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DUAL QUAD INTAKE MANIFOLD ??? - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
  SOME SORT OF  AIR or GAS WAND Maybe Welding ? with Hose Attachment. MYSTERY UNSOLVED ??  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Horizontial / Vertical /Hydraulic Shop Press  Size: 70" H x 22" W NOT SURE EXACTLY WHAT THIS WOULD BE USED FOR??? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Industrial, Piller Style, Pedestal Base/Stand 41-1/2"x 11-1/2"x 12" - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique  Numberall Stamping Tool/ Machine - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Mystery Unsolved Gas/ Plumbing Tee with 1-1/8" Comp End : CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT THIS IS and WHAT it's Used For!! - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Oil Monitering System Murphy NC.  ( MYSTERY)  DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS IS and WHAT IT'S USED FOR?? - Petrolianain Petroliana
Fuel Pressure Regulator ?? Mystery ! Can't Figure Out What This Is Or Used For - Petrolianain Petroliana
Stabilizer for Brick Scaffolding - Brace Wall Ties ??? -  42" to 76" Collapsible Overall Length - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
ANTIQUE 1910 KODAK No 3-A  Autographic, Model C Folding Pocket Camera with Leather Case - Camerasin Cameras


  1. TO: dav2no1 Thank-You Very Much For Your Input. Sure Looks Like It To Me Also! Do You Happen To Know What Vehicle's This Would Fit, Chevy, Ford etc...
  2. Hey, Thanks for the response, No, I do not have any attachments
  3. A Big Thanks to IPtool & Onedtent I appreciate your feedback but I don't think we hit the nail on the head as of yet. I was thinking it was more of a Base for some Kind of Tool to be mounted ON?...
  4. Yes There are (5) 1-3/8" holes lined upon 2 sides of both the top & Bottom Plate and then there are (4) 1" holes lined up on the inner portion of two sides both top and bottom. The photos depict as su...
  5. Hi, Thanks to Bobby725 for your input. I have been doing some more research and I believe it is a CONTINENTAL 3/4" IPS X 1-1/8" OD STEEL SERVICE SADDLE PUNCH TEE for GAS PIPE. What's your opinion ?
  6. I just wanted to thank Dev_Komatsu and Anything Obscure for their input and knowledge about the Tire Pressure Equalizer. MYSTERY SOLVED ! Thanks Again, Have a Great Holiday!!!
  7. That's for letting me know, then How do I see things that are on collector weekly and you cam see thier ebay ad for same?
  8. ATtention: cameosleuth, Newfld, and kyratango, I really appreciate all the knowledge and information that you all shared with me about my Brooch/ Pendant. I still have not found One Like it So F...
  9. Dear Adelec, I thank-you for that information, every little bit helps
  10. Defining Real to me about these Means, Is this Actually a Real Badge that An Officer the California Highway Patrol legally carried and OWNED? Same for Pennisyvina State Police MAJOR Legally Carrie...
  11. Dizzydave, THANK-YOU you for the Feedback on the Fisher Body Police and Security Badges. Do you happen to know any info about the California Highway Patrol RESPONSE TEAM Badge NUMB...
  12. To: Scottvez, AnythingObscure, Dizzydave, I appreciate the information on the Neck-Tie Party Plaque. I doubted It was Original Also but I could Never Get Any Clarification. Mystery Solved! ...
  13. scottvez, I appreciate your Comment About This Plaque. What Makes You Believe It Is a decoupage piece from the late 20th Century? And what actually is a Decoupage Piece? thank's
  14. Hi Kyratango & Riply206, Kyratango, you were right I opened up the watch and there is Alot of inscription, inside but the main inscription was PLAT-ORNMT ...
  15. Hi Kyratanango, I really appreciate the information you gave me on the watch, I feel the same way, I don't think it's costume jewelery either. Later on I'm going to try to open it and s...
  16. Riply206 , Thank you for your input & information on this watch. I am going to try to open later when I have some time to see if k(kyratango) is right because it really doesn't seem like c...
  17. To all my fellow collector's Does anyone happen to know what kind of glass this elephant is made of. I checked it out but can't seem to find any kind of marking on it. I'd really like to know the hi...
  18. Hi wksgibson, Thank-you for your comment, Do you happen to know what kind of glass this is?
  19. Hi Sarahsgrandaughter, I appreciate your comment about the Tom & Jerry cups more than you know. Not really even about the cups, My old computer crashed a few years ago and I pur...
  20. Hey Jonima, Thanks for replying, that a shame, I thought it would be worth more. But I appreciate you taking the time to answer me. Merry Christmas!!
  21. Hi Mustangtony, Thank-you for your input. Yes, If 1960's is Vintage then I'm almost Vintage also. Do You know if the Mr. Ed Talking Head is worth much? Or can you direct to me to another si...
  22. Hi TallCakes, I appreciate the information that you supplied me with about the fruit bowl & the Vase. Is there away to find out what year these particular ones were made? And, Do you have...
  23. T hank's AR8Jason, I really appreciate the tip on the Tom & Jerry Mugs, & you're right, I thought they had to do with the cartoon character's also. What is your passion in the Co...
  24. Hi Bernadette, Thank You for responding about my Imperial Sewing Machine. This was the first time I ever asked a question on the internet. Just wanted to tell you I appreciated you answering me. Thank...
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Trifari Philippe sterling ribbon brooch Roman dragonfly brooch Bogoff snowflake brooch Antique 3 Bowl Candy Dish? Old Western Sign/ Shingle~ Speaks Of A "Neck-Tie Party" Dated Las Vegas, March 24th 1881 Glass Elephant ~ Top Of Elephant Bealved Cut Contouring Entire Elephant Chikaramachi hand painted Tea Cups Steuben Blue Aurene Compote


Antique Watch~ Oval ~ with five blue chips (possibly sapphire) Vintage 1942 Imperial Kenmore Rotary Sewing Machine Model # 117.591


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