Kennewick, WA.

My name is Jason and Im a picker. I collect, sell, and love to research Mid Century Modern pieces of all kinds, fine art, pottery, and art glass.


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1960s Bitossi Vase for Rosenthal Netter - Potteryin Pottery
Early Alvino Bagni Floral Vase for Raymor, Italy - Potteryin Pottery
Artglass Whale signed by V.Nason? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Original TENNIS Slazenger poster created by Razzia - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Curtis Jere Bronze Tennis Player Sculpture - Fine Artin Fine Art
Lisa Larsen Jura Cat - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Art glass paperweight by Brian Maytum - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kosta Boda Glass 'Rainbow' Vase - Signed Bertil Vallien  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Robert Maxwell Critter / Beastie - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern


  1. Thanks Racer! I love this piece.
  2. Thanks Efesgirl!
  3. Thanks Antiquerose!
  4. Thanks very much Martika
  5. Thanks antique rose!
  6. I definitely agree inky! Thanks
  7. Thanks Racer. I found a bowl with this pattern but not the vase. Glad you like it!
  8. Thanks Vet!!
  9. Figured out who the artist is! Yay!
  10. There are the signatures katherinescollections. The vases are all the same shape and size. Same technique and color schemes.
  11. Thanks racer I love it
  12. Thanks martika
  13. This is an all glass piece. The birds are not plastic.
  14. That's it!!! Thanks so much OldGlassGal!!
  15. Thanks antiquerose. I'll have to research that furnace. That's gotta be it.
  16. Thanks collectomaniac!
  17. Thanks racer!
  18. Thanks Gillian!
  19. Thanks ho2cultcha!
  20. I'm not sure. I checked the bottom and didn't see a date.
  21. Thank you so much Swfinluv1!!!# That is the same signature! Looks like "Larinio Wasi or Lorinio Wasi".
  22. Whoo. New picks. Much better. ;)
  23. There we go! Little more appropriate. ;)
  24. Yeah I tried that. :| still didn't work. I'll just take new pics. Thanks
  25. Thanks Racer! I'd been watching this piece for a few months at a local Consignment shop and finally made them an offer. I love it.
  26. Thanks Racer4four! I'm still researching info. on this piece. Trying to figure out who's signature it is, but that's part of the fun.
  27. Upright pics soon to come....just tilt your head for now.....:)
  28. I own the most advanced phone on the planet and still can't post upright pics. This sucks..I know.
  29. You are both right! Thank you very much. I've had this piece awhile. For some reason I was thinking it wasn't signed so I didn't bother looking at the bottom. :)
  30. Hmm well just need to take new pics. I can't rotate them. Or maybe I'll just let everyone tilt thier heads. :)
  31. Indeed.
  32. Thanks TA
  33. Is that what that is!!? A circuit board. Crazy! Thanks Tubeamp. You would know the artist would ya?
  34. I have to agree with you. This is one of my favorites.
  35. Thanks so much racer4four!!! I need more wall space! I do use this site though primary for cataloging pieces. There's still more. I'll post a few every day. I'm glad your enjoying them.
  36. Thanks Racer4four. I haven't been able to find this exact piece to get a value. I do love his work though.
  37. Thank you Vet!
  38. Thanks Surfdub, the colors really pop!
  39. Thanks Vet!
  40. Thanks Vet. This painting is huge too!
  41. Fantastic! Your spot on Vet. Thank you so much!
  42. It's enamel art. I'm not sure.
  43. Chief 1am it depends if yours is signed or not. I know this piece being unsigned is valued around $350.
  44. Correct kathrinescollections. Signature then 1959. The bottom also has a number G9533. The pontil is also ground polished. Even the edges of the pontil were ground and rounded of any sharp edges. It's...
  45. Hmm didn't think about doing a rubbing. Might try that eapgdpression!
  46. The fan shape for vases is common. I know it's not Blenko. Still working on the signature. Thanks you though eapgdression! :)
  47. Thanks EAPGDression! I love it too! Just wish I could find the maker.
  48. Carstens!! thanks so much Vet! I book marked that site. I appreciate the help!
  49. Yes. I love Setta also Vet. I was excited to find this. I'm not sure how early this is but I've posted it up on the Facebook Bitossi page. Hopefully I'll get some more info.
  50. Thanks again Rick. Just sent an email with pics. It wasn't in the zoo, so I feel good contributing this for others to reference. thanks for the info.
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