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New York

I especially love cameos with mythological themes & enjoy trying to identify them.


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Grape Cluster Clip, New England Glass Works Co. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Deco Bracelet, Part II - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Art Deco Bracelet, Brass, Glass & Enamel, Part I - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Orfaley Cowrie Shell & Silver Turtle Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Deco Pan, French Silver, with Black & Colorless Paste Decoration - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Korean Fly with Translucent Wings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Enameled Bee Pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Stratnoid 30s Dancing Couple Compact - Accessoriesin Accessories
Incolay Centaur Belt Buckle - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Francescangeli Hardstone Cameo - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. That was my immediate thought too.
  2. Wish my grandmother had had such interesting things! It does not really look suited to jewelry. It does have some resemblance to a writing slope/lap desk. In the second photo, are all the sections ...
  3. I agree with kyratango that the one is the right color for ruby, just not the clarity of gem grade. Green stone could be chrysoprase.
  4. KT, Your link goes to this page. Mike, if you're wondering where to get acetone, in the nail polish aisle; it's used as a remover.
  5. That was my impression from the color, that it was amethyst. Just didn't know why amethyst would have to be cut to look like a crystal the way rose quartz does. Are there inclusions/internal fractur...
  6. Iolite cut to look like a crystal? Seems a bit too red in the new pic.
  7. The crystal cluster looks most like calcite to me, but my mineralogical knowledge is limited. The other stone is truly mysterious & unfortunately it's very difficult to make sense of it from photos a...
  8. Back in the day, my mother was a Pi Beta Phi at Iowa Wesleyan (then) College. She was similarly proud, particularly as her chapter, the second one to be established, could claim to be the oldest chap...
  9. My Greek kappa kappa gamma got converted to ??? when comment submitted. No special characters allowed.
  10. It most surely does look like the ??? crest:
  11. What is Ostrich Chow like?
  12. Ah, now it does look like a coat of arms. I think it is original o the ring. As you noted, the metal of the arms goes so well with the metal work surrounding the stone. I'm afraid my areas of knowl...
  13. Thank you. racer 4 the kind remark. :)
  14. Just boned up on kunzite. The shade of purple of your stone is a more blue purple than darker kunzites seem to be. The deeper the color, the more expensive a kunzite is. If this were such a stone, ...
  15. If this one is genuine - big IF - think this one is a knockoff:
  16. Looks like it's from India or the Middle East. Since they continue to produce jewelry in traditional designs, it can be very hard to date.
  17. Think your mark is just imperfectly stamped so the triangle is not complete. Try looking into JJ White Mfg, Providence, RI. Here's a link for starters:
  18. It's driving us all crazy & hope the final professional verdict will be instructive. May turn out to be something the gemologist has not seen before either. As far as I can tell, places like the GIA...
  19. Guessing both posts say 'sterling'. Those spots of rainbow color in the stones that show in the 3rd pic suggest CZ.
  20. Is the background ivory? The new flies look like a mix of inlay & etching for the legs? Where I live, among teenagers, 'fly' is a term of approval. These are definitely fly.
  21. I too have seen heart shaped padlocks, usually as clasps on bar gate bracelets, much plainer than this, but still think that is what this has to be, if large enough. The loop mounted at the top would...
  22. Looks like maybe it opens by pushing in on the little knob & lifting?
  23. Unless it is a 'milagro' another kind of charm, slightly different purpose.
  24. It is an Italian good luck charm. Look up 'mano fico'.
  25. Thanks! Never occurred to me that there were additional menus & that you have to click each step of the way to get to the next drop down. Heck of an 'improvement'. Don't understand why S&T would st...
  26. It is a sterling silver ingot, with purity & weight written on it. Someone has added a stone & made it into a pendant.
  27. CW is evidently rejiggering the site. The auction listing pages seem OK, although the menu format has changed, but Show & Tell is a mess, not at all in chronological order & no way to get it that way.
  28. The link I sent you 10 days ago says 'snap clasps' in it.
  29. I have always wanted to see the Petrified Forest, although unlikely I'll ever get there. Interesting rocks make such great mementos of the places they came from. To this day, which is many, many day...
  30. What I really hate is not that they are black but that they are so hard to assess in photos. That they are difficult to photograph just adds to the problem. My other pet peeve is that anything black...
  31. I only acquire jet or 'jet' when it is framing a cameo, and I always say about myself, I buy cameos, not settings. I have seen & saved good sites with tips for distinguishing the different materials,...
  32. Color is the first thing to consider when trying to identify a stone, it eliminates many stones & narrows the possibilities that have to be considered. In the photos, this stone could be a color chan...
  33. Hi Kyra, It may be a guess, but German seems to be the consensus position & I have no reason to think differently. I can see Sally Bowles (Cabaret) wearing it, except with real gold & sapphires, hold...
  34. The 925 indicates the metal is sterling silver, which is defined as 925 parts out of 1,000 silver, 925/1000, where 1000 = pure silver. Some of the others may stop by & give you more detailed informat...
  35. Well, think it is supposed to look like amethyst & color is good. But what kind of lighting are you using that is creating the glints of blue? It is making it difficult to know what color your stone...
  36. The 'rose cut' diamonds are one clue to the age. The green stone does look like it could be a 'raw' emerald. Hope some of the more knowledgeable people will tell you what they know.
  37. I was on the right track; the one on the Lang site has a picture frame inset in the back. To me, to qualify as a 'locket', the piece has to open & close, so you can put in your photo or memento & loc...
  38. This is the same cameo in a different color:
  39. Far out, man. Must be from GE's Peter Max period. :)
  40. It looks more like jet than black onyx. I'm biased, maybe I see cameos where there are none, but to me the missing element does not seem to be the back of a locket - I see no sign that there was ever...
  41. Medusa & her 2 sisters are all considered Gorgons; Medusa, sometimes regarded as the only mortal sister, seems to be the only one who appears extensively in art. In ancient depictions she is not the ...
  42. Versace uses the Rondanini Medusa as their logo, & they have made rings with her, but could not spot any that look quite like this. Would also expect a Versace piece to say so.
  43. Yes, looks like a woman's 'sash buckle'. The stones all appear to be glass & most look 'foiled' on the back. This lets the light bounce back out of them. Genuine translucent gemstones are most ofte...
  44. If it is the color it appears on my monitor, could be a tourmaline.
  45. One way of attaching pearls to jewellery, particularly pearl stud earrings, is with a post. Sounds like this one broke off.
  46. Better:
  48. Most likely removed from a pendant.
  49. I learn either way & always enjoy/appreciate that. Doing a quick check on German marks, agree the style of this one more consistent than with French. :)
  50. Spot on. Many cannot even identify the materials used correctly & most have not seen enough cameos to know interesting ones from average, common ones They cannot differentiate competent work from ex...
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Beautiful Old Wooden Box, Maybe a Jewelry Box? Pietra Dura 14K Gold Fly ring and Brooch Vintage Sterling Silver Scottish Terrier Brooch H/M Birm. 1946 Micro Mosaic Silver Dove brooch Pietra Dura Fly Brooches set in 14K Gold JJ Champagne Glass Brooch Micro Mosaic Vermeil Beetle Brooch Antique French silver and paste prawn brooch. Antique Wood Angel Pin