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Hey there, I'm Mand from the UK. Since entering my forties (and I'll admit now it's also since I got a bump on the head last year) I've developed an interest in anHey there, I'm Mand from the UK. Since entering my forties (and I'll admit now it's also since I got a bump on the head last year) I've developed an interest in antique/vintage/retro Jewellery and Collectables. I have a feeling that this is because I'm suddenly feeling rather vintage myself and enjoy the nostalgia. I enjoy restoring old furniture back to its former glory as well as taking new furniture and giving it an aged look. I've only recently started buying myself little (or big) pieces here and there and already I have picked up some marvellous furniture, art glass, and other vintage pieces. I have a love for anything Japanese, particularly items with cherry blossom on (and there are no shortage of those!). This is the first time I've joined an 'online community' (although I've been lurking around the site for a while to get a feel for it) and I'm enjoying the experience immensely. Thanks for having me. (Read more)


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Another Mystery Cameo - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Irish Bog Oak - Looks better than it sounds - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
You are my sunshine... - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away... - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Feeling Fruity Friday - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Big Cat Brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A Collection Share - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
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  1. Hi Cameosleuth, Apologies! I only just saw your message. I have cleaned her up a little more actually but haven't found any more clues. I'm now not even sure about it being Bakelite as I think it may...
  2. Brilliant! I used to have one of those that dispensed little mini bars of Cadbury chocolate. Ahh, I feel old now. Great find!
  3. Thanks Emme and Kyra. The facets are quite crisp and sharp; it's my shaky camera hand that blur them, haha! It does feel like glass though because it's never very cold. No air bubbles though. The more...
  4. Picture 3 looks like Jet as sometimes the growth rings are visible or a slight grain of the trees they used to be. Irish big oak is a lot like Jet but has a brown tinge to it. It can be waxed and poli...
  5. Lovely. I think it could be Jet. Pins, hinges etc are usually glued to Jet because it's not stable enough to support much drilling into it. I live just up the road from Whitby and I've been really luc...
  6. Thanks AnneLanders x
  7. Thanks Motorheadmn. Xx
  8. Haha! Yes, do. Xx
  9. Hi, is that a patent number on it, and if so can you make it out? You could do a patent search. If you can't make it out you could try putting a thin piece of paper er it and gently run across it with...
  10. Thanks for that Rose. Yes, it does look like that, doesn't it? Xx
  11. Yes, I couldn't agree more. Xx
  12. Oh, yes, I know what you mean. I've just bought something similar online and I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival. I'll post it when it gets here. I've recently acquired a really dark brown one too, altho...
  13. It's fab isn't it? I hadn't realised it came apart and there is a patent number inside. I love a little mystery like this one.
  14. So sorry Racer, I've only just seen this. It's been awhile since I logged on.. You must post your wheel for me to moon over. Xx
  15. Hi Caperkid, Yes I thought that might be the case too. I've only seen one other on Pinterest attributed to Gio Ponti (I wish!) and recently somebody in my area was selling one on eBay so I messaged th...
  16. Thanks Kyra, I've only been collecting jewellery since the summer but my 'health condition' means I have a touch of the old OCD so I easily get carried away with buying. These are actually only a sma...
  17. Yes, they're similar, aren't they? But yours is much prettier Rose. Is yours weighty? It looks it. Mine looks it but is actually very light.
  18. No, there's not much info but it was just a share really. I was polishing them last night and thought I would show them off. They're nothing flash really, but I love them all. Xx
  19. Thanks guys and gals. Racer, what a brilliant idea. I've got just the handbag!! Xx
  20. Thanks for all your help xx
  21. Thanks Elisabethan, I've only just seen your comment above. I'll look into that, thanks. I recently found a brass one that I cleaned up to a sparkling shine and found it had red enamel on. That was f...
  22. Thanks for the continued input. I believe Winograd only used 999 silver too and his pieces were marked - in various ways - with HW999. The foil on this has a coppery and in places gold look to it so i...
  23. Hi Vegas11, I have a few bling big cat brooches, almost a collection, although not all of them are vintage and I had to tell you I think yours is the beauts! Good find!
  24. Hi antiquerose, I love this bangle and oddly I have just picked up something very similar recently. I'll post it. I have quite a few unusual bangles and I find them intriguing because they're so hard...
  25. Haha!! It is Bakelite! Davyd286 has cracked it! Thank you Sir. I can't believe I didn't test for it straight away; I test everything. It's just such an unusual place to find it. I definitely got a ...
  26. Thanks guys and gals, I came across Winograd last night when I was browsing and agree, it does look like his work, although I got the impression his work was filled with silver after the repousee was...
  27. Thanks davyd286. I think you are right and she is a Bacchante. I've found lots of pictures of Bacchante cameos and it's not snakes at all; its grapes and strands of hair. I'm also guessing now that un...
  28. *strange, not storage
  29. Thanks daveyd286. Yes, the more I uncover the more it does look like grapes. Thanks for that. Any idea what the material could be? There's s storage post sticking through the material that under a lou...
  30. Thank you Kyratango, Talkcakes, and Hamish, for your kind comments and thanks Talkcakes for the link. It is almost identical apart from the blue one is more 'wavy' around the edges. I'm amazed you fou...
  31. Thank you Tigerchips x
  32. Thank you Antiquerose. You've solved the mystery x
  33. Hooray!! I've found it out! It's called a Tussie Mussie and its for wearing a flower stem in on a lapel or to hold a small posy if you're a lady. Like me! Hehe. Funny name though, hmm?
  34. Hi Vetraio50, I think it's too flimsy for a door jamb. It's hollow and think it would dent. Thanks though x
  35. Hahaha! Now you're talking Kyratango!! :))
  36. Sorry Rick55, I left your name out in my last comment. Thanks x
  37. Kyratango, hahaha! Brilliant. I might tell my new hubby it is and brandish it when he's been on the Xbox for too long. Hehe x I thought it might be a sheath??? for a letter opener but the little bit ...
  38. Thanks Kyratango. My batteries are dead on my loupe and I'm not very clued up on Ivory or bone. I'll have a good read of the link you posted, thanks for that, then I'll have another look. I'll try and...
  39. Oh yeah, I've cleaned it. I'm keeping it myself and it smelt awful. It was really, really dirty. So much gunge came off it. I should've mentioned that. I know it's not cool to clean vintage or antique...
  40. I will! Thanks guys and dolls. Mwah x
  41. I've enjoyed it too. Thanks everybody xx
  42. Yes! It looks very much like those bangles.
  43. The rat one has an agate look to the back of it and under the loupe it looks very deep, hard to explain but like clouds in 3D. I'm glad it's auspicious for money matters. I'm going to wear it around m...
  44. Oh wow, thanks for that kyratango. And thanks for link too. I've bookmarked it for future reference. So, camel, eh? I get a strange feeling when I handle anything that used to have a face. Even teeth....
  45. Thanks you guys. It's always great to have feedback with fellow enthusiasts. Under the loupe I can see little marks that have made me think they were carved; pressing hadn't occurred to me, nor resin,...
  46. Thank you oldandsilly. I did wonder if they may be tortoise or turtle shell too. They're both very different in looks and weight, however I've never seen a piece of either of those to compare it with....
  47. Hehehe :)
  48. Oh, yeah. Baby Urn meaning Infant Urn for cremation ashes. It's a gruesome thought, isn't it? That's why I'd rather believe it's a trinket jar or a tobacco jar. Something nicer. x
  49. Welcome!! I love the brooch and I love that I'm not the only person on here who posts poor pics. Mine always end up on their side!! Good luck with the mystery pin :)
  50. There we go. Another photo added x
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