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Copperas Cove, Texas

I collect EAPG, American Brilliant Glass, Depression Glass, Crystal, Silver Plate and old photos. I also grow Orchids, Cactus, Succulents and other plants.


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Incolay Jewelry Box - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Electro Plated Brass (E.P.B.) Silent Butler made in England - Silverin Silver
Framed Print "The Happy Moment" - Fine Artin Fine Art
Antique Picture Frame - Fine Artin Fine Art
Painting of woman - Fine Artin Fine Art
Photograph of unknown woman - Photographsin Photographs
Old Family Photo - Photographsin Photographs
Photo of a well off, possible Victorian woman - Photographsin Photographs
U.S. Glass Co. Candy Dish (EAPG) - Glasswarein Glassware
Indiana Glass Sugar Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. That's just beautiful. It's definitely a copy of the Wedgwood cameo.
  2. Thanks, she's claimed it for some of her vintage costume jewelry such as the cameos she has in it in the photo.
  3. I think that would qualify a huge for sure. I agree, it's the first time we'd seen anything like it and my wife really loved it at first sight. I don't know if she paid too much for it or not but it's...
  4. Thanks for the link and the information, however, as per here - The important part is "All real Incolay boxes ha...
  5. Since I wrote the above this morning I've found out something else. The 'FR-1-1073 is actually a phone number in the 'Franklin' exchange in St. Louis. Today it would be 371-1073. I remember using thos...
  6. Thanks Scott. All, one thing I neglected to mention is that the glass in the frame is beveled but doesn't sound like glass at all but instead sounds like plastic or acrylic when tapped. I know the fra...
  7. Thank you both for the comments and the era suggestions.
  8. Thanks to you both for the help
  9. Well it wasn't very much of a fruitful trip. I picked up a small silver plated tray for $5.00 and my wife got a small jewelry box that says inside the lid 'Made of Incolay Stone, Handcrafted in the US...
  10. Thanks Bill, we're heading out today to a town we haven't been to in about 3yrs though it's only 35mi away. It's got about 5 antique stores in it, one especially where we've gotten good buys.
  11. I hadn't noticed that. Do you see that all the men and two of the women have their hair parted down the middle.
  12. True, two are definitely better than on
  13. Possibly though I admit I never noticed that when I bought it. Thanks for pointing that out.
  14. I'm hoping we can find more when we venture out next month to some other stores that we haven't been to in a few years. My wife loves old photographs some of which we have hanging in our living room. ...
  16. Thanks, I've been registered at the site for some years but for some reason just never posted anything.
  17. She thanks you
  18. Geez, I need to proofread my posts, should have been 'two'. I'll put the link here when I do. I need to take better photos first.
  19. Thanks, yes I have to more of the Godey's prints that are framed that I'm going to post on another area.
  20. Thanks, my wife did most of the work. She hand painted the shade and polished the lamp up when we got it. All I did was replace the socket.
  21. The complete set is here in part 1 of my post or would you like to see just the ewer itself?
  22. I stand corrected, this is a 9 3/4" bowl not 10"
  23. Is there a knob to raise the wick when it was kerosene? If so is there anything written on it?
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Good Ol' Buckle American Brilliant Cut Glass Matching Bowls In Sultana Pattern Libbey Need help identifying blue glass lamp


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