! Thank you so much!
  18. Thank you ho2cultcha and fortapache for the love!
  19. Thank you fortapache, Newfld and blunderbuss for the love.
  20. Thank you for the love...Aura,Watchsearcher, Newfld, Vetraio. @Watchsearcher, it is 25" x 50". I may not because I don't have the space. It is beautiful, but it will be leaving. The price was so go...
  21. Thanks Newfld. It's nice to purchase jewelry, but it's difficult to figure out types of stones. It will definitely be worn.
  22. Thanks for the love, Hunterglee, Vetraio, Blunderbluss, Fortapache, JScott, YouGottaHaveStuff, TylerTodd. Brunswick, and Newfld.
  23. Okay, got it! Thanks again... :-)
  24. Wow Anything, okay....thanks! That is so interesting, thanks for the information.
  25. Thnak you Lisa, Valentino and Malkey for the love.
  26. Thank you Vetraio for the love.
  27. Thanks for the love Purvis and thanks for the information Broochman. I use to watch Godzilla a long time ago, but I couldn't remember much. I am still researching, I found the baby Godzilla as well ...
  28. Thank you Newfld, I discovered more interesting toys in the box. Can't wait to share!
  29. Thanks for the love AdeleC.
  30. Thanks for the love Vynil33.
  31. PhilD, that's what I thought at first, but do you see a dress? I'm wondering if it is a portrait of a woman or girl.
  32. Thank you Weimrnr, I will make certain to handle with care.
  33. Wow, didn't know that. Thank you again.
  34. Valentino! Thank you! Okay, now I know what to do. I didn't want to hurt anything; such great information.
  35. Thanks fortapache for the love.
  36. Thanks fortapache for the love.
  37. Thanks Phil, my favorite is in the third pic. It is brass with a blue glass woman.
  38. Thanks for the love Mrstyndall and Newfld.
  39. I love your vintage Gucci. Does it have a tag or serial number? Clean the leather and carry your handbag with joy. I love it!
  40. Thanks for the love Brunswick and Ho2cultcha.
  41. Thank you for the love Vetraio!
  42. I would like to know the history of the painting. It is definitely unique. If I find anything info other than this forum, I will share. Thank you AnythingObscure.
  43. Thank you so much Roycroft. I was shocked to buy it for such a low price. ($7) It so heavy, I will need to have it professionally hung.
  44. Thanks AnythingObscure, never made the connection.
  45. This is so beautiful!
  46. Thanks for the love fortapache and Newfld.
  47. Thank you for the love Hel1, Newfld, and fortapache.
  48. Thank you for the love SEAN68.
  49. Thank you for the love hunterqlee.
  50. I love Peter Max! I had a chance to meet and speak with him about 20 years ago.
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