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I discovered I love looking through old stuff because of my grandmother's collection. Part of her's is now part of mine. But mine is growing!


  1. I found a photo of some Acme Studio earring backs that have that same 'brick' stamped pattern. I am still researching these earrings.
  2. An interesting story non the less apostata!! Thank you for the clues.
  3. Dear valentino97, Thank you for responding to my inquiry. Who did the beading?
  4. fhrjr2 I have added a lightened close up of the joints, they may be finger joints or they may have a slight angle for dove tail. Not sure, that is why I am asking.
  5. Gillian I have included dimensions in description.
  6. Thank you Gillian. Made my day. Love to read about glass.
  7. new images upload at valentino97 request. Thanks all for your interest and support.
  8. The stuff I read says ivory will scorch if held to fire (a hot pin on it). Ivory has a cross hatch pattern when polished. Ivory fluoresces bright white under black light. There is an article on www....
  9. What does the top look like?
  10. I see many like yours with no stop on the back. However, yours has 2 nails one on side rather than the slot. I think you could put a piece of chipboard behind it to shore it up.
  11. This may be called Japanese Peach Lusterware Teapot. If there is English writing on the bottom it may be from the late 1930's or 1940''s.
  12. When I searched "5 square wool camp blanket with stripes" a reference to Camp Fire Girls blanket popped up, circa 1930-40. I have not been able to confirm.
  13. This could be a vintage padlock from the S&C Railroad Company. See similar padlocks with cleaner marks that are the same. Very neat railroadiana find.
  14. My mom loved the green and the amber, I love blue (azure and cobalt) so blue for me is treasure. I have a nice collection of it.
  15. I think you have a masterpiece on your hands. I hope you can identify it. I have searched under red to green glass with blue glass handle. The spirals are called trails.
  16. Thank you for your expertise. Didn't know I was sitting on treasure. That's better than any Oak Island find.
  17. Thanks, how can you tell?
  18. Thank you all for your continued interest in this magical piece. When I bought this piece it came with a very nice protective lucite and glass display stand. The inline switch needed replaced. I fi...
  19. A similar shape Gorham dish on sale on line calls out a salt cellar measuring 3 1/8 x 2 1/8. Multiple cellars would have come in a set including a salt dip and may have been engraved.
  20. The paddle for the Basque game of Pelota has a similar shape. I could not find any with slots and dowels.
  21. Very similar cameo flower arrangement for sale on line says "moulded resin" with similar coloring. Ivory fluoresces under black light. Search on line for blue cameo floral brooch to see similar bea...
  22. Dear Racer - you say "...appreciation for his style of glass". Who is his?? Thanks in advance. Walburn
  23. I have one with blocks also. Still trying to identify. Let me know if you find out! Thanks.
  24. Hi. I have added photos of the chair entire and the bottom.
  25. Love your continuing love of art glass. Thank you for sharing your story!
  26. Teapots started collecting me some time back. This is beautiful.
  27. Information from a previous appraiser says this is an Asian bottle basket.
  28. Thank you. I was able to decipher the Sei is the artist of this Kutani bowl.
  29. We are trying to discover more about this red ceramic bowl with scenes of men painting and mountains.
  30. Thank you for your expertise. I knew someone would know.
  31. I'm trying to identify where this cute little guy was created. Anybody have any ideas?
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Stereoscope - Universal Art Photo Co. - Evanston, Illinois Vintage Japanese bowl Help Identify Age and Details


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