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I am an 16 year thrifter and have found everything from handbags, jewelry, scarves, vases...you name it, I've found it!


  1. Very pretty, would wear it in heartbeat.
  2. So beautiful, I love the colors.
  3. I never ever see anything like this while thrifting! I love them.
  4. This took my breath away! It's beautiful!
  5. Thanks for the love Newfld.
  6. This is wonderful! There are so many wonderful items out there to discover. I'm glad it made it to you safely.
  7. Thanks for the love, ehunt, kivatinitz, fortapache, BHIFOS, Searching1, Cisum, vetraio50, and dav2no1.
  8. Thank you Watchsearcher, Vynil33rpm, and kwqd. Happy New year!
  9. Happy New Year everyone! Thank you TallCakes, Kwqd, and Newfld, for helping me identify this little cutie.
  10. Thanks for the love Vynil33rpm, Cokeman1959, BHIFOS, dav2no1, Searching1, and clockerman.
  11. Thank you kwqd, just saw your posts. You and Newfld are once again, so knowledgeable; thank you both. I love this little figurine and it measures 2 1/2" in height. I don't think I've ever owned Mosse...
  12. Happy Holidays!
  13. Thank you Dawnlady1 and thanks for the love Cisum.
  14. Thanks for the love Manikin.
  15. Thanks for the love Searching1, kivatinitz, kyratango, and vetraio50.
  16. Thank you Newfld, and rhineisfine. Can't wait to wear them!
  17. Vynil33rpm, totally agree...thank you.
  18. Thank you, plein-air-painter. I've done a little research and you are correct. Thank you, the construction reminded me of Schreiner, but it was unsigned. I just chalked it up to a well-constructed bro...
  19. Thanks for the love PhilDMorris, dav2no1, fortapache, and Searching1.
  20. I'm loving the bag and that necklace is awesome!
  21. Thanks for the love Ben.
  22. This is beautiful, love the color and that handle is perfection.
  23. Thanks for the love Cisum, kwqd, Vynil33rpm, vetraio50, dav2no1, and fortapache.
  24. Thanks for the love, dav2no1, kyratango, Vynil33rpm, Newfld, vetraio50, BHIFOS, Drake47, Watchsearcher, vcal, and fortapache.
  25. Newfld, I'm a Pisces as well. I didn't want to assume but thank you for the information. This find was meant to be.
  26. Dav2no1, thank you for the information. I can't wait to try it.
  27. Thanks dav2no1, just ordered some.
  28. Oh thank you Newfld, that means a lot. Thanks for the love, PhilDMorris Drake47, GianaMZ,sherrilou, vcal, fortapache, Cisum, AnythingObscure, and vetraio50.
  29. Thanks for the love Drake47, GianaMZ, sherrilous,vcal, fortapache, vetraio50, and plein-air-painter.
  30. Thank you PhilDMorris and Newfld. This is the first brooch I've thrifted in months.
  31. I like it! It's giving a little Henri Rousseau.
  32. My parents gifted me a drum bar with a metal top. It needed love, so I clean the top and added a metal silver color to the hardware. I couldn't think of anything else to do to save it. I will post a ...
  33. Thank you Vynil33rpm and thanks for the love Reise.
  34. Thank you for the love Manikin and Daisy1000, I've added a picture of the maker. Thanks for the love plein-air-painter and Reise.
  35. This is gorgeous!
  36. This is beautiful!
  37. This is wonderful! All the information is interesting.
  38. I love these! They are so sweet.
  39. Thank you Vynil33rpm, you should see the rest. The collection is truly awesome. Thanks for the love vetraio50.
  40. This is beautiful!
  41. I am such a fan of Wiinblad, thank you for sharing your awesome collection.
  42. Kyratango, thank you so much for the information. I'm going to go back and see if I can locate the ring. Ivory; seems so special. Thank you!
  43. Thanks for the love PhilDMorris , dav2no1, Ben, Newfld, rancherswife, Watchsearcher, valentino97, fortapache, and vetraio50.
  44. The Amber color is wonderful. It looks as though it is in great condition for its age.
  45. I've always wanted to find one of these, this is great!
  46. Beautiful!
  47. Thanks for the love Vynil33rpm.
  48. Update* With assistance from Watchsearcher, I have found the maker of my brooch. It is Robert Allison of Scotland. Thank you!!
  49. Thank you SEAN68.
  50. Thanks for the love valentino97, BHIFOS, and Vynil33rpm.
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PASTEL colored rhinestone HOLLYCRAFT brooch