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Kennewick, WA.

My name is Jason. Im a picker extrordanair, and collector. I love everything Mid Century Modern and also fine art paintings, prints, pottery, and art glass.


  1. Thanks treasuretex!
  2. Thanks Vet! I appreciate that.
  3. Thanks bracken!
  4. Thanks Vet! I love this piece.
  5. Thanks Vet! I have a ton of stuff to add here soon. It's been awhile.
  6. Thanks Racer!! When they called me back and accepted my offer (still can't believe they accepted it.) I couldn't pass it up.
  7. I don't even know where I got this. Found a box of pottery and glass I forgot I had.
  8. Thsnks Aura!
  9. Wow that's awesome! I learned something new too! Thanks Racer
  10. Thanks Vet!
  11. Thanks Racer! I'll keep posting.
  12. Thanks Racer. I don't think I would of even noticed it if it wasn't for the label. Lol
  13. Thank you so much LovelyPat!
  14. Thanks Trey!
  15. That was my thought exactly. Thanks anythingobscure!
  16. Your welcome Tanni!
  17. Thank you Trey!
  18. Thanks Vet! I love this piece for some reason!
  19. Thanks mrstyndall!
  20. Thank you Vet!
  21. My reaction exactly Vet! Once I found out what it was!
  22. Thanks Newfld!
  23. Ha! You know it Blunderbuss2. Lol
  24. Thanks blunderbuss2!
  25. Ha! Found it! :)
  26. Thanks. I'll check with the FB group!
  27. Took the words outta my mouth. Thanks Racer!
  28. Thanks Racer. I don't think the date is correct. Seems a bit old. More research. :)
  29. Thanks a lot Racer! Yes they're all part of my recent buy. There's more but I can't afford it all. Lol. This lady collected Murano and Scandinavian glass.
  30. Thanks Racer!
  31. Right! Who doesnt love purple donkey's? Thanks Deano!
  32. Thanks Deano! Yeah the colors really pop! Love this piece.
  33. Thanks Deano!
  34. Rick thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge! I appreciate you taking the time to explain Cordonato D' Oro decor and giving links. Ill be picking up more pieces tomorrow. Couple vases. Hope to h...
  35. Thanks Vet! Found it.
  36. Thanks for the love everyone!
  37. Thanks Bill! No stopper...Couldn't pass it up though. It's in beautiful condition. ;)
  38. Thanks Bill and Gill!
  39. Yep think your right billretirecoll. Even the dimensions. Thanks!
  40. Thanks Vet!
  41. Manikin I agree. I love the wood grain. Beautiful.
  42. Thanks Share! Yeah I was surprised the servers were there myself!
  43. Thanks everyone!
  44. Thanks Manikin, Blunder, share,aura, & tassie,!
  45. Thanks Vet,Blunderb,Melaniej,rock,aura,& iggy!
  46. Manikin I love the color too. Really a great color green
  47. Manikin I thought so too! The wood grain is beautiful.
  48. Thanks Forte,Vet,Iggy,Time,AObscure,Mankin!
  49. It's 5 1/4" by 5 1/4".
  50. Thanks Bradtdd!
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