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Loss of Collection  - Firefightingin Firefighting
R.S. Porcelain. - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Dresden China  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Tom Clark "Woodspirits" - Figurinesin Figurines
Tom Clark Gnomes  - Figurinesin Figurines
Tom Clark Woodspirits train series- P.S. - Figurinesin Figurines
Tom Clark Woodspirits train series- Hobo  - Figurinesin Figurines
CZ Silver Mesh Cluch/Evening Bag. - Bagsin Bags
Tom Clark Gnomes- Chubby and Crowell. - Figurinesin Figurines
Tom Clark Gnomes- "Johann" - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. For those that wanted to help here is a link my brother started for our family. I apologize that it has taken so long. Thank you so much for the support and well wishes. https://www.facebook.co...
  2. Thank you all for the support and well wishes you have given. It means so much to our family at this time. Some of my collection unfortunately can never be replaced. However like you've all said at l...
  3. Thanks for the love Newfld :) This is one of my favorite pieces. Sadly it was damaged just last week. I have no idea if it can be repaired.
  4. Thank you for the information and link Parkerhouse ! Thanks for the love and stopping by Newfld Caperkid SEAN68 Tray Collectables58
  5. Thanks for the love aura !
  6. Thanks for the love and stopping by Tigra.
  7. Thanks again Ms.CrystalShip... It's definitely German. Part of my family came from Prussia in the mid 1800's. Wild Rose fits the pattern beautifully!
  8. Thank you PhilDMorris And Collectables59
  9. Thanks for the love Newfld And all the other's that I've missed over time !
  10. Thanks for the love and stopping by Fortapatche Officalfule
  11. If the above methods don't work out for you you can always try... Mr Clean Magic Erasers (sponge, they are amazing). I've never tried them on copper pots and pans before so I would definitely try it o...
  12. Beautiful earrings !
  13. Thanks for the love and looking TassieDevil AdeleC Ms.CrystalShip Thanks for the information Scottvez ! I appreciate you taking a look.
  14. Thanks for looking ans the love foseatme !
  15. Thanks Newfld and Nutsabotas6 !
  16. You are very welcome. Glad I could help out. Thunder Mountain RR car would make perfect sense. Totally forgot about that one. Such a great collection. I saw the newer pictures with a few more addi...
  17. From top to bottom, right to left in the first picture starting with the right shelf.... Standard Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisey Duck, Goofy. ...
  18. Almost done with the list.
  19. Thanks for the love and stopping by AdeleC Fortapatche aura
  20. I'd be willing to help you identify some of you'd like. I'd need a close up of a few of them, but after zooming in on the picture better I think I've figured out most of them :)
  21. Thanks for stopping by and looking as Well as the love and comments, Newfld and Nutsabotas6 :) Thanks for the love Caperkid TassieDevil Time Traveller
  22. I'm a huge Disney fan. I find these incredible ! I love them all. I kinda squealed about, Panchito from The Three Caballeros, Miss Bianca from the Rescuers, Stitch, the Disney monorail, and is th...
  23. I absolutely love the Shell Shop in Morro Bay ! That is where I obtained my Mako Shark jaws. I stop by every time we're in Morro Bay. The aquarium next door is sadly going out of business and they h...
  24. I absolutely adore them !
  25. I absolutely love theses. I have one myself. I'd love to acquire a Great White one.
  26. Thanks Newfld ! I'm glad you enjoy them. It's a silly collection but I love them and have so many more to post ;)
  27. Thanks for sharing and welcome to CW ! I absolutely love your pic !
  28. Anytime... I can't believe I missed taxidermy Tuesday ! ;)
  29. I absolutely love everything about it. The dragon to the rhinestones. A beautiful piece !
  30. Thanks for the love Nutsabotas6 ;)
  31. Thanks - Newfld racer4four fortapatche Caperkid jscott0363
  32. Silver Star perhaps ? Is there more information you could provide ?
  33. Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony's ! My son (with autism) is going to marry her someday...or so he says ;) Great photos and beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.
  34. I love him !
  35. I have 3 of these trunks myself. However I'm not sure if it's the same maker or not. Glad you rescued it !
  36. Maybe a bookshelve end ?
  37. Thanks for the love and stopping by ttomtucker.
  38. Thanks for looking ttomtucker !
  39. Thanks for the love Valentino97 Vetraio50 Efesgirl Aura
  40. Thanks for the love and stopping by ~ TassieDevil Manikin Jlmam
  41. Thanks for the love and stopping by- Newfld Caperkid
  42. Thanks for the love and stopping by- Newfld Caperkid Fortapatche
  43. I'm glad you enjoy them Newfld. From what I've read they are very popular in Japan. I love how unique and different each one is. As always thanks for the love and stopping by for a look !
  44. Thanks for the love and stopping by PhilDMorris !
  45. Thanks for looking and the love ! Newfld. Caperkid Nutsabotas6
  46. Thanks for looking and the love manikin !
  47. Thanks for love Caperkid.
  48. Thanks again Newfld. I love the little story's myself. Thanks for the love ho2cultcha.
  49. Thanks for the love and stopping by- PhilDMorris Fortapatche Newfld Racer4four
  50. Thanks so much Tlynnie ! I'm delighted that you like it so much. I could tell it was lopsided a bit, however I didn't want to try and correct it myself. I still need to take it back to the jeweler....
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