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Possible  René Lalique Perfume Bottles  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Perfume Bottle  - Bottlesin Bottles
Stirling silver Glass Perfume Bottles. - Silverin Silver
Perfume Atomizer. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Tintype Photos  - Photographsin Photographs
Mr. Long - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype Photos  - Photographsin Photographs
Princess Cut Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Real life Rapunzel ??? - Photographsin Photographs
1909 Elgin Woman's Pocket Watch  - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches


  1. Happy Turkey Day !!
  2. Thanks for the love and stopping by everyone. Aura Kyratango Mrstyndall Hel1 Efesgirl TassieDevil Valentino97 Manikin Racer4four Newfld & Woman34
  3. Thanks for stopping and taking a look and for the love's ~ Newfld racer4four Valentino97 TassieDevil Nutsabotas6 Aura & Hel1
  4. Thanks for stopping by and having a look and for the love ~ Freiheit Caperkid Newfld & Dlpetersen.
  5. Thanks for looking and the love ~ Aura & Nutsabotas6
  6. TallCakes thank you that is indeed one of the sights I'm using. Thanks for stopping by and the love's... TallCakes Newfld Fortapatche Caperkid TassieDevil Tannith:)
  7. Very creative, yet so simple and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing, this is wonderful.
  8. I absolutely love Koalas, this is gorgeous ! You have an amazing collection. Thanks for sharing :)
  9. Beautiful area. I wish it was snowing here already. Got a small dusting. But nothing like that.
  10. This is beautiful ! It reminds me of the Legion of Merit medal... only for a woman...lol I have a Sapphire and Diamond ring that would pair well with this fabulous necklace.
  11. Absolutely beautiful !
  12. Chuck Yeager and his Yellow Corvette that wasn't street legal. He used to zip around town and taunt the police with it.... Lol. All good men.
  13. Beautiful !
  14. Beautiful !
  15. History isn't always pretty. The Nazis were bad indeed. I do agree that we cannot and should not forget history. This is a huge part of WWII history. Thanks for sharing.
  16. I agree. I always wondered about the facial expressions of the people in these old photos. Then I think about what it must have been like to live back then and and I'm like yeah.... I wouldn't b...
  17. Very unique find ! I love it :)
  18. Thank you Gillian ! Yea I do think it is Art Deco. Thanks for the love Steptoe1 and Caperkid :)
  19. Beautiful!!!
  20. What a gorgeous cameo, it's absolutely breathtaking !
  21. R.I.P !!!! The Traveling Wilburys !
  22. I love it but it totally creeps me out at the same time !
  23. Thanks for taking a look.... TassieDevil Vetraio50 Manikin Aura
  24. Thanks for the information nutsabotas6 ! I've been researching them and unfortunately I don't think they're Gorham :( The marks are very hard to read. I'll try to get some better picture's. I've ...
  25. Thanks for swinging by and the love's, Kyratango LauraH Hel1
  26. Yes it is pocket size racer4four :) I added that to the description. Thanks for looking racer4four TassieDevil Nutsabotas6 ho2cultcha caperkid
  27. Thank you PostCardCollector ! Thanks for taking a look blunderbuss2 and nutsabotas6.
  28. Thanks for taking a look Test TassieDevil Racer4four NutsaNutsabotas6 Hel1 Aura Valentino.
  29. Thanks for looking and the love's valentino and efesgirl.
  30. Thanks racer4four. They are all quite beautiful. For me each piece has a unique sentimental meaning to me as well. Thanks for the love aura and racer4four.
  31. Okay great thanks Scott.
  32. I agree with Scottvez. I see no resemblance to the Sutherland Sister's.
  33. Thanks Scottvez ! You are so very helpful and I appreciate it so much !
  34. Thanks so much blunderbuss2 and Scottvez ! I will definitely read it.
  35. Thanks Scottvez. I'm going through them all trying to compare facial features. Maybe one of the other albums will give me a clues. Thanks blunderbuss2.
  36. antiquerose I'm sure it probably didn't get washed often. Perhaps braided often or up. Thanks for looking and the love.
  37. This is an amazing collection. I absolutely love it. So interesting to see how different they used to be ! Thanks for sharing.
  38. I most definitely will Scottvez !
  39. Thanks ! Beautiful photos. You have an amazing collection. I've recently received a coupel dozen (only a few tintype) in a really old wood photo album (that is unfortunately falling apart). Not e...
  40. Do you by chance know how to best protect tintype photos ?
  41. This is the only thing I could find with "sg" markings is this website. Celtic Lands celticlands.co.uk "Customer information Jewellery information Silver jewellery Sterling silver is a me...
  42. Thanks racer4four ! I was pretty excited about it :) Thanks for the love's Officialfule Pw- collector TassieDevil Kyratango and racer4four
  43. Thank you Pamela and racer4four ! Thanks for all the love's as well :)
  44. Thanks again cameosleuth and Efesgirl. Princess Ring was the key term I was missing. I've been able to find a bit of information on them now. Thanks for all the help and love's. You're all amaz...
  45. Thank you Kyratango ! I generally don't like big rings. However this ring is so beautifully designed it's impossible not to love it ! I actually had a jeweler try talking me into having it cut int...
  46. Thanks racer4four. There may be a mark on the inner upper shoulder. Even with a magnifine glass, I can't tell for sure. I think I'm going to photograph it again. Hopefully get a good shot of...
  47. Unfortunately I will never know for sure how she obtained it. From what I do know it doesn't appear that, that side of our family resided anywhere besides Ohio. My great great grandfather and his fa...
  48. Thank you for looking Valentino97. Thanks for the love's as well.
  49. This is absolutely breath taking. Thank you for sharing this !
  50. I love this !
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